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Mar 292011

It’s a Date! Alex Lambert has tweeted that he will be streaming live on Stickam this Friday, April 1st at 5 pm PST, so clear your calendar and get ready to join him as he jams, takes requests, and amuses us with his off-the-wall humor!

(We’re assuming this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke :biggrin: )

For those who didn’t participate in the first two sessions (video of which can be seen here and here), Stickam is a website that allows users like Alex to stream live video over the internet for others to watch (like watching a video on YouTube, only live!).

You can also chat with Alex via Twitter or the Stickam chat, make requests, or pledge him your undying love and see how he reacts :lol: .

To participate in the session, first register on Stickam by clicking the Join link at top right and filling in the required info, then visit Alex’s Stickam page on Friday at 5 pm PST.

We will also directly embed the stickam player in a post here, (hopefully) allowing you to watch live directly from this site without having to do anything.

This is really a one of a kind opportunity to connect with Alex, so we hope you can all make it!!

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  1. Snaf may want to check the main page first before going directly to Alex’s page. Unless it IS an April Fools prank – he said he will be on the main page. I’m going to put my faith in what he tweeted!!

    I wonder if someone is on the main page, will they also be streaming on their personal page at the same time?? We shall see!

    • Yes I’m pretty sure if he is on the main page he’ll also be on his personal page… Stickam chooses to feature one person’s stream on the main page ;)

  2. Well , we’ll have to watch TMZ for the next several days ..hope to see somethin’ :cool:

  3. Those EYES and that FACE are enough reason for Stickam to out him on the FRONT PAGE :biggrin:

  4. It’s official. I have the worst Alex Lambert Stickam luck ever. The one time Alex tells us way in advance and the one Friday night I actually have plans, I’m gonna miss Alex on Stickam for the third time! Booooo. Oh well, I am VERY excited for him that he will be on the front page (AWESOME!!!) and I hope every one else here enjoys. Lauren and Phil, so thankful you guys got video of the first two, hopefully with any luck there will be videos of this one? I hope

    Oh and Alex just tweeted that he has the busiest week ever! YAYYY! SO happy to hear that…good things coming soon I hope! :biggrin:

  5. I know Liz Taylor had big beautiful violet-ish eyes…And to me, it seems Alex is the only man I’ve ever seen with big beautiful eyes and a very similar color :cool:

  6. ETA- I just know Alex will love being compared to Elizabeth Taylor :lol: , but its TRUE!!!!!

  7. Holy cow! What a week. All this excitement is wearing me out….and apparently there is even more to come. Alex tweeted that today is gonna be a big day and asked that we all wish him good luck. OMG I wonder what it could be. lol. …….GOOD LUCK, ALEX! Have the BEST day ever!

  8. Cathy, you are right, “what a busy week”. I am lovin all the interaction that Alex is having with the snaf. The Stickam thing is great and he really seems to be comfortable and is enjoying it. I want to wish Alex “Good Luck” today as he requested in his tweet. I hope everything goes great for him, I do wonder what it is that is happening.

  9. @Katherine~ I’m in the same boat as you!! I have missed every Stickam session too! :sad: I might have to do some begging at work in order to check it out on Friday. Just remembered that Friday will be a year since Alex made his debut on IICD. Amazing how so much changes in a year!! Onward & especially upward! @Cathy~Can’t wait to hear what Alex needs “LUCK” for???
    Any speculation peeps?

    • Felicia I am BRIMMING with speculation!! But it could be SO MANY THINGS – who knows? Hopefully we will soon!

  10. Patrick:
    I hope everything goes great for him, I do wonder what it is that is happening.

    Patrick…you and every other snaf on the planet. I’m sure that when the time is right, we will know everything. I think that Alex is bursting to tell us everything. Soon I hope. :cheerful:

  11. whatever it is, it’s music related so it could only be POSITIVE!

  12. I haven’t missed twitter because my mother and I were watching some of Alex’s Youtube videos on her TV. She enjoyed seeing another side of Alex’s personality through his Stickam broadcasts and noticed that his guitar playing has improved a great deal since IICD. She also said that Alex is too gorgeous to be hiding under that flatbill and that he needs to put “Everybody Knows” on his album because his version is better than John Legend’s. That’s it in a nutshell. LOL

    Yeah and she brought up his eyes and lips too…@Diane :whistle:

    I’m ready for some good news! :w00t:

    • lol lauren I think I have to agree with your mom on all counts! Is she snaf or interested bystander? btw I deleted my previous comment right away but u commented too fast for me! Twitter addiction satisfied ;)

  13. So cute, watching Youtubes with your Mom, @Lauren! I’m glad she thinks he’s “gorgeous” lol She has good taste! Alex’s appeal is truly multi-generational–teens to grannies (and grandpas!) and all sexual orientations, it seems. :cool:

    Now I’m wondering where the TMZ guy spotted him. Maybe it was at the airport, since they hang around LAX like fleas. hah!

  14. Right On @Diane!..I actually had dinner tonight with a large group, and I was pimpin’ Alex to three straight(I think) teenage seemed quite interested and will check him out. And, yes Alex appeals to all orientations..I ran into a gay teen once while I was chatting and browsing, and he was def. an Alex Fanboy- LOVED IT!!!! And, I remember on Alex’s first skype during IICD, there were one or more young gay teen fanboys on his first call. The bigger the tent, the more AWESOME!!! :biggrin:

  15. Kassandra:
    lol lauren I think I have to agree with your mom on all counts! Is she snaf or interested bystander? btw I deleted my previous comment right away but u commented too fast for me! Twitter addiction satisfied ;)

    Mom is a snaf for sure. I’ve already enlisted her to record any Stickam broadcasts if I’m not available. She strives to stay current with pop culture and loves good music too. :smile:

  16. Well very excited for Stickam tonight!! Love just listening to Alex talk and sing!! Sounds like from his last tweet he will be a very busy guy this Friday, and if anyone is in the area on Sat, Alex will be singing a few songs along with IMPAKT and OH YEAH at a fundraiser for a sweet child and her family here…

    :heart: Fundraiser for Rosemary (child with brain cancer)and her family.

    Saturday, April 2 · 5:00pm – 9:00pm
    First Presbyterian Church of Burbank
    521 E Olive Ave
    Burbank, CA

    More Info
    Live music by IMPAKT (, Alex Lambert and OH YEAH!!!!

    For more information please call…818-843-0911

  17. Kassandra:
    So Alex just tweeted he’s working with Rune Westberg – /
    Danish… related to DEEKAY?

    Says it’s a Soul tune :)

    At the end of Rune’s wiki page it says:

    “Wrote first single off Japanese pop icon Hiroko’s solo debut, “Girlz Up”, with Pam Sheyne. Single release jan 2011″

    Does everyone remember Pam and Johnny from Alex’s days on IICD? Remember when they collaborated together and a dreamer asked Alex what the title of the song was. Alex responded something like “It’s going to a Hit”. ha ha ha

    I’m sure Rune knows his fellow Dane in addition to Pam.

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