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Jul 112010

In preparation for the release of Alex’s “I Didn’t Know” video (by all accounts this Monday, July 12th), here’s a fan-captured video of him practicing near the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York. Love the little smile at the end when he sees that he’s being filmed!

Thanks to Julie Kroetz for the video!

Now what is being released is the subject of some speculation, based on a couple of tweets by @JoshKlenert:

“Look for @truealexlambert video @iheartradio 7/12. We’re editing next week!”

“Looked at the rough cut on Friday. Were gonna have a sick “I Didn’t Know” video.”

Does this mean the full video? A behind the scenes making of? We’re not sure… though it sounds to me like the full video! What we do know is that Josh Klenert is Creative Director/VP at Clear Channel Radio (thanks bobjones!) — so he should know what he’s talking about when he says it’s gonna be “sick”!

We’ll be on the lookout to to find and embed the video here the moment it’s posted, so check back often on Monday to watch!

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  1. HEY!! Have you guys seen that Josh Klenert guy’s latest tweet?? He tweeted:

    Looked at the rough cut on Friday. Were gonna have a sick “I Didn’t Know” video. @TrueAlexLambert @iheartradio @ificandream @irongiant369

    I have no idea who this guy is but apparently he’s seen Alex’s video, maybe he’s involved in the editing or something, but how awesome is that?? I mean we know it’s gonna be amazing, but to hear it from someone else is pretty damn cool!!! :w00t:

  2. I looked him up the other day and he’s with Clear Channel and used to work for Billboard.

  3. Oooooooh! I see, how exciting! He says the video is gonna be sick! I’m so excited, can’t wait to see it!! Thanks, Marianne :biggrin:

  4. I like how the person taking the video says, “Do you know who that is?” It’s great that he is being recognized on the street. What are the chances that she was IICD?

  5. That was really cute. Thanks to who ever filmed it and thanks for posting it.

  6. Awww, he sounded so good! That was so cute! Thanks for posting it! Was the person who took the video singing along or am I hearing things, lol?

  7. Katherine – If you look during the filming, there is usually a boom box next to him. He mentioned that they were including some backing vocals. I think the backing vocals are coming from the boom box. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • @Cathy, I believe the boom box is there playing the song for him to sing along to so that the timing (the lip syncing) is right for the video. All vocals and instrumentation are done in studio, not on location, and added later.
      @char, I may be mistaken, but I think then when a youtube video is embedded, it counts as a view from whichever site you see it – it doesn’t have to be from the youtube page itself.

  8. If the Creative Director/VP at Clear Channel Radio thinks it’s gonna be sick then I say it will be! I think they will feature Alex in the discover artist section. Other house guests like Matisse and Shontelle is there right now. Theres also a signed and unsigned section so we’ll know where he will fall :)

    I say once the video comes out to actually watch it on youtube so his number of views blow up and comment and promote like crazy so they know that Alex Lambert is hot stuff.

  9. @kass – no idea… awesome then! Lets play it over and over and over :)

  10. It’s another really cool piano location, isn’t it?!

  11. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to see the video. @Kass I am sure that you’re right about the views of an embedded video. Think about once the link gets put at mjsbigblog,,,,, etc. We’ll be tweeting away to the appropriate peeps once it is released, lol. They’ll already know but a strong reinforcement never hurts. The “On My Tongue” video with Alex and Veronica has over 6,000 views in just 6 days. Mj and Rickey both put it up.

  12. Anybody else really getting steamed that DU hasn’t posted the video of Alex and Ben jamming yesterday? I posted, as nicely as possible, that I’m disappointed and find it interesting that a silly 2min convo between Justin and Kara was posted probably with an hour of being requested. Does DU have to clear things with iicd? I’m wondering if the site wants to post it as a featured clip? They’ve already posted Kara’s swashbuckling pest-killing clip and her pool-side tap-dance. Geez – give us music – and the guys jamming!!

  13. Awww that video was cool. Thanks to whoever posted it, love, love it when we get little unexpected surprises…….. :heart: :heart: :heart: makes my day.

  14. Alex just tweeted that he will be doing an episode of the show “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”!!

  15. I looked on Wikipedia, and it said the new episodes arent going to air until September… :( but how reliable is wikipedia anyway..? lol

  16. @Shelby – I think the key word there is “air”. They will air probably with the new fall season TV lineup, but he will tape it this Friday. That’s what I’m thinking, anyway.

