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Aug 202010

  28 Responses to “Alex Lambert’s First Band Rehearsal”

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  1. I haven’t seen the keyboardist yet, but you put Sam in there and you’ve got one helluva good looking band. Of course, they sound good too — oh, to be 17 again!

  2. I love the changes they made in the music for Butterflies… Sounds really really really good. I love how the other Alex back up sings the word butterflies… Just the way he says it. Can’t wait for Alex’s first CD!!! It’s so gonna be awesome!

  3. These 4 guys are quite possible the coolest/sexiest kids in the world. Haha I love this video it’s so funny.

  4. a total joy, amazing talent and so young. can’t believe what we are watching here. so very good.

  5. I like the changes he’s making to “butterflies” here. It makes me like it more actually (the original was just ok) its like he’s improvising the melody on the spot without sounding off and that’s crucial to be good at singing live shows. Alex has improved as a writer since IICD and it shows — working with professional writers obviously has helped him grow – Alex is a quick learner. I like how the other British Alex sang his part too – it was different but still in harmony with the singer (I like doing that when I sing along to songs too – I wish I know how to write melodies) And I like the shaker thing. I think their guitars are clashing a bit though. Sam will compliment Alex well on guitar cause he’s great at melodic guitar playing, and he has soul and funk. The black guy Oliver that he chose will add to the band too, cause that Synthesizer keyboard thing will enhance the sound of the band live.

  6. The kids are not conventionally good-looking, but what an INTERESTING mix! Love it! And the Baby Melons and the Other Alex, for young whippersnappers, are real professionals. :happy:

  7. That was GREAT! I love the way Butterflies is sounding! The boys are really talented and those baby Melons are so adorable!! Although, I’m a little scared of what might crawl out of their hair, lol. They’re just too cute though. I think Alex and the band are going to sound awesome! Wish I could see it :heart:

  8. @Gollymolly yes those 4 kids are the coolest/sexiest bunch ever! As much as I like Sam, I wish that Alex Treharne could stay as lead guitarist. He appears to keep everything on task. He seems alittle older than the twins and being a step-brother can in a joking, loving manner instruct them easily.
    @Janet-agreed… to be 17 again. Hey I’ll take 25!! Just wanted you to know that I am not that much of a stick in the mud. I just got annoyed at those women in the beginning because they kept interrupting Alex. I just wanted them to let him sing and be wowed. Eventually he got Bflies in and thank god they didn’t know the words. I did enjoy the ladies more during the sing along portion.
    To all who mentioned Alex’s dance potential. He definitely has the athletic ability and rhythm. All he needs is a few more moves. I was amused with his dancing in the mirror of the guest room. I wish someone would request that on DU, but they are probably getting sick of us over there. He’s such a natural at everything that he does.
    I saw the Vlog from last night. Yes, Alex it’s about time to migrate into Justin’s room!
    Great things are continually happening with all of his new demos. Finally “One Kiss” came back! Makes me sad that we don’t hear the demos anymore, but it does make sense though for copywrite issues and such and maybe we were too opinionated over here too.
    Loved this piece of information that I picked up before he and Gig went to the beach….Alex said that he was going to make a rap in a blues style. Not sure if he’s serious, but he should definitely explore it. I think that it would be genius!! Rap will move into Country now or later. Alex himself said he wanted to include a blues track on his album. That would be a perfect track- Hip/Hop blues. He could crossover from R&B to Pop to Country charts.
    I woke up this morning with the melody of the new song he was writing last night in my head. It’s very catchy. I like it, but after watching some of these videos have forgotten it. Darn!
    Heard him mention that he has nothing planned for today. Sounds like he is very happy about that. I don’t expect to see him up for hours.

    Found this amusing: Caitlyn told Alex that she had seen Brandt riding his bike near the house. Alex told Gig that Brandt probably has one of those baskets on his bike and picked Kara up (that she’s sitting inside of the basket). He wished that Kara had someone else besides Brandt in her life.

