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Sep 162010

Yesterday (September 15th) Alex Lambert had a writing session at the Dream House with songwriters Shridhar Solanki and Andrew Bolooki. The result? A catchy tune called “Old Fashioned Girl” about taking it slow with a girl. For those that missed it or couldn’t stay up till the wee hours watching, here’s their final run-through of the song:

Thanks to Dream Updates yet again for the video!

Alex has also been writing and recording recently with Cisco Adler and Harvey Mason Jr.

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  1. This song is simply amazing. I love the tune/melody and the way Alex changes his voice throughout this song. It is beautiful. I hope it’s on the album. :happy:

  2. @Kass I agree. I love how it brings out the sweet spots of his voice. They were discussing recording the demo next week, depending on everyone’s schedules. I don’t know if this is any indication of how the demo will turn out, but Shridhar said the song would sound great with an orchestra. Alex told him that he should harmonize on the track, that their vocals sound good together. Hope that they will work together again soon. I have a good feeling about this one.

  3. I watched their process developing this song and I’m just amazed at their end results. I can’t wait to hear the demo.
    I can even hear this in a movie soundtrack. It has many potentials.

  4. OK, how’s this for crazy-but-true? I was doing a Wiki search of Cisco Adler, because I know the name “Adler” is music royalty. Cisco’s Dad is Lou Adler, the legendary music producer. Not only did he produce the Grammy-award winning record, Tapestry, by Carole King back in the 70’s, but he produced for Sam Cooke, one of Alex’s idols. (He also produced the Rocky Horror Picture Show!)

    Get this, he OWNS the Roxy Theater. Hee!

    I hope Alex has had the chance to meet him. It’s good to have Cisco in your corner–I bet the man has connections. (Not that Alex would ever be an opportunist about this, but industry people recognize his talent and also like to hang with him.)

    BTW, Cisco produced a few tracks on Mike Posner’s new record.

    ETA: I’m having deja-vu about this post. Sorry if we’ve already covered this stuff previously.

  5. They own the Roxy??!?!!

    It’s not shabby for Alex to be friends with the owner of the Roxy, haha, not at all! Im not really sure how Cisco’s work is related to his dad’s but Lou Adler is a big deal in the music biz. Totally unrelated but Lou Adler is the guy next to Jack Nicholson on the sidelines at Laker games. I’ve seen Cisco there a few times.

    Anyhow, I’ve asked this in another thread, is Cisco part of 19 or is this 2nd songwriting session completely beyond 19E and just happened because of Alex’s connection with Cisco? I know he visited the house before so maybe he is within the network of songwriters… either way, Cisco has a good vibe that I think will fit Alex. Maybe Alex can sing the hook on one of Shwayze’s song. That’s usually a good way to launch people ala Bruno Mars, who’s OK but Alex sings better.

  6. Oooh. That song gave me chills! Do I always say that? LOL! Who said movie soundtrack? I can definitely see that happening. What a sweet song. Can’t wait ’til it’s finished.

    So, the Adler’s own The Roxy. Who woulda thunk it? Makes sense now though. Great sleuthing once again. This really just confirms for me that Alex is hooking up with the right music people. Woo-hoo!

    Old-fashioned girl…I’ll be singing THAT all night now!

  7. For those also following Purple Melon, they have a great new, full-song vid on YouTube. I just can’t understand how a live performance sounds like studio quality:

  8. Is it just me or is the site being weird for anyone else? :unsure:

    @Ray – Been listening to it over and over for the past hour. lol Loooove it so much.

    • Sorry AyeM and everyone – was doing some upgrades. Should be all done now! Let me know if you have problems with anything.

  9. Kass and Molly – You guys are doing a really good job with this fansite. This little thing is turning into something really big. Very cool to be part of it. Thanks for the great job!

  10. Yes thanks Kass and Molly for a great site. I hope that Alex doesn’t hold anything against us for what we have posted in the past. I think that everyone is on their best behavior now. :biggrin:

    @Ray I really like that song. When it started I had a Supertramp flashback followed by a fleeting Pink Floyd flashback and then it was all Purple Melon. I’d definitely buy it.
    I must admit that my loyalty is to Alex. I have listened to “Old Fashioned Girl” at least 50 times today. I keep pushing replay as I sit at my computer and work.

