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Sep 032010

“Hound Dog”

“Blue Suede Shoes”

“Heartbreak Hotel”

MP3 downloads:
Hound Dog
Blue Suede Shoes
Heartbreak Hotel

  198 Responses to “Alex Lambert Sings Elvis at the Rendevous in Memphis”

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  1. i know he said they are going to insert a rap onto one of his songs for the album,but thats not a surprise…

  2. “sittin’ on Guantanamo Bay-watchin’ the terrooorists get away”-that was GREAT!!!! And he does his unique pronunciation on the word terrorists… :lol:

  3. I just read on DUs that the Dreamers often throw left over food over the fence outside!!! :blink: :blink: :blink:

    And they wonder why they have bugs and animals crawling all over the place!?

    Seriously, were these kids raised in the wild? Do they not understand basic principles of disposing of trash? So not only do they waste food, they literally behave like PIGS. UGGGGHHH!!!

  4. @LindaW No he said he has a girl that is his friend and she’s doing fine. The night Caitlyn’s friends were over he started drama with the girlfriend conversation. He then told her he didn’t understand why so many people were concerned with his personal life. Maybe we should try to stick with the music more often. Obviously someone is telling him what is being written here and it’s probably annoying to him. Just saying…
    I had to laugh because the verses of the song he was writing sounded like the beginning of “Paradise City” by Gun’s and Roses and the chorus reminded me of “Sympathy for the Devil”.

  5. @Linda – part of the girlfriend convo was Alex saying he doesn’t have a “girlfriend” he has “friends that are girls”. Then Caitlin asked “How is your friend?” and he said “Good”.

  6. Alright stick to the music…..I got cha. :tongue: …Awwww Alex just told Kara “I love you” before they hung up….hes so nice to his roomies :smile:

  7. I think Alex being secretive and private is defeating the whole principal of the show, which is to see rising stars go through their process while living in a house with 60 cameras. Either you sign on to that premise, or you don’t. There can’t be a “half way”.
    That’s just my opinion of course.

  8. In his defense his girlfriend has nothing to do with him making it in the business or his music. I’d rather not discuss his personal life.

  9. And, maybe this friend is refreshingly NOT like a certain other friend of another dreamer who liked to promote themselves on camera and continually hang around the house. :getlost:

  10. Alex signed up for the IICD show not his “friend” who’s a girl. :wink: So if she wants to remain anonymous, that’s her perogative.

  11. @GollyMolly: I must disagree. If she is the inspiration for what he’s currently writing, then she is involved in the show whether she wants to be or not. Of course she is not obligated to be “on camera”, but no doubt she knows the person she’s dating is on a unique TV show at the moment, and his entire life is being filtered over the internet for all to see. She still chooses to be with him, and she is now a part of his creative process, be it indirectly. The creative process is relevant.

  12. As snuffles (and Bobby Brown) said if she doesn’t want to be a part of the show that’s her prerogative. :tongue:

    Alex deserves to keep some things private even in his situation and I respect that. I honestly couldn’t care what he does in his personal life and only care about him making a solid record.

  13. Okay this isn’t about music but I thought this was funny.
    Quote of the day (let’s all chuckle): After Alex gets the correct spelling of foil from Caitlyn, he sings as he exits the kitchen:
    “Sometimes I think I’m half retarded,
    Then I realize I’m just illiterate.”
    It’s okay Alex half the time I’m performing spell check for my words. :tongue:

  14. lol @lauren I wish I had better speakers cause I always miss things. Seriously, Alex is such a comedian he cracks me up. :lol:

    P.S. I really like this new song!

  15. Alex has sooo much soul -intense-in his voice as he’s really getting into it.He’s gonna kick A** on those pop/R&B TRACKS ON THE ALBUM. I was a fan of Archuleta at times,but he does not possess that… :cool:

  16. This song is sooo great…man! he can sing anything!

  17. Yes, I like this song too. It’s builds as it goes and then the chorus knocks you out. I wonder who he is writing with tomorrow. He said it was an important session. Wonder if they’ll work more on this new song or a completely different one.
    I just love his passion for making great music.

  18. Gollymolly, I agree wholeheartedly with your statement about Alex having the right to have some things be private. I totally respect that and am not really concerned with his personal life, but that’s just my opinion of course.

    He had some nice quality time with Caitlin tonight, that was sweet. I also really like this song he’s composing, it reminds me a little of a James Morrison kinda song. I gotta say, I haven’t heard a white boy sing with as much soul as Alex since…I don’t think I’ve ever heard a white boy sing with as much soul as Alex does, especially as young as he is! Really can’t think of anyone, lol :wub:

  19. I like when Caitlin and Alex talk during cooking. She accommodates all his questions even if silly. He said she’s his favorite in the house and it wont surprise me if she is, cause he seems most comfortable when talking to her. She asked if Sam’s in the band and Alex said yeah, he glad he’s in the band cause he’s good. Yeah, I’m glad he’s in the band too – cause he is attractive and talented. I like Sam, and his sense of style, and personality. :heart:

    I didnt see Caitlin put dishes in Gig’s bed but glad she did. Gig said she doesnt plan to do dishes cause she hates it. I mean they make food for her the least she can do is wash her plate. What a spoil ass brat. There are worse things in life than washing plates. She should appreciate living in a free house with free food — this wont last forever. All she cares about is dancing and shit. She is so annoying.

