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Sep 192010

Alex Lambert shows off his new tattoo of the Lone Star State!

Read this post for details, including info on the tattoo’s designer, the legendary Mark Mahoney of Shamrock Tattoo.

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  1. Did anyone notice that the commercial before this clip was for Band-aid and Neosporin. That’s pretty funny. IDK maybe the commercials rotate and you all are seeing a different one. Anyway, love the tattoo.

  2. @Cathy I saw the same thing you did… That is pretty funny!

    I love Alex’s tattoo! Representing Texas!

  3. I freakin love the tattoo…he has guts to get it right there in such a hard place to cover…i always said tho if i were to get a tattoo that’s where i’d want it…but wow he has guts…he might have inspired me to get one of the state of Ohio on the same’ll c….i dont think it’s stupid @ all like he said in his Vlog…its a great way to honor the state and traditions that shaped him into who he is!

  4. Alex’s Texas tattoo. It looks bigger than the pic I saw when he put it close. They like things big in Texas they say. I like the little star. He wont forget Texas with that on his arm – its meaningful to him. And if he ever chooses to remove it he won’t have to chop of his arm. LOL. Its just an outline of a map and should be an easy tattoo to erase with xray unlike the complicated detailed ones.

    Alex drinking mountain dew. Teenage boys seems to be the one I see drinking it most for some reason – their commercials seems to target them too. I’ve only had mountain dew a few times. I prefer coca-cola Zero.

    Cathy: Band aid and neosporin commercial. I didnt notice cause I tend to ignore the commercials, but its appropriate.

    Btw, I read a recent article that says Hulu leads other sites like youtube by 2 to 1 in amount of commercials shown this year and generated twice as much income from it as a result. I’m not surprised cause hulu shows commercials like every 5 mins of an IICD episode and every vlog.

  5. Nice — very nice. I like it.

  6. Burning Question: Isn’t “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” supposed to air tonight? I can’t find it in the TV Guide! What station is it on? We need to tweet about it.

  7. @Janet, VH1 at 7:00. We talked about it in the Alex and Jordyn get their first tattoos thread. We were all trying to figure it out too.

  8. It looks like (on my guide anyway)7pm and 730pm et. today and then tomorrow at 11am and 1130am, same episodes. They said the episode names are Lelani and Alicia V, so maybe those are the contestants names. Doesn’t say anything about any celebrity guests tho. it would be nice to get a heads up from them when the celebrities are on.

  9. I looked at the episodes through October 1 and there are no Idols scheduled as far as I can tell. I just saw the random names that you saw Linda. The sames names appear when they rerun the episode the next day. There are no dates posted after Oct. 1 yet. Looks like we will be waiting awhile, but what do I know, nothing..I’m not the stinkin programming director, haha! :unsure:

  10. Didn’t I read on MJ’s last week that Taylor Hicks’ episode will air some time in October? I don’t think we’ll see the episode with Alex in it before then. Maybe they’ll do a week’s worth of celebrity guests at that time. I seem to recall it was mid-October. I know that these producers can be pretty lame, but I don’t think they would forget to promote Alex’s appearance on the show.

  11. I loved the show Don’t Forget The Lyrics, but I loved the show with the MC they had on it. He was magic on that show. He was the glue. Loved the people also on the show, most could sing well and loved music so much. Could not believe they took it off. Why? I do not understand tattoos. Some are sort of cool maybe? and some are not! I like body piercings better.

  12. @Diane – Yeah, I think Taylor Hicks is the first Idol up on the show.

  13. Okay. Glad we cleared that up. LOL! So, Alex may or may not be on tonight. Sounds more like not. I find it hard to believe IICD would be lame enough not to promote it if he was really going to be on tonight. But, then again, who knows??? :ninja:

  14. Why is MJ posting about Alex getting a tattoo,is a celeb getting a tattoo newsworthy? -no. Music,and related subjects- Yes…

  15. alleycatfan: It does seem off topic for MJ to be reporting on Alex’s tattoo, but I guess it’s good. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

  16. Anybody have any idea who Emily and Sebastian are?

  17. My guess is friends from “back home”, but what do I know. Hee! They don’t seem like LA types. Too bad Jordyn isn’t home, because she’s the only one that would hang with them and get some conversation going to help us out. :biggrin:

  18. Sebastian’s pretty good on piano. Did he say he plays all by ear?! I thought he said that. I like him and he sings well too. He’s talented.

  19. Sebastien is a good singer and entertainer. He freestyles well too. He and Alex must have spent many a nights singing together. There is a similiarity in their style. I can imagine them listening to John Legend together. Sebastien said something about the registration being on Tuesday. I bet he was talking about American Idol. Registration starts tomorrow in LA. Is Sebastien auditioning?

