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Oct 112011

Guess what Snaf! You asked Alex to play another East Coast show and now (drumroll please…) you got it!!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 3, 2011, because Alex Lambert will be crossing the continent and hitting Boston for an intimate acoustic performance!

The show will be at The Middle East Upstairs Nightclub in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 if purchased on the day of show, and are available from TicketWeb.

Doors open at 6:00 pm, and the show starts at 6:15 pm sharp. Alex will not be performing past 8:30 pm, so don’t be late! Also please note: the show is 18+ only, and valid ID is required. Additionally, tickets can be used for 20% off your meal on the day of the show at the Middle East or Zuzu.

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR MINORS: Although the show is 18+, The Middle East has officially confirmed that you CAN attend if you are under 18, as long as you are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Other adults (aunts, uncles, etc.) do not qualify, and everyone has to buy a ticket. Hmm, sounds like time to call in an early Christmas Present!!

For more info:
Middle East Box Office: (617) 864-3278 ext. 221
Middle East Website:

Directions, including how to get there by car or public transport from Boston, can be found here.

A HUGE thank you to photographer Nick Distaso (@Nick_Distaso) for organizing the event! Check out his photos from the New York show here. Also, to get you in the mood, watch Lauren’s video from NY here and here.

If you’re in Massachusetts or neighboring states and want to see Alex up close and personal (and we mean up close — he’s always happy to meet Snaf and sign autographs!) this may be one of your last chances… so go book your tickets now!!!

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    You guys all gotta go and have a great time for me, ok?

    :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:

    • Awwww Kass… you will definitely be missed. It was an amazing thing that you were able to come for the New York show. Can you imagine if the fates worked it out for you to come again. That would be unbelievable. You’ll definitely be there in spirit. :biggrin:

  2. Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am over the moon! Ecstatic!! This SNAF could not go to the New York concert, but she is going to this one!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy. I just can’t believe my luck. I actually pass the Middle East everyday on my way to work. This is perfect! I want an autograph. I can’t wait! I <3 Alex Lambert. Thank you to the organizer for bringing Alex to us in Boston! :biggrin: :smile: :cheerful: :sideways: :silly:

  3. I live in massss!!! i was sooo excited to c this, but then i saw the 18+ and like died cuz im only 14 so i cant goo… :cwy:

    • Tyler…. so sorry. I will tell you that we ARE trying. It’s not looking good so dont get your hopes up, but we do have an email out. :sick:

      • Well thanks anyways!! Even if they wont let me in i’ll still wait outside so maybe he’ll say hi after! :tongue:

        • Yo Tyler, we just had another under 18 guest ask the venue if she could go with a parent. They told her she could as long as she stuck with her parent…. Sooooo.. I would call and verify, but it’s looking like they might let you in.

    • I know how ya feel dude

  4. Im am Sooo gonna try like heck to get to this one!! :))

  5. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    The only thing I’m not happy about is the snaf who won’t be there. But, of course, they’ll be plenty of videos and photos to share. I hope everyone who made it to NYC can make it to Boston along with those of you who couldn’t make it to NYC last June.

    December can’t come quick enough. I bet Alex will break out a new song again.

  6. So bummed I cant make it!!!!! I am originally from Boston, spend every summer up there and go often through out the year but cant make it that weekend!! :angry: Thankfully I made to the show in nyc!!!! Will be looking forward to the videos and the next show!!!!

  7. I’m SOOO super bummed I can’t make this show! NYC was so freakin’ amazing and now that met so many SNAF I bet he will be even more at ease.

    I can’t wait for the videos and I’ll be getting drunk over here in the Midwest with you in spirit (and in Minnesota) hahaha.

  8. Tyler and everyone else under 18 – Good news!! The Middle East just got back to me via email, and have confirmed that you CAN attend with a parent or legal guardian. See the Important Update above!!

  9. That’s great news Kass! Now everyone who wants to attend can go. I wonder what Alex will surprise us with this time. Last time it was Reagan Castillo and a brand new song (Nothing). I wish he could bring the whole band, but acoustic is great too, don’t get me wrong, I’m psyched. It’s just that I haven’t heard him live with a full band yet. It’s early yet, but pretty soon we need to make some arrangements. If it’s okay with Nick, I want to get going on getting some merchandise to sell at the show (all profits to Alex). Cathy…hehehe…are you in for helping? I’ve got some ideas we can throw around.

  10. I just noticed my avatar is UGGO. I better upload a photo. Just sayin…

  11. Got my tickets in the mail. Yay!! I wish next month would hurry by. I can’t wait to get my Alex merch at the show…yipee!!!! My birthday is Dec. 1st, so this show is a spectacular birthday present from Alex. :w00t:

    Gee, thanks so much Alex for playing for me and coming to Boston for mmmmeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :wink: And for all the snaf too.

  12. Yay! Another birthday to celebrate! We’ve got a couple and don’t forget Alex’s birthday is only a couple of weeks after the show. We need a large cake!

