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Aug 302010

Here’s a tweet from @theroxy:

Hey @TrueAlexLambert fans, did you notice he’s playing here again on Wednesday with @Dance_recital? Get yer fill!

AWESOME!!! :biggrin:

Wednesday, September 1st
Looks like doors open at 7:30 and tickets are $12.00

The Roxy Theatre

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  1. If the other dreamers were carrying their own weight, Alex wouldn’t have to provide drama every week. It would be OK if he had slow weeks if the other dreamers were doing something. That is why I think things might improve if they bring in more castmates.

    HAHA, Molly, tricked you on that one.

  2. @GollyMolly – you say that as if it’s EASY to book jobs for them. It’s NOT. It’s HELLA hard. It’s even hard to get an audition. I suppose they could show them pounding the pavement and getting doors slammed in their face over and over and over again – which is what really happens – but even that would get boring after a while.

  3. As far as the actors go, they need to start slow just like Alex did. They need to start by booking small parts like TV commercials or doing community theater. The mistake, IMO is trying to book staring roles in major motion pictures. No wonder they aren’t getting any takers.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Kara or Ben working as an extra on a movie set. They could build a whole episode around that and then Alex could have a week off.

  4. @snuffles I was thinking more like what Cathy said…when’s the last time you saw Ben or Kara audition for something? They should be pounding the pavement for commercials, soaps, TVs, movies. Do you know how many casting calls are in LA each week? They don’t do any of that though they just sit at home and read plays WAITING for something to happen. It’s not easy to maybe book BIG jobs, but it’s not hard to find something for them to do career wise.

  5. @Cathy – honestly, it’s super hard to even land a commercial or a part in community theater out here. When I first moved out here, I was friends with an aspiring actor for about 1 year. We took screenwriting classes together in the evening. During that entire time, he rarely landed auditions and the only gig he DID get was a teensy 2 second part in a gum commercial. And before I knew him his biggest “gig” was a 2 day part in “Days of Our Lives”.

    Maybe once they get their headshots done they’ll start showing Ben and Kara going out on auditions – hopefully for any kind of part big or small. Are they still signed with that talent agent? Because I don’t think 19 has the resources to really help the actors out in that respect.

    Alex is getting more opportunities not only because he’s talented but because 19E has deep resources, connections and decades of experience in the music industry. And Gig is getting hooked up more than Ben and Kara because Simon Fuller recently expanded into fashion and modeling.

  6. @snuffles I agree with you on that part, IICD has totally failed Ben and Kara because they just don’t have the resources. But, they could still show them auditioning for things. Even if they fail it’d give them practice auditioning.

  7. Snuffles — If that is the case, then this show was ill conceived. If headshots will make the difference, then they should have had them in April. If 19E doesn’t have the resources to support actors on this show, then they shouldn’t have cast actors.

    I’ve also said before that they shouldn’t have cast dreamers who were starting at ground zero. Alex came into the show with some proven talent and a big chunk of supportive fans. Apparently, It just takes too long to get an acting career going in Hollywood. They could have brought some young actors in who already has some acting experience. IICD would have just needed to help get them over the hump.

  8. I’ve been busy all day, but great news for Alex. Just read the latest posts, but it seems you’re discussing the lack of action from the actors. I agree 100% with Molly’s post — sitting around reading plays isn’t going to get them anywhere. They need to go to any and every audition out there. It’s ALL a learning experience, not just taking classes. I’m not saying it’s easy to land a gig. We all know the odds are stacked against them, even with the resources they’ve been given. But, they definitely need to take some initiative on their own. Look at Alex, he took the ball and ran with it. Of course, he’s mega talented…that always helps. You may say it’s an apples and oranges comparison and it’s true to some extent. However, in my eyes, Kara and Ben just aren’t as driven as Alex. Ben talks about it a lot, but he doesn’t do anything that isn’t set up for him by IICD. And, Kara is “cycling out.” So, let’s face it, Alex is carrying the show for now.

    I’ll go back and read the older posts now and see if I went off track with this post.

    Super happy for Alex. This is the BEST experience for him!

