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Oct 082010

Alex Lambert’s Official Fansite now has its very own Twitter account, (@TheAlexFansite)! Follow us for notifications regarding the latest posts, news, and things you can do to help Alex! We’ve also added membership, private messaging, and avatars to the site, so sign up! More features coming soon!

Also, remember to keep voting for Alex until the end of today in the D Magazine tournament!

Vote here!

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  1. Bad news, guys. The D-mag poll is up and Alex did not advance. :( It was a close 51% to 49% vote though. :(

  2. @Cathy Your book would be a must read. There’s a possibility that I may find out why the same thing happened to me. I was thinking about *the cave* and yeah it probably is Deekay’s recording studio. It is like a cave and maybe he needed to record on Saturday because he is headed back to Texas. I have heard him refer to his room as the cave before too. So confusing! He went from chillin’ to being in a crazy session.
    If anyone is interested in leasing a home in Beverly Hills, the Dream House is available for $27,000/month. I assume that the listing is current, although the photos were taken prior to IICD. The Blue Room is actually the Red Room. Can you imagine paying that amount per month to rent? Insanity!!!
    Darn it Cathy. I can’t believe he didn’t advance. I’m ticked.

  3. Damn, that sucks. I thought he would have beat Tim.

  4. It will be a bit of a come down for Alex to go from an 8 million dollar mansion to the condo,or Apt.that 19 is getting for him,after he returns to L.A.,to continue his work.But hopefully he’ll let us know how the accommodations are.He went from Apt. with lots of family roomies to- Huge contemporary mansion- and now hopefully to a Nice private space…

  5. Awwww poo! Oh Well….That stinky guy who wrote his bio is to blame….fo sho! I cant believe Sangya….err, I mean Tim, beat Alex..hmm just goes to show you, a goofy smile and some killer abs goes pretty far with these tweens now a matter that Alex’s voice out shines Tims any day of the week. Pretty dissapointed! :angry:

  6. Aww damn! Oh well, that’s actually really, really close, considering that more people probably remember Tim because he was on Idol longer. For not making it to the Top 10 or 12, that says a lot about Alex and how many fans he has, I think anyways. Looks like a cheesy magazine anyway and it’s definitely not a competition for actual talent. And their bio for him was awful, boooooooo! :getlost:

    Lol @ Linda, I was gonna say he has a goofy smile too! Alex’s smile is waaayyyy cuter! :)

  7. It was a very tight result,and I’ve seen that magazine in Tx-it has a very wide circulation,and following.Given Tim’s name i.d. is very strong at present-I’d even seen several T.V. pieces on Tim,and Alex’s was not- -due to where he went out in A.I.-Alex did quite well in the very tight differential.But don’t worry-in the long run Alex’s name will be about a billion times stronger… :biggrin:

  8. @Alleycatfan, if 19 is getting Alex an apartment/condo to live in, does that mean that IICD will not be returning in 2011? Or if it does then Alex will not be a part of it?

  9. Yes, Tracy, that punk ass boy has turned ordinary, level-headed people into die-hard, we’ll kick your ass fans. Quite a feat actually. LOL! We’ve got to start journeling our journeys. And, Cathy, enjoy your game and don’t think about getting too deep or philosphical. I truly believe tha some people are put on this earth with special gifts to bring joy to others. Alex is one of those angels.

    49% to 51% in the poll? WTF? Stupid poll anyway. Let’s drop it and let it die a quick death. LOL!

    alleycatfan, I don’t think Alex will have any trouble assimilating to any living accomodations. He’s been up and down and in-between for so long that home is where his stuff is. I’m sure he enjoyed his stay in the mansion and I’m equally sure that he’ll have his own mansion some day — sans cameras.

    Now, on the subject of Alex’s birthday…what I’d really love is for all of us to be together at an Alex concert. It would take some logistical planning and Alex’s cooperation, but it could be done — a special fan party and concert. I’d certainly fly out to LA to attend. IDK. Think about it. We could probably get a group rate at a hotel, a free performance from Alex, and lots of photos and videos. That’s my dream party at this point. Not sure at all how Alex would feel about it. I’d like to think he’d be happy about it. On the other hand, maybe I’m speaking out of my butt again — oh, yeah, another Alexism — butt music (or was it butt singing). Ha! That one really made me laugh. In lieu of that, I can’t think of anything else I (let me the stress the “I” part again) really want for Alex’s birthday. How selfish is that?