    • We DO need a cake… That would be cool…. btw. Alex’s birthday is exactly 1 week after the show…. It’s in the biography… hehe.

      • Speaking of his birthday, I just watched his 20th birthday video (which btw was AMAZING, Cecily, you did an awesome job putting it together) and i’d love to send in a video (if possable) for and if there will be a 21st birthday video. So, i’d really appreciate any answers anybody can give me on how and if I could be a part of a 21st birthday video (or just make one myself) Thanks sooo much, I really would love to show Alex how much i have been inspired by him and show Love and support. :)

        • Hmm that’s an interesting idea… although honestly it was quite a crazy process getting the first one done… it might be better this year if we all make individual b-day videos and upload them to youtube ourselves, then we can include them all together in a post here?

        • Sweet, i’d Love to be a pert of whatever we can all put together, just let me know if yall come up with any ideas. It will be his best year yet!

        • oh, btw whoever wrote the “we are waiting for…” thing at the beggining of the video, that was amazing. I wanted to sit back and cry, idk it was just really beautiful. I hope that Alex saw it, cause it would show him just how much he Blesses people.

  13. Love to go but unfortunatly cannot :( He’ll do AMAZING and i will be watching videos. Oh, and does anybody know if and when stckam sessions happen?? I’d LOVE to tune in.

    • I’m in the same boat as you – gonna be counting on those videos!!

      He hasn’t done a Stickam in a while (sniff sniff…. Alex can you hear us crying?), but when he was doing them, he’d usually announce on Twitter beforehand… sometimes right before, and sometimes a week in advance. If we hear about any more ahead of time we’ll post about it of course ;)

      • ok, thanks so much! I keep watching the same stickam session on youtube over and over, but i love it! Thanks for all the videos laurener1

  14. Okay I’m getting excited about Boston. Alex was working on his set for the show today and he was listening to John Mayer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed cause I love Alex’s covers of his songs. I have to agree with a person who commented on his Stickam “Your Body is A Wonderland” video…. said she liked it better than the original. Anyway… Hurry up Dec. 3rd!! :biggrin:

    @TrueAlexLambert Workn on my set right now for Boston… #CannotWaitYall Hopefully alot of #SNAFLOVE – Oct. 31, 2011 via twitter

    And I’m going to need to get some flyers to a friend’s child who attends BC. She can post them in the student activities center and around campus a couple of weeks before the show. :wink:

    • Hey Lauren – this is an awesome idea, the only thing is the guys at the venue were very strict in telling me that they don’t recommend hanging flyers anywhere because MA has laws against it and the fines are pretty hefty…I’m sure it’d be OK if your friend can check with BU before she hangs them…I know it sounds ridiculous I guess that’s the deal. I’m getting some posters printed tomorrow and will be bringing them down to the venue probably this weekend so I can definitely get you some posters – let me know what you think.

      • You know Nick I wasn’t really thinking with the technology side of my brain. Of course it would make more sense to give her the link to the events page that you created and then she could share it with her friends and perhaps organizations at the university and in the community.
        It’s much more effective in reaching a greater audience and it’s dirt cheap. :tongue:
        I’ll talk to her mom this weekend. What do you think about that?

  15. Aww, another east coast concert I’m gonna miss. :cwy: I wish I could go. At least the Snaf that do go will get some great videos and I’ll feel like I’m there. :sad: But it’s not the same. :sad: :sad: It makes me even more sad that I miss another opportunity to meet all the great Snaf. :cwy: I hope in the future I will be able to get to a concert.
    I know you all will have a great time, take LOTS of pictures please.

  16. Oh, Tracey, you know they’ll be lots of pictures and videos to watch. It won’t be the same as having you there with us, but one of these days (fingers crossed)!

    Let them eat cake — for those of us who are attending the Boston show, I think we can definitely arrange a birthday cake for Alex (and other snaf who have birthdays around that time). His 21st birthday is a pretty big deal. TEQUILA! — Just kidding!!!! Last year’s birthday video was a fun to make and beautiful to watch. How can we top it but to have a real birthday party in Boston? That’s what I’m thinking anyway. Maybe those who can’t make it can send in videos that we can put links to on the site for Alex to watch? Just a thought.

  17. :sick: Why is my avatar back to that ugly creature?

  18. One month from today till I get to see Alex! Yipee yay!!!!!!!!! :w00t:

  19. Hey snaf, i was wondering if any of yall could help me at all. I recently got a twitter, mostly to follow and to tweet alex, but i decided it would be best to protect my tweets (I don’t want just anybody to be able to follow me.) first off i wanted to be able to talk to alex (and as a snaf show love, he’s inspired me alot.) but does protecting my tweets make him unable to see the tweets iv’e sent??? and if so, how can i request him to follow me if he can’t even see my tweets? Like I said I really want to be able to show love as snaf.
    Thanks for any advice anybody can give :)

    • As far as I know, Alex will NOT see your private tweets…..even if you tag him in them. I suggest that you allow your tweets to be public until he follows you and then you can make them private. I’d love to know what your Twitter name is so I can follow you….

