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Jan 132013

With many people asking what Alex is doing these days, we decided to try and update the best we can……

The truth of the matter is that we aren’t exactly sure. We do know that no one achieves lasting success in this crazy music business over night. It’s a very difficult business. Alex is working. No doubt he’s working as hard and as fast as he can. And although we can’t see it, he’s growing personal and musically every day. THAT’s what it takes to build a lasting career, hard work and growth.

From the beginning we’ve said we would do whatever it takes to help Alex achieve his goals. Of all the things we’ve done (and we’ve done a few) being patient has been the most difficult by far, but that’s what he needs from us. Alex has acknowledged that we have all waited a long time for his music and that hopefully he can release something before long. We’re not going anywhere. Alex has our continued support as he is well worth the wait.  :heart:


With American Idol Season 12 beginning next week we thought it appropriate to post a video of our favorite contestant’s experience on the show with all the struggles and triumphs included. Sit back and enjoy. It’s sure to take you on a journey down memory lane.



Alex is focusing on songwriting and has been credited with several placements at this point. We will keep our fingers crossed for continued songwriting success. What a huge accomplishment and personal victory when your music is heard worldwide! That has indeed been the case with “Trouble” and “Beautiful” and for this Alex should be very proud.  :smile:


We here at have always known that Alex’s future is very bright and we still believe that. We KNOW that he still plans to share his voice with us. How do we know? Because Alex said so on Twitter… more than once. The big question isn’t if, but when.       Let’s make it…


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  1. Watching some Alex vids tonight… Man. I miss him so much. :cwy: Whenever I hear “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne, or “Let Me Love You” by Mario, or pretty much any song he’s covered, I always think of him. I miss watching (creeping?) him while he was at the Dream House. I miss when he was so passionate about his music. It just doesn’t seem like he’s all that into it anymore, just judging from his Twitter. (And his darn overly vague tweets!) He rarely talks about his music, and I always wonder what he’s up to nowadays.
    And it’s been almost three years since Alex has been on Idol, and I still adore him as much as I did back then. (Remember that mullet, so adorable :wub: ) It just bums me out, because he’s ridiculously talented. I check this site almost daily and hope to find some news, maybe a new demo, or anything that shows he’s been working on music. And although I’m so happy for him that he wrote songs for people, I wish he’d release them for himself. He deserves it!
    I’ve been there since the very beginning. The petitions to get Alex back on American Idol, him entering the Dream House, putting out singles, recording the “I Didn’t Know” music video, watching him come to life as he wrote his songs, and his cute little vlogs with his signature “Maholo.” But hey, maybe I’m just being selfish in wanting more music. I truly wish him the best in everything, and I hope he’s doing well. :heart:

    • Shelby…I’m right there with you. I wish we had an update to give you. We don’t. Here’s the best I can offer. I believe Alex is still doing music. I believe he still wants us to have his music on our ipods. Why do I believe that? Cuz he’s said it on Twitter…more than once. Don’t know if you follow me, but I’ve saved as many of those tweets as I could find to my favorites. You can go look at them there. I believe that he’s doing his best to get there. I know its been a long time and he seems distant at times, but I just feel it in my bones. He’s doing it. He’s just doing his best to make it right. Its a difficult business.

      I pledge to you personally that we will absolutely shout it from the mountain tops when we get any news. Please stay tuned. It will happen and it’ll be worth the wait. I’ve always said I’d do anything for Alex….to help him get there. I never counted on it taking this long. Waiting has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done for him. But Ive waited this long, what’s a little more. :heart:

      • I sure miss him too, Cathy. Its like a little light went out of our lives. :(
        I’m still following him and checking here regularly, just not much going
        on. Even his Mom doesn’t post much on Facebook about him anymore, no news on gigs or anything else! Still waiting though!

