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Jul 062010

Thanks again Dream Updates!

Download an mp3 of the “Imperfectly Perfect” demo here! (Audio has been cleaned up as best I could, but it’s just to tide us over till they release the demo to the public…)

UPDATE: Mediafire seems to be having some server problems with the file. Try downloading it here instead!

  98 Responses to “Alex Lambert Listens to “Imperfectly Perfect” & Sings Some Classics”

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  1. Areyouin: Ben asked about the date with Veronica….but then Alex started making a sweet attempt to apologize to Ben about Veronica, he said it wasn’t intentional, and Ben said he didn’t care, it was cool. Alex also made it sound like he really liked hanging out with her but it wasn’t really serious, but thinks she really cool and talented.

    Chrilly: Isnt that the sweetest thing. It was like he wanted her to sing him some lullaby’s to sleep, Now she gone and he snoooring!!!! Ha!

  2. Thanks Linda. I heard that part when Ben and Alex were sitting at the island eating their huevos ;) It was a little earlier – Ben was still by the stove and Alex was at the island. I’m sure it’s no big deal, but Alex did seem serious – though we know how he can be!

  3. Yeah it was kinda weird, because after he said not to mention it, he kinda just stared into space for a while (did you see how Ben noticed it?) and then I guess Alex must have wanted to make sure Ben was ok with it all, which was very noble of him………..I am watching now and BOY, can that boy snore!!! :sleeping:

  4. Darn, I wish I hadn’t missed that convo. I’ve been wondering if Alex was ever going to ask how Ben felt about him hooking up with V.

  5. Janet: I wasn’t referring to your post in particular. I didn’t even read what you said about it. I was just skiming over the posts and saw some weren’t sure about the song, or the whistle, and some may be expecting some classic vibe from Alex since some of his fans are older. I just used the Stevie Nicks reference to say the song may not become a classic or a single but its good enough to be on his CD and Alex is a young artist. (not that he has to be Justin Bieber vibe) And its more commercial than “dreams with eyes open” – “imperfectly perfect” is like a type of song you can hear on mainstream top 40 radio, and that’s not a bad thing. But I agree with you he should take care of his voice, so he doesnt have issues with it later on like Stevie Nicks or Mariah Carey. I think the throat issues he’s been having lately is making his voice quality hoarse. He had less rasp on idol and his voice was perfect on “Wonderful World” – I want him to sound like that on his CD cause that’s what I think his true voice is. Anyway, I think more of you will like “imperfectly perfect” after a few listen. Its the type of song that grows on you. I like his delivery of the song too. I think Alex likes the song. He’s been singing it around the house and whistling. Btw, a repair man was checking our aircondition today and he kept whistling. (maybe he heard the song playing on my computer because I had it on) And it made me think of Alex’s song and how it can get people to start whistling the melody. I tried but I cant whistle well.

    I’m was just watching now and Alex fell asleep in the blue room and snoring after Kara was playing him some boring snooze fest song and piano music. But Alex can fall asleep even if he’s playing rap music. He’s catching up on his sleep after staying up too late when Veronica was there. Oh and why is that when they are all asleep at night they make all the rooms dark to see, but its only Alex’s room that is still bright enough like moon glowing over him. Its probably because Alex is the most watched.

  6. Jill they have footage of in on DU….

  7. *of it.

  8. LindaW: Yeah, Alex was trying to play it down and cool with Ben about his romance with Veronica. He was being a typical young guy who doesnt wanna show in front of his boys he is crushing on a girl, but we all saw him serenading her like Romeo. And Ben knew they liked each other weeks ago. When Alex kept saying in last weeks episode that he thinks Ben will fall for her and be distracted – I kept thinking he’s talking about himself. You can even see it in the episode that she first visited the house that they were attracted to each other – you could see it in both their eyes when she was singing to all in the living room and Alex covered his face shyly after singing along and smiling at her and she smiled back. And they were interested in each other at dinner table too.

