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Aug 052010

“Untouchable” mp3 download.

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  1. OMG guys, did you see his Untouchable demo……???? Another hit I’d say! Love it!

  2. Linda – I did see the untouchable demo. I like it. I know there has been some discussion about it being overproduced. But I think its fun and upbeat.

    I was thinking (that always dangerous) Alex always says he is keeping the songs for his album a secret. He even told Ben the other day that he would not play his the new song in the house because it was definitely going on his album. So why is he so freely giving us some of his songs? He was hardly trying to keep Untouchable a secret since he play it at full volume over and over again in the Guest room. Also, Imperfectly Perfect was posted to that music player icon almost immediately after he got it back. I think they have “given” them to us because they have already decided that those songs are not album material. What do you think? I think these songs are examples of songs that are NOT going on the album.

    On the flip side, some of Alex’s demos seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. What about “Never Wakin’ Up”. C’mon, I’m sure he’s gotten it back by now. Maybe that one was put in the vault for his album. Also, “One Kiss” seems to have disappeared. I’m sure there are others that I just can’t remember. So my thought is this. For those of us who were hoping for something a little less produced for the album, I think there is still hope.

    Kass – just in case I don’t get another chance. Have a nice vacation. Hope there is lots of interesting developments for you when you get back.

  3. Cathy, I think you are right about the album, Hmmmm, Yeah, I was a little concerned about this one, but I actually liked it, it was amazing as always. :smile:

  4. Thank Cathy, but nope not gone yet! Still got the rest of today and tomorrow! Only one more day of work though!! :silly: :w00t:

    Interesting theory…you may be right about these being songs that have already been rejected from the album (though seriously they’re SO GOOD, if THESE are rejected, what do the ones that made it sound like?!) However, I still don’t think there’s hope for a bit less produced album, especially after the Skype session yesterday, when he pretty much said he’s gonna let them do whatever they want and his album has to be this way since he came off of Idol. However, there IS a lot of hope for subsequent albums, based on what he was saying.

    Also I have to say, despite my allergy to overproduction, this Untouchable demo is PRETTY DAMN AMAZING!! I could seriously do without the autotune, but the rest – beats, backup vocals, instruments – I kinda surprisingly like! And is it just me, or does it have a strangely 80’s vibe to it, despite the production? IDK… Phil Collins always gets stuck in my head after I’ve listened to it… not that it sounds like a particular song, it’s just got that cool groove to it.

    PS How amazing is that vlog where he reads Lauren’s postcard?? She’s gonna flip when she gets back on Sunday!!

  5. You might be right but I don’t think any song has been rejected yet. They usually record up to 30 songs before cutting it down to 10 – 12. So they’re only sharing a small sampling to get people interested in Alex.

    And they haven’t even gone into full production mode yet. They don’t make album cut decisions until after the full production has been completed.

  6. I love it! But I already knew that I would… Alex hasn’t disappointed me yet and I am sure he never will. He fantastic at what he does! Can’t wait for the next one… So excited! :biggrin:

  7. @Cathy you may be right about some of these songs not going on his album. He even refers to “Dream With My Eyes Open” as the Dream theme song, so I don’t think it will be on. He did get “Never Waking Up” back and there is a recording of it on youtube. He was playing it in the laundry room, so the quality is not the best, but you can hear it. I am waiting for him to get “One Kiss” back. I personally would appreciate not knowing every song that he demos. I want some suspense when I buy his album. To be able to hear a song for the first time will be exciting. It’s amazing that we have been able to have this opportunity to experience what we have. Hey if some of these demos don’t make it then that’s more mp3s for our Alex Lambert library. As far as “Untouchable” I like the beat and groove, but I can do without the autotune. There’s just so much of that going on in today’s music and Alex doesn’t need it. We want Alex to be a trendsetter, but then again, maybe he can do this in his second album.

  8. Alex Lambert always puts a huge smile on my face :)

    Untouchable is a great track. Super catchy, very current and I cant help but groove to it when I listen to it. I actually feel like they pulled back a bit on the space sounds from the first time he listened to it. there’s more guitar coming through which is awesome. I cant wait to hear his other stuff, so exciting! He’ll be the biggest idol to come out last season, cant wait! Can anyone make an MP3 of this…. please????