  9. Also, I’m sure it is hard even to land a commercial, but they should at least be out there auditioning for those small parts. How hard is it to get hired on as an extra. Could 19E’s contacts hook that up? 19E must have some pull in the acting world. Working as an extra would at least get them on a set.

  10. @Cathy – I agree they should have gotten head shots done AGES ago. But apparently it took a while to get them an agent. One of the big roadblocks for Kara and Ben is that a lot of these situations they would be in – auditioning for projects, going to a talent agency, acting class with other people etc… requires the people and companies to agree to be filmed.

    Agencies don’t want to reveal a lot of their practices to the competition and production companies want to keep their projects secret until they’re ready to promote. I have a feeling a LOT of people have refused to give IICD access to film and that’s part of the reason why Ben and Kara are shit out of luck right now.

  11. I just worry that IICD thinks too much about a drama filled show instead of the careers of the dreamers. I know that drama brings viewers, but IICD is so horrible at promoting the show that no one is going to see it anyways. :tongue:

    Edit: I agree snuffles that’s probably a good possibility, but they could send them on auditions w/o cameras. I still haven’t seen them even go on auditions period. Ben TELLING me he went on an audition would still make me really happy even if I don’t get to see it. I worry more about them and their future careers than my entertainment.

  12. Janet – Yes, Alex is carrying the show and that is the problem that started this whole discussion. The producers feel the need to re-enact drama simply because there is not enough interesting things going on in the house. If the other dreamers were working, they wouldn’t have to wring out every last drop of drama out of Alex!

    And you are right about the actors not being driven enough. Way back there was some discussion about Ben being on a soap. But he threw a little temper tantrum. He didn’t want to be on a soap, no, he wanted to make feature films. Well, ya gotta start somewhere, Ben. Whereas Alex has done every little thing they asked him to do. He did that silly Car-e-oke thing. He did drag queen bingo. He did the Young Hollywood Awards. He handed out pamphlets on Hollywood Blvd for his tiny little 15 minute set at the Mint. And it paid off. Ben and Kara seem to want to start at the top and look where that attitude has gotten them.

  13. Alright errone (read everyone) I’m changing the topic. Does anyone know who this guy is or what this is about? Let’s get to sleuthing!

    @EDDYDRAKE: @TrueAlexLambert yo great job out there! Thanks for coming through. Make sure to lock down those dougie moves brotha!

    Fan? Industry person? Maybe he works at A Place Called Home?

  14. Molly – As much as we like to think the producers are bumbling idiots, I don’t believe that they are. There have to be good reasons why they haven’t promoted this show much. There was talk on DU (i think) about this whole thing being a “soft launch”. This first 6 month season was perhaps just an experiment to see what worked and what didn’t. They maybe didn’t want to attract too much attention to their potential failures. These people have been in this business long enough to know how to do basic promotion and they have not done it. There is a reason for that.

    Hopefully, they have learned what works and what doesn’t. If they do continue on into another season and move to TV, I hope they realize that actors are not the right kind of dreamers for this project.

  15. @Janet – I agree that Ben and Kara are sitting on their asses a lot waiting for IICD to hook them up. Even super lazy Gig has learned to get up off her ass and make some opportunities for herself. Like befriending that photographer Angelo and doing shoots with him. She even got Kara to do shoots with from time to time to help fill out her modeling book.

    Are you reading the live updates over at DU. Just reading about Kara’s conversation with her Dad demonstrates how out of touch with reality she is. Complaining about how “hard” it is to do “adult” things like buy sponges and clean and cook for herself or pay bills, etc…. Honey, you don’t know “hard” until you actually have to pay rent and work just to live. :blink:

    And now she’s complaining about not having friends – well, Kara, actually LEAVING THE HOUSE once in a while (instead of hanging out a creepy moocher all day), might help! People have been inviting you out all the time but you keep turning them down.

    Ben is a tad better than Kara. He is trying to do more short films for experience. And at least he leaves the house to socialize and network.

