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Jul 052010

Hot off the presses! They just finished uploading this like 5 minutes before I made this post. Awesome. :happy:

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  1. aw I love this! She is so cool, I got over the jealousy of the whole Veronica & Alex thing and love them together :)

  2. Oh wow that was awesome! Damn Alex Every song you sing sounds like a hit. I like them together. They’re a good musical team and Thats how it should be. Alex and Justin never connected and it’s a shame I don’t think those 2 really ever had a meaningful jam session. Alex and veronica, they get each other. Oh and Alex just took a pnch for her so that means something.

  3. Oh yeah, I was watching this live and within 2 minutes of being posted on YouTube it blew up! It’s such a great song!!

  4. Looove this video. I think one of the great things about Veronica is that she’s the ideal person to teach Alex how to use social networking media to promote himself. He’s already twittering more since he noticed how much she does it, and has said he wants to get his own youtube channel.

    Alex and Veronica just told Kara that tomorrow they “have” to go on a date – set up by the producers, with the cameras. And that it’s going to be awkward.

    I guess (from reading DU) that Kara and Veronica had a secret talk (via computer keyboard) and Kara has gotten over her initial horrified reaction? Anyone know anything more about this? They all seem cool now :cool:

  5. Beautiful song. really nice. Iam amazed at Alex’s piano…really good,for just picking it up. cheers,D

  6. @kass he said he would only go on the planned out date if they could hang out afterwards too. I’m gonna miss her when she leaves and I know Alex will too. Alex and Kara are really cool together now. Alex said he wanted to hang out with Kara outside of the house cause they haven’t done that yet. And they danced together in the kitchen and I think Kara approves of the A&V combo.

  7. I haven’t heard anything about the keyboard chat Kass but I know when I was watching earlier Kara seemed fine with everything and the only thing she said was that the fans were asking her about it and sending her pictures of it and she was completely shocked and Alex walked out of the kitchen and Kara said, “Way to keep a sister in the loop” and they both just laughed about it. Alex and V have such amazing chemistry and they seem so happy together. I just sat here for HOURS listening to them talk and sing and watch videos and listen to songs in the Blue Room. He was telling her that he was having so much fun even though they weren’t really doing much of anything. Alex genuiely seems so happy right now I just hope that it stays that way when she leaves the house and I honestly hope they bring her back once she is done with everything else she has to do. She is such a sweet girl. :)
    This songs sounds amazing. I am in the process of making an mp3 for it now, if any of you would like it just let me know and I;d gladly pass on the link.

  8. I love it! Can’t wait for more awesome music to come in the future! :smile:

  9. I saw them singing that “on my tongue” and uploading it. They sounded good. Its a nice melodic song. Also, after they finished uploading it Alex was playing her some songs on his laptop, like rap, and they also played a Jason Mraz song that Alex said he liked and it helped him through some tough times. Whats the song called? Was it Jason Mraz we were hearing or was it an Alex cover? It sounded similar to Alex’s voice.(his song “I’m yours” does fit Alex) He was talking about Jason Reeves at the time too. What did he have to do with that song? Sorry I couldnt hear properly at the time maybe someone can answer my questions.

    Yeah, Alex and Veronica enjoys each others company. I hope she gets to come visit the house again when she’s done with her music obligations. She’s a talented girl with a good voice. She can teach Alex somethings about the PR and media aspect and dealing with fans and keeping them informed.

    I didn’t hear the part where they told Kara the producers want them to go on a date and it will be filmed. That should be interesting and a bit awkward for them, cause they actually like each other unlike hers and Ben’s. I think Kara can see now that Veronica is into Alex and its not her business to be telling her how to feel. I was gonna be annoyed at her if she tried to get in between them or lecture her. Kara who was always hanging with Brandt even when others passed judgments on him. Also Kara said she’s never been in love. That’s kind of odd for a girl her age not to have been in love at least once.

  10. @shadow_ia the song they played afterwards was jason reeves photographs and memories

  11. Gollymolly: Oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up. His song sounds like something Alex would sing, and his voice sounded a bit similar. I think Jason Reeves is one of the guys Alex is supposed to be writing a song with. I just checked his Wikipedia now and I know I’ve read that bio before cause of an Alex song.

  12. Jason Reeves is the guy who Alex wrote with for “On My Tongue.” I think they might have written or will write something else together.

