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Sep 222010

Alex Lambert was one of several celebrities to perform on August 30th, 2010, at the launch of a garden charity project organized by “A Place Called Home”.

“A Place Called Home” is a South Central Los Angeles community center that was selected by the cast of “If I Can Dream” to be the recipients of a $10,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. The money will go towards planting a community garden that will launch a “garden-to-table” program, with the children learning to prepare and cook healthy meals on-site with vegetables they grow in the garden. Read more here.

Here are a couple of videos from the event:

Sunday Morning


MP3 downloads:
Sunday Morning

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  1. Most peeps I’ve shown Alex’s various Sunday Morning(s) to thought Alex was better than Maroon 5 on it,and they were not Alex tards like us.Jesus-Kara was really getting into it on the Sunday vid.Lots of dancing,really letting her hair down,by her standards.She’s really getting into her “Rumspringa” that snuffles introduced us to.Will the Amish ever get her back? Stay tuned…. :lol:

  2. alleycatfan, I agree! I like his version MUCH better!!!

    Oh and sorry everyone for the gajillion posts all at once… there was a lot to cover today… Comment wherever you like I guess!

  3. By the looks of everything that has been posted today, Kass you’ve been very busy. As always a million thanks to you and Molly. This is such a LEGIT fan site and we all appreciate your efforts. I wonder if Alex realizes how lucky he is??

    I wanted to post this old YouTube of “Butterflies” at The Mint.
    Listen to how the song has evolved. I absolutely love the direction that he has taken with it. It has so much energy now and it seems to be almost on another level. To think that we first heard one verse and a small portion of the chorus on Ellen.
    His vocals have evolved also. He doesn’t strain as much when he hits belts and he seems to be extending his notes more, which accentuates his distinct qualities. He is truly remarkable. The more I listen to him, the more that I realize how special he is. :smile:

    • Haha Lauren, thanks, but you guys did all the work finding and posting links all day, so I just had to put them up :)

      That first show at the Mint, his voice was really shot – he even says so during one of the songs. Must have been practicing too much. And I agree the arrangement they’ve worked out is AMAZING — it’s got this kinda rolling, driving, yet groovy beat. Love it!!

  4. Sounds great but where’s Sam?
    Also, this motley bunch needs some stylin!!! :biggrin:
    Especially the front man!

    Why are the crowd reaction shots the exact same for both songs?? Weeeeird!


  6. I kind of doubt Sebastian got a golden ticket,seems like it would have been picked up by live stream. Hope he didn’t mention to the screeners at the auditions that he was a friend of Alex’s and had been to the DH.-that would have raised several eyebrows…

  7. I agree alleycat – I was the one who posted the question on DU. But I think if he had gotten one he would be busting – basically telling anyone – like even Shayne, the cleaning woman! He just doesn’t seem overjoyed.


    I posted the link here for the mini concert. It didn’t show up on the front page at DU. Oh Snuffles, you are bad, but I appreciate that pic. and he told Ben that he was out of shape. NOT!

  9. I just found the request on DU, it was filled and I commented on it and now it’s on the front page. I love that mic, he sounds sooooo amazinggg!!!

  10. Oh – everybody – – – It’s Katherine’s birthday today!!

    Happy Birthday To You. . . Happy Birthday To You. . .! ! ! :silly:

    (I would have posted this on FB. . .but we all know why not!)

  11. New DU vid-oooooo Alex Lambert = Sexiest F****in Voice in Music History :biggrin:

  12. Happy Birthday Katherine!! Alleycat truer words were never spoken lol! My sister has been a hard sell, but sent her this and now she is sold!!! And her 12 year old is now IN LOOOOOVE :heart:

  13. Happy B-day @Katherine.
    We :heart: Savannah Outen-Since I checked Alex’s Youtube hits on his primary IDK video,he’s clocking over triple the number of hits vs. before Savannah posted her cover.

  14. AWWWWW! You guys are so sweeeet!! THANK YOU ALL for the lovely birthday wishes!!

    @alleycatfan I totally agree, Alex’s voice is as smooth as buttah and sexy as hell! lol, he sounds so good with that mic!

  15. First of all, thanks for the mp3’s!!! Much appreciated.

    HAPPY B’DAY Katherine!!! Sneak — you never said a word! Hope you enjoyed your day.

    Lauren, it really is amazing! We loved him from the get go and just listen to him now. As much as I disliked Kara DioGuardia, she was exactly right when she said, “Some day we’re going to be sitting here saying look at him…” Paraphrasing of course, but I’m sure you all remember it.

    I’m going to say two things about Savannah’s cover of I Didn’t Know — #1) I didn’t like it. BUT, #2) if she’s getting Alex all those hits on his own video, I LOVE HER!!!! Sorry, to anyone who’s a fan of hers. I can’t say that I’m familiar with any of her music. I only listened to IDK and thought, “not so good.” But, that’s just my opinion and she’s got lots of fans, so someday when I have time I’ll listen to her some more. Let’s face it, once you’ve heard Alex, you’re kind of spoiled. :heart:

  16. @Janet- “once you’ve heard Alex, you’re kind of spoiled.”
    hahaha, so true! I just searched Alex on youtube and a bunch of covers popped up and I just realized how good he really is. Whoever said on DU that Alex is just “ordinary” must live in another planet coz your average youtube/karaoke/shower singer is more like “ordinary to atrocious” and Alex sounds nothing like that. HEELLLOOOO!??!!? something wrong with your ears or taste level? hahaha

    Oh and Happy Bday Miss Katherine!

  17. @Yves, I know, right? There’s no way Alex’s voice is just “ordinary”, please gimme a break already! I know exactly who it was, my favorite person on DU who shall remain nameless, lol. Whatever :getlost: !

    Anyway, thanks again for the birthday wishes everyone!! :heart:

  18. I loved when A said- I bought an old-school mike,cuz I have an old-school voice.At the VMA’s I saw Taylor Swift using the old-school mike,when they dressed her up in a 50’s outfit for her performance,but her voice is not old-school.The worst case I saw several weeks ago on VH1 Classic,and the Pop-star Tiffany was singing into one on a promo,and UGHHHH,Tiffany your voice is NOT Old-School Hon.When I watched this retrospective on 80’s Teen Queens- Tiffany was soooo bad ,she made Debbie Gibson look like a Genius!!! :lol: No wonder Tiff’s career lasted about 2 years,if that…

  19. Happy Birthday Katherine!!

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