  16. I found him on facebook and it listed him as having something to do with Clear Channel Communications. However, I really don’t know what I’m doing over there on facebook, Molly, so maybe you can shed some light.

  17. I don’t know Cathy that’s all it says about him. Anyone else got any tips on who he is?

  18. I checked in there 30mins ago and saw that Alex is back with Kara. Looks like he’s getting ready to sleep since his light is turned low already. He will make up for hours of no sleep past couple days.

    They wanna film the band pretending to come up with a name tomorrow? Hope they wont use some reaction shots and edit with the one they taped already with the band pretending to be angry at each other the other day like Sam said. It’s ok they tape things and reenact things to make the show storyline flow well, but negative editing that shows them in bad light is what I don’t want. Also, this is all good experience for Alex. He’s learning to act on IICD too and catching on quick with the showbiz game. Being a punk ass boy helps him get in the groove of doing all this pretend acting easier than you’d expect. He’s gaining big experience in music while on the show. The acting will come in handy at some point too.

    I wonder how they gonna edit them coming up with that band name while playing pool. Its probably gonna show some amusing reaction shots of their faces. I think they could have put more thought into the name they chose – “the lights” Its like some 50’s band name, and makes me wonder what kind of light?: The light at the end of the tunnel, a light saber, the light you see when you die and going to heaven? Well, that’s their name, and Alex is really a solo artist that needs a band sometimes. They are good at performing together as a band though and that’s important.

    ETA: its good to know the band will obviously be available to play with Alex at Roxy on wednesday – since they can just round them up to film playing pool tommorow

  19. @GollyMolly – according to his Facebook he works for Clear Channel Communications.

  20. @snuffles yup…now we just gotta figure out what Alex came through on. :wink: Do you think he’d be talking about the Pepsi thing? Could be about his performance there since ONLY Alex is mentioned. He’s Twitter friends with Alex and Gig though, so maybe it’s about bingo? Whatever it is Alex apparently did some dance moves.

  21. That’s a mystery, Molly. Something about Dougie movies. Huh?

    Could be something to do with the bingo, I guess. Kinda a no-big-deal thing to tweet about though.

  22. He also tweeted some guy named Aaron Fresh who is a performer and the more famous Nick Cannon and Monique Coleman. You think they appeared at the same place somewhere? I don’t think Nick Cannon nor Monique Coleman were doing DQB.

  23. That was going to be my comment – who cares if they don’t film them on auditions? We all gripe that they rarely show Alex doing his “thing” out of the house either. The head-shots have to be a big obstacle and I don’t understand why they weren’t done right away. That just seems ignorant to me (on the part of production).

    A lot of the problem goes back to what has been discussed many times that they chose these kids (Ben, Kara, Amanda, & Justin?) based more upon how attractive and appealing they are rather than their talent. Take a look a two guys who won Emmy’s last night – Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) and Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) – Eric S. – not bad looking, a little rotund, and Jim P.- pretty much a bit odd in his looks, but both, obviously very talented. Granted, there are many Hollywood actor beauties, but there are also many, many very fine actors & actresses who are not classic Hollywood stunners. They should have chosen the cast for their talent, not just so they would have a pretty looking web-show.

  24. Hmmm I saw that tweet too and was wondering who it is too? All I can tell from that tweet is that “the Dougie” is dance, maybe he was dancing somewhere (not real dancing, prob just kidding around) maybe at the Pepsi project thing?? Idk??

    The “Dougie” is a popular dance with the kids nowadays, there’s actually a song called “Teach me how to dougie” , kinda silly, kids these days!

    Oh and btw Marianne, I agree and I love Jim Parsons, he’s hysterical!

  25. Isn’t there a song called “Teach Me How To Dougie”

  26. Oh wait Monique tweeted she was at a “Back to School” concert with the Aaron kid, Nick, and IICD for A Place Called Home…mystery solved! So I guess Alex performed and danced :wink:

  27. I knew we’d figure it out. No help from me tho. My age is showing. I had no idea what a dougie was. Good sleuthing as usual guys.