  9. Oh no he is in a state of depression, missing V. He doesn’t want to get out of bed, but here is the possibility that he didn’t sleep last night because of her having left. Hopefully, this will not last too long. I feel sad. :sad:

  10. Popping in here to comment on the snoring. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Alex snore. Is that because at night the mic’s are off? I always figured he’d be a snore-er because of his congestion, so I was surprised to never hear it.

    You know, I think Alex would really benefit from those Breathe Right nose strips. He should put them on when he goes to sleep at night and remove them in the morning. They really reduce nasal congestion with no chemicals, steroids, etc. They just help keep your nasal passages open and prevent a stuffy nose. I swear by them–has totally helped me with chronic sinus headaches. At minimum, he could wear them the nights before he has recordings scheduled.

    Or, he could try a saline spray or rinse (like a Netti pot). He’s too young to have to rely on prescription meds for his allergies. (I assume that’s a steroid nasal spray that I see him inhale from time to time.)

    Glad he got to talk to Ben about the V thing. I’m sure that’s been bugging him. He has so much respect for Ben and values his friendship. It will be interesting to see how he handles the separation from Veronica–I wonder if he’s downplaying it for Ben’s benefit, or if he’s trying to convince himself that he has to move on with life and focus on his music.

  11. @Lauren, I didn’t see your post above, so mine looks insensitive. Awww, I feel so bad for Alex. I remember those days (long ago, heh) when I first met my husband–I couldn’t bear to be apart from him. Young love…it is so all-consuming. It is almost physical, the ache from being separated.

    I thought he was going to hang out with that Cisco-dude today. What happened to that? He needs to keep busy. At least his family is coming soon to distract him.

  12. FYI Alex just opened the John Legend hoodie and bag.

  13. You beat me to the punchline Molly. I just watched him open it too. I forget who sent it, but I seem to remember that she said she wasn’t going to be able to watch it live, right? I’ve only watched on and off today, but Alex does seem depressed, doesn’t he? I didn’t see the conversation with Ben re: Veronica, but it sounds like he was downplaying his true feelings to Ben. That boy is just plain mopey today. He definitely needs a distraction. Oh, well, nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

    And, Shadow (love your name btw) maybe the song will grow on me like you said. LOL! If I start whistling, I’ll let you know.

  14. I saw him open up my fan gift live. I heard thank you and sick so I am thrilled.

    He doesn’t need to do anything with it, but I hope he likes it. The bag is stuffed with music reference type books, mainly for guitar. There is a how to rap book in there. The CD is rhyming software.

    Alex does seem down. He is worlds away. Awwwwh.

  15. Aww he was just telling Caitlin how much he missed Veronica then went back to his room and watched her videos on his laptop. Poor guy I just wanna go over there and give him a big ole hug. :cwy:

  16. Hey soapbox, I’m so glad you got to see Alex opening your gift. Speaking of gifts, he mentioned my steak package gift to Caitlin in the kitchen just now. He said “Isn’t it weird that someone would send me food?” Then added, “But, it’s cool.” I don’t know if that was for my benefit or Caitlin’s since he first asked her if she thought he could have one of his steak’s tonight. She said, no, it would take to long to defrost. hahaha. He’s definitely not into the food she’s preparing. She’s a chef, so I’ll forgive her food snobbery. She made comments like, “I don’t know about these stuffed baked potatoes or the frozen vegetables.” I’ll tell you what, from Alex’s reaction to what she was making, I bettcha he’d be just fine with them. Besides, she doesn’t wash her produce before serving it. I can’t stand it when she does that. I don’t care that the salad says it’s pre-washed, it still needs another rinse at least. And, she just emptied those berry things that Alex didn’t like right into the bowl without washing them either. I’ll guess I’ll just rant about her ‘cuz there ain’t much else happening right now.

    Alex is definitely lovesick. He was telling Caitlin that he misses having V around because they could do “kid things” together. When Caitlin said, “What about Ben?” Alex explained that Ben is older and can go to bars and stuff and he can’t. So, yeah, I can accept that explanation to a point. But, his feelings for V are much deeper than that. It’s plain to see. When is his family coming? It’s his father this time, right? Or, am I out of the loop again?