  20. Speaking of Archie,from earlier,-it would be a riot if he came over,and hung with Alex for a while.They have opposite personalities.David is the goody-goody,and Alex is the Hip,Urban,sometimes gangsta one.Could be a hilarious mix,also with Alex’s wit.I think David might get intimidated by Alex’s strong personality though.

  21. I am sure you guys saw this already, but in case, his mom said she found it on youtube…

    ok it wont let me copy and paste it, its a video someone made of “Alex’s journey” (not the iicd version) you can see it on youtube

  22. Ben loves the new Alex solo-write! :biggrin:

  23. listening to the beginning of “Gone, Gone, Gone,” and I started singing lyrics from another radio hit that I couldn’t remember the name too, because it sounded SO similar to me.

    does this song remind anyone else of another song??? this is going to torture me!

  24. Linda I looked around is it this video?

  25. @lola does the beginning or the end remind you of another song?

  26. No one else finds it contradictory that after all the sleuthing that goes on here about where Alex is and who he’s with, suddenly his personal life is off limits?? :biggrin:

  27. @debbie lol we only sleuth about where he’s performing i.e. music related :wink:

  28. Yes Molly thats it. I dont know what I was doing wrong….I must be tired, well Alex is gone, gone, gone lol….I am off to bed have a great night everyone!!! :heart:

  29. @linda it’s cute I like it! I think the girl who made it reads here so if you read this we like your video!! :smile:

    I don’t know why you couldn’t paste it…you should just be able to copy and paste. The only problem is when you post multiple links in the same post then it gets marked as spam so I have to go fish it out. Sometimes posts will get marked as spam for some random reason too like too much commenting during a short period of time or if you comment from different names with the same computer…it’s really stupid, but I can’t turn it off or else everyone would be reading a bunch of Viagra ads. :tongue:

    I guess I’m off too…don’t really care to watch Ben read. :sleeping:

    P.S. For those who don’t know Jordyn moves in tomorrow at 6.

  30. Aww that was such a sweet video! I see her on twitter a lot tweeting to Alex. If you read this, great job Cecily Gonzalez! :wink: I’m out too! Back to work tomorrow!

  31. I liked that video too. Loved those pictures. :wub:
    Alex is gone, so night all.

  32. Akkk! The curse of the west coast time zone! Busy with dinner and US Open Tennis, so I missed every last bit of the “Alex Show”. Phooey! I’m sure it will get requested on DU (right?), so I guess I’ll hear the new song eventually. :pinch: :sad:

    So glad he was feeling creative today. So if he’s got a writing session tomorrow, it’s probably safe to assume he’s not heading out of town this week. I’ll keep my money on next week, after the VMA’s. :whistle:

    And now all y’all are heading off to bed… ::frowny face::

  33. Maybe the new roomie will keep Alex at home a little more to jam with :devil: @Diane- too bad about Andy Roddick AGAIN,at the Open the other day-guess we’ll never have another American champ… :cwy:

  34. OK, here’s .02 from a guy. Do any of you wonder why Alex doesn’t post here, on a site in his name? Maybe he feels like his every move is being observed and analyzed, and he’d post here if that didn’t happen?
    If I were him and didn’t like what I saw here, I’d say so in a post. Maybe he doesn’t know what to do as he doesn’t want to alienate his biggest fans.

  35. I was listening to Alex writing… and fell half asleep cos I’m so tired… AND MISSED HIS LITTLE JAM SESSION. :getlost: Darn it! For the first time in a long time that I get to stay at home instead of go to work, I miss a little gem. :cwy:

    On a different note, about Archie hanging out with Alex… Heck yeah! I think Alex will make Archie laugh a lot, with Alex’s antics. Does anybody else realise that Archie is 19 too? I’ve been thinking that Alex could teach him a few moves or two, cos Archie said he’s never had a girlfriend before. :silly:

    Ray, I think it’s good that Alex doesn’t post here. It will send all of us in a frenzy. I used to post at Jamie Cullum’s board and sometimes Jamie posts there and well…. it’s just way too funny.

