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Feb 092012

The other night Alex Lambert got together with a bunch of Season 9 Idols – Katie Stevens, Andrew Garcia and Lacey Brown – who at some point during the reunion evening were kind enough to do a Livestream session for the fans and snaf!

The full almost 2-hour-long session can be seen here, but for those in a hurry the video has been edited down to the best bits (we mean the bits with Alex of course :wink: ).


  9 Responses to “Alex Lambert, Katie Stevens, Lacey Brown and Andew Garcia Livestream!”

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  1. I watched the full length version last night – it was long lol, but Alex’s Chris Brown cover was def better than last yrs.- it was CRAZY good Hope some will agree but the Beyonce cover and this one shows he’s reallly hitting modern era black pop songs outta’ the park :biggrin:

  2. Yes it was long…(Are we actually complaining that a video with Alex was too long?) yes Katie mugged a lot for the camera… but it was so nice seeing them all. Alex seemed so relaxed chillin with his friends. His voice just always sounds so beautiful whether he’s rehearsed or just goofin around. It was such a nice surprise to wake up to… I hope they make a habit of it.

  3. I watched the entire video, and thought there was not enough Alex in it.. :biggrin: lol
    I agree, Katie monopolized the camera. lol It was still nice to see the other AI9 alumni. Alex looked really good and sounded amazing. He is getting so good. :wub:
    I wonder why they are waiting so long to put his album out.
    I am not vocal much anymore, but I am still here for you Alex. I’m still a super SNAF. :w00t: I miss talking to everyone.
    Thanks Lauren for putting the video up for everyone, you are great with videos.

  4. I wanted to add that Lacey is pretty entertaining and funny I didn’t really remember that side of her and altho it was too long and all without the alex parts, she made it better Katie is a very good technical singer and Andrew and Alex seemed to be having a great deal of fun that night , they’re obviously the closest friends from that season.:cool:

  5. When I watched Adele last night, I thought of the time Alex said in interview, he wished Adele was in the DH, coz he and she have the same vibe – AGREED Alex has that level of voice, and its not just his fans saying that. Remember, just one ex., there was that Billboard music critic that attended, I think it was a Roxy show, and he said, unsolicited, that Alex had a Hall of Fame level voice. AND, I think he has the tracks to back that up Only a few of us have heard like 20 seconds of “You Are The Reason, ” as one ex., and it is at that HIGH, HIGH level. Alex can get to that Grammy stage, where he belongs :cool:

  6. Aww that was fun!! I never knew how much I missed watching Alex on camera, but this brought it all back to me…brought back a lot of great memories!! I cannot wait ’til that CD comes out.

    P.S. I’m totally jealous of you alleycatfan!! You always got lucky with those songs. You’re a total song ninja. :ninja:

    • Hey Molly!! How are ya?? If I remember correctly, you were lucky enough to hear some of the songs too. Weren’t you online for those rare gems? It’s been so long… too long and WOW a CD, LP or EP would be nice about now.. Hey do you know something we don’t??

      Anyhow I condensed the livestream video even more. It really is all about Alex’s voice or that’s how I feel. Sorry… I love the rest, but this is Alex’s fan site, so why not. :whistle: And a new thumbprint was generated with Alex in it. Yayyy Youtube! Btw doesn’t that thumbnail say it all >> Andrew doing something on his phone (probably some type of social media) and Alex playing the guitar. ha ha

      Tracy… anytime girl. I’m going to work on something else very soon that I think you’ll like. :smile:

      • Well I think I might have heard a snippet or two when he was on his laptop, completely unaware of how loud he was playing them. But, that was too short and too long ago to really remember the epicness of it all. Wish we could hear the whole CD!!!! :whistle:

  7. aawwww….. our boy is so handsome and SOOO Hollywood now! me thinks katie stevens is totally crushing on Alex, I mean who wouldnt be? ( lol, just entertaining myself here :tongue: ) boy needs an album, pretty please?

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