  13. This duet is simply awesome! :happy: Dare I say it’s in the same league as Mraz/Caillat’s Lucky? I’m glad they did a proper vid for it. Shadow_ia, I’m a good few years older than Kara but I’ve never come remotely close to being in love too. It’s not odd. I think she’s just a real big romantic who won’t give her heart to just any man. :)

  14. Alex mat or may not remain in house-I was watching a DOLLY PARTON interview last night and she said that she was living in a “little aoatment in L.A.”,when Kenny Rogers called her in to do -Islands In The Stream.Now I KNOW THAT WAS IN THE EARLY 80’S AND DOLLY WAS VERY WELL ESTABLISHED BY THEN,so maybe she hadn’t had a big payday in a while at that point,I don’t know.So Alex would definitely be in an Apt.IN L.A.,TO BE NEAR HIS WRITERS,AND RECORDING STUDIOS,ETC.,even with the usual 150k,or so up front cash from a record deal(that doesn’t go far in L.A.).I just don’t know ,but Simon could just say-keep living here til you finish your major label album,but too,it might look funny,when Simon’s show concept was -if you get signed by major label for singers,or get a good role for actors,etc…that you’re to move out!,so i just don’t know how it will be handled :unsure:

  15. That’s may,not mat-too lazy to notice my spellchecker,L.O.L….

  16. Cool duet though i must say I like Alex’s voice much better. His vocal is awesome in this song, rich, raspy and emotional. Congrats Alex on another hit!

  17. just saw a post in DU saying that Alex and Veronica kissed with the lights off! so disappointed. So is Raylex over :cwy: ? I always want them to be together. I like Veronica but she’s just a music mate, not a soul mate. Hope this is just a little crush.

    • Hi pipi,

      Indeed we have been informed (by Alex and the other parties involved) that that relationship is mutually over. Also we have been requested to no longer discuss that person/relationship on this site so they can move on.

      Welcome back :D

      [EDIT: gosh that’s some wonky grammar I’ve got going on above… how passive can you get – sorry!]

  18. I would have to say i like the first session posted earlier when Ales was playing the guitar and plugging it sounds better then Veronica’s strumming the guitar. I love the plugging part for this song….great song will be a hit.

  19. Hey Megan! I’d love the link to an mp3 of the song. I’m trying to fill up my ipod with All Alex! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Is OK to have some emotions so the 2 of them can write better love songs. Thats what true beautiful love songs is all about. Cool Alex and Veron

  21. Thank you Kass for the update and reminder! Life always has ups and downs but I’m still confused and :sad:. Any way, it’s Alex’s life and I’ll only care about his music from now on.

  22. pipi: that’s what I said. We really all got involved here to begin with for the music. Alex’s personal life is his alone. Of course, he’s living it out loud, but that’s the price he has to pay for now. I really enjoy Veronica and Alex’s musical collaborations and I think they can help each other in different ways. However, Alex is so much stronger vocally. He’s really in another league — and that’s not saying she’s bad — not at all. I really enjoy her voice. He’s just so damn powerful and unique. He actually toned it down quite a bit in this video so as not to overpower her voice. What a cutie patootie! I love to see him having fun and enjoying himself!

  23. That’s a great song!!! They sound fantastic together!!!

  24. Gollymolly: So he wrote “On my tongue” with Jason Reeves. I remember who he wrote “dreams with eyes open” and “Didn’t know” with, but the other songs I tend to forget specifically with whom since some were off camera.

    Reyne: Atleast some poppy love when you are an adolescent and young teen is very common for girls to have experience even if you didn’t date the person. I’m just surprised a girl wouldn’t have felt those emotions by the time they are 20 with all the hormones raging. I’m not saying you and Kara are abnormal though — I guess you just wanna wait for a serious one first.

  25. Thanks Kass for finding that at Mj’s. I just love everything that is happening to him. We all know that he will be the best selling artist from season 9. I actually would prefer “On My Tongue” to be produced as a duet with V accompanying him. I think that it works really well. The bridge is so high and I like her singing it. I think that it would be really cool and meaningful to them. Veronica is his Colbie Caillet. He always said that if he did a duet he wanted to do it with Colbie. I agree with you Kass. She can teach him a thing or two about social networking; she already has. Last night he was looking at the number of tweets that he has sent already remarking that it was alot. Veronica looked at the number and said that’s not that much at all. She is a true professional already at a young age. He is so inspired around her. I am already sad thinking about tomorrow.

    • Thanks for the MJs link go to Libby :)
      I can’t get On My Tongue out of my head! Been singing it all day…

  26. Amy, I will put all of the Alex songs I have in a folder and post the link for anyone who wants to look through them! Should be up later today.

