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Jul 192010

Shelby is AMAZING!!! Everyone thank Shelby!!! :biggrin:

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  1. Ohhh Shelby! I think I love you….lol! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You just made my day! :heart: :happy:

  2. You’re amazing Shelby!

  3. Big love and appreciation for you Shelby! Wow, what a huge moment for him! I am so glad that I was able to watch it.

  4. Was the whole video ,while Alex was watching captured on livestream,if so can someone request it on DU?,i’M NOT REGISTERED THERE,ALSO CAN SOMEONE REQUEST PART WITH THE DREAMERS ASKING DIDDY THE QUESTIONS,thanks.. :biggrin:

  5. Shelby,thanks for both links!!! You are the best!!! :smile:

  6. I don’t know if Gig has any morals,or not, or is she just hopping on the Alex Star Train? :unsure:

  7. Muuuuuwaaaaaaahhhh (great big kiss to Shelby) I love you girl!

    What happened? I clicked off after Diddy’s interview ’cause the camera switched back to the empty living room. But, obviously, they debuted Alex’s video. But, only the people there got to see it?

    And, alleycatfan, of course Gig is jumping on the Alex Star Train. She wasn’t there out of love for him, that’s for sure! On the other hand, Diddy did confirm what we all already knew. There’s nothing real about “reality” shows, so…who knows anymore?

    Why is Alex sleeping again? Am I missing too much or is he sick or something?

  8. Were watching a Legend in the making

  9. I know Janet-I went out to dinner,right after they shut off,after Diddy’s interview Thanks to Shelby-great!!! The audience response to the video was about the strongest I’ve ever seen to anything with that small a group!!!!!!Also- please can someone see if DU will post the entire feed video of Alex reacting to his screening of the entire video?That would be awesome,too…Thanks… :heart: :biggrin:

  10. So when do WE get to see the video?

  11. LOVE YA SHELBY GIRL! :wink: thanks sooo much!

    omg now i cantttttttttttttttt wait to see the music video!

  12. no prob guys! i love it when he see’s his video for the first time! he’s beaming! so cute :wub:

  13. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how he sings Everybody Knows! That’s my favorite cover that he does and Let Me Love You is also really good. He sounded great! I love seeing how the crowd watches him. They are so in awe of him! I think because when they see him, they don’t expect that amazing voice to come out of him! Oh Alex, such amazing potential!! And I liked his interaction with Diddy. He was the only one who asked questions and I like that Diddy kinda singled him out at the end when he was telling them to check out his blog. He told Alex, “especially you” because of his drive. He really wants it and he has what it takes, such a joy and inspiration to watch. What a great day for him, he must be tired though, lots of excitement in the past few days! Thanks again Shelby!!! You are the bestest! :tongue:

  14. Alex is sleeping a ton because he is still depressed over Veronica..which is exactly why we need to vote YES on the IICD website. :))). Can you tell from my post on the other thread that I really want her back in the house!

  15. Oh yea, one last thing, now that we know the video is ready, do we still have to wait til the end of July for it to be released?? Noooo, I hope not! I can’t wait that long!! :sad:

  16. I’m guessing they’ll debut it when the episode comes out tonight!

  17. i so hope we get to see it! they’ve been premiring the episodes early the last few weeks so I keep on refreshing!! :)

  18. Great live performance ALEX you the showman. Very spontaneous and likeable. Love it when you sang ‘On My Tongue’ stillmy favourite…very Jason Mraz cool.

  19. Thanks so much Shelby — I missed everything!!

    I’m with you, Katherine — love, love, love his cover of Everybody Knows!! I don’t know what it is, but I think it’s so soulful and really showcases the best parts of his voice! Way legit! :heart:

  20. Forgive me if this doesn’t work. I’ll try again. Below are the Mp4 files for Itouch and Iphone from Alex’s performance at the dream studio. I copied the link but it seems especially long. Give it a try and let me know.

    Below are the mp3 files for tonight:

    I’ll comment more in a minute. I must exit my son’s room. I can only do this kind of work(?) on his computer. :dizzy:

  21. @Mary While I don’t doubt that Alex is still kinda down over Veronica, I think Alex is just catching up on his sleep. He is taking care of his body with rest. Alex has had a busy week. Alex has worn himself out. I am a night owl myself, but it is not uncommon for me to go to bed really early some nights or to take naps. It is a matter of overall balance. Some people achieve this balance by having the same sleep pattern every night, but there is no way that would every work for me, so I go with the flow when I sleep. I am not bothered by it. It is what works for me. I suspect that Alex is similiar in going with the flow.

