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Jul 222010

Here’s a sneak peak of Alex Lambert’s debut music video, “I Didn’t Know”, via

A mobile-only version will be released this Monday on the iHeartRadio app (available on iPhones, Blackberry and Android smartphones), followed by (or along with?) a release on Hulu.

Can’t wait!
Oh, and everybody, when you tweet about it include the hashtag #IDIDNTKNOW – especially on Monday when it comes out! We need to blow up Twitter!! More deets later – we can arrange a time.

Also released on Us Magazine‘s site.

Plus, here’s Alex watching the video for the first time – this is the full stripped-down version of the song!

Thanks as always to Dream Updates for the vid!

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  1. “followed by a release on Hulu” – you have me worried now! You don’t think it will be simultaneous?? Boo! :sad:

  2. BTW – Kara’s gonna love the shot of those wrists!! :kissing:

  3. Hee hee….yes she will……….


    Via Press Release:

    Clear Channel will be Premiering “I Didn’t Know” exclusively on iheartradio exposes Lambert to an audience of eight million avid radio listeners who have already downloaded the app. On Monday, July 26th and will post on Hulu as well.

    The latest version of iheartradio, which will be available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones, delivers hundreds of America’s favorite local radio stations, commercial-free content from top radio personalities, celebrity-hosted channels and local traffic reports.


    Wow! 8 MILLIONS people have downloaded the App? So those 8 million people will probably be automatically notified of the Alex content when it drops.

    Are they putting this song up on iTunes at the same time? That would make the most sense. Maximize sales potential and all that.

  5. haha… thought about Kara when they showed a shot of his hands. LOL
    He has perfect musician hands actually.

    The time square shot was insanely cool with all the people around him. :w00t:

  6. I thought of Kara too LOL! Like minds and all…
    He does have beautiful hands…

  7. I got excited thinking that Alex was at Clear Channel this morning in conjunction with this video, then I realized it’s probably about the Pepsi Refresh Project…blah. :ermm:

    I don’t have your optimism, Snuffles, about the whole iTunes thing. Wouldn’t they be giving us a heads-up about it if it was really happening by next Tuesday? Still excited to see the full video. At least, I hope it’s the full length of the song…we don’t really know for sure, do we?

  8. What a lil’ teaser! I can’t wait to see the full music video!!!

  9. Well Diane if you watch the clip above of Alex and guests watching the video, it seems like it’s the whole song, isn’t it??

  10. I’ve been trying to figure out what they changed from the demo. So far I’ve noticed they took out the drums and the guitar. But they left the strings in.

  11. I think enjoyed watching Alex watch the video even more than the sneak preview of the video itself — which I’m sure will be awesome. He looks so amazed and happy. What a treat to watch!

  12. I am sooooo late for work–thanks, Alex! lol

    @areyouin, I didn’t see the new clip above before I posted previously, so yeah, I look kinda stupid…

    My dream strategy would be to have IDK used in the choreography for SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance), THEN release to iTunes, to make sure it races up the chart. Without any additional promo, it could flounder, which isn’t acceptable. :wink:

  13. Oooh! EXCELLENT idea Diane!!

  14. Diane – didn’t mean to have you seem silly :sideways: I, myself, and not very observant, and I wasn’t even really sure if it was the full song. Ask Kass if I’m observant!! :blink:

  15. YAY!!! So happy this video looks so great! It’s gonna be so amazing I can already tell!!! Ahhhh :silly:

  16. *crossing fingers* I hope they were thoughtful enough to include Jessica somewhere in the video, at least in a crowd scene.

  17. Connie I’d bet my life that they’d include her! :) She was definitely there for a reason. :smile:

  18. I can’t wait for the complete video. I know it’s going to be great. At the end of the clip where Alex is standing up and playing the piano, he is pouring his soul into IDK.

  19. OMG!!! What a tease! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE WHOLE VIDEO!!! I love the part when he’s standing up playing and the people watching him, he shows so much emotion when he sings, makes you feel it just listening to him! So amazing! So many exciting things happening for him! Glad to come home and see this, this was the longest day at work EVER! Booooo! I don’t think it will be released on iTunes yet and it would be awesome if they used it on SYTYCD! I think he’s already getting good buzz though, right? And I do remember him telling Ben when he came back from NY that for the video, they stripped down the song to just piano and strings and vocals of course. I think for radio play though, it would have to be the original, demo version with the other instruments. I like the other instruments, lol.