  9. MJs put up this video on her blog

    So, go support if you can – because you know the haters be comin’!

    @Lauren – Did Alex say he was going to move into Justin’s old room? If so, then FINALLY!!!! He deserves the bigger room and needs to upgrade out of that hole by the laundry room.

    I saw that post about Brandt. But the thing is, I think Kara had left the house long before Caitlin showed up. So I don’t think she met up with him. And if not, that means, Brandt is SO obsessed that he rode his bike ALL the way down from Burbank just to hover outside of the Dream house hoping to see Kara. If that ain’t stalkerish behavior, I don’t know what is.


    I hope they changed the gate code to the house after Brandt got the boot because it’s obvious he’s trying to weasil his way back in again. Right now his only “in” is Gig.

  10. Did anyone see that Caitlin’s friends invited Alex and Ben to go to a strip club this week? LOL! Now THAT would make great TV! I’m surprised Alex would be allowed in. But maybe strip clubs are 18 and up.

    ETA: I just had to bring this post over, it cracked me up! They were joking about creating IICD merchandise.

    iicdfan123 Icon

    Posted Today, 06:56 AM
    They could sell little dolls with accessories (this is all said jokingly please don’t take offense) :)

    The Alex doll – comes with guitar and energy drink (off switch not included)
    Features: Wind it up and watch it run amok and sing you a song.

    The Amanda doll – comes with cell phone and hydrogen peroxide (talent not included)
    Features: Nothing.

    The Ben doll – comes with jump rope and green shake (emotional range not included)
    Features: Pull the string to hear 1 of 3 different voices which all sound like a monotone Lou Ferrigno.

    The Gig doll – comes with a beer and laptop (clothes not included)
    Features: Doll is posable. To make it dance just add alcohol.

    The Kara doll – comes with six frumpy sweaters and a Bible (personality not included)
    Features: Press the button to watch it overact. Warning some dolls may ship with talentless hobo stalker doll.

    The Justin doll – comes with laced up crotch pants and cowboy boots (brain not included)
    Features: Use the decoder ring to translate mumbles. May put you to sleep.

  11. @ snuffles LOL! That’s hysterical! That IICDfan is a riot! :lol:

  12. Who ever wrote about the dolls is very witty. They nailed it in a funny way.

  13. That doll post is hysterical! I love it! When did Alex do a vlog? I’ve got to watch that right now!

    And, Lauren, all I really meant with the post about the women last night was at least they had some life in them. They did yak a lot (ha! don’t we all), but at least it was a positive, friendly vibe. It’s good to see after so much of well, nothing, really.

    If I don’t see ya back here, have a great weekend.

  14. Thanks Snuffles for the laughs, so glad you posted it. That person has quite the wit. The vlog that Alex did last night came on right after the band practice video above. It follows it if you wait for the next one to begin. In it he walks into Justin’s room and mentions his possible “migration”.

  15. I thought the Justin and Ben dolls were the best by far. The Kara doll also funny. This person should do stand up comedy work now. We need laughter in life, bring it to us please.

  16. Why can’t the other Alex be a permanent member of the band? I didn’t hear why… I love the way he does Butterflies and I don’t know if Sam is going to do it as well.

  17. @katrina I think he said he was going back to England soon.

  18. Ah! And miss being in an awesome band?!? Is he out of his mind?

  19. Watching this video, Alex could still definitely use the tuner gift that I talked about a few weeks ago! :biggrin:–i-KOR-AW2-LIST

  20. @Debbie, Alex just changed the strings on his Gibson and it sounds awesome again. I heard Ben tell Alex that the string that was on the Gibson before wasn’t right for it. Who knew that strings would make that much difference! His new guitar has a tuner already on it, so he’s good to go, but you are so considerate to be thinking of a way to make Alex’s life less stressful. :smile:

  21. Sam has way to much hair and jewelry for me. He is like Justin and in over drive with the look, the look. I like real. Its a wonder Sam can get up off the couch with all the heavy hair and jewelry he has. I am the artist type so this look does not faze me. I like different and cool different looks. There is something with Sam and also with Justin that is way to “thought’ out with the look. Sam would be late on stage, he would be fixing his hair and putting on more jewelry. I do not think he can ever get enough of it all. Justin would also do this, and then stand there and expect women to fall over for him on the floor. Not! So not Justin! I could be so wrong in it. Time will tell what happens with the band. I wish Alex the best. I want Alex to rock the world.