  2. To me the music business has devolved into this fake b.s. these past SEVERAL years. The people in it are so fake, and its just not really making a difference in peoples’ lives anymore. Even a good singer (which there are so few) like Adele, the tracks seem very artificial. I guess its been since the 70’s since there was some real music for the most part..Maybe a little in the 80’s and 90’s(P.J. Harvey, perhaps?)..Alex can truly heal with his voice; there was that one fan that brought a few of his tracks to a jail where he worked, and it was evident that the inmates were healed in some way.. That Billboard music critic at that Roxy Show that essent. said Alex could touch people’s lives with his voice, it was so special, it was so memorable. THAT is what music should be about. Just leave aside all that fame and selfish bullshit, Let’s forget any and all that, and Alex can do it for the sole purpose of making people’s lives better…

    • Alleycatfan….Wow! You have cut straight to the heart of the matter. Don’t really know what else there is to say.

      • Exactly! And I also think that IS what Alex wants, hes always given me the impression he is in all this for the music …. I refer back to his Jesse J cover…and how he gets right up to the camera and sings with true clarity, “we dont need your money, money, money….. just wanna make the the dance, forget about the price tag” I truly believe he resonated with those lyrics. I was actually sitting the other day and listening to Alex’s mini concert when he bought his new microphone, and it still amazes me how just very talented he is, there is so many different genres of music he samples and every one sounded so great…and that range he has = T A L E N T…. THATS why I get so angry when I hear someone like Nikki Manaj say “the industry doesn’t need great singers, they need “entertainers” or whatever she does. I cant quite put my finger on it :getlost:

        I also want to thank Lauren for the video, WOW…there is alot I missed in the beginning. Alexs voice is what got me from the start during the live show. Ill never understand how in the HELL did he get stuck in THAT group???!!! Never liked that Mary ha!

        Great post guys! And yes Cathy, if you dont have patience, you will never survive this ride, but I know it will be worth it in the end! :heart:

        • *the WORLD dance (dang sausage fingers :blink: )

        • Linda that’s a riot – Nicki says we don’t need great singers precisely because she CAN NOT sing :lol: Even when there are legit singers like Avril Levigne nowadays, I still get very little out of it, coz to me she just drones on and on in that same nightmarishly flat tone :sick: . Like I said Adele, I like her voice, its just that the tracks are too artificial and that bums me out..

    • You expressed perfectly how I feel about singers today alleycatfan and LindaW. So much seems fake and people with bad voices that shouldn’t have albums out do for some reason, maybe it is because of the “entertainment” value they bring. I was looking at the music I listen to and I noticed that there are very few current singers on my list. Most of my music is just instrumental and also a lot of singers from the 70’s and of course everything that Alex has ever sung. I was listening again to his songs while he was on America Idol and his voice is so pure and he was so unassuming and natural. I don’t know if he will ever record music, but let’s hope that it will happen.

    • alleycatfan — you always hit the nail on the head! It’s interesting that I was just working on an interview with Tom Kenyon about acoustic brain research (very short has been scientifically proven that music has the ability to heal. Maybe that’s the heart of my addiction to Alex’s voice. I think he increases the alpha wave activity (the relaxation response) in my brain. Whatever it is, whether you want to analyze it or not, I STILL listen to him everyday. Would I like some new songs to listen to? Hell, yeah!! But, I can wait. I will wait. I know he’s got stuff going on. Never stop believing. The music business is all about marketing. We know that. But, Alex’s talent and good looks are extremely marketable. So…we wait. I will support him always and forever and, if he decides to come back to the East Coast again, I’ll be thrilled to set it up.

      Blah, blah, blah…I’m rambling. Just had to check-in to be sure the snafkrew is still supporting and it’s good to see you are :) Love y’all!


  3. I love Alex’s voice and his lyrics and just chillin’ and hangin’ out, listening to him whenever. I know he will be in the music business/industry for a long time, whether that’s front and center with his singing or more behind the scenes, with his songwriting, so I can patiently wait for him for however long it takes…because I know he will always be around! With that much talent, ii’s IMPOSSIBLE that he wouldn’t stick around. SNAF for life! :smile:

  4. Thanks for the update! Even though there wasn’t much to say.. Cathy, I’m encouraged by Alex’s tweets that you favorited. I hadn’t seen those before.

