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Jul 232010

Haha I think Alex is messing with you guys now. :wink: What a little stinker. :silly:

UPDATE: This should have been called “Rock n’ Roll Saturday”, as British rock group Purple Melon have descended on the house and are making themselves very much at home. Sounds like they’ll be staying till tonight (at least), and have arranged to jam with Alex today, so look out for that!

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  1. hm, interesting.

  2. I saw him on the skateboard today and didnt know he was doing a vlog. Finaly he did a vlog and it looks unfinished – like he was gonna run back and finish what he was saying. Did he mean to submit it like that? He’s a punk-ass boy!

  3. What a smart ass. :lol: He sure likes to tease. :tongue:

  4. Hope You all saw late afternoon that Alex said ,in guest room,he had multiple writing sessions scheduled this week,with Avila Bros.,and they would work on 3 songs-that is Huge!When you’re talking Usher,and Janet Jackson level,like That, you Know THEY ARE PREPPING HIM FOR STARDOM way beyond the usual idol-bubble level…

  5. I’m really likeing the song he’s singing now. Its very melodic with a classic soul vibe and fits his voice. Dont know if its a song he’s writing or someone’s song he’s trying to learn. Or is it like a Sam Cooke song? Part of of the lyrics goes ‘yoouu -you are the reason’ – ‘you make me so scared”

    Btw, Alex needs to listen to some Terence Trent Darby. He’s a hip pop/soul melodic singer that was big in the 80’s and early 90’s and was influenced by Sam Cooke and 60’s soul. Atleast check out his debut CD “introducing the hardline according to Terence trent darby” that sold a few million copies. Or check out his greatest hits on 2 discs with over 30 songs on it. He’s one of my favorites.

  6. He’s getting inspired by James Morrison and then writing an original song. I like it too! :wub:

  7. ok i think the song I mentioned above that he’s singing is probably by someone else. He’s playing a song now that has a similar vibe. and goes “I don’t wanna love you” “you push me too far” He’s trying to sing along to it now. Maybe its the same James Morrison soul song Alex played earlier and said its best the live singing he’s heard. But the person’s voice doesnt sound like morrison. Maybe its some classic soul singer. Its a good song though

  8. Gollymolly: I didnt see your answer before. Ok its Morrison song then. The song is classic 60’s soul vibe that fits Alex

  9. I think I’m confusing you shadow…he’s listening to James Morrison, but he’s also writing a new original song which is the song you’re referring to, lol.

  10. gollymolly: Oh you meant he’s writing his own song and using morrison’s song as inspiration. Ok that’s good. I knew the vibe was similar but lyrics different that’s why I was getting confused. All artist use inspirations.

  11. haha yep! He’s getting really inspired by James and kept saying, “oooh, wow, this guy is too good.” then promptly went and got his guitar and started writing a song. I love watching him get inspired.

    • Shadow thanks for the update re: this afternoon. Great to learn he’ll be writing with the Avila brothers!! Terence Trent Darby.. hahaha haven’t thought of him in aaages. You do have some eclectic tastes in music, don’t you?

      I’m uploading video of Alex writing his new song inspired by James Morrison’s “If You Don’t Want to Love Me” right now, for those who missed it.

      Ben and Alex are jamming blues right now… Apparently there are people coming over — a band? Who? Alex said he hopes he doesn’t have to sing cause he doesn’t feel like it, and Ben said he didn’t. The camera people are there…

      Apparently Ben introduced the band on stage? They won’t tell Alex who it is…

      UPDATE: Band is Purple Melon. British band from London…

  12. He and Ben are jamming now in blue room. Both are good at playing blues guitar. And Alex’s voice fits blues.

  13. Kass: Yeah, I like all types of music. Pop, soul, rock, Latin, indian, hip-hop, world music, whatever. Even if i dont understand the language – as long its melodic. Terence Trent Darby is one of my favorite singers cause I like his voice and melodic singing – most people forget about him, but he has a lot of CD’s. And he changed his name to Sananda Maitreya at one time and that wasn’t a good idea – and he lived in Europe so Americans forgot him. But he’s still refered to as Terence Trent Darby so its not confusing.

  14. @ alleycatfan Thank you so much for that info!! I was wondering what was the outcome of that meeting with the Avila Brothers! I hadn’t heard anything about it. I think it’s awesome that he’s got songwriting sessions with them! How exciting, that is HUGE! I’m glad it seems they are realizing that they need to step it up when hooking him up with writers/ producers and going outside the usual Idol writers/producers. Alex’s voice is too good for cheap, cheesy production!