  9. “Untouchable” demo mp3 download link:

    Oh, and I’ve added the lyrics to the lyrics tab under the banner. Can someone check them out and confirm I’ve got them right? I was kind of sketchy on the phrasing vs. punctuation and where to break the lines….

  10. Haha Yves (that is you Char, right?) I read your mind!
    Yeah I wondered if they pulled back the “space sounds” too! It sounds much better!

  11. Hi Everybody! I’m a lurker, lol…this site is AWESOME!
    Anywho, I’m Debbie. HUGE fan of Alex. Love reading everyone’s comments. You guys are so funny!

    I would love to send Alex a gift but I am so strapped right now that I can’t :sad: But I have an AWESOME idea if someone wants to take the ball and run with it. I remembered during his interview the other day that he was having trouble tuning his guitar, and I thought he might really like to have his own little electronic guitar tuner! I found one that can clip right onto his guitar so he’ll never have trouble tuning again!

    What do you guys think? Would he love it? :biggrin: :heart:



  12. Thanks Kass!!! and yeah its Char just thought id change it up a bit :)

    Maybe all the complaints are going through and they are indeed listening to fan feedback coz this sounds much better than when he first listened to it. I dunno maybe coz its better quality too than a record of him listening to it. Either way I’m on loop mode right now…

    • IDK finally, I went back and listened to the recording of when we heard him listening to it for the first time, and I think it’s actually the same. Just sounds better when not played through a livestream mic!
      I’ve got it repeating too. It’s really catchy this one!

      And it doesn’t sound CHEAP, like the production on Imperfectly Perfect…

  13. Oh and Debbie glad you de-lurked!
    I think it’s a fantastic idea!! Thanks for suggesting!

  14. Aw, thanks Kass! I’m glad I did, too :biggrin:
    I’m happy you like my gift idea, too.
    He seemed so frustrated when he couldn’t get his guitar in tune,
    then he had to switch to the other one!
    I can’t believe they don’t already have a tuner there :whistle:
    So if anyone is looking for something to get Alex,
    by all means go for it.

    On another note, this must be quite a band practice if Alex is still out of the house! (I guess they forgot to update his avatar :w00t: )



  15. The song is not only album worth,but def. single worthy-They are trying to build a buzz for Alex thats why they release some of the demos.Simon is definitely marketing Alex outside of the Idol bubble, thats why this,and other techniques are so drastically different from Idol marketing.Also,ALEX LIKELY will be with Universal/Interscope or Universal/Def Jam,with a co-label of 19(as production partner),and their A & R man has tremendous instincts,as to what will sell,and smash on radio-I’ve read a lot about him,and its Awesome!

  16. I sure hope so Alleycatfan! It seems like Universal has a choke hold on most of Top 40 and Urban radio these days. And all the best hip hop and rap acts seem to be on Universal. Increases the chances of getting a good guest rapper on Alex’s first official single. Which in turn will help get Alex on Urban radio and the more urban oriented Top 40 stations.

    If they play this right, Alex could be a cross between the teen dreamy Justin Bieber and the urban cool of Mike Posner – but with a much better voice than both of them combined!

  17. “this is my most ganster track so far, so, i hope you like it” haha! I like it more than i thought i would. you can actually hear the guitar in it, and before i thought you couldn’t. still a little too auto tuned but much better than i expected! Maybe with his new band he can record his tracks with real drums, bass, etc. That would be better than all the synthesizers and such.

  18. Oh, did you guys hear that? Kara got off the phone with Kristin and said shes excited she gets to go to the children’s hospital today and that Alex is playing…..hmmmm

  19. I’m glad to see Alex wore his finest white “T” for the demo filming. (snark) :tongue:

    I hope we’re not getting our hopes up too much about getting signed with Universal. I wish I had your sense of optimism, Alleycatfan. Sony wouldn’t know what to do with him, frankly. The Jive label is littered with all the Idols, and J Records just signed Mike Posner, so he probably wouldn’t go there (although that one might be the best fit.)

    You’re right, snuffles, Alex does seem to be a cross between Bieber and Posner. Although both of those guys are pretend gangsters, (with their middle class suburban upbringing), whereas, we know Alex truly is “gangsta”.

    And I still think Alex needs a new name, like Alley Cat, or something else chill. Maybe it’s too late for that, though. :sad: I’m just not sure the music world can support three “Lamberts”. Maybe he could shorten it to “Lamb”??