  22. That was HI larious snuffles-I am too insecure right now to peek at MJ’S board,maybe later….

  23. I don’t mind Sam’s hair and jewelry. And, actually, I believe his dreads are very low-maintenance. If I’m correct, people with that type of hair often get the dreads for just that reason. He does wear a lot of bracelets, but I don’t think he ever takes them off. So, I don’t see him as being late on stage because he’s too busy primping. I just hope he plays guitar as well as he needs to. I haven’t heard enough of him to know. The English guy really knew what he was doing and was making great suggestions, plus it was really funny how he was teasing the bassist baby melon about writing out so many notes and still not being able to follow the song. It was cute and funny. But, that’s not going to happen since he’s going back to England. Alex has faith in Sam and wants him, so he’s gotta be good. Hey, for all I know, we could be watching the next Lennon & McCarthy with those two — although Alex made it pretty clear last night that he’s a solo act. He said he wants his band to be named Alex Lambert and ….. whatever it turns out to be.

  24. Are people really concerened that Sam wouldn’t be able to get out on stage on time because he’s fixing his hair and putting on jewelry? :blink:

    He’s not exactly Narcissus. It probably takes him less time to get dressed than your average girl. And somehow all those female singers make it out on stage on time.

  25. I saw Alex’s tweet yesterday of him and Gig at Venice beach. Hmmm, what’s all the winking signs and $6 and $9 doing in there. Punk ass boy!

    Ok I think the British Alex did well in his small part on “Butterflies” but most of Alex’s songs arent as simple as that and some are more soulful too. I’ve heard Sam play guitar when he was jamming at last party in pbr with Andy Allo and he is great on melodic guitar and soul and funk. He’s a good musician. He’s better than this British kids and fits Alex’s vibe more. Alex already told Sam and another guy Roger on the phone that the black guy Oliver is crazy good on keyboards. I think Oliver and Sam are better fit for Alex’s style of music he’s been recording and soul vibe he has. They will make Alex look more professional too, and less amateurish like Motel Notell performance. That’s why he wants Sam to do guitar solo cause he knows he’s good. I saw that video of Alex telling Sam to use guitar to do the beginning part of “Imperfectly perfect” and he did it and made it sound good and close enough in 2 tries – and that’s a song he’s not even that familiar with yet. He’s better on guitar than these British kids. His style is like Lenny Kravitz funk/soul/rock.

    I don’t know what type of drinks you guys are saying Alex drank too much of yesterday. I just hope its not the type that’s acidic, too much alcohol, or harsh to his voice. His voice has been sounding better and less raspy and I want him to keep it that way. His voice sounded very good when he was singing to the girls yesterday and when he sang with Sam couple days ago — it showed the pureness and less raspy quality and the high range of his voice more, like on Idol and when he first moved into IICD and that’ good – he is less hoarse too. Maybe its the humidifier thing that’s helping or he’s learning to take care of his voice.

  26. Loooove this video! They are going to sound so amazing. I :heart: the baby Melons. And their stepbrother sounded great harmonizing with Alex. I also love the way the baby Melons look. I think they have great style. I like guys who look like that.

    So do the twins live here? I thought Tom was just living here with the rest of the Purple Melons.

  27. So far so good over at MJ’s. 9 comments and all pretty positive. :happy:

  28. Neat stuff I enjoyed it. Someone else once said: Either marry your work – take it seriously and do it every day – or date it – write only when you feel like it – but know which you are doing and the repercussions of both.

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