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Jun 302010

Precious, cute, adorable, soothing, smoldering, legit. Here ya go! :biggrin:

Veronica sure is burning a hole straight through Alex with those sultry eyes…I see you Veronica. You’ve got millions of girls lookin’ at you like this. —> :getlost: Just kidding! :tongue:

And this is Veronica’s vlog with an appearance from Samuel Larsen. It’s super cute so I had to post it. They both love Alex just as much as we do!

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  1. HAHAHAHA! you’re so funny Molly! How can she resist that Alex Lambert voice and charm, lol?? :wub:

  2. Haha how’d you know it was me?!?! :lol: I’m just saying she better watch her back…some girls are crazy! *Molly tucks knife back into butt pocket*

    Totally kidding guys, don’t take me seriously. :sideways:

  3. LOL @ Molly! That is quite a stare she’s giving him…Alex doesn’t even have to try, he’s just got that something! Ben may be a model, but Alex has just got that thing that makes the girls crazy :silly:

  4. Haha Ben is cute and all, but he has ZERO game. Alex is cute and he’s got those slick moves to make a girl’s heart go pitter-patter. He’s a little ladies man I tell ya! :cool:

    “Hi…I’m Alex Lambert…want me to play you a song?”

    hahahahaha :lol:

  5. Golly Molly you are in rare form today. Thanks so much for making smile so much. It’s good for the soul. :silly:

  6. Totally agree Molly! Yea he’s got a little bit of that bad boy edge that every girl falls for, haha! :tongue:

  7. @lauren haha Alex isn’t home so I have to do something to entertain myself. If you find my corny jokes funny too it makes it even better! :sideways:

  8. Is it mean of me to say that I’m not impressed by Veronica’s voice? Or is it just because his voice is so strong and overwhelming? I did like their other duet with her song though, well coz Alex was so cute in it really. As always He sounds great (damn) plus he effed up his chords and laughed about it, its hilarious. Oh yeah, Ben better stick to his chica coz she been checkin’ out our boy…

  9. @char– I actually like Veronica’s voice but no one, I mean NO ONE, can sing one of alex’s songs better than alex :) I think Veronica messed up the song (in my opinion) because she was stealing beautiful sounds that could have come from Alex’s mouth, not hers. lol

    Alex was ADORABLE in that video, and his voice was amazing- as always :)

  10. I’m one of those girls!! :getlost: lmao. I just think she should stick with Ben!! haha

  11. Oh, and I tweeted her and said ” DO you have a thing for Alex? Don’t lie!” and she read it on live stream, and she was kinda mocking me, haha. She tweeted back “me and alex are friiends.. lol the walk was with me, alex and sam. not just me and alex.” regarding the walk that had the red hearts on their rooms. :getlost: But it’s totally obvious she likes him. I guess I’m just overprotective of my boy! haha

  12. I like Veronica too. Her voice is really cool and different and she is very talented. I don’t mind if the two get together because I’m in the “old enough to be his mom” category and am done with crushes. I would have to live vicariously so to me, this is very sweet.

  13. This is great sound from Alex. Always playing your guitar bro.

  14. So, you guys got me curious and I had to go read the Icron guy cause I’m a total masochist. Anyways, the thing I noticed about Hulu now is a lot of people I’ve never seen before are starting to post positive, encouraging things about Alex. I didn’t respond to any haters cause I didn’t want to boost their thread…but I did add a few words of encouragement. I think Alex really came through in the past episode and more people are coming out in his defense which is good. In reality for every 1 of them it’s thousands of us. I hope it stays that way and I hope Alex just stays far away and focuses on himself and his music. He should come here and see how much support he’ll get. And if you ever think to yourself, why are people so harsh to Alex…it’s really not only him. Every single cast member gets torn apart and it’s not because it’s true…it’s just people grow major balls when they’re on the internet and think they know everything. Alex WILL be a superstar and I know we’re all gonna be right there beside him! :cool:

  15. @Molly – haha I’m a total masochistic too and yeah couldn’t help myself and posted on his thread that I’m shocked he was an adult coz his postings sounds like it’s coming from a young immature cocky ahole… Like Alex. I suggested thy should be best buds since they’re so alike! I know, I know I shouldn’t have! Dang it! Really next week let’s ignore that loser… Really!

