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Aug 252010

Alex Lambert “Heartbreak Hotel” mp3 download.

  107 Responses to “Alex Lambert Sings Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” Live From Graceland”

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  1. Alex T, how about playa?

  2. Alex don’t listen too much to what we say…it doesn’t sound the same on our speakers as it does live, stop worrying. You’re gonna do great!

  3. Are the still reading?

    If so, what’s the setlist for Saturday? Oh yeah and vlogs Alex vlogs!

    • Alex why don’t you get on Twitter instead? You guys won’t have to keep refreshing… Actually nix that idea… not everyone here has twitter… or do we?

  4. I second that Yves, more Vlogs.

  5. Tweet session now!
    Fuck it, I’ll just be a zombie at work tomorrow… Lemme log on

  6. Hi Sam!

  7. What’s up Sam!?!?! hahaha :cool:

  8. Hi guys! What a treat you are giving us tonight.
    Alex, we love you and your band members. They are all so talented and you will be impressive at the Roxy.

  9. Where r the twins????

  10. Hope Someones video capturing all this

  11. We can request it on DU. Make note of the time. about midnight in LA until ……

  12. Ok I media requested this whole thing on DU just FYI. I gotta sleep…
    If Alex and them are reading this… You guys ROCK, and probably the cutest band ever!

    • Oh man, Alex’s voice really does sound shot… come on guys, focus! Get it done so he can go to bed!!

  13. Agreed, Alex is trying to get them focused, but they keep messing around…Samuel I’m looking at you.

  14. They are just really tired. I think they’ve got it though. Guess who will be sleeping late tomorrow. Me! but yeah probably Alex, too.

    • Hmm well there was a nice big cardboard box waiting for Alex on his bed… wonder who sent that?

  15. Alright Alex left to take his band members home, so I’m going to bed. That sure was fun though! They’re gonna sound great!

    Goodnight Alex L., Alex T., Oliver, Sam, Freddy, and George!! :wub:

  16. I just woke up to this. I missed it all! I am so jealous of all of you. Now I must continue reading. :cwy:

  17. A slew of new videos from the Huntington Beach No Tell Motel event uploaded 7 hours ago on youtube.

    • Thanks for the tip Lauren! Will give them a listen and upload them just as soon as I get through this very last pile of submissions!! (Yay!)

  18. Lauren – Thanks for the tip. He really did great. I wish that had shown some of those other songs on the show.

  19. Well, thats what I get for going to bed like a normal person lol………missed some good stuff..Phooey! :pinch:

  20. Lauren, thanks for the heads up! I found them:

    Alex looks nervous… He’s barely smiling! He needs to use his dimples to their full disarming effect!

    And I’m so sad I missed the band practice!!! Alex, Alex T, Sam AND Baby Melons… oh and Oliver!!! They sound as if they get along well. Did they really? :heart:

  21. Of course I fall asleep before all the good stuff happens! I hope someone got video of this! PLEASE?

    • Sorry was at work on mac – no video. But someone’s put in a request over at DU.

      By the way Reyne, the Baby Melons weren’t there (no idea why).

  22. Boooo!!! I am so mad I missed this. I kept checking here and at the IICD and nothing was happening so I went to bed. :( That must have been so awesome for you guys!

  23. Kass -regarding the absence of Freddy and George – someone mentioned earlier (DU?) that it might be due to them being under 18, but that doesn’t really make sense. Under-ager Aaron Kelly has visited the house twice. Once, with all the Idols, including another under-ager, Katie Stevens, and once with Turban. So I’m not sure that would be the reason. I’m just reporting something I read.

    • Yeah I saw that too areyouin, and since Alex’s brother was 17 when he visited and the baby melons’ stepbrother Alex T. is also 17 and was at the house, that can’t be it.

  24. The way I understand it, 17 years can come in as long as they have a waiver signed by their parents or legal guardian. So maybe the baby Melons have not gotten their waiver signed yet.

  25. Good call, Cathy! That might be it.

  26. It could also just be that they were busy. :wink:

  27. Of course.

  28. @Reyne-Alex’s dimples could MELT A GLACIER!!!!!!! :biggrin: :heart:

  29. @alleycatfan- I agree with you there. :heart: :wub:

  30. Maybe the Baby Melons have a curfew. They’re still only 17. And if I was their mother, I’d probably want to make sure they were home by 11 or 12.

  31. don’t think they have a curfew. but they do go to MI. early mornings

  32. Excellent point Lambertfaann.

  33. What’s “MI”?

  34. @snuffles MI = Musician’s Institute. It’s the school the twins attend.

  35. Oh. Thanks. OK, so they’re still in school.

  36. Yup it’s a very good music school here’s the link if interested.

  37. Gollymolly: Yeah, Alex was very focused yesterday at practice. Even if it seemed like they were just hanging out, I liked how he had his eyes on the ball and tried to tell them what parts each should do. He’s becoming a pro. I like Sam, and I liked that Alex added him to the band, but Sam tends to play around with Alex. He has to focus more till they perfect what they need to do. I’ve seen some of Sam’s performance on youtube and I know he can deliver even if he seems like he’s less serious. Sam can be playful at times.

    Areyouin: Alex has the most adorable dimples, and his beats any I’ve seen. He has that sweet smile too that makes it a perfect combo. I get distracted by his dimples — I just go aww he’s so cute, and I feel like kissing him on the cheek on his dimples. When he was auditioning the band in that episode I kept looking at his dimples as he smiled. But when he walks around the house in his gray, and the silver gray basketball shorts, I look at his butt and think of what a punk ass boy he is, and I feel like going to spank him on his punk-ass butt 3 times. :)
    Here is a pic of Alex at Dodgers game showing his smile and dimples after singing the anthem.

  38. Great photo, Shadow! He has such nice teeth, too! And — I can definitely see how he would have played and been a good football player. He’s got a nice, masculine neck – strong like you would need for football!

  39. Areyouin: Yeah he has the adorable dimples, and he has an athletic physique too – you can see his broad upper body more from the back. Playing football and punching those boxing bags helps develop that area, and Alex did those sports. Swimmers and surfers have built upper bodies too. Alex can maintain his with swimming and punching bags, but not too much surfing though. I like guys with athletic upper body and broad backs. I like Alex’s broad upper back and I’m always looking at it when his back is on camera.

  40. How tall is Alex?

  41. Carol Ann, I think he/someone said one time he was 5′-8″, but I’m not 100% sure.

  42. So you noticed his back also, Shadow?? Mighty fine. And those thin gray shorts are distracting, I’ll say that… :tongue:

    I think I’ve heard him say he’s 5′-8″ as well Tracy.

    • Hi guys! I will most defitely get an mp3 of that Everybody Knows performance up… though prob tomorrow, because by the time I get home tonight I plan to have imbibed copious amounts of ouzo and the mp3 will end up backwards or something lol. Look out for it in whatever latest post is up then.

      Future hypothetical Alex concert where we all meet up: third round’s on me I guess? :P

  43. Diane: I see you like his broad back, and the thin gray shorts too. Yeah, nice to look at. “wink” And he tends to wear it with no tops too.

    Alex was Ryan Seacrest height or a bit taller when on idol. He should be around 5’8″ – he looks much taller when next to Kara of IICD though. I’m 5’4″ and Kara is probably around that too. Also, I think the tighter jeans makes Alex look more streamlined and taller than jeans that are loose that he got now. I like the tight jeans, but not when its too tight on him.

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