  11. OK so I know this is Alex’s site but i was just looking at purple Melon photos and saw this:

    Seriously, this has got to be photoshopped coz they look kinda weird and who’s the guy with the straight hair??? is that their current drummer? If so then LMAO, he should just stick with the wavy hair…haha. My Sanjaya Melon looks a little too pretty also, LOL. Oh and I thought I was still young til I found out that I’m older than the whole band. Really? they’re all under 25? WTF! my youth is ticking away…. BTW, I really like the song Ray and they sound tight live!

    Alex’s band needs to sound like that. honestly, ALex is probably the weakest musician in the whole band since the twins are pretty sick and Oliver and Sam are very good so there’s no reason why they wont sound great live since the skill level is there. They just need more experience! He needs to have at least 2 gigs a month. IICD should pull that off.

  12. Thanks for posting this video Kassandra & Molly! Really diggin this song! And I was really getting tired of seeing Kara and her boobs when this page comes up, lol.

  13. This song is awesome! I love it! Another hit for sure! :biggrin:

  14. @Yves – I know I’m probably misinterpreting when you say “. . Alex is probably the weakest musician in the whole band. .”. I guess I feel his voice is his instrument so I would have to respectfully and heartily disagree with you! He is the strongest musician in the band, i :heart: m :heart: o :heart: LOL!!

  15. @areyouin – you’re right his voice is his instrument and it is freakin amazing! yeah I did not consider that, I stand corrected. Alex has amazing musicians in his group especially considering how young they all are. I just want Alex Lambert and the Lights to sound super tight! All the elements are there, talented musicians fronted by Alex Lambert and his insane vocals PLUS they’re all incredibly cute. Really, they’re like a superband! Kudos to Alex for having such great instincts and picking the right people for his band. If I’m a record exec I’ll snap em up in a heartbeat. They can blow Justin Bieber and his awkward dance moves out of the water. Not that I want ALex to be marketed like JB…

  16. Yves – I definitely agree the band needs to be “super tight” — to match their super cuteness!! (Sorry to the guys on here :happy: )

  17. “i like how Alex changes his voice…”?
    wait, i thought it was just the piano man singing in this video! it sounds so much deeper, did Alex’s voice change??

  18. sorry, just looked it up. boys’ voices change around 8th grade, just kidding!

  19. and about a Cisco-19E connection, Cisco’s record label falls under Universal Music Group. Universal is who all the idols are going to be signed to now right?

  20. Yves, that pic of the Melons is a very old one. From 2007! They’ve since changed drummers to Jason. Yes they are really good-looking. Sanjaya Melon included! ;)

    To those who mentioned that Alex’s voice sounds different, has anybody else noticed that his voice in Tired of Waiting is soooooo different? It’s a man’s voice, but it doesn’t have his signature flutter, which makes me believe that Alex cultivated his own voice over the years. Urgh he’s so good. I agree that his voice is an instrument itself.

    Lola, yes boys’ voices generally change around 8th grade… unless you’re called Justin Bieber! (Or Nick Carter, for that matter. :pinch: )

  21. Note to Yves: Don’t feel bad about what you said regarding Alex’s musicianship. I knew exactly what you meant and I’m sure that Alex knows it too. That’s why he’s taking piano lessons. He’s got those crazy mad vocals, but his instrumental skills aren’t on par with his voice. Actually, I don’t think he necessarily needs to be the greatest guitarist or piano player as long as he has a great band backing him. But, he’s only 19 and such a naturally-gifted musician and vocalist that he can only get better and better. Truly awesome!

  22. Just two more comments and they’re both re: Purple Melon

    That photo is hilarious! How can that be Jason? It looks nothing like him — and Owen — much hotter without all the eyeliner.

    Love the new vid at the Viper Room. The Melons are classic ’70’s rock. I even hear a bit of the Beatles in there. Love ‘em.