  20. I think the world can handle another Lambert. Miranda is country. Adam is pop/dance and Alex can be pop/R&B/hip hop.

  21. @Diane-I’m glad that Posner signed with J records recently,as thats a Sony/RCA product,which further increases the chances of Alex going to Universal…if Simon can swing a deal.Now Alex saying Warner Records,a few weeks ago,I think he was just saying something to be saying something-unless Warner wanted to return to their glory days with Madonna under Sire/Warner,and later just Warner Bros.label that she was Queen Bee of…Jason Derulo is about all they currently have now,OH,and of course the Stellar Kara Dioguardi…-poor Kara,though,she didn’t deserve to be treated like trash,recently, when she was sacked in that way…

  22. But speaking of Miranda. She and Alex sure do look like they could be related! And she’s from Texas too! Hmmm….

  23. Kass – Thanks for the mp3. I played it for my daughter and she loved it too.

  24. Alex is home check it out!

  25. @Janet-just saw Alex putting on your cross under his plaid shirt!


    Universal Music and “American Idol” Join Forces
    August 04, 2010 | Peter Cronin | Comments 1 Print This Post .19 Entertainment and American Idol creator Simon Fuller, and Universal Music Group (UMG), today announced a long-term strategic alliance to increase the development, distribution and marketing of American Idol’s musical artists. The announcement, which marked an abrupt end to Idol’s nine-season relationship with Sony Music, was made by Doug Morris, Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer of UMG, Lucian Grainge, Co-Chief Executive Officer of UMG, and by Simon Fuller on behalf of 19 Entertainment.

    “We like delivering hits and new artists,” stated Grainge. “UMG and American Idol is the right combination at the right time. Pairing the renowned expertise of Simon and Jimmy in developing and marketing musical talent creates a truly winning combination that will allow Idol’s artists to realize their fullest potential.”

  27. First of all, this song makes me dance. An Alex dance track? Love it. I’m working on the choreography now. :happy:

    And, Kass, I can’t believe you mentioned Phil Collins! When I had Ed trapped in the car last week for a full-on Alex session, that’s who Ed said Alex reminded him of. I was like, what? But, I guess I’ll have to listen to old Phil again.

    Got stuck working all day. So, alleycatfan, I missed Alex putting on the cross again. Well, at least I know he likes it and that makes me very, very happy!

    Welcome, Debbie and glad you joined the party! We get a little crazy once in awhile, but then we check ourselves and calm down. We’re the official Alex’s Angels, but who are we kidding? We’re his private mafia/gang/defenders/avengers. Who couldn’t love this boy?

  28. P.S. A really old and dear musician friend, who I just turned onto Alex, just messaged me that he’s jealous of Alex’s “soulful voice”– and this guy has some vocal chops, let me tell you. Wow! See — we’ve been 100% right all along. Alex is mega-talented.

  29. Janet, as I’ve stated many times before, I know absolutely nothing about the music business. (Although I know more now that I used to.) I sometimes feel like I have little to add to the conversation here. However, I am totally impressed by the depth of knowledge on this board. You and so many others really seem to know this business. I love hearing all the different perspectives and ideas. Whenever I hear that someone in the music industry, like your friend, is impressed by Alex I get so excited. Thanks for sharing that. It just confirms what we already knew. Although I don’t know much about the business, I do know what I like and I like Alex. Check that. I love Alex! That is something we all have in common, I think.

  30. Why oh why do I read MJ’s blog? People there always piss me off. Of course, there were some valid criticisms, but I just get so pissed off with the “nothing special” or “this guy has no charisma” comments. SAY WHAT? I want to shake them until they come to their senses. I can’t help but want to write back, you’re tone deaf, you’re stupid, you wouldn’t know charisma if it bit you in the ass, but…I stopped myself. Sheesh, you’d think I birthed this boy myself. I get so pissed off! Alex is just so real and loving with that huge voice. How could anyone not see that? Morons. Thanks for letting me vent. Time for me to get out of the house for awhile. Cranky hubby. Not in the mood for his crap right now either. Catch you all later. Peace.