    I also suffer from allergies very similiar to Alex and I have been paying attention to all of the conversations here. I don’t know what to think. I still don’t exactly what to do about my own self, so it is hard to offer advice to Alex. I also don’t want to project my own allergies onto Alex and think we are the same, but it really creeps me out on the similarities between us. I also have a dry voice too. It is a different kind of rasp from Alex, I hate the term, but people comment on me have a whiskey tone. I prefer to call my the texture of my voice as gingerale since I have always had it, even as a kid. Long before knowing anything about Alex, I have wondered if the texture of my voice and my allergies are related to each other. I have been to some advanced allergists and they have told me that my bone density is thicker than normal in my sinus cavity leading to smaller passageways and that is the main reason why I suffer from allergies and sleep asthma. I am not quite a genetic mutant, but there might be some combination of genetics and environment at play for Alex when it comes to his allergies too.

    My decor is the same as Alex (messy) in regards to a bedroom and I also sleep directly underneath a comforter. I do have allergen-free type bedding though. The only thing that I have noticed making a huge difference for myself is the pillow and pillowcase. I have also tried the superclean bedroom for a while thinking it was my messy nature that was hurting me, but superclean rooms don’t seem to make a damn difference for me, and I really don’t like neatness, so I have gone back to messy. :heart:

  22. Did you all notice Michael’s tepid,very low-key reaction to Alex and the audience’s jubilant response to the video-when Alex went up to hug him?He knows that video,and singles likely will launch Alex into the BIG TIME,AND HE’S WORRIED HIS GRAVY TRAIN WILL BE ROLLING OUT OF THE HOUSE SOONER THAN HE WOULD HAVE LIKED. :getlost:

  23. Fantastic! thanks Shelby :)

    wow Everybody Knows was Amazing!!!! Thats exactly the range he should be singing in, it was perfection!

  24. Thank you so much Shelby. We can always count on you to capture all of the good stuff. :lol: :heart:

  25. Alex said James Morrison’s wonderful world is his favorite cover to sing – he started, then he stopped singing it — I love when he sings it – its my favorite of his from idol. He sang “Everybody knows” great here and added parts that he didnt sing on idol – and I actually liked it even more than the version on idol and his voice sounded less raspy on this song – something about the register he’s singing it makes it less obvious. Alex must do songs that brings this best side of his register like on “Everybody knows” and “wonderful world” – like it did here and on idol. Also, if he’s doing this ‘concert” type of thing he needs to watch out to not be stopping songs and jumping to another saying he’s ADD. Practice how to do make small talk in between with the crowd before transition into other songs. The pros practice that aspect too so things go smoothly. ( Of course some convo will be spontaneus or answers) In Usher’s Evolution concert DVD and you can see him backstage practicing the dance moves including all the the things he said on stage to fans. Alex hasnt done much live performance like this, but he’ll get better at talking to the audience while moving to songs like the pros.

  26. Empty house-so I was bored enough to actually go to the VFTW(vote for the worst}chat board,and I was absolutely horrified at the crazies talking about Alex on the Alex board,under forums-AI9 HEADING,,AND i SAW A FEW COMMENTS UNDER TIM’S TOPIC,.TOO.i WOULD FEAR FOR MY LIFE,IF i EVER REGISTERED THERE TO TRY TO STICK UP FOR MY BOY;i THINK THEY WOULD TRY TO LYNCH ONE OF US IF WE REGISTERED… :sad:

  27. episode is up just FYI

  28. Most feel EVERYBODY KNOWS was his greatest pre-IICD performance-but he took it to another level Here…BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @alleycatfan VFTW is harmless, they are just pure snark. You gotta know how to take them, but they are funny, just an acquired taste that takes a while to gets used to. The comments you read are actually pretty complimentary toward someone in that I think they actually like Alex. They are insult type comics and a lot of it is sublime humor. I am really snarky in real life, but they outdo me in the snark department. I do have a user account over there, but I rarely ever post there. Even I can’t keep up with the snark, but they are not serious. They sometimes do a great job of sticking up for artists on American Idol that don’t get treated well on American Idol, the underdogs. Long winded way of saying I would not worry about VFTW when it comes to Alex, but I recommend staying clear of them if one doesn’t get their humor because they can eat fans alive that take them too seriously.