    And I thought the “planned” date was between Alex and Kara. Maybe they were telling her about it and Alex said that he and Kara should have one too. I know I heard Alex telling Kara that him and her need to go on a date because they get along so well and they haven’t done anything together. and he said “when i say date its not like a lets go together and fall in love type date” haha. Either way Kara seemed for it so maybe we’ll see an Alex and Kara outing soon.

  27. @Megan, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I spent most of Sunday watching Alex and Veronica interact. As I explained to my husband, it’s sort of like reading a romance novel. Watching love bloom, and all that rot…I got such a kick out of watching his moves on V; real subtle action, (like lightly stroking her hand with his fingertip), he’s certainly no bull in the china shop, that young man. There’s a reason he sings sexy–he’s got the skillz to back it up!!

    The remark that stood out to me was when Alex said he’d want to be locked in the house with V and write tons of music together–bring in a producer and logic (is that like pro-tools?) when they were ready to demo, etc. He was so fired up. Yes, I think she’s inspiring him to write, and be more creative. I love it. Then, when she leaves, he can write a bunch of sad songs about loss and such. It makes me sad just thinking about them separating. So they’re skyping each other in their respective bedrooms? How cute.

    He also said something interesting–he said he’s listening to mostly black artists and R&B because he really wants to get good at that style, and be the best out there. I love his confidence!!

    I also observed how much he’s grown since his days on Idol. Sure, the shy kid with the big voice is what made me vote for him on Idol, but I love the assured young man he has become since then. He really is taking charge of the household and becoming very assertive–he does not bend his will to anyone–Producers be damned!!

    Good thing his family is coming in to visit this week, it will take his mind off their separation.

    • Ya know, I just remembered that I started dating my first serious bf when I was 16 too, and we also dated for almost 3 years, till I was 19. And in many ways, of the men I’ve dated, he was probably the best “matched” to me (and very easy on the eyes!) but I ended the relationship abruptly the day he casually dropped the line “when we get married someday…”. I was like eek! Are you crazy?!? I’m just barely 19! I’ve had no experience with other guys! How can I marry you without first sampling some of the other fish in the sea? I know some people do it – marry their high school sweethearts – and it’s sweet, but I imagine, if I’d gone along with it, right about now (at 30) I’d be wondering like mad what I’d missed out on…
      OK, so he was soo upset when we broke up, and I felt awful. But now he’s happily married to a beautiful girl, too, so all’s well that ends well.

      I guess the moral of the story is, even if you meet somebody at a young age who seems like the perfect match for you, that’s no justification for missing out on years of fun, and always wondering if maybe someone else out there has got something more to offer, that you haven’t even dreamed of cause you just don’t have any points of reference. There’ll always be plenty of other good matches later in life – and if the first person IS the one you’re “meant” to be with, I believe life has a way of bringing you back together again. But youth should be all about experiencing and experimentation and discovery. It’s a shame to limit that.

  28. @Kass – BAM! luv it when the haters hate to admit that Alex is great!!! THEY CANNOT DENY THAT HE IS TALENTED, and if they insist he isnt then they dont know crap about talent then. I also hope they’d stop it with the douche comments really, I think that Alex is over the douche phase in his life, lol. He seems more focused, self-aware & happier or is it because that Alex is just more comfortable being at the house and in the spotlight. I’ve always thought it was his nervous energy that’s making him crazy sometimes. When his album drops and I’m sure itll be phenomenal, no one will even remember who peed on whos shampoo or who said what to who. The boy can sing and is incredibly contemporary. Been listening to “on my tongue” and imagining what Lee and Crystals first single would be…. sorry I think if Alex’s album is done right and promoted well he can outsell those two. He was right about crystal, she’s good but she’s not current and Lee, I dont like his voice at all, he is kinda butt rock (no offense to any fan). Gosh, then there’s imperfectly perfect and never waking up… he needs to record those informally and upload on the web just so people have something to listen to and talk about.