  31. Did anyone catch Alex playing Part of a new song earlier in TBR,before he left with KARA- IT WAS KILLER!!!!!!!!,AND i THINK HE WROTE IT WITH Busbee yesterday,because he said earlier they wrote a new song on ukelele,yesterday,and the way he played the guitar sounded like a uke.But, this new song is SO KILLER,it almost blows Untouchable out of the water,and I like Untouchable.Alex played a third to half of it -it was not on JUST WATCH,due to ISABELLA MIKO,but you can try DU.Plus we have not-and may have to wait on album-for the Avila Brothers smash{es)from last week-There will be so MANY SMASH hits -we’ll just have to celebrate for a year when the album drops! :w00t:

  32. alleycatfan, I did!! It sounded awesome!!! I really need better speakers or I need to get some headphones, but that song is gonna be killer. And now hes off singing to the little kids in the hospital, well they are going to be in for a real treat!!!!! :heart:

  33. I wanna hear! I wanna hear! Did anyone capture it?

  34. I like the “untouchable” demo now, and I liked it the first time he played it on computer too. I knew it’ll sound even clearer when we get to play the actual demo directly and some people will turn around appreciate it more. It sounds a bit produced but you can still hear its his voice – and it makes it radio friendly and it works for this song, cause its mainstream Pop/R&B you can dance to. I like how they open the song with a banging beat that makes you wanna dance. Alex can deliver R&B close to Justin Timberlake level. Soul and R&B just sounds natural with his voice as well as Pop and blues. Anyway, there are more songs to come and from what I see Alex is picking some good mainstream songs that makes him marketable.

    I think some are hearing Phil Collins type voice here cause Alex’s upper range has hardly any rasp and can sound like Phil, Sam Cooke and even Akon’s. I like Alex’s upper range most and his vocals on idol showcased that more, and I like when he can find songs that shows it or rhymes with ‘eee’ sound cause he gets to show his upper range more like in “wonderful World”. Alex different aspect of his voice and its good when he can showcase them. Also, Phil Collins is a soulful singer too and likes to do songs you can dance to – that’s partly why people may think Alex reminds them of him on this song. I’ve always liked Phil Collins by the way – he’s a great singer with a great voice.

    I read updates that Alex was talking to Kristin about songs to perform at kids hospital today and he mentioned Bob Marley and Butterflies cause kids will like that. I think Alex should sing the Bob Marley song at the surfer beach tournament friday too – surfers are the laid back type who will like that vibe. BTw, Its good they allowed Kara to go with Alex to the kids hospital too – he will focus on the performing and she can do the talking.

  35. Hi Janet! :biggrin: Thanks for the welcome! I like craziness – LOL!
    It’s never boring! Btw, is there a quote button? I can’t find it.


  36. Awwwww, what a sweetie!

    Oh, and is that something shiny your necklace Janet???

  37. Some of those people at MJ’s blog just like to be critical cause they had issues about something he said before wanting lee to win. And some are jealous their favorites arent getting attention like Alex is. And i cant even take Mj’s description of ‘bland’ seriously – cause a song with a good melody and a very good beat that’s danceable like this can never be considered bland. Its a radio friendly song.

  38. Thanks for all the updates everyone!! I’m missing a lot of stuff since I’m away and I didn’t bring my laptop. I actually liked Untouchable when I first heard it, a little more production than we’re used to but I dig that its upbeat and catchy! Well I am in Cali. I was actually in Huntington Beach today, but won’t be able to go tomorrow, b/c I have to go with my family on a tour through Hollywood :( oh well, still hoping I’ll bump into Alex somwhere before I leave Sunday! Oh and welcome Debbie!

  39. Saw this comment on MJsL (I cut out the bitchy part)
    08/05/2010 at 7:52 pm

    Simon F. is marketing Alex completely outside of the Idol bubble,thats why you see bloggers like Hans Ebert do a bit on Alex being marketed as future Universal product,and a whole separate entity- in his most recent blog under Simon Cowell heading.

    Hans Ebert knows Simon Fuller personally and I think he can see that Simon has taken a personal interest in Alex Lambert. I think Hans either knows or has deduced that Simon is saving Alex for after the transition to UMG. Apparently, there is some conclusion that Alex is popular with girls… is this true? I never watch IICD unless the other Idols stop by for a visit so I don’t know if it’s an internet sensation or not. I kind of feel bad for Lee and Crystal that Simon seems most interested in the guy who finished 14th on AI than the actual winner and runner up.