  5. Here’s some free research for Alex’s management ;I was checking the soundcloud numbers on TeamAlexLambert just now and clearly I Didn’t Know stripped is clearly not a radio single It didn’t gain much traction..maybe too slow for most listeners its been up three months., and honestly I think that’s why it didn’t garner the Youtube views expected. Imperfectly Perfect fared much better in per day listens. And Alex’s cover of Stand By Me(insane vocals) does quite well and tops them all in listens. However since this is a fan channel , and hard to locate for the casual fan, these are rudimentary numbers ..BUT it tells me something. Get a really good Alex radio type track on (and he has MANY, we know that) and you’d see a whole different ballgame.:whistle:

    • I like the way you think because his vocals are insane on Stand By Me, but perhaps the numbers are just the result of social media. For instance, if this TeamAlexLambert tweeted the link of the Soundcloud file and then one of his/her followers listened to it and that follower’s Soundcloud acct is set up to post any sounds she listens to to her Facebook timeline and then her FB friends listen to it and so on. Same goes if TeamAlexLambert posts the link to tumblr and if gets reblogged by others. You see my point. There lies the beauty of social media in getting an artist’s music heard. We are living in such a different age now that anything is possible… ANYTHING! Look at Macklemore and Thrift Shop. He’s the first unsigned artist to reach #1 since 1994. There is hope for the little guy after all. :smile:

      • Thank you Lauren for this post. I read the article and it is so interesting. Well, I listened to Thrift Shop and all I can say is “Really??? #1 for that????” Alex should record something then. We would all make it #1 for him!

        • I’ve said this many times….. If Alex would ever do a Kickstarter, we would GUARANTEE that it would be funded. No worries there. To whomever might be listening (I mean you, Alex)….I said GUARANTEE!!! :biggrin:

          (just between you and me, I wasn’t impressed with Thrift Shop either. But I am very impressed with his attitude toward the music industry. Who needs a record label anyhow. :wink: )

          EDIT: Sorry, that was a bit over zealous. We would be VERY SUPPORTIVE of any Alex Lambert project…..that involves music.

  6. @Cathy …. im in lol :tongue:

  7. I just ran across this paint of Alex done by a general musc fan out there.last yr. They did about 6 different artists apparently.. Anyway, I think its really special somehow. I rememeber studying some of Madonna’s early advertsing single covers and they were not race specific which was done on purpose. Anyway, this reminds me a lot of that .Really excellent heres link

  8. I want to say that Alex and his fansite STILL get good traffic, at times. Even after 2 and a half years being TOTALLY out of the public eye. I check in some, and there’s like upwards of 16 people on here, at a time, in the daytime, then they’ll go away and be replaced by 9 – 10 peeps, then another 15 – 20 minutes may come in a different batch of 7/9, etc ,etc. Then overnight like 12-15 people for a small period then another group after 30 /40 minutes etc. Many of the overnight may be international fans. Most of all these day and night groups are likely listening to the very good music player on here, and of course getting free downloads:whistle: ..THIS is VERY impressive, coz Alex’s team has released ZERO new recordings in like 2 and a half years, or more, And remember, some of us have heard Alex’s better records, that have never been heard by the general public, and they blow all of these out of the water.:w00t:

    • @Alleycatfan, awww enjoy it while you can. :cwy: Unfortunately the license on this site is due to expire sometime this year. I’m not exactly sure when but under the current circumstances, it will most likely not be renewed. I will be sad to see it go, but having it stay is an even sadder reminder of the lack of music coming out of the Lambert camp these days. I hope that Alex is still pushing toward his dream. I hope that singing still is his dream. Either way, this site is no longer playing a role so its probably time to go. If you or anyone else would be interested in picking it up, you can email us at

  9. He’d have to get A LOT more involved with his site for me to do so. Even Crystal posted more on hers than Alex, and she hardly EVER posted. I was driving with a neighbor today and her son was with us; And we listened to an Alex Mp3, then Barbra Streisand came on when I switched to the radio. And I said what do you think? She said Alex’s voice is JUST as recognizable . That’s a HUGEEEEEEEEE compliment, coz she has been a LEAD writer for “Variety,” among other periodicals, for Christ’s sake..Anyway, Alex’s main importance to the world is RECORDING ARTIST. Some people are more important as live performers like Bette Midler, and some much more important recording—>> That is Alex. Its up to him how he wants his name to be remembered in this World.