  15. Wow the skate trick is pretty rad. Lol.

  16. alleycat & Shadow – regarding writing next week — I figured he was talking about writing with Avila, which is awesome, but he did also mention that he had a session with somebody else. He didn’t say the name but said something like – I gotta look the guy up-I always do that, when I don’t know them, so I can see what they have done (paraphrase). So, you may be right about 3 songs with Avila, but there’s def another writer next week too. It’s all good!!

  17. if anyone is interested this is the video he was watching of “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me”

  18. Nice skateboarding/disappearing act Alex. What the hell was that? LOL!

    Terence Trent D’arby? OMG! I haven’t heard anything from him in ages, but I remember I liked him.

    LOVE the new song Alex is working on. At the rate he’s going, that album should be finished by next week — we wish, right?

  19. I don’t know if any of you watched the recently posted (filled request) video of Gig’s very long phone convo with Nathan (producer??)? It was about 40 min long in 2 parts. I think someone here on the fan site was a little charged up about Gig talking trash about Alex. She did, a little, but I don’t think it was anything new (little bitch). But for those who would rather not listen to the shrew, here’s some of the more interesting points as I took some notes while yawning/listening:

    She talked about how she was supposed to have met Monday (?) with an agency but it’s been pushed back to next week some time. She understands that it has taken iicd awhile because they wanted to find the right one and didn’t think about how the agency would have to agree to “team up” because stuff would be filmed when she’s working. She also mentioned later on in the convo that the agency was “big” but “not so excellent in L.A”. They are in Miami & NY and they have been around “for years”. Then she got into the Alex situation. She explained the time-line ending with how she was sweaty and wanted to jump in the pool. She knew what time Alex needed to be at his meeting. She didn’t think she needed to be treated “like a dog”. He has apologized a few times. It was all nonsense. She admits he didn’t have all the facts. He said he needed to vent. Nathan must have said that maybe Alex is bi-polar. Gig response was that “We’re all bi-polar”. Then she said something like “well, he’s cute” and “girls like jerks”. There was a VERY short bit when Nathan was on speaker- he said something about Alex has always nice with him. There was a bit about (old news) how Alex is different off-camera – she said that he told her he’s the boss (!!). She then discussed how the Clear Channel interview was interesting because the questions were from viewers. She was surprised how much they knew about her and Alex. Questions were tough. She talked about the Diddy visit/interview. She said she, once again, let the others do the talking in the very short Q&A with him. She wants to go dancing with Nathan again & said he is a good dancer. She mentioned a friend who is “still in Florida” that she has only spent a little time with, who is fun to go dancing with. She said she has a “big”, “huge” runway show today (Sat.) She says she wants to do a better job than the Moods of Norway show – that was so early on, & she really didn’t know what she was doing. She mentions she wants to “get back to classes” (Kirby?). **She mentions a few times throughout the convo that this is a “chapter”, she will get through it, there was stuff at the beginning about Andy Dick and no matter how she acted she would get shi* for it (I tend to agree with that- EXCEPT if she had just politely ignored him).

    There was a lot more stuff, but I tried to make notes of what I thought was more interesting. Imo the stuff she said about Alex wasn’t any big deal – nothing we haven’t heard before. Well – hopefully I saved someone from listening to the whole 40 minutes!! :sideways:

    • @areyouin THANK YOU!! You really did save me – I tried to listen but was bored to tears within 5 minutes…

  20. You know with all these songs Alex is writing and all of them being so good, maybe someone could talk him and the producers into making his first album a double disc (or what ever you call it). I like so many of his songs, I don’t think that 10 songs on the album enough. lol :heart:
    It would be very hard to pick which songs to put on the album.
    He is so talented. :wub:

  21. uh oh, I posted that under the wrong title. sorry. It should be under “Alex plays Ben Elliott his new song”.

  22. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. But what if they actually move that band PURPLE MELON into the house. They’re currently crashing there and have made themselves quite comfortable as if they live there.

    Apparently one of the band members was saying that the producers have an eviction system set up for the housemates. And Gig seems to be talking lately as if she won’t be there for much longer. I mean, she must have an amazing look book right now – all she has to do is get signed by an agency. Didn’t she say that she was meeting with one soon?

    I think 4 randy boys from England would make an interesting addition. Here’s how I see it.

    1) Gig leaves
    2) Purple Melon can move into Kara and Gigs big room. They can put in four single beds for the lads.
    3) Kara moves into Justin’s old room
    4) Veronica moves into Amanda’s old room (aka The Guest Room)
    5) Alex and Ben stay where they are.

