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Jul 172010

Yeah, this video is quite possibly the most heartwarming thing ever. :wub:

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  1. You’re right Alleycatfan. DWMEO on IICD is not the full production. I thought it was the demo. They would definitely save the full production for the album or a single release.
    @Linda- Whenever I hear that Michael Buble song I always think of the horrid night on Idol, you know March 11th. They performed that song that night and if you haven’t already gotten an Itouch or Ipod, get one for your mp3 player. I have 20 Alex Lambert tracks on mine now. Oh joy!!! I also fear that some of these songs won’t be on his album. Once you get your Ipod, it is very easy to import an downloaded file that you downloaded to your computer from Mediafire, etc. to your Itunes library. Btw, I hope that you get to the Key Club to see Alex perform. That would be so awesome that one of us would be able to attend!!! :biggrin:

  2. Hi guys. Just want to say that I will definitely be buying anything Alex puts out on Itunes or CD. In fact, I told all my naysaying relatives that they were all getting Alex Lambert CDs for Christmas. I hope he has something out by then. By the way, Niagra Falls is amazing, too.

  3. Thanks Lauren! I do have to get with the times. Yes I will be in San Diego during that time for my family reunion, I am trying to talk hubby into driving the 1.5 (plus) there……..fingers crossed! :pinch:

  4. Heard first part of Never Waking Up demo on full speakers in guest room!!! Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alex was in the guest room with Kara and asked if he could quick check his emails. He must have opened one which was the demo of Never Waking Up. He started listening to it but, apparently, didn’t like the way his voice sounded, so he was asking Kara how he could use his laptop in the laundry room. Kara told him to ask a garage guy to help him. He wants to hear it on his laptop – he said he needed to hear it with “his beats”. Oooh – I want to hear it!!

  6. Yea I saw that, I think by beats he means his Dr. Dre Beatz headphones. Maybe he thinks it will sound better with the headphones. The little bit that I heard, I really liked it. I was actually singing that song today, what a coincidence, lol.

  7. I’m liking the demo of “Never waking up” from what I’ve heard. I understand why he wants to listen to it with his “beats”. I have one too and you just really hear all the little details to a recorded song, and it somehow sounds live, pretty awesome headphones!

  8. Its very different in style from a lot of his pop demos,so far,but it may be good to add some change ups to his album.I remember when Jordan Lawhead and his partner were there to record the demo-they were completely floored of coarse,and one of them said Alex has the sexiest recording voice that he’d ever heard. Well, we ALL think that!!!!!

  9. Wow, this is great. I can’t wait to be able to hear Never Waking Up. There is so much noise here, and Alex is in the laundry room listening to it, I can’t hear it. :sad: Oh well, I will hear it sooner or later, preferably sooner. :pouty:

  10. Does anyone know which song Alex is recording tomorrow??

  11. @Char LUCKY, having a set of beats. Those suckers are expensive. Maybe for Christmas? From what I heard I really like “Never Waking Up”. It definitely has alot more soul to it, no pop. I can hear it on the same album as “I Didn’t Know”, “Untouchable”,”One Kiss” and “On My Tongue”. DWMEO and “Imperfectly Perfect” are the only two that we have heard with an upbeat rhythm. He is playing all of them now on his laptop. It must be fun for him to listen to the fruits of his labor. Interesting… he is listening to the acoustic version of his performance of “Imperfectly Perfect” at the Mint?!?! Stripped down
    @Cathy I’m glad that you had a good trip to Niagra Falls.

  12. @areyouin- He is going to demo “Butterflies” again and he seems to be playing it in the Blue Room, but he is also preparing his set for the Sunset Music Festival. Another possibility “Barbara Maria”? Is it on the calendar? What about Diddy?

  13. hey you guys, where can I listen to One kiss? I’ve never heard it before.

    @Lauren – I’ve never had headphones b4 and though pretty pricey it was well worth it I think, as long as it lasts a while Ill be happy.

    I also hope he gets a professional band together. Kinda like what Justin had. Some people with performance experience already and not, although i like his bro and friend a lot, inexperienced young folks. This is a festival so he has to look LEGIT!

  14. @char he’s trying to get allen hinds so thats good

  15. @char heres a download for a clip of it
    he sang it at his skype session with veronica a few days ago

  16. @Char.. those beats are worth it. Awesome. There is no full version of “One Kiss”. Shelby did record one verse of it when Alex was skyping Veronica and posted it here a few days ago. Alex did play an audio file of it on his laptop earlier tonight. I have a feeling that the demo will be back to him much sooner than “Never Waking Up”. Something about Tommy Lee James gives me that impression. I’m out!!

  17. and I got a recording of Never Waking Up. it doesn’t sound very good though. :whistle:

  18. Thank you Shelby. That was very nice of you. :biggrin:

  19. your welcome! and just for fun i was working on syncing Alex’s performance of Wonderful World along with the original. it worked out good, check it out :biggrin:

  20. Hmmm….looks like our boy is out of the house again.:) I wonder what is up? He seemed to be “fixing himself up” a little bit earlier and then left the house. Makes me wonder?? Anyway, I hope he is having fun..definitely doesn’t seem too sad anymore and is making great music…..guess i’m just curious…

  21. Great news all around. Allen Hinds playing in his band would be great. He is a pro. Is Never Waking Up less pop and more like IDK. That is great, too. Deekay is doing Butterflies, well I’ll reserve judgement until I hear it. I’m very excited that he is getting a band together. I can’t wait to hear his songs with a band. That is GREAT!

  22. @SHelby – Thanks a lot! wow that was a treat… that boy do sound great. Once again veronica interrupted him while singing aarrggghhh! he may have sang more if she’d stop asking questions… lol

  23. I looove this song so much!! We need that album ASAP!!!!!!!! :w00t:

    Please somebody make it mp3 I need it on my iPod now!! lol :wub:

  24. Wow, Alex continues to amaze me with his song-writing skills. And his voice sounds amazing :) Love the whistling part too :) :whistle: :cheerful:

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