    Thank you Shelby for all the great footage. Made my week. :wub:

  30. THANK YOU SHELBY!!! :wub:

  31. Haha! I love when Alex tells the guy that the way they made the “I Didn’t Know” video was bootleg, lol! It’s gonna be the most awesomely, amazing bootleg video ever!!! Btw, did I mention how much I love when he sings “Everybody Knows”? Perfection! :biggrin:

  32. @katherine – I do love the “everybody knows” accoustic at the dream studio. I mean seriously, who sings like that?!?!? I turn it up real loud on my headphones and just savor every little nuance in Alexs voice.. LOL seriously, yummy to my ears… gig said “dude your fucking awesome” after that performance, I know she’s still mad but i mean even her probably cant deny how fcking amazing he sounds.

  33. @char I know!!! I’m such a loser, I watched it like 5 times in a row, lol! I turn it up real loud on my headphones too, he sings it absolutely perfectly! I think that song shows off his voice the best and so much soul, that’s why I think he should do some more R&Bish songs. Suits his voice so wonderfully! I just can’t get enough, can you tell? And I love that he sang the second verse here too. I melt just listening to it! And yea even Gig had to say how amazing he is, haha! I love the crowd’s reaction. It really seems like they weren’t expecting a little show and an AMAZING one at that. A few people told him he had a great voice and a guy said “thanks for the treat”! I don’t think this little performance was planned, right? He was just wingin’ it and the crowd loved it. He was just being his real, honest, and charming self. :wub:

  34. P.S. I’m SO excited that he has this meeting with the Avila brothers! I really, really, REALLY hope he gets to work with them. They are pretty big, so it’s impressive IICD set it up for him. I really think Alex needs some really legit producers for his music. They need to step it up from Deekay. The production just needs to be better for his music. So far, doesn’t really do his voice justice, in my opinion except for I Didn’t Know. The rest of the demos are good, but a lil too fluffy for him, as far as production. A well-written song with his vocals and a hot beat will definitely be a hit!

  35. Agreed Katherine. I feel the same way as you do above and Alex’s vocals on “Everybody Knows” are heavenly. Sorry John Legend, but I prefer Alex Lambert. I can’t quit playing mp3s of the Dream Studio performance.

  36. Thanks Lauren, I prefer Alex Lambert too! Yes, heavenly is a perfect word to describe it! :angel:

  37. I loved it also, I was disappointed that the audience didnt know who James Morrison was (are you new??) and he stopped singing Wonderful World, I love him singing that song too. :smile:

  38. @katherine – LOL, I guess Im a loser too coz I loop non-stop and I too love the 2nd verse!!! seriously I can gush all day long at how amazing his voice is. Everybody knows is perfect for his voice and maybe if possible, he may want to do a cover on his album. It’s the song that somewhat put him on the map.

    I’m very impressed he gets to work with big shot peeps. Kara called it right from the beginning, “writers, producers would die for that tone” :)

  39. I agree! Totally fell in love when he performed it on Idol! I was blown away. I just remember thinking I’ve never heard someone like him on Idol before! They’ve had R&B guys like Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Elliot Yamin, etc. but Alex had something different & special, that tone my goodness! Just heavenly! And yea, I guess Kara was right! So, how do you guys think IICD set these things up, they prob show the producers/ writers they know, a video of Alex singing or his demo and the producers/writers say yay or nay? I think Alex has met with more producers/ writers than Justin did. :whistle:

  40. @Katherine I think that is exactly what IICD has been doing. I remember when Nasri met Alex for the first time and Alex was apprehensive about using his falsetto. Nasri immediately told him that he had seen his performance of “Everybody Knows” with his falsetto, so he knew Alex had a good one. I am sure that was the go performance that IICD sent out. Nasri was also shocked that Alex wasn’t the shy kid that he had seen on Idol. Like I mentioned last week Alex was telling Ben that IICD sent some samples of Justin’s music to Eman to listen to, but I don’t think that Eman chose to work with Justin. Night all!

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