  23. @snuffles – I know it’s long, but my post above has some agency info! Sorry it’s so long – but pulled from 40 minutes of convo between Gig & Nathan. Agency meeting next week.

  24. Interesting AreYouIn! Maybe we’ll get our wish and Gig will leave the house soon – in time for Veronica to move in.

  25. These Purple Melon boys are already infinitely more interesting than Gig. I’m liking them! LOL!

  26. I feel like I’m spamming this thread. But I think the band IS moving in. Just going by the way they’re talking. Or maybe they’re just being cheeky monkeys.

    They were trying to wake Alex up with their music but Alex didn’t budge an inch from his bed. I think that boy could sleep through an air raid! LOL! All the boys seem to like Alex quite a bit. They were joking that they should sneak into his room and fart on his head. I guess after sharing a floor with 4 brothers after all these years, the band moving in would feel like old times!

    Fingers crossed that this means Gig is moving out soon!

  27. Wow, just got through reading the DU from last night/this morning. So Alex wanted to get some rest, huh? Not happening!! Up ’til 4am with these noisy rockers, apparently. As usual, the Lambert appeal worked its magic, and Alex has some new buddies in these Melon dudes. They will be good contacts, since they are playing gigs throughout the LA club scene, like the very prestigious Viper Room.

    And on topic for this thread–I love Alex’s skateboard moves. One of his upcoming music videos should include some of his skateboarding tricks! I love the crouch.

    I think this convo started on another thread, but I’ll mention it here, I guess. I have been a blue-eyed soul fan from way back. Beginning with Van Morrison, Hall & Oates, Simply Red, and yes, even James Morrison was on my radar a few years back. I also loved Terrence Trent D’Arby’s sound.

    I would KILL to hear Alex sing Try A Little Tenderness all the way through. Adore that song! Sounds like Alex has a busy songwriting week. I wonder how he knows he’ll write 3 songs with the Avila Bros. I love all this backstory stuff we are privvy to. Plus, I’m curious about the other songwriter he’s working with this week. I’m sure it will be revealed soon enough, but I’m impatient!! I hope it’s not one of the 19 stable–but if it’s Claude Kelly (My Life Would Suck W/O You)–then I’ll cut him some slack (although he’s based in NYC.)

  28. @areyouin – thanks for the notes! I media requested coz I got a DM at DU that she was talking crap. I was just curious… Alex explained his “I’m boss” one time and said he ws just mking light of the situation somehing like that. Gig takes everything to heart coz she’s quite insecure. She takes it as though she’s being belittled. I dunno, I do think she’s leaving because she’s sounding defeated and openly talking about her situation kinda like an I don’t give a crap anymore mode. Hope she gets signed and move on. She’s quite miserable.

    Anyhow, love that Alex way busy next week! I think he’s getting fast tracked so his album could be out by the end of the year. Honestly if the next American idol season starts they will be old news. They need to ride his popularity now since he didn’t even make it to top 12 it’s harder for him to get recognition. I heard somewhere that talent always wins out, esp with the songs he’s putting out right now I see him being successful.

  29. *crossing fingers* that his friends from Texas won’t keep him out late every night next week so that he is sluggish for his song-writing sessions.

    Alex seemed to be extremely tired during his last piano lesson. I retweeted the IICD notice about the lesson, then wished I wouldn’t have have when I saw that he was tired. Of course he did have a few good moments during the lesson… because… hey… he is Alex.

  30. Wow. Lottsa good info. Thanks. I missed the Purple Melon boys’ antics. :sad: They sound like a lot of fun and would be good for Alex AND the show. I simply cannot stay up all night anymore watching. It’s three hours later on the east coast, so by the time Alex gets going, I’m already falling asleep. Of course, I have some time right now, but Alex is sleeping. :sleeping: Ben and his bro have really loud music playing, but Alex just keeps on sleeping. I honestly don’t know how.

    Snuffles: great plan! If it turns out that way, I’d be thrilled! LOL!

  31. You are all welcome – I listened and yawned while having my coffee this a.m.! I forgot to mention that a few times Gig was saying to Nathan (about finally meeting with an agency) that – “What is it? 5 months? – It’s about time, no” – or something along those lines. And said – “just wait til these people see me really working”. All paraphrased, of course. I actually thought she sounded pretty confident. Talking with Nathan, anyway, she portrayed herself at being okay with all the crap people talk about her – like just resigned to it. Of course, her mood was probably better cuz she was sucking down a beer! :happy:

  32. Please-Gig,and her,and lame comments-girls like Alex,cause “he’s cute,and a jerk”-NO-Alex has an edge,and is very cute,and sexy/alluring-like a James Dean-that’s why girls like Alex.