      • Thanks Cathy, do you think he will follow me? and if a stranger follows me can i stop them somehow? I don’t want any spam or viruses on my computer.

        • dwmeo, it might take awhile to get Alex to follow you. He has so many followers already. BUT, I know that you’ve been a fan for a long time (recognize your name), so follow Alex and keep tweeting him and about him. It’s just possible that he will recognize your name. I’m pretty sure he lurks here sometimes ;)

          You don’t have to allow strangers to follow you. You can block anyone at anytime. However, I would suggest that you allow the rest of the snaf to follow you. We try to keep in touch on Twitter a lot and, even though I’m not on Twitter all that often, it’s great to be there when Alex is on :))) You just might get him to tweet you.

        • I also suggest that you use Twitter on your phone if you’re able. You can put Alex on “alert”…what that means, is that you can have all of Alex’s tweets come to your phone as a text. So when he’s on Twitter and tweeting, you’ll get a text letting you know. The best way to get Alex’s attention is to tweet him while he’s on. Tweet him something funny and/or crazy that he’ll notice and come right out and ask him to follow you. You’ve got a pretty good chance that way. Best of luck…: :biggrin:

          ps.. To send his tweets to your phone, go to his Twitter profile and click on the circle just to the right of the “follow” button. Have fun. See you over there. : :cool:

  20. Awww thanks, you are all so sweet.
    I’ll give it a try and let you know what happens :)
    btw Janet, i’m not sure how you could recognize my name, i just joind the fansite like a few weeks ago. Maybe somebody else had the same username.
    But a little about how i became a fan of alex, It’s a pretty cool story (to me anyway) I actually didn’t watch the 9th season of ai. I just happend to tune in on march 11th (the night he got elliminated) and heard his last performance. I fell in love with his voice right after i heard hime singing, “trouble” it was stuck in my head for the whole next day. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and i had to hear him sing it again, so i got on youtube and listend to it over and over, and then I found “everybody knows” and “wonderful world” I literally listend to them for hours. And well, i’ve been a fan or snaf ever since then. I followed “if i can dream” and still watch whatever new stuff i find on youtube.
    So, thats how it happend, I’m sooo Blessed to have tuned in that night. #snaf4life ;)

    • Awww… that’s a very sweet story.. he is pretty amazing. It’s a shame you can’t make it to the Boston show. It would be great if you could meet Alex and tell him that story. He’s a sweetheart and I’m sure he’d love to meet you.

      • Yeah that would be awesome.
        Hey, if i wrote him a letter on here do you think one of ya’ll could print it out and show it to alex at the Boston show for me. Oh my gosh that be sooo amazing.

        • Oh sorry, you can find me on twitter as @everuniqueinhim thank you for all your help :)

        • dwmeo, we do have a fanmail address listed in the fanmail section. You could write him a letter and send it in the mail. But if you’d like me to give him something in Boston, I’d be happy to… just send it to the fansite email by clicking on the contact button. Send it to my attention and I’ll make sure he gets it.

    • Your story is ALL of our stories! I had the exact same experience. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m sure I’ve seen your name before — maybe it was on hulu or something. I just know I recognize it from somewhere. Anyway, glad you’re here and welcome to the world of Lambert Love and Looniness.

  21. Oh my gosh, thank you sooo much!!! I’m sooo exited right now. Yeah, i saw the contact info but it said it would go to the dream house so i thought it was old. But it will be better for me to just do it this way anyway. :) Thanks again

  22. He’s not tweetin back yall :(

    • haha…. now you REALLY are a member of the club…. :wink: Yea…gettin an actual response from him doesn’t happen too often. He only responds to a couple a day. I surely wish he would do more, but I guess he’s a busy guy with a lot going on… :ermm: You just gotta stick with it. Sorry to say. Be persistent… it’ll pay off !

    • Yes – it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes when you least expect it! Keep trying! :cheerful:

  23. Thanks yall, I just don’t want to be annoying.

  24. :cwy: as Dec 3rd gets closer, I am getting sadder knowing I am missing another show. But I know, the wonderful Snaf that are attending, will get some great footage for all of us to enjoy! Oh and dwmeo, yes Alex’s responses are few and far between, but then when you least expect it ….. there it is. I think he just chooses a couple to respond to a day, makes it alot easier. But i really think he reads and sees them all. :wub:

    • Awww, thanks Linda :) Oh and i’ll be waitin on videos too :)
      I hope he deos another original, I LOVE Nothing :)

    • Ditto, Linda. :cwy: … Dwmeo, Alex responded to a tweet I sent him that I wasn’t even expecting or trying to get him to respond to. So he really does surprise us… all the time.. :lol: It makes it all the more special. :wub:

  25. Did anybody hear about this ahhhhhh!!!!
    this is so exiting!!! and crazy! It’s only gonna be 20 minutes long but so what.
    ALEX IS GONNA BE IN A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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