    It’s great that there are a lot og positive reviews lately though. Hope he stays away from the drama and just focus focus focus! Go alex! And yes icron Im a fanatic so suck it! Haha

  16. I advise everyone to do that. I’m the first person to jump down someone’s throat. But, the people who say that stuff are really just dumb and it’s pointless to argue with them. So if someone creates a negative thread everyone just create their own positive one. It makes a better impact I think. And it’ll show Alex if he ever does decide to go back there…that there are LOTS of people who love him.

    And the haters can live their miserable lives in their own little corner. :devil:

  17. Yeah thats why this week I only posted as a response to Cathy’s great post to him (Icron C). I told him I was done with him last week, so I wont respond to anymore of his ramblings. I wasnt ecstatic about the “I didnt know” duet (Alex was awesome) but to be fair, IICD Just kinda threw it at them at the last minute, and poor veronica probably didn’t even have time to prepare, But I loved loved the duet with her of Dont Say. Ok and I can see it coming, the pea brains at IICD are trying to set up some kind of love triangle between Alex, Ben and Veronica, with the “romantic dinner” with poor Benny, and the phone calls from Alex to Veronica, come on, when has Alex EVER called home when he has been away to chat with the housemates???? Oh and Micheal wanted to make sure they he recorded last nights, so I am sure, it could make an episode. Why oh why are they trying to sabotage those kids, this isn’t the “real world”, where there are a bunch of meat-heads running around trying to get their 15 minutes, these are legitimate artists that could really be something one day. Dont they realize there are actual grownups that watch this show (project). Ohhh and if they try to put a riff between Ben and Alex………….to be honest I dont think Veronica is interested in either one of them and visa a versa, the show just wants to “play” it up. She even mentioned her boyfriend again. Who Knows……silliness :silly:

  18. I think the key is a little low for Veronica and that’s why she doesn’t sound as good as she usually does. It’s perfect for Alex but it’s harder for her to sing it that way :)

  19. Ha! “I love that fool”. That VLog was so cute! Yea Sam, how can anyone not love Alex?? They must be crazy if they don’t! :silly:

  20. I wanted to comment on the ‘I love that fool’ comment from Samuel too!!! Too cute!!! I’m loving Samuel and Veronica more and more. :wub:

  21. I noticed that all the upcoming Tuesdays, when they have individual twitter sessions, only Ben, Kara, and Gig have them. What about Alex?!

  22. I had to respond about the duet. It was thrown together at the last minute, so they didn’t have much time to practice. This is Alex’s song that he knows it like the back of his hand. How could she possibly keep up with him? You know how the boy freestyles and all. He is amazing. I think that they are going to practice a duet for “On My Tongue” when he arrives back to the Hills. Her voice is much better suited to this song, not “I Didn’t Know.” Hopefully IICD will film this if it happens. They might even write a song together. Anyhow, I think there will be alot of creativity in the house as far as the music is concerned in the next couple of days. I look forward to it.
    Yeah, IICD is playing up this love triangle thing by setting up the romantic dinner last night. They had to have known that she and Alex talked 3 times the night before. Alex is a big boy. He knows what he is doing. If he didn’t want Michael filming him talking the V, he wouldn’t have. I do feel bad for Benny. He just doesn’t have game. Do y’all remember when Alex was helping Ben with one of his acting scenes. He asked Ben if he had really loved a girl, like he couldn’t live without her. He replied, “No, not really.” Then Alex tells him it has happened to him about 6 times. He is so crazy. At least we know why he is so good at singing love songs…he has experienced all the emotions. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    @Gollymolly- You made me laugh again. As I was putting my head on my pillow last night know what popped in my head???

    “Hi…I’m Alex Lambert…want me to play you a song?”

  23. Alex just tweeted

    “About to be at JFK! Back to LA & business!”
    what’s jfk?

  24. @Shelby, JFK(John Fitzgerald Kennedy) is one of the airports in New York City.

  25. That’s the airport, Shelby.

    @Lauren, I was watching the live stream when Alex had that conversation with Ben. I remember Alex saying how deep in love he would fall for these girls–how (at that moment) he wanted to spend the rest of his life with them. And Ben was like, “I guess I’ve never really been in love.” Actually, Alex gave Ben a really good critique on his acting skills, also. He told him “I can still see Ben” in his monologue. And you know what, he was right. Alex has really good instincts.

    So, he’s heading home. I don’t understand why they are returning ahead of schedule. I hope the video shoot was a great success.

