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Aug 272010

  54 Responses to “Alex Lambert & Kara Killmer Get “Cheesy” For Pizza Hut”

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  1. Alex will doze off his own set. That boy has such a short attention span. Maybe they could let Sam play more solos. That boy is awesome. Plus, isn’t it his birthday tomorrow? Lol. Wow, Alex T has to be back in school on Monday?! o_O Jet lag much? How long does it take from LA to London?! :unsure:

  2. snuffles: you get the prize for funniest comment of the day! LMAO!

    I couldn’t comment at MJs either. The comments are annoying, but they’re obviously being posted by people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. So, I can let it go. Thanks Yves. Your post was excellent.

    I’m not surprised that Sam doesn’t want to go to the drag queen thing. He’s way too cute. They’d be all over him. I think it might be a little too uncomfortable for him. I’m not judging the queens, I’m just saying I can understand why he might not want to put himself in that position. And, Alex…I don’t know. He can handle it I think (hope). He should take Gig. She’d probably be up for it. Kara probably wouldn’t and neither would Ben. So…

    And, yes, I think Kara should explore singing more. I’m telling ya — she should be trying out on Broadway, not Hollywood. There are so many musicals and you don’t necessarily have to be sexy. She’s definitely pretty enough. Hollywood’s too tough a town for her. Broadway is much better suited to her talents and sensibilities.

  3. Janet – I totally agree with you about Kara and Broadway (NYC). I think her “quirkiness” would be more well-suited in NYC. And she has all the theater background from Baylor. Maybe she didn’t think that’s the direction she wanted to take, but it really suits her style of acting. But – – would she fit in there either?? I’m not sure she will feel very comfortable anywhere other than good ole Texas.

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