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Jul 152010

So, Alex is currently filming “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.” I hope he does well, but it seems like he is still confused on what exactly he’s doing, so it should be a pretty interesting episode when it comes out. :blink: For those wondering his charity is going to be Feed America.

Also today, Alex had a writing session with David Hodges and Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou

@EmanuelKirikou: Special sauce with @TrueAlexLambert and @Hodgesmusic today! I need a napkin…

Alex is home and told Kara he wrote a song called “Running In Place” and he’s recording it tomorrow. Also, on the TV show he said he sang like 18 songs and his fans are gonna love it cause he joked around the whole time. I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. shadow_ia i disagree with you, because the stuff he wore on idol was not him at all, and hid his personality in a way. So I think he should’ve worn what he wanted to, even if it was just a tee shirt and jeans.

  2. Diane; He actually said the writers were telling him that because the song is good, he shouldnt be surprised if Iian 19 executive say hey this is good we should give it to Lee. And Alex said no. but then added he may agree cause Lee is his buddy, but they have to pay him a lot. i think they should let Alex keep his best songs for himself. Lee knows how to get his own.

  3. Either way Alex could have a hit song and make lots of money or Alex could sell it and still get lots of money. Although I’d rather Alex sing any song over Lee.

  4. Shelby: I’m not saying he should be all dressed up. (what he wore on idol was like going to church or something.) Just wear something more presentable cause he’s gonna be on Tv. The T-shirt he’s wearing now looks dirty to me, that’s why I wish he its something else. He can wear at least a new t-shit or casual shirt. You know this is publicity for him and the show and not just some kareoke bar. Kimberly Lock and Clay Aiken went on the same show and didnt just throw on anything. I want him looking decent while still casual if he wants, but not like “i don’t care” and just threw anything on while forgetting the lyrics too.

  5. yeah, i understand. I really liked that blue plaid shirt he wore to the mansion.

  6. I’ve was gone all day – is Gig really still at the Dream Studio at 11:30 at night??

  7. I read on “Wednesday warrior” thread that the night before Alex was saying he wished he has new clothes to wear to “don’t forget the lyrics” and a stylist to help him. :) I’ve gotta cut him some slack for at least wanting to look more decent cause it Tv. and considering suggestions that he should know when to dress appropriately. Also, he had a full day before going to that Tv show and didn’t have time to come home and change I guess.

  8. Areyouin: Gig is most likely partying and drinking at clubs. Its what she likes to do. For some reason she gets to stay out all night more than others and those in charge of the show let her get away with it.

  9. Alex is great with the music stuff and all but he needs is to look the part now. Unlike Justin he’s tryng to be a popstar and they’re usually more styled. I actually don’t mind his stuff On idol since it’s a step above average although Alex is really more fly than that. He really needs to start thinking about how he present himself in media functions. Anyhow, As lng as he was charming and adorable I dnt care if he got the lyrics wrong.

    Regarding the song, well it sucks if he can’t use his song but a n insult and a compliment at the same time. Why coz he didn’t win AI he gets to have the second rate songs? Alex can out freakn shine lee any day of he week. To me He’s just another raspy rock singer that’s usually pitchy. I watched his SSB during the playoffs and it was atrocious. Sorry lee fans, nothing against him I’m just not wowed.

    Seems like it’s a nice fun house with these 3 around. They really need to move people in, they could use more energy in the house.

  10. Char, you mean Justin GASTON is trying to be a popstar? If so, then I think you got the kid all wrong. There is no way he’s doing pop, either musically (listen to Dance Monkey Dance) or style-wise (err, have you seen his random girly tanks???). :) I think Alex would earn more money singing his own song and selling it, then selling it to Lee. :S Sorry Lee.

  11. I caught a bit of Ben, Kara, & Alex in the house last night. As usual, they were all getting along very well with you know who not around. What’s interesting is that I, apparently, was more upset about the fight with Gig than Alex is. Good for him. Let it go. He’s too busy to be worried about that worthless witch.

    Ben and Alex were discussing the Playboy mansion and, although Alex’s back was to the camera, he was saying that he thinks “someone slipped him a roofie.” I don’t believe him. He got drunk and doesn’t remember anything. I’m not saying it’s not possible that someone did slip him something, but I know 19-year-olds and he’s lying for the cameras. 19E could be in a lot of trouble if they let an underage kid get drunk on their watch. I’m just happy that he had enough sense not to drive, got home safely, and all is well. You all know I’m not at all mad at him about it. What 19-year-old guy wouldn’t want to party at the Playboy Mansion? Totally understandable and normal. It just confirms for me more and more that this show just yanks our chain all the time. It’s about as real as Pamela Anderson’s boobs. Alex has learned how to play the game though and that’s good.