  26. “Hi…I’m Alex Lambert…want me to play you a song?”

    LMAO!!!! Molly, one of your best lines yet. I don’t know, though, if I was a little younger, he wouldn’t even have to sing. Those big blue eyes, the dimples, that voice, even just his speaking voice, and his pure honesty…it shines through. Remember that “Jerry McGuire” line…”You had me at hello?” Oh, he’s just too much. He’s not afraid to show his emotions. That’s why he writes such great songs.

    I hope the video shoot went well. I’m just happy that he’s on his way back. Confession time — I haven’t been watching the live stream at all since he’s been gone. At least I got a lot of work done for a change!! But, I guess I missed the scenes where he was phoning Veronica. Do I understand that correctly? Hmm. I don’t know. There could be something going on there. And, then again, maybe not. He could be calling just as a friend. I think they really do like and admire each other, so…whatever.

    I’ve read some really harsh comments about Veronica too and I know that they’re written by young, jealous girls. It would be funny if they weren’t so cruel. Now, don’t call me a hypocrit because of the things I’ve said about Giglianne. She deserved it. I haven’t seen anything nasty come out of Veronica’s mouth towards anyone. She’s a sweetheart. But, girls with big crushes on Alex (and that would be just about every female alive) or Ben are going to be jealous of her. IICD playing up the love triangle is lame though.

    Awesome that the Globetrotters tweeted back to Alex! That means they know who he is. That’s really huge! I was going to respond to his tweet that they weren’t actually in Harlem, but #1) he’d never read it and #2) I wasn’t sure if he was only kidding.

    Okay. Back to business. I guess Alex should be back in the house tonight!

    Oh, and that’s the first real close-up I’ve seen of Sam. He’s cute too! I love that video with Sam and Veronica showing their love for Alex.

    Thank you to all the masochists who are strong enough to face the hulu crowd. Sorry, but I didn’t participate this time around. I’m happy to hear that Alex is winning them over. It’s about time. He deserves all good things — that sneaky little ninja :ninja: — sweeping in and out of NYC like a flash.

  27. I love those vids! I saw them a few months ago!

  28. LOL @ Janet, he IS a sneaky lil ninja, haha :ninja: ! I like that nickname! And yea, I’ve never seen Sam up close til now, he’s pretty cute too, seems like Alex surrounds himself with good people. That’s a good thing! And @ Diane, I think the shoot probably went pretty well which is why they finished ahead of schedule. I would think that that probably means they didn’t have to do a lot of takes and stuff, no? I also like that he says back to LA and BUSINESS! That’s right Alex, business! Our boy is focused!! Hopefully business means a record deal real soon!!! Wishful thinking…. :happy:

  29. Here are a couple of Veronica’s music videos. I had no idea that she had been at this for awhile. I saw a video from 2007 on Youtube. While we wait for Alex to come home you may want to give her a listen. I have a good feeling about her and her future. She seems very authenic. What is there not to like about her? She is talented, motivated, dedicated, and she is a pro at communicating with her fans. Hope you don’t mind me posting this here. She is one of Alex’s friends. :happy:

  30. Can I just say again, cuz I can’t get over it, how awesome is it that Alex’s FIRST music video ever is in New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world? Oh Alex, how faaaar you’ve come from shy, inexperienced kid on American Idol. So proud of him! I’m glad it seems that Simon Fuller believes in Alex as much as we do! Hope & pray it just keeps getting better for him, he deserves it. :heart:

  31. I think they need to keep Veronica and let Gig go. :whistle: I had my little sister watching some of these videos the other day and she asked what Gig’s name was and I said Giglianne and she said what? and I said it again and she said, “Giglianne? That is like Jiggle and Bologna :wassat:” It was too funny.
    So glad Alex is headed back. Him leaving couldn’t have happened at a better time though since I was away myself. :smile:

  32. Yes Katherine, I agree with you. Alex gets better and better by the day. I love his music. I really don’t think that it will take terribly long before he is signed and has his first release. I still want him in the house though, selfish reasons. :blush: Simon Fuller, Ian Pririe, and the rest of us know how incredibly special he is. I haven’t seen someone with his talent in a long time. :smile:

  33. I don’t think we have to worry about a signing,-Clear Channel never asks a new artist to fly out to their corporate headquarters,as seen in the NEXT Tues.teaser trailer-so even if its not made public for a while,No need to worry on that front.

