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Jul 242010

Alex has been obsessed with the James Morrison song “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me,” and inspired by James’ vocals, wrote a new one of his own. Here’s a bit of it!

You can also watch the songwriting process:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

  13 Responses to “Alex Lambert Plays Ben Elliott His Brand New Song”

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  1. I tweeted him the link to that song:) He was playing it over and over! I felt accomplished. :cheerful:

  2. Shelby, you are so accomplished. Alex is lucky to have a fan as dedicated as you!

    Ya know, I like James Morrison a lot, but I LOVE Alex Lambert! That voice, that incredible soulful voice — can’t get enough.

  3. mmm, the song he wrote is a bit depressing, but its good.

    • Aaargh – just about every demo Alex has is playing right now while he’s showering, but between the shower noises and the guitar from the band, it is hardly intelligible.

  4. I LOVE “Never Waking Up” !! I didn’t really hear “One Kiss” – that one was really hard to hear. I hadn’t really heard much of “New World” – that one sounds really good. Do you think that was the “official” demo of “Untouchable”?? I didn’t get the feeling he got it back yesterday. Not sure about the production on it if it was.

  5. Omg, I’ve been gone since Sunday because I’m a counselor at a girls camp! Have I missed anything huge?? I feel like no matter what I read on DU or here, that I’ve missed sooo much. Anyone mind filling me in? :)

  6. he just played untouchable, i love it!! But the band interuppted the song half way through with talking.

  7. Yep – Kass – leave the autotuning for performers who can’t sing. I realize it was stylized, but it’s OVERKILL. What can Alex do??

  8. Hmmm, am curious about Untouchable. I missed it. :(

  9. and i got it recorded by the way :) I luckily I left the page up while I took a nap. Literally the after I started watching he started playing it! :ninja:

  10. Thanks Shelby. He looks depressed. It is a great song but again I feel like they’re not really getting Alex’s essence and are merely packaging him for a quick buck. I hope someone eventually would vouch for him coz he’s a damn great singer and shouldn’t be reduced to a cliche. Oh man, great song hope they’ll be able to save it.

  11. yeah, usually he’s like “YEAHHH! THIS IS A HIT!” but with this song he’s just blah. He needs a few acoustic songs with just him and his guitar. He said how it’s so electronic, it ruins it. I agree, but its a great great song, and I agree with Char i hope they can save it. :ermm:

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