  33. Yes, alleycatfan–he’s sexy, cute and flirty. Everyone is bowled over at first with Ben’s tall and dark good looks–but then Alex starts to talk in that smoky, husky, sexy voice and the women start to take notice. He was *so* flirty with that Hollywire gal! Flashing those dimples and all. He definitely has a “type”, yes?

    Do you notice he gives women that shy “Princess Di” smile with his head down and his eyes peaking out from under his eyelashes. (That doesn’t sound pretty–but you know what I mean!! lol)

    Man, that kid can sleep like a hibernating bear. Impressive!!

  34. I noticed some were crediting me for the Avila bros songwriting session next week with Alex. It’s Alleycatfan who made a post about that and them working on 3 songs with Alex. I don’t know about that – I only saw where Alex said he’ll be busy next week cause a lot is scheduled for him.

    See that’s the thing about Terence Trent Darby. People usually say “oh I used to like him, what happened to him” – so its not surprising Alex may not even know of him since he’s young – that’s why I had to recommend he listens to him cause he’s pop/soul and with some 6o’s soul influence like James Morrison too. And Darby was very inspired by Sam Cooke. Also, that James Morrison song “if you don’t wanna love me” that Alex loved and inspired by and kept playing yesterday sounds a bit similar to Sam Cooke’s “A change is gonna come” and Terence Trent Darby did an excellent version of it on his greatest hits CD. Alex would like T. T Darby’s delivery of “change is gonna come” (its on youtube too) Alex can learn from real singers like Morrison, Sam Cooke and Terence Trent Darby who are Pop/soul vibe like he is. Actually, one musician guy who was impressed with Alex’s singing on idol wrote on youtube that he recommends Alex listens to Terence Trent Darby too. And I thought yeah he should, but Alex probably knows more about Rappers and Lil Wayne.

    Areyouin: Oh geez. Gig trash talking again. iI thought they are ok now. She just can’t help being negative cause she’s a moody, unforgiving envious person. Alex keeps trying to be positive but she cant help complaining behind her roommates back. She thinks she can convince people she’s in the right if she talk about it long enough I guess – but people already think she’s a bitch. I just want her and Alex to get along so he won’t get stressed. (she will only be happy if Alex fawn on her and say how pretty she is.) Oh and she had nothing to add during the Diddy Q&A because she’s terrible at communicating with guests that comes on the show — she shouldnt make excuse she just wanted others to talk. Anyway, I wish she stops saying stuff about Alex so I can go back to ignoring her. She wants to be noticed obviously.

    Janet: I think Alex has been sleeping quite a bit lately cause those girls from Texas made him go out all night a couple times and it changed his sleep pattern. He’s cute to watch when he sleeps but when he sleeps too long I feel like grabbing his foot and saying wakey wakey Alex.

    I like that Alex is good and comfortable with guests that comes to the house. He was talking to those “purple melon” rockers a lot. They played a couple of their songs on stereo last night, and I was surprised they were that good and lead singer has a good voice.(I think it was their songs) Alex seemed impressed too and asked the guy in blue room with him to show him how he played the guitar on their songs.

    btw, its weird and amusing how Ben and his brother walk, talk and sound alike. I was confused at first when I saw Alex talking to Ben’s brother.

  35. Oh I forgot to add that Terence Trent Darby writes all his songs. He doesnt even co-write.

  36. Yes,I got lucky yesterday,as I only had a small amt. of Alex time-he was so exited when he checked his schedule for this week-had writing sessions every day-Mon.-Sat.And,he was telling Ben’s brother who the Avila bros were, had written a few tracks for Usher,and they had planned to write 3 songs-then he exclaimed-MONEY IN THE BANK!!!-unfortunately I did not catch the other writers name for this week.

  37. alleycat – I’m not sure Alex ever mentioned the other writer’s name. He simply said there was another one and he would have to look them up.

  38. These Purple Melon guys totally need to move in (they sure as hell have made themselves at home!!). Alex and Ben are having a grand old time jamming with them. Alex seems to admire their skills and could learn a lot from them. And for “wild rocker dudes” they are strangely domesticated. They cook AND clean! Seriously, the dreamers could learn a lot from them.

    I hope they stick around long enough for Kara to meet them. I’m dying to see her reaction. Especially if they DO move in! LOL!

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