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Oct 252010

Here’s video from Alex Lambert’s performance yesterday at the Brownstone Restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, as part of the “Paint the Town Pink” fundraiser in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Is the mullet back?! :wub: And what’s with the glasses?

Alex is sounding gooood!! “On My Tongue” in particular, which was written by Alex with Jason Reeves, stands out as one of the best (and most complete) performances of the song we’ve heard to date. In addition to “On My Tongue”, Alex played “Imperfectly Perfect” (another original), “Everybody Knows”, and “Heartbreak Hotel”.

He also explains why he chose to support this fundraiser (and on very short notice): his grandmother is currently battling breast cancer, so the cause is dear to his heart.

Alex is in Texas for a short stay, and will soon be returning to LA to continue working.

UPDATE: Per a tweet, Alex has returned to LA.

Many thanks go to Aj for the great footage!!!

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Imperfectly Perfect
On My Tongue
Heartbreak Hotel
Everybody Knows

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  1. Alex is back in LA and just tweeted about getting back in the studio. They are obviously still keeping him to the same schedule of writing with songwriters or recording demos. That tells me they are still interested in getting him signed, and not just gonna push all the work he’s done to the side. He can get some record deal with a major label or a smaller label will give him one, cause of all the writers he’s worked with and the exposure he’s gotten through IICD and Idol. I was more concerned about where he’d stay in LA and the expenses, but obviously he’s back and that’s taken care of some how. He needs to be in LA for the next few months at least or till CD is released.

    Snuffles: Yeah, I agree he should try some acting too and take lesson. He can do commercial and sing jingles too. Alex has that cute face and adorable dimples fitting for a commercial, and he has the interesting voice that’s suited for jingles. He’s signed to CAA and 19E management and they can find something like that to do to keep his face and name out there before he puts a song out. I dont think they can get him on ‘Dancing with the stars’ though. He’s just not known enough for that yet. There are many stars and semi-stars desperate to get on that show to revive their career and its highly rated show. I don’t really watch that show. I prefer “So you think you can dance” which is the real talent show with Nigel.

    Diane: I think Alex’s pop/soul style and songs he’s been recording has more mainstream appeal than Jason Castro’s. I have mainstream taste and I like Alex’s songs – its more my vibe than Jason’s. I checked out Jason’s songs on his site and I had to stop after listening to 3 – its just so bland and his voice is average. (Alex has the interesting voice and that’s a bonus) Jason’s music reminded me of Tim Urban’s and I couldn’t listen to more than 2 songs of Tim’s on his site. I could even tolerate listening to whole songs of David Archuleta’s new CD on Aol and majority were bland too. Kris Allen has a decent CD that’s actually mainstream sound and good beats and well produced too. There are a few songs up-tempo and midtempo songs with good beats on his CD I like. I like like “written all over my face”, ‘Red guitar’, “all right with me” (his next single) “before we come on done” and of course his very good version of “Heartless” by Kanye. His first single ‘live like we dieing’ is only ok. You can listen to the whole CD on his site too.

    Diane; I like that song “Check It Out” by and Nicky Minaj. He produced it and created the beat for her. And its really Will .i. am’s parts that I really most on the song. (Will .i. am has the coolest vibe and I LOVE his song “Boom, Boom pow” with black eyed peas) The reggae/dancehall parts Nicky did is good too, but I dont like her voice on the song. Her other song “your love” is just ok, but cool beats. She doesnt interest me yet, but I agree she will do well in this era of Lady Gaga – that’s the vibe she’s going for. Plus she has the Asian culture thing she’s really into to help her videos.

    Alleycatfan: Andrew wants to write or sing with Alex? I thought Alex’s voice blended very well with Andrew and Micheal when they sang together when they visited IICD (its in the video Lauren put together) The 3 of them have very nice voices that fits each other. Andrew seems to be doing a lot of gigs according to his tweets. He knows how to promote himself.

  2. @Shadow-I thought Jason was cute,but his singing,and songs were BORING.With Alex the public has a Very cute-looking guy,and when he sings it pumps you up,rather than putting old folks to bed,for the night,in the nursing home :sleeping:

  3. Diane; I meant to write I liked Will .i. am’s parts most on that ‘check it out’ song with Nicky Minaj’ — and the beats is cool.

    edited to add: Alleycatfan; Yeah, Jason Castro is a nice guy and cute but his music is boring. He’s very good at art/drawing though and I like that. I think he and Tim are thinking of doing some christian music too. I just don’t care for both their voices & singing, and I couldnt wait for both to be voted off on idol.

  4. Okay, I admit it. I can’t listen to more than 4 of Jason’s songs in a row. I tried, but it’s just too much of the same sound and does become boring. Too folksy… I bet Crystal’s album will have the same effect.
    Alex, on the other hand, is completely different. Obviously he’s more mainstream, but he has a voice that I can listen to for hours. I can’t get enough of it. Matter of fact, he is just about the only artist that I play on my Ipod; that’s how I know his career will be big. I listen to nothing but the best music, ha ha. As far as how his label will market him, time will tell. I was thinking about Alex going on a promotional tour, but then I read some of your comments and you all are probably right. It probably will not serve him well. Working with an already established artist will, however. If I were a female recording artist, I would snatch him up in a hurray and do a duet. Remember when he and V did “Don’t Say” together. He added so much to it. Alex truly has so many options ahead of him. No worries.
    Bruno Mars and Mike Posner- how were they marketed? Maybe Alex’s label will take the same route.

    The November 2nd date is now showing on my dvr and it does list Alex as the guest on my CW channel. However, Alex’s episode does not appear on Vh1’s schedule for November 2nd.

    I will do everything in my power to get this recorded and uploaded on Youtube. Again, fingers crossed.

  5. Oh man, that doesn’t look like a good sign, @Lauren. I believe Bo was scheduled for the morning slot on Nov 2nd, and he’s not on the VH1 calendar either. I hope they get this straightened out so it can get properly promoted. I thought something was amiss because we didn’t get any snippets of the show leaked to the music press this week.

    Thrilled to hear that Alex is back in the studio today. I wonder what song he’s recording? Old-Fashioned Girl possibly? Maybe he’ll tweet a clue. Or one of his producers will tweet some crumb for us.

    I agree that Jason Castro never was much of a singer. And he’d be the first to admit that. If it wasn’t for those dreadlocks and bright blue eyes, he probably never would have made it to the Top 12 of Idol.

  6. @Diane, my TV guide has Alex Lambert’s DFTL listed for the air date of Nov. 2 on my
    local channels (airing 2 times). I hope that doesn’t change. I am going to try to record it
    too, I hope it works. (crosses fingers).

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