    Okay. I think I’ll listen to Old Fashioned Girl a few more times and call it a night. Sweet dreams!

  23. Kass and Molly – Thanks a lot, the site’s awesome. Hope I didn’t sound like I was complaining. I thought it was my stupid computer.

    I’m really liking how this song turned out. I have to admit I thought it sounded a bit old fashioned, heh, at first. But I love it now. I like the touches that Alex added to it. Made it sound more modern.

    @Yves, I know what you mean about Alex’s musicianship. I really liked what Olympia told him at, I think, his last piano lesson about how he needed to bring his musicianship up to the amazing level of his voice by learning theory. And it seemed like Alex really listened because after she left he kept practicing his scales a lot. I definitely think he should work hard at it because Alex is sooo naturally talented musically. My favorite songs of his have been the ones he comes up with on his own actually. He makes great melodies. I can only imagine what he’d come up with by increasing his knowledge of theory.

    That Purple Melon pictue and accompanying article. Wow. :lol:

  24. I highly doubt that you will see- Old Fashioned Girl- on the album- unless they arrange it like a Pop/R&B track,but it can be used for Alex to sing ,as a change from B-flies,on IICD-related projects.I love Alex T’s insightfulness on his recent post-he’s really perceptive -for his age he’s as smart as my grandparents;I saw him on that video,when they were celebrating Sam’s B-day at the Roxy,and he has a lot of presence about him-I’m really impressed by Alex T. :biggrin:

    • AyeM, not at all! It was my bad – I should’ve taken it offline or something first, but kinda learning as we go here…

  25. I give Alex so much credit for how hard he has worked on his instrument skills – on his own and with A. Hinds and Olympia. I think he has learned a lot on the piano in a very short time. When comparing Alex to the others, particularly the twins & Alex T., keep in mind they seem to have had much more money ‘thrown’ at their music education than he has. I don’t know about Samuel and the keyboardist (sorry, name escapes me before my first cup of coffee has taken effect!), but we know Samuel is attending MI. I can only imagine what strides Alex would take if he was immersed in something like MI! I’m really impressed with Alex’s overall talent, and feel like we shouldn’t be talking about him not being a good musician. You know . . . keeping the negatives about him on his fan-site to a minimum. :heart:

  26. Marianne – I agree the words “not a good musician” should never, ever be used in reference to Alex. His voice is his instrument and he plays it beautifully. The fact that he can play a variety of instruments shows that he is, without a doubt, a talented musician. I really admire how quickly he has picked up the piano. But to me the way he uses these skills to write incredible music shows that he is beyond talented. He is truly a gifted musician.

    Alex is growing and learning every day. Maybe things would have been different if he had the privileges that money provides. But there is something to be said for the school of life. I think that is where the drive and determination come from. He is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. Alex would be the first to admit that he needs to keep learning. He is hungry to learn. It is not an insult to say that he has room to grow. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here. It’s hard to image that it can get any better. Wow, I CANNOT wait!

  27. Exactly right Cathy….Alex is soooo young and already sooo talented I think alot of times people forget that, can you imagine in a few years…..crazy! And when you say he is hungry for knowledge, that is so right. You can see it in everything he is interested in, such passion, that is what I love to see the most from him. And I never really like Kara Dioguardi, very much, but when she said that, “One day, were gonna say, Oh My God, look at this, look where he came from”…..truer words were never spoken. :wub:

  28. @alleycatfan I actually think that this has a chance of making Alex’s album if it turns out favorably. His intention with this song(correct me if I’m wrong) was to create something with a more “old school” vibe. He’s been playing “My Babe” by Walter Lee constantly and maybe he was inspired along those lines. Remember when had mentioned to Ben’s friend Drew that he wanted to have one bluesy song on his album. Maybe this could be the one? He did comment a few times about it sounding bluesy when they were writing it. Obviously it has a modern twist. It all depends how the demo is produced. The two songwriters seem to have a very comfortable working relationship with Alex and I have a feeling that they know what direction to take this song. Fingers crossed.
    Not that it is any of my business, but I wanted to add that while watching this songwriting session I am completely convinced of Alex’s sincerity when it comes to dating someone special. It’s his true feelings that come out in the lyrics of his songs and if he can’t feel it, then he can’t sing it. That’s just who he is.
    I thought he was dear when he referenced his grandparents’ relationship as that special old fashioned love. :wub:


    I posted Jordyn’s entrance video because there’s alot of Alex on it. I think that she has a beautiful voice and I commend her for wanting to help clean Alex’s room. Actually she has offered at least twice since she has arrived. It’s just never convenient for Alex , haha :w00t: :unsure: :w00t:

  30. Wait a minute guys…NO ONE ever said Alex wasn’t a great musician. We all know he is. That’s why we’re here — to admire his greatness and support him. :heart: I don’t think there was anything negative mentioned here. Talking about him increasing his skills is not negativity. Just had to get that off my chest. I don’t think we have to censor ourselves to the point of not talking about factual things that are happening.

    On another note, I suppose Jordyn’s time is about up. What a weird show this is turning into.

    • “I don’t think we have to censor ourselves to the point of not talking about factual things that are happening. ”

      I agree Janet… thank you for pointing that out.

      It’ll be a boring and fake discussion board if people feel the need to hold back from saying anything that might be construed as negative. I think people should feel free to talk about what is going on — in the dream house and about Alex’s career — in an honest way… otherwise our posts will consist solely of words like “adorable” “cute” and “wonderful”, and Ray will run away screaming lol.

      HOWEVER, IMO there is a fine line that can easily be crossed, which is why we collectively keep having this discussion over and over again, and swinging from one extreme to the other.

      It is one thing to make an honest observation or even point out areas where there’s room for improvement, and another to make comments based on half-heard/misconstrued conversations or on DU updates alone, or to comment on aspects of Alex’s personal life in an almost bullying fashion, or demand that he change things in an authoritative fashion.

      e.g., I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying that Alex is a less experienced musician than his band mates — we all know that this is the case, that he was until recently self-taught, and that despite the speed at which he picks all things up, there is still room for growth and development in that area. There’s nothing to be gained by trying to create the illusion that something that isn’t, is.

      Or, on a more “touchy” subject, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying you wished that Alex would, for example, tweet more (if that’s the way you feel – and if you don’t harp on about it constantly). But there is a difference between saying it that way, as something that would make you happy, and stating that Alex is somehow insulting the fans/disrespecting the project/not living up to his obligations/wrecking his career by not tweeting more… which is making a whole bunch of assumption about things we know nothing about, and in a very aggressive manner. Does anyone get what I’m saying?

      So, I think if you stick to talking about things you know and don’t act like a fashion or music/entertainment expert (unless you are lol), you can’t go wrong.

      Also, generally the problem with message boards is that the anonymity and lack of face-to-face contact leads people to say things they would never say to someone in person, which means comments can sometimes get a bit extreme, or even damaging. So I think a good rule of hand, if you’re unsure of what you’re about to post, is this. Imagine you’re talking to your best friend. Is this something you’d feel comfortable saying to them? And is this the way you would broach it? I mean, I could tell a good friend of mine, “hey, I’ve noticed that such-and-such has been going on lately, and I’m worried about you.” But if I told my friend, “hey, what you’re doing is really stupid and if you keep it up bad things are going to happen, so shape up, or else”… well, I don’t think they would stay my friend for very long, right?

      That’s my take on things anyway… what do you all think?

  31. Yes, Janet it really is becoming a weird show. It’s too bad. I rather enjoyed it in the beginning. Jordyn’s time does seem to be just about up. Why bother coming to the Dream House for 2 weeks. I felt bad for her spending so much time by herself.
    BTW in my above comment what I meant was that it was funny that Jordyn wanted to clean his room at all, not that it wasn’t convenient for him. I like her attitude and the way she adapts to the situation. She’ll do well, no doubt.