  17. I love how we can compare Alex to Stevie Nicks-he’s gonna blow everyone AWAY that have underestimated-and he does deserve these type of comparisons.I re-watched Stevie’s video of Landslide from Warner Records,and she has her own special way of Phrasing and pronunciation on many words-“mirror”in the sky is pronounced in a very unique way ,and several other words.And Alex does that very special phrasing and pronunciation on many words also,in a way I’ve never heard before-so its not just the amazing tone that both Stevie and Alex have -its these other factors,too

  18. Ha ha Janet, I know, I was thinking when she was saying, I dont know about this and that re the food, hes gonna eat it with or without your approval honey….I did think it was sweet she offered to take him to dinner and a movie to get his mind off of you know who…………..

  19. Alex is killing me :cwy: He tweeted “I wanna hold your hand:(” it makes me wanna cry. Poor thing </3 I also saw where he was talking to caitlin and then went and watched her video. When
    kara got home she asked Alex what was wrong and Cait said he didn't like the food and Alex shook his head and said thats not why I'm sad. Kara asked if he missed his lady and he just shook his head.

  20. Janet, his father is coming to see him tomorrow, his plane leaves @ 5AM, so hopefully he can make Alex feel better!!

  21. Oh, good. Having family around will at least keep Alex busy and provide a bit of a distraction. Isn’t it kinda crazy how we all feel his pain? He doesn’t even know us. But, we’re just empathetic angels :angel: who, through the wonder of technology, have gotten to know him even though he doesn’t know us.

    I just tweeted Alex how to defrost & cook one of the burgers and nuke the potatoes, veggies, and chocolate cake. :ninja: Shhh! Caitlin doesn’t need to know. I hope he reads it. He’s starving and couldn’t eat that food she made. Frankly, it looked pretty gross to me too. But, yes, it was very sweet of Caitlin to offer to take Alex out to dinner and a movie. She does seem to really like him. So, I’ll forgive her for making crappy food. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I’m sure some people love it. I just gotta side with Alex on this one. Ugh! :sick:

  22. @alleycatfan, I totally agree!! There’s something about the way Alex says his words in his songs and phrases things that makes it sound so special and unique. I don’t know if it’s his southern accent or just they way he talks, I can’t really put my finger on it, but it’s different and it stands out and I love it!! He just puts his own Alex stamp on every song he sings, it’s pretty incredible! I’ve never heard anyone like him, just amazing! :wub:

  23. Agreed, I think I’ve replayed that video 500 times already. lol Can’t wait til his dad comes, that should be exciting for him!!

  24. Tired Of Waiting has that catchy style of I Didn’t Know. Alex should do this 2 tracks included in his album. I think he’s writing a new song “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

  25. I am loving Alex and all of his songs but I keep my distance for a while. I have gotten too involved in this soap opera that is Alex’s life and it would be good for me to step away and get on with my life. I will always be a big fan. :cheerful: Anyway, that way when his big album hits, all the songs will seem brand new to me.

  26. Sky, thats not one of his songs. It’s a beatles song. :smile:

  27. Dream House evacuated for possible gas leak. Alex and others are outside and safe. :smile:

  28. :sad: So sad that I can’t do anything to make Alex feel better. It is not like I could put Veronica in the gift bag.

    Even though I know the live feed is live, there is always this layer of separation. The distance of the internet. I think in the back of my head that if I could reach out through the internet that I could change things to make it all better. But seeing Alex holding something that I picked out and physically sent to him, that layer was lost for a moment for me, it is such a human moment, and it really drives home the point that there is nothing I can do for Alex. I hate to see Alex sad.

    I really had no expectations for the fan gift, I just knew in my gut that I was supposed to send it. What happens will happen. I feel at zen like peace about the gift. The sick comment from Alex completely warmed my heart. I am so glad I sent it.

    After seeing Alex meet Jessica on the episode, I am so deeply glad right now that Jessica did what she did with the petition, because without Jessica, I doubt that Alex would be in the dream house, and I would not be able to be a fan and send something to him in the dream house and watch him open it if not for Jessica. When Jessica was talking to Alex, it was like she was saying exactly what I would want to say to Alex. It is all so surreal.