  28. It’s also nice to know that the concert at A Place Called Home was a little more than just Alex and a guitar.

  29. Yeah…it looks like they were all at “A Place Called Home” for the Pepsi Refresh project concert. KISS LA was involved and that’s probably why that Clear Channel Communications dude was there. They’re all connected.

    CaliSwagDstrct thanks for visiting A Place Called Home today! Means a lot – especially since some of you grew up there!
    8 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

    And Cali Swag District was there and probably performed “Teach Me How To Dougie” and Alex probably tried to do the “Dougie” dance.

  30. OMG, Snuffles, I hope they got video of that. Can’t wait!! Ya know, its funny that Alex isn’t the least bit self conscious (sp). There is no way I would be up there dancing if I were him. He’s great at just about everything he does. But dancing, not so much.

  31. Ooh, I want to see Alex dougie. I hope they got that on tape. :lol: Thouugh I’d be fine with a re-enactment of that.

    As far as Alex getting experience it’d be cool for him to play on the street sometimes. I think that’d be cool to see. I just found out about this guy John West, he also played at the SSMF at the Roxy. He just got signed a couple weeks ago but he still plays on the street.

  32. @ayem you’d be happy to know that while Alex was in Memphis he went up to a blues band who was playing on the street and just started singing with them. I hope that makes the episode this week! :biggrin:

  33. @AyeM – Didn’t we hear that Alex joined in with some musicians on the street when he was in Memphis? I hope we get to see that! I could just see Alex doing something like that! :heart:

    Edit: You got me Molly, darn!

  34. Speaking of the episode. It’s getting late and I have to work tomorrow. I’m planning to get up early to watch the episode, so I should probably get some sleep. Have a great night everyone.

    Sorry, just one last thing. Does anyone know why Alex has to get up tomorrow at 7am? Must be something special for him to get up so early. Anyway, night all.

  35. Molly and areyouin – He did? Awesome. Can’t wait to see that.

  36. …and the SUPER SLUETHS strike again!!! God bless the internet and all this social media, huh? :biggrin:

    I’ve been in “read only” mode while working on a deadline project, and it has been so funny to watch the EddyDrake tweet mystery unfold and get solved within 20 minutes. Absolutely amazing! Getting the Cali Swag District “dougie” reference was a stroke of genius, snuffles.

    @Yves and @Ray–we are *so* going to hook up for a Northern California appearance by Alex Lambert and the Light. I live a little ways south of San Jose. Can’t wait! Ray, I promise not to squeal or wave posters. :cool:

    ETA: Jason Mraz was a street performer for years in San Diego, perfecting his craft. I think that has helped make him a wonderful live performer, by all accounts–sadly, have not seen him yet.

  37. Snuffles: what you said about them editing it to make it seem like British Alex didnt show up at the pool thing tomorrow, because he was being a diva made me laugh. LOL.

    So Alex was doing some “dougie” dance moves. I don’t know what that looks like but should be interesting for him to do it. I think IICD/19E should schedule maybe 3 or 4 dance lessons for Alex to teach him some quick easy dance moves, and how to move on stage too when not dancing much. He’s gonna be doing some Pop/soul types songs, and he should look like he can dance a bit – it will help his stage presence too when he performs. He’s got soul and likes hip-hop, and will be able to learn to dance a bit — I think he’s just shy about dancing while people watch, and if he can be comfortable with that it will improve his dancing. lessons will boost confidence too

  38. @Cathy-its likely important,as they removed his piano lesson from the calendar-so def.Something pretty important…Will they reveal it on his avatar?- :ninja: see…

  39. You guys are way too fast for me. Great sleuthing as usual. Now, I’ll reveal my age and say that I have no idea how to “dougie.” I better go over to youtube and learn.

    Good Night kids. :sleeping:

    • Morning guys! Or goodnight – haha whatever. Molly are you gonna be around to put up the epi or should I keep an eye out?

      Re. the show at the Roxy on Wednesday. Hypothesis: it was planned from the start. This would explain:
      1-the lack of cameras at Saturday’s show.
      2-why Wednesday’s Skype session was off the calendar.