  32. Yeah, Lauren I hear ya. I feel bad for Jordyn too. It’s like they brought her in and then abandoned her. What was the point? I think she’s very talented and I wish her the best. Unfortunately, I don’t think her stint on IICD will help her much which is really just a shame. I guess they’re just changing the whole format to make a reality TV show — just what the world needs — NOT.

    I really wish Alex would have let Jordyn clean his room. LOL! Sometimes, I see him just staring at it and I can tell he knows it’s a shi_house. But, he hasn’t got the time or motivation to do anything about it which is completely normal for a young guy. But, whew, what a mess. Now, I hope that isn’t construed as something too negative to say. It’s just an unimpotant factoid.

  33. Well Janet, his mom came the way from TX to clean his room, and it didnt seem to stay that way too long lol :lol: . Its just a normal guy thing I think,(although, Justin kept his room tidy, but he is kinda a odd duck anyway) My boys are the same way, you couldn’t even walk a straight line from the door to their bed. I was actually horrified :pinch: sometimes when i would break down and clean thier rooms because i couldnt stand it anymore, Oh the things I would find…. Its something most grow out of, and if not, then you are just a harmless, lovable, slob like so many other people :tongue:

    i haven’t mentioned it yet, but I LOVE his new song and in the video above how he gets so into it when hes sings. You make my day ALex!!

  34. I really think Alex would spend more nights at home if his sheets were clean. There really is nothing finer than slipping into a bed with crisp, clean sheets is there? Anyway, I read on DU that Ben actually washed his bed linens last night–good for him!! I wouldn’t mind at all if Jordyn slipped into his room and tidied up a bit. :ninja:

    For me, the jury is still out on this new song. I think it might be a tad “dated”, but if the production on the demo is good that could make all the difference. Does anyone know who started the song melody and lyrics, or the concept? Was it Alex, or did the guys come to the house with a song idea?

    I love in that new Jordyn video, Alex is wearing his shirt inside-out in the Hulu interview. I’ve seen him do that before with that shirt. Is it because he can’t show Lil Wayne on camera? Or is it a new trend I have missed?

  35. Diane, I saw Shridhar at the piano first therefore I “think” that he started the melody, but it was Alex’s concept for the lyrics. I am sure they discussed what sound Alex wanted to achieve with this song. I was busy as this was happening, so I wasn’t fully focused on the events unfolding…imagine that! Yes, his shirt is inside out because he can’t show Lil Wayne on camera..trademark and licensing issues.
    Thanks Kass – as always very well stated. I agree.

  36. I’m with you guys, the show is definitely getting strange. I think that they just haven’t really figured out what they are doing yet. If they are packaging this thing up as a TV show, I only hope they do a better job than what they are doing now with these episodes. What exactly are they showing to the TV people anyway. Since 19E has a financial stake in Alex’s success, I think they are smart enough to present him in a positive light, at least.

    Oh and Diane – It would take a lot more than clean sheets to get me to sleep in that crazy house.

    Kass – I think that you’re right. It is a fine line. But I definitely get what your saying.

  37. Hmm, Kassandra, I’m not sure that imagining we are talking to our best friends necessarily works. If I had a best friend, I would just tell her straight that she needs to shape up etc. :blink: This isn’t something I will/should say to a stranger on the street. Bffs also give TMI (too much info) which is not a good rule of thumb for annonymous online posting. Lol.

    LindaW, thanks. I’m a harmless lovable slob too. Represent!

    Diane, funny you should mention that OFG is kinda dated. 1. It IS afterall about an old fashioned girl. Could be an ironic song. 2. I was listening to Pixie Lott (do you guys know her? She’s from the UK) and was thinking that one of her songs (My Love) is super 90s-sounding. But she made it work. In any case, Pixie Lott and Alex would a nice collaboration. She has a flutter at the end of her notes too. The autotune flattens it though.

    • Haha OK Reyne, maybe a work colleague would be a better example?

      Maybe I should explain why I’m saying all this… on this site we don’t like to directly censor or edit the things people have said, and in fact don’t, except in certain extreme cases. Which is why we kinda try to gently remind people, when things are getting out of hand, that we’re not just a merry little group chatting away in privacy here, and to be a bit careful — this is the internet after all, and who knows who is reading what we write, and taking it at face value.