  20. Sebastian is one of Alex friends from home. Looks like he went to the same high school as RJ. Graduated in 06. Lives in Coppell Texas.

  21. I heard him talking in the LR. He is trying out for AI.

  22. Is Alex letting Sebastien crash there as he tries out? I wonder if that will be a conflict of interest.

  23. So does any one know if Alex was on DFTL? Its already been on here, so I dont know.

  24. As Alex was just playing Old Fashioned Girl-I changed my mind-I think it could make the album.As Diane pointed out a few days ago,it is similar to-Let’s Wait Awhile. So,it could be arranged like Janet Jackson’s slow Pop/R&B tracks… :cool:

  25. Darn – I missed OFG!

  26. @alleycatfan Old Fashion Girl actually reminds me a little of John Legend’s Save Room for My Love, dunno if you or anyone here has heard that song before.

    Darn, I totally forgot about DFTL too! Although I really don’t think it aired today. I’m sure when it does, it will be advertised.

  27. Linda – I watched the one that aired at 7pm. It was a woman contestant. I watched the beginning of the one at 7:30 – it was some other woman contestant. So no “celebrities” tonight.

  28. @areyouin Don’t stress… he was playing the file that the songwriters e-mailed him…the same as the video that is on this site. Possibly Alex will be recording the demo tomorrow.

  29. I wonder how different things would be if the twins hadn’t come into Alex’s life? I’m curious if he met them first,(through Alex Hinds), or did the Purple Melons get in a good word for the younger siblings…or is the whole thing a big set up? <<——jaded

    Jordyn missed all the action again today. Now she's home alone at the Dream House. I feel bad for her for some reason, I guess I kind of like her around. I wonder if she leaves tomorrow or Wednesday. She's certainly not packing tonight. Will they film her big packing scene like they did for Veronica? I think not.

    Every time I stream the Dream House through Google Chrome lately, it has crashed. Anyone else have this problem?? It's probably better if I don't watch…so maybe I shouldn't figure out what's wrong. :ermm:

    ETA: Awww, crap, I just read on DU that she leaves tomorrow afternoon. Too bad she wasn’t home today to hang out with the Dreamers. They were actually all home at the same time for a short while.

  30. I think the Purple Melons manager hooked them up with “If I Can Dream”. Apparently they were on “The Hills” once. So they already had a reality TV connection. So that probably lead them to doing IICD.

    I think Alex just lucked out that Tom Hill had 2 younger brothers close in age to Alex that were great musicians. Alex is really fortunate that he found friends his age he could hang out with and a place to “chill” away from the camera’s when he needs to. For a while there Alex was always the odd guy out because he was too young to go to the clubs and bars with his fellow dreamers. And staying around the house all the time was driving him mad.

  31. @Diane, I’m pretty sure last time Purple Melon was at the house Tom said he or they(Purple Melon) suggested the twins to Alex.

    ETA: yeah, snuffles, Eric said in an interview that The Hills led to more tv appearances “like Simon Fuller’s new show.” So I guess it wasn’t what Ben said about a “friend” telling him to check them out. Or who knows how it happened since IICD make so much stuff up.

    And yeah, too bad there’s no one home. Especially since I guess it’s Jordyn’s last night in the house? I really have liked having her in the house. Wish she could stay.

  32. I really like Jordyn too. I am surprised that I like her. When I heard she was going to be staying at the house I thought I wouldn’t like her, but I do. I am glad she was there, she brought a little life into the house, again. I hope she comes back. She also was someone for Alex to hang with.

  33. Hey Y’all!! I’m up waay too late, but just a heads up, I just checked DU and they filled the request of Alex playing “That Girl is Trouble”!!! alleycatfan was right! It’s amazing, fun, catchy and Alex sounds awesome! Definitely sounds like a hit! For those of you not lucky enough to hear it (like me), GO CHECK IT OUT!.

    P.S. If this is a song that may go on the album, we may not want to make an MP3 of it, no? Idk, just sayin…

  34. I saw Alex and his Texas friends Emily and Sebastian only for about 30 mins – and that was before the whole cooking with Caitlin thing. When I got back to check them out again they had left. Sebastian is like Alex and isn’t shy and likes singing to himself too. Its good he got to hangout with old friends. Caitlin should like Sebastian – he helped with cooking and did the dishes according to updates. I laughed when Sebastian asked Kara about her boyfriend who was crying — he must have watched the episode of Brandt.