  34. Alex is coming back today. He called Gig that they should pick him up at airport at 7pm, but it doesn’t seem to like one of them can yet, cause Kara and Ben are at their acting training. Who is gonna bring him home.

    I like how Alex was singing “i didnt know” in this video cause he was adding other things and lyrics to it that I didnt hear in his demo. It makes it sound complete when he does all the “do do do” and “i didnt know oh oo o”‘ and the end with “didnt know o na na” yeah or something. It made him blend well after Veronica sings her parts and shift to Alex too. I think veronica has a nice voice but it doesnt show that well in this “Didnt know” video cause its not in her register. Her voice sounded pretty singing Alex’s other song “On my tongue.” Veronica will have a music career.

    Alex told Ben he’s been in love 6 times? That boy sure likes girls, and he seem to know how to get them to like him. He knows ways to let his interest show and make his moves too. Alex’s got game. Having cute smile and adorable dimples doesn’t hurt either.

    Lauren: Yeah, they saw Alex had called Veronica from New York the day before, so they decided to let her and Ben have that forced romantic date. They’re trying to play up a triangle. I dont think she fits with Ben — seems young next to him too. Ben and Siobahn from Idol had more chemistry when she first visited IICD.

    Janet; I agree Alex’s teen fans shouldn’t be tweeting bad comments about Veronica cause they are jealous. (I read one tweet too when he took her to “the spot” for hours) She and Alex are just friends.

    I was listening to mp3 of Alex singing the National anthem again today. I had to stop myself after replaying it a few times.(I usually dont play other singers version over and over) I really like how Alex sang it — it fits his voice, and he made it melodic with the right amount of soul. Its good he didn’t change it too much like some do.

  35. “Giglianne? That is like Jiggle and Bologna — LMAO!!! Megan, give your little sister a big hug from me. I LOVE it!!! And, BTW, in the last episode where Michael talks about all the big things coming up for Gig, wow, her next big thing is another nude photoshoot! When did new photos become “high fashion?” I think she better change her resume.

    Okay. This is really all about Alex, but I couldn’t help sneaking that in cuz Megan’s little sister came up with the perfect name for Jigglioney.

    Now, we just need a cool name for Alex. He has a beautiful name and has every reason in the world to be proud of it, but it’s just too damn close to Adam Lambert. It confuses people and they couldn’t be two more different artists. I’m calling him Ninja ‘cuz of the way he can climb walls, stairs, and escape without notice. I also think, even with all his sensitivity, he’s one tough dude when he needs to be. But, what’s his alias or stage name? Maybe it’s just going to be simply…Alex…like Cher, Madonna, etc. Everyone will just know his name, so he’ll probably totally eclipse Adam Lambert anyway. Okay. Thanks for helping me work through that. I’m rambling, so I’ll leave now. :silly:

  36. Man, I really need to read my comments over before I hit submit! Last sentence of first paragraph should read: When did NUDE photos become “high fashion?”


  37. Did anyone notice on the IICD calendar that Alex has an individual Skype session on Wednesday? Also, Shelby, maybe they took Alex’s individual twitters sessions out by accident. They are there now.

  38. HAHA, Janet. I will be sure to let her know you loved that. I thought it was amazing since I don’t particularly care for her myself lol.
    and Lauren, I also want Alex to stay in the house :sad: I am so ready for the boy to get a recording deal but I don’t want him to leave. It’s not everyday you get to sit down and watch a weekly episode of what your favorite artist does day to day. ahh, we’re gonna have to let him go soon though. :cwy:

  39. ALEX & VERONICA shd be a Duo in the music business like Captain & Tennile. A duo act.

  40. Skyw4lker, I love you, but have to disagree. A duet now and again would be okay, but Alex is a one man show. I’m sure he’ll collaborate with others from time to time and I do believe that Veronica will be on his albums and he on hers. However, no duo team for me. Alex is a soloist in IMO. His sound is too distinctive to blend with anyone else. It wouldn’t be to his advantage.

  41. I definitely have to agree with you Janet. I think he is a one of a kind artist and he would do better vocally by himself. I would love to see Veronica make an appearance on the album though. I do love her voice :) She is more of a country star though in my opinion.

  42. She feels like Trisha Yearwood only not as experienced.. But potentially could be.

  43. Lilly your posts automatically approve try again? Did you maybe hit the back button accidentally? I see the Trisha Yearwood thing if that’s what you mean?

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