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Aug 262010

Videos have surfaced from Alex Lambert’s performance at the Motel No Tell at the 2010 US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California!


Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”

Alex’s original song “Butterflies”:

Sublime’s “Boss D.J.”:

Maroon Five’s “Sunday Morning”:

Boss DJ
Sunday Morning
Three Little Birds

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  1. @shadow_ia I know he doesn’t care about covers. I wasn’t completely serious when I wrote that. What is bizarre is that I have more songs (covers) that Alex has peformed than any other artist on my ipod and I listen to them daily. I never tire of his voice. What I gathered from Kass’ skype session is that it appears as though none of the demos from the demo videos will be on the album either. I wonder about “I Didn’t Know”. I would be surprised if it wasn’t on, maybe that one is the exception.

  2. Kass, If I remember right, before the site had to be put back up again, you had a permanent link up at the top along with Calendar, Bio etc, where you had a list of mp3s….would you be able to do that again? Or am I thinking of something else?? Anyway, I finally got a ipod (shuffle, lame i know)) and left it in Cali…I am just afraid by the time I get it back, I will have to weed through all these posts to find them all again. I would sure like to have those songs while i am at the gym!! Now I gotta find time to sit and watch the three videos of the other night, sounds like it was pretty cool. Have a great day everyone!! :smile:

    • Linda I think I’ve got most of the more “complete” tracks here:
      If I’m missing any let me know (I didn’t include all the ones that are just a few seconds long or really fuzzed out quality).

      VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION (haha): Does anyone have One Kiss? I don’t think I’ve even heard that song!

  3. Oh K~Thank You Kassandra! :cool:

  4. @Lauren…thanks…i really appreciate it..honestly i’ll take whatever Butterflies vid you think will b better…and this drunken concert sounds like a lotta fun…we gotta make it happen!!! haha

  5. I’m in for the drunken concert. I’ve already warned my husband.

  6. Haha…i dont think we’d have anyone turn down the offer to get drunk, have a good time, and listen to Alex live…lol…I only got 6 months of college left, then take my boards and get a job n i’ll b rolling…lol…i’ll b able to travel anywhere everyone can go…lol

  7. I want to go to a drunken concert tooo! :dizzy:

  8. @Phillip I just sat down at my computer with a glass of wine (it’s Friday) and found out that the online program I was using doesn’t have the option to rip mp4’s anymore. Now I will need to cough up another $40 to do this. Let me drink more and I’ll get back to you this weekend, ha ha! I know, I know Alex is worth it!

    • Hellooo guys!

      Just quickly want to say – Cathy you are amazing!

    • And Lauren don’t cough it up! There MUST be plenty of other free programs!

      And btw since you asked my drink of choice is usually a gin & tonic or a mohito – though tonight I was drinking black russians for some odd reason… how bout you? Enjoy your glass of wine :)

  9. @kass Get a good night’s sleep. I must say that a mohito ranks high on my list. I saw your tweet about not tweeting drunk. Black Russians…trouble.
    See if this link works Shelby captured this when Alex was skyping with V. If I get to skype with him, I will specifically ask about One Kiss. I have a feeling it was one of the songs he played for Mark. Fingers crossed. Le me know if it doesn’t work. It’s only 40 secs long.

  10. I’m laughing @ the fact that i got the whole alcohol talk rolling here…haha…and Lauren…don’t specifically spend $40 bucks just for me…only if u plan on using it for your purposes!

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