  10. @Janet – You know that I’m in for the birthday concert/party. Oh, and I think it’s “butt rock”. I think Alex would choose a condo with privacy over a mansion with cameras any day.

    EDIT: Phillies are looking good. Cole Hamels has a shutout going into the 9th inning. Go Phillies!!
    Sorry Big Phil, maybe next year. :(

  11. @Tracy-maybe yes maybe no.If the show returns,it will be in a different home,or in a set on a studio back lot.So we’ll just have to see-if it returns,and if Alex will be a part of it-it will almost certainly be a TV series,not an internet one. @Janet-Alex will be happy as a clam one day with a mansion “sans cameras.” PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!! :cool:

  12. Does anyone know if Alex’s Texas Rangers advanced in the playoffs? I’m not to up on my sports-unless its watching CUTE guys in shorts playing Pro Tennis LOL!!

  13. @Tracy – I would think that an entertainment management company like 19E would keep a couple of corporate apartments for artists who are in town temporarily. They could put Alex up in one of those for a couple of months. So like Aleycatfan says, it’s impossible to know.

    @Alleycatfan – I saw a tweet from Big Phil earlier. I think the Rangers series is 2-2.

    Latest News: Phillies advance to the NLCS. Cole Hamels gets the complete game shutout. Wahoo!!

  14. Janet, that would be a great b-day party (for us). lol :lol: I think if Alex was in a room with all of us, he would run for his life. haha :lol: :tongue:
    I think the word you are looking for is “buttrock”.
    I just thought of another “Alex” thing, when he sticks his tongue out when he smiles, sometimes. That is so…. (have to say it) cute. :whistle: lol

  15. Tracy – OMG you are so right. He would run for his life. Can’t stop laughing!!!

  16. Oh the poll is out and 51% to 49%. That’s too close. I know Tim’s fans do nothing but try to make him win polls now though – and he does have quite a lot of young fans who tweet all day about polls. He was in top 10 and on idol tour and that helps him in such polls, but Alex still has the special voice to be a recording artist, and Tim doesn’t. Tim is actually thinking more about going into acting he said. Katie Stevens said she’s writing songs with writers and releasing a CD, but taking acting classes too. If possible Alex should take a few acting classes – it may come in handy. He did some acting on IICD. I look forward to Alex and Katie releasing their CD – she’s Pop/soul too. Katie’s voice is similar Christina Aguilera’s voice and she my favorite after Alex. Btw, here is Katie singing Aguilera’s ‘Fighter’ on idol tour. She did very well.

    Lauren: I think that 27 grand is the old ad and old rent according to someone at Dream updates. The owner said he’s tripling the rent now. 27 grand for a mansion in California doesnt surprise me, cause I’ve heard bigger quotes from stars in magazine when they talk about leasing a place temporarily. A star used to live in the IICD too. Its a nice house but I dont really care much for the design cause its too contemporary/modern design on the outside — I prefer ‘Spanish California’ architectural design – especially if it’s a big house or a mansion. I’m not big on modern and abstract art/design

    Gollymolly: Happy birthday. I saw a thread for it at dreamupdates.

  17. Its funny when you look at Tim’s twitter followers,he’s in reality more popular than Lee,cuz-Lee compiled about 70 percent of his followers,only after Ryan Seacrest told his followers to go follow Lee.So without that happening-Tim would be well ahead of Lee in numbers,and underneath it all he really is…

  18. Thank U all for the sympathy for my Reds…It’s been sooo long since we’ve even made it this far…and the last time we won a World Championship in 1991 I was 3…maybe 4…lol…so needless to say, i was hoping and praying…but H2O (Hamels, Halladay, & Oswalt) did us in..their good…i’m defintely rooting for the Rangers now…hopefully they pull it out..i believe they play on Tuesday in the deciding game 5…so we gotta root em on for Alex yal…lol…and I saw some pretty good ideas for the bday, but Janet’s is my favorite…lol…free concert…a trip to LA….AAAHHH…..that would b great, and plus I’m on break from school starting November 22nd, so I’d b all in…lol

  19. Just re-watched the Alex/Veronica romance/”Daddy is HOME!!” episode! Awwwww. . . so cute. Picked up on another Alex-ism. It’s the alternative to “I’m just kidding” — “I’m just playin’!”

    Good night all!

