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Jun 272010

Thank you Dream Updates!

  5 Responses to “Alex Lambert & Veronica Ballestrini Sing Alex’s Song, “On My Tongue””

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  1. This song is amazing! I think it suits Veronica’s voice really well. They should make this a duet with them.

    Also, Alex will be gone for 5 nights going to NY for a video shoot. That’s gonna suck, but it’s good because he’s shooting a video!

  2. Oh my… this is a great song!!! It has a kinda Justin Bieber feel to it, and not in a bad way… :) Veronica is spending a lot of time with Alex, isn’t she? I think it’s nice that Alex has somebody his age to hang out with. Even though the other housemates are only a few years older, they are essentially 20-somethings.

  3. WOW love this song “ON MY TONGUE” kind of a Jason Mraz kind of song. Unplug it ALEX… :wink:

  4. I love that song! Veronica sings it really well too. I’m gonna miss him this week, oh well, I will get alot of work done. He is gonna have a blast in NYC. Things are really rolling along for him now. I am also happy that my husband asks me every day now, “so how is Alex doing”, or “whats up with Alex”~and it wasn’t easy believe me, ha ha….. :heart:

  5. I first heard it on youtube the other day and was wondering if this is Alex’s song :) it’s so good, this one is gonna be a hit!!

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