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Jul 242010

Alex listens to his new demo,”Untouchable” (written with David Kopatz).

Download the clips in one mp3 file here.

Alex’s initial reaction upon hearing the track (while still wearing headphones):

“There’s so much auto tune!! It’s ridiculous! I hate autotune!” He went on to explain to a Purple Melon band member that he has good pitch, but that they add the autotune to make it sound more modern, cause it’s like American Idol, which is more pop.
Then he exclaimed that you can’t even hear his voice cause the production is so big. The band member said he expected it to be more stripped down based on how Alex had described his music, like James Morrison. Alex said, “I wish!!”

I am increasingly getting the impression, based on the music ALEX likes and the comments he’s making, that he really doesn’t have much choice in how his music is going to sound, that he’s going along with this overproduced, pop sound cause that’s what they’re telling him to do, and he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

And that just sucks!!!

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  1. Ooh! Kara is marked as “In The Fiesta”. She should be home soon.

  2. Matt: I know you mean well. But “untouchable” and “I didnt know” are both Pop/R&B songs and that’s one genre I know most about, and acoustic style doesnt work much on songs in that genre, and not popular. But I do agree it shouldnt be too electronic sounding even though its ok with me if they autotune a bit, so its more radio ready and marketable. I like when bonus tracks in acoustic or Latin version of the original are added to CD though. Also, ‘I didnt know’ is such a strong song and definite hit potential, and the melody and piano are the stars of that song, and wont need to much beats added but the final version will likely not be too stripped down like the promo clear channel has out. But it will still be a great result I’m sure. I just want Alex to sound less raspy/hoarse on final release of “I didnt know” cause it will add even more to the song when his voice and upper register is pure like on “wonderful world” and ‘everybody knows”

  3. I’m enjoying these Melons, can they stay? And I do love those accents! I think I now see why Jessica Bongiorno loves British guys so much, lol. :tongue:

  4. The sign on the IICD site shows the fashion designer is still coming tomorow to help with their wardrobe. I gotta to remember the time to tune in for that, and Alex better be there cause he’ll benefit from it.

  5. Poor ALex… Maybe once he really gets his foot in the door he’ll get more say in his sound. I understand though, you have to do what you have to do… I love him regardless. I know his true sound and what kind of music he can make and he’ll get to do it his way some day. I just know it. :smile:

  6. @Shadow_ia I am going split hairs with you. I think there is a huge difference between raspy and hoarse. Problem is there is a good kind of rasp and a bad kind of rasp. Alex naturally has a good kind of rasp in combination with a really great voice. What I don’t want is for Alex to be hoarse or to be straining his voice–I think we agree here, but the good rasp and texture of his voice comes out even more strongly when Alex is healthy. Good rasp is good.

    While Alex’s voice is easily 20x times better than mine, I do have a raspy type voice in real life and I also suffer from allergies that appear to be very similar to Alex. I have personal experience on this. When my voice is tip top healthy, I have what I call a gingerale dry voice. There is also a crisp to my voice that makes me think of crisp apples. When my voice is not quite in shape (most of the time sadly) I actually lose a lot of my rasp, and my vocal chords feel like wet noodles–bad. Smooth is not good in my case. When I am suffering from touches of bronchitis and sinus infections, my voice goes hoarse and really rough sounding, the bad kind of rasp. There is a huge gap between my good rasp and my bad rasp, and they are not really the same thing at all, yet oddly enough both could be called raspy. Maybe rasp types are like baby cries, they may sound alike to strangers, but they are very different if you pay attention, and they mean vastly different things.

    I don’t want Alex to go back to the way he was singing on American Idol because Alex was doing a few things wrong vocally before he had vocal lessons with Mark. I noticed after a while with Mark that Alex’s vocal texture/rasp/dryness came out even stronger in cetain ways, but his voice was also fuller and rounder too, so balanced. Perfection. Alex is meant to have a good rasp combined with a full rounded voice. Also as a huge blues fan, good raspy voices sound wonderful singing the blues, and I listen to a lot of blues.