      However, in the past few days I’ve noticed a trend… several people who regularly post here, and who have never said a bad word against Alex, but are rather great contributors with some excellent things to say, have become afraid to post what they want to. And that’s no fun for anyone! So I feel bad… and I don’t want those of you who are unnecessarily censoring yourselves to feel bad about posting… hence the long manifesto.

      ETA: I don’t want to name names, so you’ll have to figure out on your own if you’re unnecessarily censoring yourself or not… those of you who get out of hand – well, you know who you are! If you have to think about it… it’s not you lol.

  38. Thanks for the tidbit, @Lauren. So it *is* Alex’s lyrics. Alleycat would get a kick out of me saying this–OFG reminds me of the male version to Janet Jackson’s 1987 song “Let’s Wait A While”, which is about waiting for the right moment to have sex. That’s why I mentioned the dated feel. Nowadays, if your song doesn’t include the words “booty”, “club”, “DJ”, “dance” “baby”, etc., it doesn’t sound like a hit to the record label execs. :biggrin:

  39. @Diane it was his concept for the lyrics. The lyrics just evolved during the session. He was very instrumental in what was placed in the song. To me he seems a little nostalgic as far as his music choices go right now. There’s nothing wrong with that. I find it refreshing.
    I did want to mention that when Alex, Andrew and Shridhar were discussing the house, Shridhar was amazed to find out all the restrictions that were placed on the dreamers. He then said,”Well then I guess it’s like a very nice prison.” (something like that)Later Alex went on to say that within the house he can’t really be a 19 year old guy. He has to be careful what he says and does. Why does he feel this way? Has he read it anywhere? You just don’t know. When Shridhar asked where he could go online to see if anyone liked the song, Alex directed him to his twitter account. He didn’t mention anything about his fan site. Wonder why?

  40. Hey guys – I’m the last one to be scolding anyone!! I was just thinking about Alex and his, perhaps, less privileged music education, so I just wanted to get my thoughts out.

    Sorry if made anyone feel bad. It was just the one comment that used a word that felt negative when describing Alex compared to his band-mates. I like Kassandra’s use of “less experienced”. That’s very fair.

    p.s. I’m itching to comment on Alex’s current hair status, but will refrain. :wink:

  41. @Reyne – I LOVE Pixie Lott! She’s not just a great singer, but also a really talented songwriter (she’s written for other artists as well), so I agree with you that a Pixie/Alex collaboration would be nice. I really like her song “Cry Me Out”, it has that old school feeling to it, and her voice is so soulful, it’s perfect! :cheerful:

  42. @areyouin, maybe he got a tattoo *and* a haircut yesterday?? :wink:

  43. @Diane – maybe! I’m really fond of that face of his and would like to see justabit (pun intended) more of it!

  44. Thanks Kass. You’re such a great writer. I think you’ve made the issue crystal clear. Personally, I always worry that I’ve said too much. I just naturally talk too much. Your advice to imagine what you would say to a friend gave me a laugh. My friends make fun of me (in a good way) for my irreverance and lack of having any kind of censor. I’m more restrained with people I don’t know. Hopefully, I haven’t annoyed anyone here. Now, DU is another story…I spent some time last night posting there things that I would never say here — even got myself edited, which was really annoying because what the mods left in ruined my whole post. But, anyway, I’ve read comments on here that sounded more like demands than observations. I hope I haven’t been guilty of that. At the end of the day, we’re just hopelessly addicted and Alex isn’t asking for our advice, so your point is well-taken.

    P.S. LOVE the new header. I hope we’re all in agreement to keep it.

  45. Haha I never noticed the new header. :lol: I like it and it is so true. Thanks for pointing it out Janet.
    Thanks Kass, you and Golly Molly work hard on this site and we all appreciate it very much. This is the best fan site ever. :cheerful:
    @ Areyouin and Diane, I was wondering the same thing about a haircut.??.

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