    Where is this person getting that Hans Ebert knows Simon Fuller personally?

  40. Need lesser production. His vocal is all tune and changed….why can’t this be just original. All his song now sound the same…kind off getting boring. There shd be some strip down and some accoustic session, etc. This is not creative music.

  41. You’re right shadow. I don’t know why I let them bother me. And, snuffles, I read that too. Let’s cut to the chase. Whatever machinations are going on behind the scenes business-wise with Simon Fuller, of course he’s giving Alex more support because, FOR THOSE WHO STILL DON’T GET IT, Alex is a uniquely talented singer with mass appeal. It’s good business and, in the end, Alex wins. So, MJ with her “bland” comments and all the others, let’s see what you have to say when Alex picks up his Grammy.

    Thanks Linda for posting the pic. Yes, that cross does look familiar. Made my day! XOXO

    P.S. I feel better after a glass of wine (okay two) and bitch session with my cousin re: how we hate our husbands. It was fun! Plus my 7-year-old niece entertained us with four new songs she had written. Can you believe this shit? The kid is freakin’ awesome and always cheers me up. She just got a new pink guitar and is already writing songs. I helped her with the melodies, but she’s got her own ideas — way more into rap than I am — big surprise there. :lol:

  42. What’s with these bitches at MJ’s? O.K.,maybe Crystal is not happy for Alex-they were NEVER bffs. But honestly,Lee,and Andrew were very close to Alex-remember the 3 amigos?And Alex was always sooo supportive of them,and Siobhan,and I trust in time,they will express their Happiness for Alex’s successes…

  43. Yay for AARON KELLY STREETTEAM!!!! THATS Aaron’s biggest,best organized fan club-they post tons of his clips,and now checking twitter under Alex Lambert-they are promoting Alex’s video and hitting up pretty big websites to post IDK -good on ya STREETTEAM!!!!!!!

  44. There are a lot of bitches loyal to other Idols over at MJ’s.

    I am ok with MJ since she did link to the IDK video. I think MJ just didn’t like the overproduction. She didn’t like the overproduction of the demo of Dream With My Eyes Wide Open, but commented that the final version sounded like a hit to her.

    As for the bitch that just had to mention that Alex came in 14th place (really he was 13th–but top 14), she showed her cards right there. Only Idol loonies care about the order that Idols finish in on the show, like there is some sort of pecking order that Idols must adhere too. They need to step outside of the Idol bubble. The real world doesn’t give a damn what place an Idol finishes, talent is talent, and if people like what they hear on the radio, they will buy it, Idol or no Idol.

  45. Well, God bless Aaron Kelly and his fans! I’m a little disappointed with Lee DeWyze and Andrew Garcia. Alex showed so much love and support for them. I know they’re busy with their idol tour (how busy I don’t know with all the cancelled shows), but no one’s so busy that they wouldn’t want to see their “homey” in his new video. I’m not giving them too much slack on this one. Alex took a lot of heat for supporting Lee and this is the thanks he gets? Jealousy and envy are so ugly. Well, Alex, is young and he’ll learn who his true friends are.

    And, aren’t you just sick and tired of hearing anything about Idol anymore? It seem almost irrelevant at this point. Let it go already.

  46. Hahaha I always forget that Alex was even in the sinking ship called Idol. Gah, so excited for his career. I was just thinking, with the right marketing, Bieber-fever might just be replaced by AL-fever. And if Alex waits till he’s 21, older women won’t feel so icky being his fans. ;)

  47. OK…. I’m not gunna lie.. I really like when they don’t use that crappy autotune. I am a firm believe on his talent alone. I get they need to make it “pop ready”… but Alex got where he was on his talent alone! I know you have to fix a few notes here or there, but I hate hearing the dang synthesizer the whole time!
    That being said.. I love it! I can’t wait to hear his song. This boy has some talent guys! I’ve supported him as of day 1 on AI. The first day I laid eyes on him.. the only reason I even raced the 31 mile drive home on Tuesday was to see him perform!

  48. i LOVE this song :w00t: . But, i also love every other song he makes. keep up the great work :wink:

  49. THIS IS PURE AWESOMENESS!!! :biggrin:

  50. sorry but im his biggest fan… :lol:

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