  29. @char, as for his supposed “douchiness”, I suspect 90% of the non-iicd-watching public have more or less forgotten about it. If you twitter search “Alex Lambert” these days, it’s almost all positive :cheerful:

  30. Diane, I did the same. I watched pretty much all day yesterday.. stopped long enough to go with the family to go see fireworks, came straight back home and watched again. And I’m not so much watching for the whole veronica/alex romance. I honeslty am watching because he has been singing soo much more lately. Like last night I didn’t even really watch. I just had it pulled up and minimized listening to them sing together. Of course I did watch at times when they were talking and like you said that boy is not only a smooth talker he has the moves. He seems so gentle and truly into her unlike Ben seemed. I was talking to one of my friends last night on the phone and watching at the same time and there were times when I told her Alex seems so sensitive, sincere, and just like a gentleman that every female should have one of him! haha :) A boy that can not only treat you like the lady you are but also can play piano, guitar, and sing with such an amazing voice.. yea a girl can dream can’t she. haha.

    Also, I heard that conversation about being locked in the house with Veronica. He was making me laugh so hard when he was talking about that. He was so serious and enthusiastic. :wub:

  31. I really like this song. I could definitely hear it playing on the radio. Alex and Veronica share a great passion for music. Yesterday Alex was saying, he told Mark Renk he wishes he could sing quieter. Mark said no, it’s great how powerful your voice is. Veronica then said Mark is always telling her to sing louder. They do complement each other well and appear to be very supportive of one another.

  32. I love Alex’s LOUD voice :) Usually my favorite part of the song is when he gets really loud. haha.

    ALSO for anyone who wants it, and if you want to you can post it in a regular post, here is a link to all of the Alex mp3s I have.
    I usually add to the folder once or twice a week so feel free to check back regularly :)
    Also if there is a song that isn’t in there that you would like an mp3 of just send my a youtube link and I will gladly make an mp3 of it. :whistle:

    • Wow Megan THANK YOU!! I’ve added it. Some I haven’t heard here – like “Gravity”… he always sounds sooo good singing John Mayer!!

    • Oooh can you add the “on my tongue” duet too please??

  33. Sooo… MJ’s posted about Alex and Veronica’s duet: (thanks Libby!). I’m not commenting there again (I had some choice words for MJ last time LOL) and so far there are only three comments up – but here’s one I liked:

    “This guy is remarkably talented. This song is so current – I could totally hear that on the radio right now. I’m kinda loathe to admit it, but, for me, he is now tied with Allison as being the most listenable/talented contestant to come off of AI in the last two years.”

    Ha ha love it when you can’t deny his talent!!!

  34. ohh, I’m sorry. I thought I had uploaded it in the “IICD House” folder. I am uploading that and Don’t Say now Its in a “Duets with Veronica” folder :)
    and you are welcome :) I have a few more that I want to get converted I just haven’t had the chance yet.
    Does anyone have a video of him singing Tired of Waiting? and One Kiss. :silly:

  35. Megan; Thanks for the link to the songs.

    Joy: Its good Alex is critiquing himself and what he can do improve on his singing. Its good he has powerful voice like Mark Renk said, but I think its important he knows how to control it, and when to sing quieter too like Alex said he wishes he could do – cause some songs like “I didn’t know” and ballads will call for quiet gentle delivery for the most part. I think control and flow is crucial to being a good singer. As for Mark telling Veronica to sing louder: She has skills for her age, when she sings high she has a pretty soprano type voice – which is like the best register for female singers, but it can make her voice seem too gentle, so she will need to learn when to put power and be loud when required while still sounding great.

  36. You are welcome ladies :)
    and thanks Kass. I found a video and actually just made like 10 new songs that im adding to the folder. I found a short piece of him singing one kiss but its only like 30 seconds so I am hoping tha thtey upload a video of it soon :)

  37. Diane: I saw Alex telling Veronica he’s been listening to mostly black R&B artists cause he wants to be good at it. He was praising Usher’s R&B stylized ‘runs.’ I think Alex’s voice and vibe is more of the 6o’s soul artists like Sam Cooke and they didn’t really do much of the R&B ‘runs’ of today.(Alex was practicing his song on piano) Alex has natural soul in his voice and he doesnt need to over do runs like Christina Aguilera used to do. Justin Timberlake is perfect in knowing when its necessary and when it isn’t. But for the most part Alex’s style on CD is gonna be Pop/soul vibe and not POP/R&B, so he wont need to do those ‘runs’like Usher. (that Asian boy on idol top 24 this year was good at doing R&B runs) But its obvious Alex is flexible with music and likes listening to R&B and Rap as well as Pop. Its good he likes being inspired by different styles (I like all types of genre too) By the way, I was watching “so you think you can dance” few days ago and Neyo performed his new song “Beautiful monster” – its a good song and good performance. I know Alex likes Neyo and I was thinking I hope Alex sees it. Here is link to the performance.

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