    I just wish I could have sent hugs or something, I am so glad that his family is coming soon. I want to send Alex a hug. If any of Alex’s family is reading this, could you give Alex an extra fan on behalf of his fans.

    Alright I got to admit the cardboard box from me sitting on Alex’s bed is really annoying me now. I want to knock it off his bed. :lol: I had the hardest time finding a box to fit what I sent, it was amazing to me that nothing fit. I went to the storage area at work and I noticed a box that I could tell just glancing at it that it would be the perfect size, but it had office supplies in it. So I grabbed an empty box from the hallway put out for recycling, put the office supplies in the box from the hallway, then put Alex’s gift in the box from the storage area. There is no telling how long that box sat in storage before I grabbed it. With Alex’s allegies that box don’t need to be on his bed. :lol: The ironic part is that I have just as much stuff on my own bed right now and I also suffer from allergies similar to Alex. So I have no room to talk. I have a dry raspy voice too myself, it has got me to wondering.

    Whew sorry for the long post.

  29. I saw the fireman come right before all the cameras at the IICD house went out. At first I didn’t know what Kara meant when she looked at the camera outside and said hope everyone is doing good. Please excuse us we are having domestic problems. Then the camera crew came out of the house, then I saw the fireman.

  30. Thanks Molly. I was wondering what had happened to all of them. Glad everyone is okay. ?

  31. No need to apologize for the long post soapbox. I enjoyed reading it. I think you spoke for all of us with your comments. BTW: As you might have all figured out, I took the day off today and have spent almost all of my time doing nothing but checking in on Alex and posting here. So, sorry if I’m boring you all to death. I just really needed a chill day — funny I used that term — it was 103 degrees this afternoon! I was taking photos outside and only lasted a half hour — whew — dripping sweat. Thank God, it’s supposed to be in the 80’s tomorrow. Of course, I’ll probably work all day.

    Was wondering why all the cameras are down. At least everyone is safe. It’s probably not a gas leak. It’s the fumes from that meal Caitlin prepared. Okay. Bad joke. Never mind.

    I just want Alex to be happy. And, soapbox, you are 100% right. Alex and all of us owe a big debt of gratitude to Jessica B. And, she’s such a cool person! She deserves many blessings.

    Hey, alleycat and Katherine, I think I know why we compare Alex with Stevie Nicks besides the obvious uniqueness that each has. When you mentioned phrasing, it hit me. They’re both originally from Texas! That must be a big part of it. It’s not the same as a true southern accent (i.e., Alabama). Texans have their own unique way of speaking.

    All right. I’ll shutup for the night. I’m just not tired though. I’m also not in the right frame of mind to start working now, so…what to do, what to do? Maybe they’re back in the house and Alex will sing for us. Come on Alex, sing us a lullabye. :sleeping:

  32. OK…I was just like randomly checking DU and I saw the “evacuation is still in place” and I was like WHAT! WOW! Major excitement in the dream house! WOOT! OK I seriously want to be watching the whole thing live…it stinks that ICD is down and you should see how many users are like glued to DU right now…lol.

  33. @Janet, I didn’t know Stevie Nicks was from Texas, that’s very interesting. Yea the accent is not really strong, not like some southern accents so I see what you’re saying. The song that really stands out to me when thinking of the way Alex talks and his way of phrasing, is his cover of Let Me Love You. It’s so different from the original, but soooo good. And I really like the original Mario version, but again Alex puts his own little Alex spin on it and sounds incredible! And “I Didn’t Know” also shows off his unique phrasing too, especially the second verse, which I love! :sigh: I could gush about Alex all day, lol! Hope he cheers up soon!