    When Alex has oversung or is suffering from allergies, then that can be hoarseness and vocal strain which is not good. This is the bad kind of rasp. Sad thing is I think a lot of people, even including maybe Alex, think rasp is tied to vocal damage, and that could not further from the truth. Raspy voiced people may mistakeningly think they can’t hurt their raspy voice, but hoarseness is different. Alex will have a better rasp (and better quality of voice overall)by resting his voice and keeping his voice in top shape. I know this from personal experience. :ninja:

  7. Brandt gave Alex a T-shirt he said he made or something. I think its rapper Lil Wayne on it. He knows Alex loves Lil Wayne’s music. Interesting and odd looking guy to have on a t-shirt – but Alex will like it cause it grabs attention I guess.

  8. If the designer mentioned Merlin Castella is the same designer behind Merlin Castell designs (dropping the final “a”), I don’t know about him getting along with Alex. Merlin is really out there in his personal style and designs. I remember him on Bravo. I guess it depends on how supportive that Merlin is of people’s personal style. I want someone with expertise to work WITH Alex, not against Alex or to overide Alex’s personal style. I know Alex needs a lot of help, and this is coming from someone who is way too casual of a dresser, but I want someone who will want to work WITH Alex. :wub:

  9. Just Google Merlin Castella…I don’t think any of the dreamers are gonna like the styles he picks out for them. I don’t see this going very well. I hope he’s not crazy and won’t go throwing out clothes and such. :getlost:

  10. Soapbox: I know rasp and hoarseness are different. But the hoarseness after overuse from singing or from allergies will make the rasp more pronounced. Alex’s real voice on Idol is like 30% rasp that was hardly noticeable to me. But now its like 60% raspy and maybe due to allergy and singing a lot probably. But I disagree that its better for him to be more raspy or that its better than on idol. His voice on idol was definitely at its top form, and that’s why the judges raved about it. His voice on idol and when he first moved to IICD gave him more flexibilty in his upper range too. His voice was more like James Morrison who had less rasp and more range, and now the Melon Rocker even said he’s like Ray Lamontagne cause its more raspy. I think its good to be able to use different registers he has, that’s what all musicians hope for. Raspy voice are more limited to certain genres like bluesy and rock songs. He prefers Pop/Soul where less rasp better. I was posting yesterday that Alex should listen to Terence Trent Darby to learn from his Pop/soul style. But I will add that T.T Darby is lucky to have a rasp even though his voice is high for a guy – that’s like extreame of both range, which is a blessing and he can sing high pitch and raspy too to add texture if he wants. Alex isnt gonna sing high pitch/falseto, but he has other range in his registers and raspiness can make him sound low in songs. I want Alex to have full use of his voice when he’s ready to record his CD, and if he needs to see a doctor and rest it a bit then he should. (I remember Kelly Clarkson had to do that too) And its ok if you soapbox have a raspy voice too, but Alex is a musician trying to make it and he needs to have his voice in best form with less rasp like he had before. Dont want Alex to worry though. I still like his voice of course, I just want him to have as pure as he did on idol with all his ranges and not just seen as the raspy guy. I claimed on idol board that its the best voice ever on idol btw. :) Oh and I’m not saying his singing skill was better on idol – it was good, but of course he’s much improved as a singer cause of more experience on IICD. But its ok if you have an opinion and like his voice more raspy, and I like other parts of his register too. Here’s Alex singing Bob Marley when he first got on IICD and Idol Wonderful world. You notice less rasp compared to the ‘i didnt knnow’ demo. here is Marley song; and ‘wonderful world’

  11. Hmmm…maybe it’ll be on Hulu soon? I hope so. I’m going to download the app to see if I can find it!!!

  12. I don’t know who the designer is I was just hoping for a good one that will improve and suggest things for them – and IICd can get Alex some new things. I hope he suggest nice things. I have to look up that designer to know his sense of style. Some dressy decorative t-shirts like the one with shiny design he wore when Veronica announced she’s moving in, and some nice shirts and dressy square toe shoes should be good idea.