  36. Hahaha! Check out this series of tweets!

    Caitlin: super yummy dinner with @TrueAlexLambert

    Alex: @caitlinstyle that was kind of a date;)

    Caitlin: @TrueAlexLambert it so was… Sooo romantic :)

    HAHAHAHA!!! Ben will be soooooooo pissed. :whistle:

  37. @Reyne-I know right-Archie should at least try to get a gf soon ,or peeps might start to think-ya know,and its already been speculated on a lot on various sites like VFTW.But Alex is so strong,and confident-those two would be like the New Odd Couple… :lol:

  38. I haven’t paid attention to d Archie since his AI season but he always struck me as a giant 12 yr old. Is he really 19 already like Alex? I say it’s time to cut the umbilical cord….

  39. Lola: Yeah, his new song’s melody reminds me of another song but its in a typical melody of bluesy kind of vibe or something that they all share. I couldnt tell you what it is, cause its not the type of songs I listen to on a regular. I can’t even remember how the melody of Alex’s song goes, but when he was singing it the vibe and his demeanor was reminding me of that bluesy-rock/soul singer Jonny Lang who became popular as a young white teen singing the blues and playing blues guitar.

    Ray: I don’t think we expect Alex to post here. I think its in the interest of entertainers to know the truths of how they or their music are perceived without fans censoring themselves too much though – so if he wants to read it he should. Also, IICD is a show set up in a way that people follow their moves so he shouldn’t be shocked if some of what he’s doing is written here. Personally I’m caring less and less about his every move.

  40. New Ep. is up at Hulu… :biggrin:

  41. I cant-its the second on the left-the picture is not showing though,and its not yet on the top headline banner…

  42. I found it thanks for the heads up…I don’t get why they post it like that sometimes to make it nearly impossible to access.

  43. @Ray I would love for you to discuss this further, giving us a male’s perspective. I’ve sensed this reaction from Alex for awhile. I think that he doesn’t want to stay in the house sometimes because he doesn’t want his every move analyzed, but unfortunately that’s the nature of the show. Obviously we want him in LA writing music and recording his album. That’s the goal for everyone. I am being sincere when I ask you Ray what we should discuss and not discuss. Be specific. Give us some suggestions. I’m not speaking for everyone, but I am interested in your input.
    I personally would like Alex to come to this site occasionally. I think that there is some great feedback pertaining to music most of the time. We discuss other topics like the importance of social networking to an aspiring artist.
    Social networking brings me to the subject of Twitter. Many of us only tweet in support of him and his work. Do we do it too much? Has it lost its importance? Would you as a male be annoyed by this activity? Should we stop tweeting him alltogether? Mostly Alex uses Twitter as a texting service to his friends anyway or as a general message advertising a show.
    @Ray, We can’t be completely to blame. One of the goals of IICD was to establish a more intimate relationship between the audience and the dreamer. They succeeded. I hope that Alex will post here and express his views. He will not alienate his biggest fans. We want him to be successful, but we want him to be happy also.

  44. @Lauren, I agree with you on everything you said.
    @Ray, Alex said he wanted people to get to know him and watch him. Maybe Alex got more than he bargained for?? Do you think things are moving too fast for Alex?? You know the more famous he gets the more he will be under the microscope. Granted we get carried away sometimes, but we love Alex. We want Alex to enjoy this process of becoming a star. We all believe he is one of the “rare ones”, a great. He will be around for a long time.
    Please Ray, tell us what you think and what we should do to help Alex be more comfortable and happy.
    (With all sincerity this post is my own opinion, and I don’t speak for anyone else.)
    P.S. I would love Alex to come to this site and talk to us, tell us his opinion.

    • Ray, IMO I think it’s kind of lacking in class, somehow, for a celebrity to post on their own fansite, and kind of weird (both for the celebrity and the people posting), so I’m glad he doesn’t – whatever the reason (sorry to those that would love to see him post here – just my opinion!).
      As for him maybe being uncomfortable with his every move being observed and analyzed – well most people would be uncomfortable with that, wouldn’t they!! But I don’t think most of us here actually do it too much – well, given that he’s on a show that gives you 24/7 access into people’s lives, we don’t anyway. At the least, it doesn’t compare to Dream Updates!
      It’s no secret that I was never fond of his being on the show in the first place, and I still can’t wait for him to get off and just start playing shows and making music. But as long as he is on IICD… well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? You can’t try and deter people from analyzing and observing what they’ve been given and encouraged to watch!

  45. @Kass, thank you for posting exactly what I couldn’t put into words last night! I think it would be weird and creepy, frankly, to see a post from Alex. I don’t want, nor do I expect him to comment here. Heck, I would prefer he didn’t read this site, to be honest. Just like a lot of actors never read the critics’ reviews, because it messes with their heads. If I consciously knew he was reading here regularly, I wouldn’t post half the things I write–and I don’t really relish the idea of self-censoring.

    Plus, if we can’t make any comments about Alex’s personal life, we’d never be able to use the :devil: emoticon again. And that would be a sad day, indeed. :cool:

  46. Haha Diane you kill me. :devil: :lol:

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