  20. I think the video version of the song will be the version made available. It’s SOO much better. The demo was just that – a demo. I don’t think it was ever meant to be the final version.

  21. I love both versions. I just love the song and his vocals, so I’d buy either or both! With just the piano and strings, sounds beautiful, but I think for the radio, it needs more of a beat in the background, just my opinion though. I like the drums in the demo version, you can really jam out to it in the car and stuff. Whatever they decide to do is fine by me, it’s amazing either way!

  22. And also Justin had a video on iheartradio too, nothing like ALex’s just him performing. And they stripped his song down too, to just guitar, so I think it’s just for iheartradio, but what do I know, I could be wrong.

  23. Well, Katherine, too bad you and I didn’t make it into the video! LOL!

  24. I know, right Janet! Man, I love the Times Square shot! Must have been pretty late in the evening though b/c the sun sets here after 8:30.

  25. Alex just told Caitlin that he is getting the Untouchable demo back tomorrow!! Yay – can’t wait to hear it! The house is fun tonight – Alex is now singing a bit of Butterflies. Earlier he sang a short bit of Trouble – loved it!

  26. hehe Katherine — yeah, we would have looked like two ragamuffins (my mother’s term) by then! It had to be pretty late — although all that neon does help keep it lighter than the rest of the city.

  27. LOL! Ragamuffins! Love that word! Yea especially after running around all over the city in this heat, not cute! :pinch:

  28. Poor buddy…he really seemed like he wanted to go out with Ben and his brother.

  29. Yep Linda. Wonder if the little guy will try to sneak out?? Gig told Caitlin that she and Angelo will only be gone for a short time. We’ll see about that!

  30. Yay for the Untouchable demo! I didn’t even know he went into the studio for that one. OK, I know I’ve asked this before, but who did he write that one with. Nasri? Or that Nashville dude? Or neither of them?

    Speaking of the little guy, he’s not that short is he? What, about 5’7″ or 5’8″??

    I still think Alex needs to start working on a “street” name. Lambert is already taken. LOL Big Al?

  31. Ha,ha – Diane. We sometimes call our Alex Big Al – he is almost 6’2″ though! Never thought we’d call our baby boy Alex – Al! We just use it like a quick version.

    I think Untouchable was with the guy Veronica recorded Fascinated – David Kopatz? I could be wrong.

  32. omg, Alex is watching diff paolo nutini vids and interviews… Ive always envisioned alex to be more like that kinda artist. Paolo is a great songwriter. Oh he just sang some lines… im a happy gal :biggrin:

  33. PAOLO! I love him too, he’s lovely.

  34. Has he listened to one song all the way through?? I don’t think so… :tongue:

    Now he’s listening to Daughtry sing Gaga’s Poker Face. Where’s he picking out this random stuff? I guess Youtube, huh?

    Hmmmmmm, maybe he’s getting ideas for arrangements. This kid’s brain is always working. :heart:

  35. This is off subject…but I saw the note Alex was showing to the camera (the I “heart” Giggy B) and thought it was sweet…glad that all is good and well…always thought they were a good “bro” “sis” yeah

  36. I know this is off topic…. but why doesn’t Alex do v-logs much anymore? He does maybe 1 a week now. I know he is busy. I am sort of out of the loop, because I haven’t been able to watch live stream, and when I do get a chance to get on it’s late and he is out of the house. :sad: I miss his v-logs. :cwy:
    I’m trying hard not to, :angel: and don’t want to seem like I’m complaining. I’m really not… I just miss seeing him (other than the little clips here and there).

  37. Hmm Gig is talking shit about Alex behind his back AGAIN!!! I really wish I could drive over there and punch that bitch in the throat. :devil:

  38. Whoa…. What’d she say now?
    I read on DU and seems like she’s making it sound like Alex is ordering her around. It’s weird how things get distorted in her head. Even the Twitter session argument when Alex kept saying she’s putting words in his mouth. I feel like she traslte things different in her mind… I dunno.