  34. I love all your posts too Janet. For real. I gave this site and his fans here props in my letter to Alex.

    Janet, I think you may have summed up my feelings of the entire IICD experience when you said that you just want Alex to be happy. :wub:

  35. Oops I meant to ask in my earlier post if his family could give Alex an extra hug on behalf of his fans. Although extra fans are always good too. :cool:

  36. Carbon Monoxide? OK…well what a relief it’s not that. Would have been kinda cool to see the fireman trudging through the house…anyway, saw a snapshot of them by the fiesta–that was cool. Anyway, yeah for Alex’s family coming in! I should tune in tomorrow and see what’s up with all the dreamers…

  37. Alex is skyping with veronica right now trying to finish their song. But her sound went off on her computer or something (my other computer looses sound too sometimes) Kara came in to say Hi to Veronica. And Alex told Kara feel free to clean his room, and he said he likes his room like that. I was just about to post here too that Alex needs to clear his bed cause its getting piled up. Maybe he needs more storage, but I really want him to clear up his bed cause its distracting and its a little room. Or maybe they should threaten to take that second bed from him if he’s gonna use it as storage. I’m not saying he should be a neat freak, but his bed is getting out of control. He can stretch out more too if he has space on his bed.

    I read updates that when they were outside earlier, Alex was saying he missed Veronica and he talked about them kissing with Kara. Then he asked Kara if she and Brandt kissed. Kara said No. And Alex said Brandt told him he kissed Kara and he didnt think he’s the type to kiss and tell. And Kara looked uncomfortable after that. Obviously Kara kissed Brandt while doing her long walks and hiking at night. That hypocrite who was saying Veronica shouldnt have kissed Alex.

  38. Soapbox: I think you said you sent Alex a Rhyming dictionary to help with his music? He took out a book from a black bag while writing song with Veronica now to get an idea. I think maybe its the rhyme book you sent (if it has like green cover with white oval shape design.) Anyway I posted the link to the rhyme book here before cause i thought its something he needs too – I got the link when someone tweeted it to him – it must have been you tweeting it. Gollymolly said he opened your package today with john legend hoodie – so its probably the book – he’s gonna put the book to good use and he loves John legend.

  39. Ok her sound works now on skype after about 20mins, and he can hear her as they write the song. It’d be frustrating for him if he couldnt hear her.

  40. Ok so none of you Alex experts know that song he was singing after “landslide”? The one that starts with “I knooowww… yeah” I am pathetically looping that 10 sec snippet of him singing it. I think it’s sooo beautiful and Im getting pissed at Veronica for asking him so many questions thats why he didnt complete it! I dont know his song “Feelings dont grow on trees” could that be it?

    • No char that’s not it — I’ve never heard that song before anywhere! Why don’t you tweet him and ask?

  41. thanks kass! I will tweet him but what are the chances of Alex answering my tweet question? hhmm, slim to none haha, we all know that boy’s not so good at that. He just sang that song in such a soft and loving way. Im ssoooo in love with this kids voice… i need help, lol

  42. @Shadow_ia: Thank you so much for telling me about the rhyming dictionary book, it is blue with a white oval, but I could see how it would look green, so that is it. :wub: He also has rhyming software, I think you mentioned the Rhymesaurus software before, that is what I bought him. The instructions for it are laying face up on his bed as I type this e-mail.:lol:

    FYI (Since you can’t tell)All together there were 15 items: hoodie, tote bag, Rhymesaurus software, Merriam-Webster rhyming dictionary book, How to Rap book, Fretboard Logic DVD (for guitar), Fretboard Logic Vol 1 & 2 (for guitar one book), Fretboard Vol 3 book (for guitar), Chord Chemistry & Modern Chords (for guitar–2 book set), Chord Tone Soloing (guitar improvising), Reharmonization Techniques (music theory), Scale Over Chords (guitar improvising), The Chord Wheel (Circles of 5th thin book with a dial on front cover), and a Guitar Chord Wheel Accessory.

    The Chord Wheel and Guitar Chord Wheel Accessory are wheels that can be played with physically, they are actual dials or wheels.

    Hope Alex has a great time with his family. :heart:

  43. Soapbox: Yeah, that was your rhyming book I saw him using. You sent him 15 things and a lot are music necessities apparently. That’s cool. They should come in handy. He’s all set now.

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