  13. Soapbox – great explanation on the difference between rasp and hoarse. I know from personal experience too. I have to disagree that Alex’s voice was better on AI. He might have been smoother, but much less range. He’s really learned sooo much. He couldn’t even hit his falsetto when he first got to the house. As soapbox says, the problem is not his raspy voice — that’s what we all love! The problem is his straining of his voice. He still has a few bad habits to work on. It’s okay. He’s young and, boy, is he a quick study. When you hear him yelling in his upper register, that equals vocal chord strain. He hasn’t fully mastered control of his incredible voice yet. It’s all good — he’s learning.

    And, I’ve decided that, if all British men are like the Melons, I am definitely moving there — husband or no husband. :w00t: At last glance, all the house members left except Kara and the creep, who were having a long conversation on the bathroom floor oblivious to their guests. At least Gig invited them to meet up with her later. I have to give her credit for that. I still think it’s rude though. I just can’t help it. They invited them to their house and then leave them. That’s just not right in my book. They really wanted to have a tweet session, but didn’t know how to get it started.

    Off topic: What’s up with everyone using the one computer. Is the Internet still down? Did someone forget to pay the cable bill or something? How could they have all that technology and no laptops working for so long?

    • Haha I was gone yesterday and had many things to say reading back through the comments, but luckily Janet and Soapbox were always right there expressing EXACTLY what was on my mind LOL! Thanks guys!

      I do just want to stress a couple of things though: I don’t think most of us want Alex to do acoustic songs. I love a good beat when appropriate. But there are a whole range of styles between acoustic and what this Untouchable demo sounds like.

      Someone somewhere said something like they needed to autotune Alex’s voice in the Untouchable demo to smooth it so it goes with the style better. That’s CRAZINESS to me!! I feel like I’m repeating myself here, and am really tired of doing so, so sorry but I’m gonna all caps it: THEY SHOULD NOT BE SMOOTHING OUT OR MESSING WITH ALEX’S VOICE TO ADAPT IT TO THE STYLE OF MUSIC – ALEX’S VOICE IS WHAT’S SPECIAL, WHAT MAKES HIM STAND OUT, WHAT WE LOVE – NOT THE GENERIC POP BEATS. SO THEY SHOULD FIND A STYLE THAT HIGHLIGHTS AND COMPLEMENTS HIS VOICE, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.
      Yes, this style can have a beat. Yes, this style can be pop enough to appeal to a mainstream audience. But IT SHOULD BE THERE TO SUPPORT AND COMPLEMENT AND HIGHLIGHT HIS UNIQUE VOICE.

      There, I feel better now.

      I’ve been looking up the artists that Alex likes – Adele, Daniel Merriweather, James Morrison, Paolo Nutini, and even Justin Bieber – and do you know what they all have in common? They are all a genre called BLUE EYED SOUL – “rhythm and blues and soul music performed by white artists, particularly that with a strong pop music influence.” And I think this is exactly what Alex’s style is – both in terms of what suits his voice, and what he himself enjoys listening to. But unfortunately what we have been hearing in the demos so far is waaay more pop and not enough soul – again, especially for his voice.

      Blue eyed soul is HUGE now in the UK (e.g. Duffy is also blue eyed soul) and it’s only a matter of time I think till it hits the shores of the US – and who better to be its ambassador to the Americans than Alex, who has a much more pop-friendly look than someone like Morrison or Merriweather???

      Argh I just want to shake 19 or Iain Pirie or whoever is in charge here, and tell them GIVE ALEX AND THE PUBLIC SOME CREDIT – STOP UNDERESTIMATING BOTH OF US!!!