    It’s cool they’re ok now but I say sty away as much as possible. She got issues and she’s damaging to his image

  39. She’s spouting her usual bullshit behind his back and saying all this shit on live stream of course. And also of course Dream Updates just edits around it. She said though he’s been apologetic and she doesn’t wanna talk about it anymore…then continues to talk about it and says more shit. She’s pure evil I tell you. She’s just pissed off cause she finally realizes no one likes her so she’s trying to drag other people down. I hope Alex sees right through her b/s cause he’s been too nice to her. He needs to just ignore her and leave it at that. I hope she gets fired soon. :angry:

  40. I cant wait… iTunes please… LOL

  41. Molly – didn’t Alex sneak out, once again, last night? She’s probably pissed that Alex doesn’t seem to be accountable much lately about staying at the house. Gig’s comment on twitter (?) about this being a reality tv show and her character sucks is very interesting. I think they are pretty much letting Alex come and go as he pleases ala Justin (but for different reasons). I guess it would be irritating, but she shouldn’t be a bitch about it. All it does is make her look worse and worse and worse, and worse . . . . :ermm:

  42. GollyMolly, I’m so glad we’re on the same page re: Gig. Never mind this bro/sis business. If she was MY sister, I would have kicked her ass at least 20 times by now. Alex is just too darn nice. If he apologizes to her one more time, I swear I will fly out there and straighten him out. He does not need “friends” like her! I know he gets lonely, but she’s just poison. And if her “character” on the show sucks, well…it’s her own fault. If she’s been cast in that role, it was by her own actions. She feels very comfortable breaking the rules whenever she wants, so she has no one to blame but herself. Too bad if she gets pissed if Alex is out and she has to stay home. She gets to go out and stay out PLENTY.

    Okay. That’s my Gig bitch for the day. Alex is sleeping, so I guess I’ll work for awhile. :dizzy:

  43. @gollymolly – I got a PM in DU from carja regarding how DU are making the whole gig rant on the phone all sounding nice so I got annoyed and requested the damn phone convo just to expose her backstabbing ways once and for all. I should just let go but it annoys the heck out of me. Now I really wanna know what she said.

  44. Tracy — don’t feel bad. We should ALL be complaining. As much as we all love Alex, he has been remiss in his vlog duties imo. I mean, really, how long does it take? A few minutes of his time to keep his fans interested and excited? It really is a word to the wise to Alex: do vlogs more often. If you don’t appear to be interested in your fans, they will lose interest in you. This opportunity is once in a lifetime. It won’t come around again.

    All said with love…’cuz I definitely love that kid. He just needs to remember how he got where he is. I know that he knows that, and he doesn’t owe us his life, we’re just asking for a few words every other day or something. Definitely not too much to ask for.

  45. Well I guess I would have to talk to Gig personally to get the whole scoop on the phone convo and understand what happened…I’m still a Gig fan by the way (and fan of everybody else)…I disagree with people and don’t think she’s evil and a bitch and should have someone punch her throat…I think she’s sweet and I think if Alex forgave her for whatever and she forgave Alex for whatever that we should just kumbya and mahalo and peace lol. But I respect other people’s right to give opinions on this board.

    What’s really funny is that at one point in the phone conversation she said “I don’t think anybody’s really watching right now anyway”…lol! There were so many people watching! All you have to do is go over to dream updates and check out everybody over on there and you know for sure that there’s definitely someone watching. Anyway, wow that was a long spue…I thought for a while before I decided to respond to everything.

    And by the way I am really amuse by how alike the Elliott brothers are… you know how careful Ben is about germs and stuff and manners….well Alex Elliott is the same way…he was eating pizza with a fork…he brought paper towels to the table to eat dinner (and offered them to everybody). And so anyway, I was trying to get a look at Alex Elliott’s face to see what he looked like (cause couldn’t really see him at the dinner table) and so then he just got up and stared into the camera and made a face…lol…at least now I know that they’re not totally twins. Thought Alex Lambert and his brothers looked and acted a lot alike too– like with the whole spunky–act in front of the camera…lol. Siblings are amusing to watch. Wow…long post..

  46. Janet: Yeah, Alex should do his vlogs more. He gets busy going to writing sessions all day, but he should try and do 2 vlogs a week. He can always say what he plans to do that week or just recap what did. It will be a good way to keep fans updated while doing what IICD expects of him.

  47. Where can I buy the song?

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