    Diane: Alex met the Melons first when they visited IICD – after that he started hanging out with them and met the twins. They have a big house where he can go hang out. He knew the twins before they auditioned obviously. He has plenty of friends in LA now, and thats why he’s not home much. He didnt used to know many people before, and he only hung out with Sam and producer/song writer Ray Ruffin.

  35. Oh wow, I really like “That Girl is Trouble”. It IS really catchy. I hope he still puts it on the album even though he played it to the public. Being he played it for “all” to hear, will it still go on the album?? What if it doesn’t?
    You know I just can’t figure it out what it is about him that captivates me so much. I mean every song he has sung I love. I don’t think there has ever been a singer that I have loved every song they sung.
    I was thinking the other day that Alex is a “Pied Piper” using his instrument (amazing voice) to hypnotize all of us, and we will follow him anywhere. lol :lol: :tongue: :lol:

  36. Ok, one more comment, I can see “That Girl is Trouble” as a big hit on the radio. :w00t:
    Now I must go to bed. night.

    • Yeah guys just in case I’m not posting the video here or making an mp3… you’ll have to head over to DU and make an account to check it out!

      • Oh I loooove it though!!! The reggae vibe is great!!
        Hmm maybe if it’s not going on the album it’ll be cause the sound is so different from all the other stuff he’s done? Hence him playing it? Too bad if that’s the case… I’d personally rather have an album of this kind of stuff…
        It’s more in line with what Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars are doing, right? Which is really popular now, right?

        • Hahaha it’s so funny posting comments during the “dead zone” when all the Americans are tucked up tight in their beds… like I’m talking to myself lol. Then I have to be patient till you all wake up!

  37. Kassandra, yeah, it’s very Mraz/Mars. I think Alex himself mentioned that he was doing a Mraz-y song, right? :happy: Will try to catch the lyrics and get back to you.

  38. I LOVE That Girl Is Trouble! The album better be pretty damn good if he’s “throwing away” songs like this! :wink:

  39. Kassandra, I tried to listen to the lyrics like I said I would. But I had to give up. The only thing I know for sure is:

    Trouble trouble. Oh oh oh oh.

    :lol: :ninja:

    Sorry… :blush:

  40. “That girl is trouble trouble, from her head to her toes”

  41. I think I’ve got most of the lyrics figured out if you want them (even if you’re not putting them up). Not everything, but almost :wink:

  42. I listened to Alex’s song “The girl is trouble” and I really like the vibe, and how it started with a distinct beat – it has a Mraz Pop/soul vibe with quasi-reggae/calypso beat in there (with a bit of hip-hop delivery too in how Alex sings some parts with abrupt ‘stop and start” – which is how he started “wonderful world” too which I like) This song can be a single and is radio friendly – and it should be even better once final recording is done. Also, about a month ago I posted here some links of one of my favorite reggae artists UB40 – which is British pop/soul/reggae band that Alex’s voice will fit the songs. He has a voice that fits this type of style and he sounded good on Mraz song on AI too, so its good he has a song like this. I like reggae and I own a few reggae CDs. Btw, Alleycatfan described that beat at beginning of the song in another thread as calypso when she heard it, and its close to that too cause classic reggae beats and Calypso beat are similar and Caribbean music.

    Yeah, Kassandra I was gonna say don’t make mp3 of this too. Its gonna be on the CD for sure and a likely single. I think he just played it in his room so we hear it not necessarily that he wants its all over.

    • Can I just say… whoever got to see that Roxy show, you are SO LUCKY! I hope you all realize it!! I bet pretty soon, to get that close to the stage at an Alex Lambert show, you’re gonna have to line up hours in advance. Jealous!

  43. I’ve been listening to “That Girl Is Trouble” all morning. It’s current, catchy, and Alex’s voice fits it perfectly. I like the song because Alex is in fact just 19 and he should have some youthful age appropriate songs . At least he is trying to run away from the girl who is taking off her clothes, lol.
    Alex can surely sing a reggae-like song; it sits well in his register and the flutters are present, one of his most distinguishable traits. BTW, I love the way he sings “tele”phone, very British-like.
    Why can’t we all live in LA? The place would have been packed. Yes Kass, it won’t be long before the people will be lined up to see him. I would have died for the opportunity to have been at his show.
    @Reyne I wonder if there is another Mraz-y song. One night about a month ago he was composing a song and recording it on his laptop. The chorus had the words “it feels so good” in it, not sure if anyone remembers it…definitely Mraz-y. I woke up the next morning with the melody stuck in my head. I really liked it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the song will be developed.

  44. WOW!!!! “That Girl Is Trouble” is GREAT!!!! it’s crazy….just when I think it can’t get better, I hear a song like this one by our dude Alex and I’m blown away again!

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