  14. Actually, Merriweather is quite a looker. ;) IMHO of course. But I agree… why are the record companies feeding us with crap just because it ‘sells’? Maybe it sells because there is no other choice. Lol.

  15. Imo Merriweather is okay (cuteness) but Alex has got him beat. Dan M. is tougher looking and some may like that, but I’ll take a kinda tough, punk kid with a sweet smile and adorable dimples over that!! Love Dan M. btw – CD is in my car player right now! I wonder if Alex has heard more than just “Red”? Wonder if he’s heard “Change” with rapping by Wale, or the duet with Adele? One of my faves is “Giving Everything Away For Free” – – – “. . every day that I love her, I kill myself. .” Alex needs some more songs that he can really pour his soul (and soul sound)into, like I Didn’t Know. Maybe Never Waking Up is more like that? I love “Blue Eyed Soul” – I think that is a good term. I don’t care if a few songs are a little pop-ish. I actually think it’s good for Imperfectly Perfect (love that btw).

  16. “rhythm and blues and soul music performed by white artists, particularly that with a strong pop music influence.” — Kass, that’s the problem, he doesn’t have a strong Pop Influence. Nothing about Alex is POP. And that’s is what makes him a unique Artist. (especially for a white guy) He’s becoming POP thanks to 19, But go back and Listen to the first time we heard an original song from Alex. “I been Workin” on Dallas Morning news. And remember the artist’s he talked the most about and listened to when he first got there… Alex’s is a white guy with strong R&B and HIP HOP influences, and this is why he’s reacting so strongly to what he’s hearing here. It’s crappy POP music that disappears and is forgotten in the blink of an eye. Alex has an excellent ear for music flavor. The songs with the strongest staying power have either strong R&B, Hip Hop, or Rock, influences. Even though people try to stick them in the pop category, they aren’t pop at all. Check this out, BillBoard Longest running Number One songs EVER! – – ALL except maybe 5, are Hip Hop, R&B or Rock. Even the few pop songs (like “I Will Always Love You, Candle in the Wind, Physical) have their roots in one of those genres. (Note NONE of the true blue Pop Artist’s like Madonna, Britnee, Micheal Jackson, have songs in that top spot) And the Artist that was named the “Artist of the Decade” is a Hip Hop Artist with an excellent mix of Blues, Rock, and West Coast Hip Hop influences. Eminem, (crazy that a white guy became the king of Hip Hop) He wants a whole string of hits with staying power. He doesn’t want a string of hits that are gone in a second. So IF 19 is smart they’ll listen to him. The boy knows what the hell he’s talkin about.. And if sounds they aren’t listening, we’re just gonna have to make them listen to him! Cause this – (“Maybe once he really gets his foot in the door he’ll get more say in his sound. I understand though, you have to do what you have to do… I love him regardless”) sentiment, doesn’t fly here. The rest of the fickle public won’t love him regardless! They don’t care who’s responsible for why they don’t like what they hear, all they hear is Alex, so that’s who suffers the consequences. So if it sounds like Alex is bowing to pressure that’s when we speak up!! LOUDLY! Isn’t that what we told him we’d do?? Get his back?? So the second this song comes up again, Imma be making my voice heard, to If I Can Dream. 4 sho! :w00t:

  17. Been listening to this and I’m still bothered by the space sounds. It is “current” though, doesn’t mean it’s special. This arrangement is a cop out and predictable. I’m guessing people high up are not really stupid they know his isn’t Alex best sound but I dint know If they are willing to risk it. Too bad, it’ll be a waste of talent ifthey reduce him to forgettable pop tunes. I heard a bit of never waking up but I can’t tell how synthesized it is. Hopefully not. Those dudes were pretty much in awe of his vocals, hope they did it justice.

  18. I Love Alex’s Voice The Way It Is I Love The Rasp Its So Sexy And I Think He Should Stay Were His At A I Wish He Would Put Imperfectly Perfect On His CD I Freakin Love That Song And I Freakin Love That Song I Didn’t Know So Freakin Much

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