    • This site has been the source of the most updated information on Alex, but presently he could reach more people with his Facebook fan page, twitter, and Youtube channel. We’ve said it before, that it really is about social networking and reaching out to the fans. They are the ones who will be there when the labels aren’t. Last week I saw a video with Stevie Nicks describing “how the music industry is dying and how she feels sorry for the kids because there is no money to support artist development”.
      That is why they have to do it themselves. There is no doubt in my mind that Alex’s voice is much better than many of the current recording artists, more unique and distinguishable. Again he has it, but he needs to believe it. Belief, determination, and hard work creates results.

      Side note… Recently I was watching American Idol when Casey James returned to sing on a results show. I noticed that he only has about 44K twitter followers (he rarely tweets), but he’s signed to a label and 19 Recordings. He’s done relatively well thus far and will be touring with Taylor Swift on her Red tour. He appears to be a thoughtful guy, as he brought the contestants gift bags containing something from their hometowns. All these things and then during his performance I receive a text from my son stating “Casey James really can’t sing”. I completely agree with him, so what is it?? Is it that he is the right package for new country?

  10. Here’s something (check out the link) ya’ll may enjoi.. I was looking at Serenity West recording studio website, and its a pretty site, and Alex has his photo in the upper quarter or so of their notable client roster :cool: :
    BTW, because this list includes her- I really think Shakira is doing a TREMENDOUS job on The Voice – very insightful coaching and her accent is GR8.

  11. Haha alleycatfan now you’ve embarrassed me. Those were all just random blips on my artistic journey. If Alex ever let me design his album cover though…I totally would.

  12. I was sorry to see that this site will no longer be up soon. But I can understand since there hasn’t been too much to post about Alex. It would be nice if he could let his fans know if at least he is planning on recording something. I check in here quite a lot but nothing going on. Anyway, thank you for all you have done! It is a great site!

    • Thank you BJ and thanks for checking in at the site. Please continue to do so; one never knows what the future may bring. :wink:

  13. Hey guys,

    It’s ALECS, the artist formerly known as Alex T, I see there hasn’t been much activity on the site and thought maybe my new track could keep y’all busy until Alex L’s next release. I’ve talked to him about doing a collab and it’s just about finding the right time and working out the means. Everyone’s busy rubbing their pennies/cents together right now and music’s tough. But I’m sure Alex will release something in the future and blow us out the water. He’s a talented guy.

    Here’s the link to my new song:

    Keep showing him love, songwriting can be a lonely process and I’m sure you guys mean a lot to him.

    • ALECS, great to hear from you:) Thanks for stopping in and saying such nice things. I’ve no doubt Alex is working on GREAT things. I’ve never lost my faith in that amazing talent of his. Great things are worth waiting for.

      Thanks for the link. Your stuff sounds good. I’m glad you decided to come back to music. You belong behind a mic.

    • Awe Alex T, Its good to hear from you…I have listened already to your track, so glad you are following your dream. Thanks for the encouraging words re Alex, I think he has a group of people here who will always have faith that he is working on something wonderful for our ears. Its hard to keep a website going when there’s not much to report (that we know of anyway, lol) But faith is something we certainly have a stockpile of. Keep up your good work ALECS!! <3

      • Hey Cathy & Linda,

        Thanks for the kinds words, hopefully there’ll be some stuff coming up to keep the website busy soon. It’s a cool site, a complete Alex Lambert archive!


  14. Alex is a huge inspiration to say the least. The vocals he performs have so much soul, you can literally feel his music especially through his vibrato. Funny thing is, I actually hoped at one point that smoking cigs would make my voice’s tone more complex; similar to his. Haha However silly that may have been, I do definitely consider him a huge inspiration and one of the biggest influences in my previously written music. I wish him the best and can’t wait to hear what he’s certainly going to release in 2014 or soon thereafter! He also seems like a super chill guy so that’s cool too. Haha

    PS, to check out some sick new music covers and originals from me, check out the links below! Not quite production quality, but you get the idea. Haha Enjoi!

  15. Alex
    If you read this I wanted to tell you that I was listening to your songs this past week downloaded from this site a couple years ago and man, I just love your voice. You HAVE to get some music out there soon for your many loyal fans and that includes me.

  16. Still waiting ??

  17. Did not mean those question marks, meant to be a heart <3 lol

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