    Shelby – do you have a link for and mp3 of IDK? It was on my ipod and my son added and deleted some songs for me and mistakenly (?) deleted IDK! How dare he?!! I gotta have it for my runs/walks!!! :shocked: Thanks. —- In the meantime I’m gonna go back a few dates here and see if I can find it.

  17. What an unexpected surprise! Thank you! areyouin: here’s a link to IDK that you can download:

    And, here’s a link to the overstocked jewelry that I have. Don’t be misled by the lousy pictures. I didn’t take time to crop/edit/enhance. But, enjoy:

    It’s first come, first served. This is the only time I’ll mention it. They’re going to go fast, but I wanted to give you guys a chance to get in on it.

    Back to the salt mines on this lovely Sunday! I’d like to get done in time to perhaps catch Alex at home tonight!

  18. Areyouin – Just in case you hadn’t noticed, they have now filled your request for Alex and Ben’s jam on DU.

  19. Thanks – Cathy! Me and a couple others :wink: Just got in from a 4-mile run/walk! Just missed the thunderstorm! :cool:

  20. Just watched it again. NYC LOVES ALEX LAMBERT!!!

  21. areyouin – Wow 4 miles. That’s awesome.

  22. I will give myself a pat on my sweaty back after that one. Hot, humid, stupid deer flies, and, of course, the dreaded hills – ergo the walking part!

    @Shelby – I found the mp3 of IDK from the group Megan posted! Back in business with IDK!! :biggrin:

  23. Janet – You’re funny. I assume you mean the episode. I have to admit I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times myself. I tune it to look at the comments and end up watching the whole episode again. Of course, I skip the non-Alex parts.

  24. Haha! That’s right Janet! Alex come back to NY, we love you! He needs to do a show in NYC!!! :heart:

  25. Soon, Katherine, soon!

  26. Hahaha! I do the same thing Cathy! I swear I’ve watched it at least 10 times this week, lol.

    @areyouin I hope so, He did say he is supposed to come back to NY soon right?

  27. Right – and I mean shows too!

  28. Guys, I’m in Delaware and I would come up for a show in NYC!

  29. Yeah, I mean the episode. I just can’t get enough of it ‘cuz it’s just so Alex-centric! I skip the other parts too. Shhh! We don’t want the others dreamers to feel bad. LOL! Delaware’s not far! You could definitely come to NY for a show Cathy. I have a feeling it’s going to happen pretty soon. LA isn’t the only music scene after all. Big things can happen for Alex in the Big Apple! Even before he starts touring and everything, I think we may have some “live” Alex performances here in NY. Of course, that may be just overly wishful thinking on my part. But, they did shoot his video here and he is coming back, so…I’ll keep hoping!

  30. Me too Janet! If it does happen, I’ll be there with bells on! :biggrin:

  31. Did you notice how the person filming said, “Do you know who that is?” I can’t tell if he said it like, “Wow, that’s Alex Lambert!” or if it was more like, “Do you know who that is because we should know who it is. He’s awesome!” :w00t: :w00t:

  32. Wow, I’d try to go to a show in NY, I’m in southern PA. Does anyone know when he will be back in NY?
    I only watch the episode parts that have Alex in them. I don’t watch the parts with the other dreamers either. :lol: Alex is the only one interesting enough to watch. :biggrin:

  33. Janet, how do we email you about your jewelry? Do you have multiples of each piece or is it just one each? Thanks.

  34. Actually.the ihearteadio youtube is really HOTTT!-they produced videos for mostly A-listers like Alicia Keys-with several million hits BTW,AND Biebsey-a very attractive video,where they actually make him look good singing Live-and he is actually singing-a rarity,and many more-And the videos are very high-end!!! :heart: :biggrin:

  35. Tracy – Where are you southern PA? I’m in New Castle county, DE. We’ll have to meet up on the train and share a cab. hehe.

  36. That sounds great – alleycat! I can’t wait to see it. Wonder when today it will be up??

  37. I am so looking forward to the video. I loved this song. I have few questions to ask:

    (1) Will this video premiere on MTV and VEVO?
    (2) Will this song be released on Itunes?
    (3) Will this song be given to different radio stations to play?

    We need to make this song #1 on itunes (if released) by doing some downloading and request it on radio so that the song can make it in the Top 10 of Billboard 100.

  38. Cathy, I live in Lancaster County, PA. That would be fun to go to an Alex concert with another Alex fan. I hope when it happens I will be able to go. I was never on a train or in a cab, as a matter of fact. It sounds fun.

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