      Imaginary conversation between IICD producer and Roxy Rep:
      IICD: So, we’re gonna be bringing in a bunch of cameras to film Alex Lambert’s show…
      Roxy: What! Out of the question. This is too important an event to let you run amok with your cameras – we saw what you did to Andy Dick!!!
      IICD: That’s unacceptable!! We MUST get footage of this show for the episodes since no one else is doing anything worth watching!
      Roxy: Hmmm, ok tell you what. We’ve got a quiet slot open on Wednesday that Alex could play at. Why don’t you come and film then when things are less crazy, and then pass it off as the actual show?
      IICD: Brilliant! We just love reacreating “reality”!

      I guess we’ll see when they include it in an episode, by whether Alex T. is there or not…. if I’m right, what with them reacreating the scene where they come up with the name, he might get written out of the show entirely :(

      Seriously I’ve gone completely off IICD. Can’t wait till Alex gets out and starts playing shows and stuff regularly instead. It’s so much more exciting, isn’t it?

  40. Saw Snuffles posted link to the youtube video of a hip-hop song “Teach Me How To Dougie” — I’m not surprised Alex was trying to learn how to do the dougie dance too, since he likes hip-hop music. Yeah, IICD/19E need to get him some dance lessons to teach him some easy dance moves like I said previously.

  41. I have no idea what a dougie is either. And doubt I would be able to dougie even if I knew it. Lol. But it’s more due to where I’m from, rather than how old I am… I hope! (I just turned, erm… old.) Has Alex ever shuffled on live stream? He said he shuffles his feet when he’s happy? I’ve only seen him dance with a banana while singing Hit the Road, Jack… :dizzy: It made me shuffle my feet too, though. :happy:

  42. @Diane @Ray – I hope we dont have to wait too long for the Bay area show to happen! I’d say he’ll play at Slim’s, independent or Bimbo’s… just guessing since he’s still mostly not that popular but who knows, maybe his single will drop and he’ll just blow up before he even makes it here. It’d be really fun though seeing him live considering I’ve been talking about Alex non-stop since March 11!

    Regarding the fake drama… I dont care as long as Alex doesnt look like a douche. Its sounding like maybe he will since they’re making it seem like he’s micro managing. By the way, just wanna say this, as much as I like Sam Larsen, I wonder if he’s trying to steal some of Alex’ spotlight???? Not maliciously though, its only natural since he’s an aspiring singer-songwriter too. He adds to the band but I’d rather Alex has a band member who really is just a band member… just a thought. He probably wont stay on anyway since he has his own stuff to take care of.

  43. @kass you can put the episode up if you’d like. If I’m still awake by that time and it’s not up I’ll post it. But, last time it was WAY late, so most likely you’ll be posting it. And that was my overly long message to you when I could of simply said “Yes”. Goodnight! :tongue:

  44. Hey @Yves, I was thinking about Slims–drove up to see Elliott Yamin (Idol Season 5) there a couple years back–great little venue. I’m down for an Alex concert there! {{funny, I feel the same way about Sam; he reeeaaaallly wants to front his own band, I think.)

    OK, no episode, so I’m off to beddie-by. Gnight.

    ETA: Kass, I like the way you think! Your scenario sounds reasonable to me.


  46. Yves: Alex asked Sam to be in the band and he said yes and seemed happy for the opportunity. He’s not just there to steal Alex’s spotlight. They are both artists and friends and its nice to help each other along – Sam may be able to return the favor in future too. And Alex isn’t naive – he can tell who is a friend to him, and he must feel Sam is, and that’s why he likes hanging with him, and put him in the band because he has talent too. Sam has his own thing and band too, but he understands he’s back-up when he’s performing with Alex, and he said so himself. Alex will be a solo artist anyway, so lets not create drama between friends who like each others company – Sam is young like Alex and they seem to get along fine. I mean, you posted at the start of this thread you wanted to tweet Sam to give you a ride to Roxy show tomorrow, and now you having issues about him in the band. I thought Sam did a good job for Alex at their Roxy show – I especially liked him singing back-up on “I didnt know”

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