  20. @LindaW-Tim Urban shirtless pics were seen by millions.Alex was only seen shirtless by maybe a couple thousand on IICD.If you had circulated pics of Alex shirtless TO MILLIONS,the last several weeks of IICD-the girls would have squeeled and LOUDLY… :biggrin:

  21. Oops sorry I couldn’t reply earlier- was busy racking up some Zs. Now that I’m at work, yaw are probably gg to bed. (yaw: another Alex-ism)

    @ Felicia and everyone: Thanks! Yeah the thumbnail is a screencap from his AI Everybody Knows performance. I wanted a shot of his dimples, plus there was a mic there= bonus points.

    And Happy Birthday to all the October babies! I’m one of them. Oct babies+ Alex fans= Awesome possum :biggrin:

    Let’s organize something for Alex’s birthday! But…what? What could a working musician ask for? Hmm..

  22. Ok since you guys posted some of your favorite things about Alex – here are some things I like about him that also amuses me.

    1) When he goes around the house singing his impromptu songs and oblivious to everyone. He will go from the meaningful “a change is gonna come” to one of his blues favorite “my baby don’t stand know cheating, my baby.” That “my baby” song makes me wanna laugh when he sings it – but I like it though.

    2) When he’s in his room and yawns. It sounds loud musical like a musical instrument cause of his type of voice and the microphone around — its sounds like a trombone echoing in a cave or something. Then I go ‘he’s so cute”

    3) When he was in Hollywood round on idol and he was telling that girl in her group they will look ignorant with their choreography if they just stand in one place moving their feet back and forth. It made me laugh and made me notice him before he even sang. Then they showed him in front of the judges looking at his feet as he did that same choreography that made them look amaturish. It was amusing.

    4) I like that Alex isn’t white bread, and sometimes he can come across like all he knows is black culture refrences. When the Melons first visited the house it was Alex who hung out with them. They were talking about different things like music and entertainment. And whenever the Melons asked him if he knew about something Alex’s reply would be like. Who? “you mean Wil Smith? Martin Lawrence? And that’s not what the Melons were talking about. Then he’ll be telling them about Sam Cook and Otis Redding and all the soul singers. And they are like these Rock guys from England. And they were looking at Alex like who is this boy, as Alex tried to answer sincerely. It was amusing, like they are from two different worlds. Interesting how they quickly came to be good friends with Alex, and he was always hanging with them. Also, first day Jordyn visited Alex was mentioning names of some country singers and asking if she likes them. So Alex does know more than just soul singers, rappers and the Beatles after all. :)

    5) When he was in the fiesta with his band and the cam was on, and Sam asked Oliver if he has something for headache in his house as they were gonna drop him off. Oliver didnt have it. Alex jokingly said do you have some lotion cause his skin is ‘ashy.’ And Sam tactfuly didn’t think it was funny, and Alex said “dont you watch black comedies. You don’t think its funny cause you are not black – you are just a wannabe – you wish you can sing black like me.” Oliver laughed cause it was funny. It was amusing how Alex acted like he’s black. Alex and Sam are cool and that’s why I like them. Alex definitely has that soul and blues down for sure. Sam has the funk and some soul too.

    6) I liked when he walked around in his clingy gray basketball shorts. It made me feel like going to spank his butt a few times cause he’s a punk ass boy. :)

    Those are are some of the things I like about him or favorite moments.

  23. Hey guys thanks again for all the bday wishes! I really appreciate it!

    Reading through all your posts on the funny “Alexisms” just brings back a lot of memories. He really is one of the funniest, most random people I know. Some of the things he comes up with are just amazingly witty, lol. He’s very quick on his feet.

    My most recent favorite was when he was getting a tattoo and Mark said it felt like a cat scratch and Alex was like “A cat? More like a F*CKIN’ lion!” hahaha great way to end the season. :lol:

  24. Ha ha Shadow, you make laugh!!! :tongue:

  25. Haha! Buttrock — that was it. Too funny. Thanks for the rest of the Alexisms you guys wrote. I had forgotten so many of them.

    RE: Birthday Party – Do you guys really think Alex would run like hell from us? Are we that bad? LMAO! C’mon. Who wouldn’t want to be mobbed by an out-of-control mob of rabid fans? It’s got to happen to him sometime, so we might as well break him in. I’m still in favor of the idea of a birthday bash/concert/fan get together.

    Later gators. Gotta work.

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