    Here’s the part that both confuses and bothers me. Alex said that he could write a song and 19E could decide to give it to Lee to record. It’s in his contract! That sucks! I can’t wait for Alex to fulfil his 19E obligations and move on. He should never, ever give up his publishing rights to his songs. It seems 19E owns these kids and everything they do. I don’t like it.

    Forgive me if I’m repeating stuff already mentioned. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had much time to keep up.

    Re: Styling. I think Alex needs a haircut — just a trim. I like his longer hair, but the top is too long and I don’t like the way he’s brushing it off to the side like that. Someone mentioned his hair kind of reminded them of Paul McCartney. Yes, his hair is similar to McCartney’s style in the ’70’s, but the top and bangs need to be shorter and choppier. I’d love to get my hands on it! It would be a hairstyle that everybody would be copying.

    I also agree that he needs some “better” clothes for appearances. I’m not talking about a suit and tie. Just nice, stylish clothes. It could still be jeans, but with a nice shirt and necklace, perhaps a jacket. Young and hip, but with a little more style — nothing too dressy. I don’t want to change him. But, red carpet and TV appearances require more than a white tee.

    Geez, I wish I could be there to style and guide him. He needs help. Kara, obviously, can’t help. I love her, but she doesn’t know fashion at all. I hate Gig and she would never do it anyway. Ben should be able to help him out. Notice to Ben if anyone talks with him, please take Alex shopping and get him just two nice outfits to wear when needed.

    I’ll try to check in later to see what’s new. Have a great day!

  12. And, Janet, after Ben takes him shopping and helps him pick out the stuff he needs consult with Alex and help him decide what to wear before he steps out of the house :)

  13. I don’t 19 could just steal Alex’s songs. He’ll get credit for it and will be paid royalties (I think it would be illegal if he didn’t). But it sounds like 19 can choose whatever they want to do with the songs though. Meaning, I guess they ultimately own the rights to whatever Alex puts out as along as he’s affiliated with 19?

  14. Shelby: I feel same way and said same thing couple times here. He has to try and look the part and dress better and appropriately when going to functions – it doesnt need to be over the top. Even if he wants to wear t-shirt somewhere there are dressy t-shirts like the t-shirt with shiny decorative design he’s wearing at the start of episode “menage a trois” when he hugged Veronica at the door when she said she’s moving in. Alex needs to get more dressy decorative T-shirts like that one in black and other colors. If he wears something like that with dark jeans, a cool belt, dressier shoes that’s not tennis shoes – he’ll be looking good while still casual. That look will be right if he’s invited to like a movie premiere where he has to take pics on red carpet, or music a fest or small events. And for bigger events he can wear nice shirts that’s plain, or doesnt have busy patterns on it, and maybe a small necklace. Alex is cute, and dressing a bit better to functions will make him look good and look the part too without being flashy. But he did say a couple days ago he wishes he could have a stylist help him too. A couple consultation with one will help him upgrade while still keeping a bit of his style.

    Rayne: I think you misread Shelby. She meant Alex is the one trying to be a pop star “unlike” Justin – and pop stars are more styled.

    Janet: He had a fun time at the playboy mansion and somehow fell in a pool and got scratches, but thank God he had sense not to drive home drunk like you said. I get concerned when he drives too late at night already.

  15. areyouin: I know, I know, I want to completely micro-manage Alex. I can’t help myself! I just love him to death and want him portrayed in the best light possible.

    And, Snuffles, I don’t think 19E could “steal” Alex’s songs, but they can do whatever they want with them and Alex can’t stop them. Is there a clause in there that he gets paid royalties? All I can say is there better be. But, the bottom line is your last sentence. 19E owns the rights to Alex’s songs right now. Unfortunately, that is a mistake that too many young musicians fall into. They could be immensely popular and end up broke. Oy. I’ll feel better when he’s fulfilled his obligation to 19 and gets out of there.

  16. Just reading over the posts and giggling. GollyMolly, I believe Alex responds to your tweets. Please tell him to come over here for some styling tips. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: It sounds like we all know exactly how Alex should dress and are in agreement. So, obviously, we know what we’re talking about.

    His music is soooo good, he doesn’t need our help there.

    What he also needs is a good entertainment lawyer. But, overall, it seems 19 is looking out for him. So far so good. I’m just a worrier by nature.

  17. Oh I addressed to Shelby but I meant to say I agree with Char’s comment about Alex dressing better in my last post

  18. Where can i watch the episode of “Dont forget the lyrics” that alex is on?

  19. i was at the taping of dont forget the lyrics and was wondering if anyone could tell me where alex got the shoes he wore on it? they were gray vans with a black rubber toe.

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