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Feb 062011

Alex Lambert in Studio

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  1. @Y – I don’t know who you are….but I like your way of thinking. :) You should post more often. and yes, HUGE things are coming. Gawd, I wish I knew something. The waiting is killing me. Over the last year I have really learned a lot about patience.

    OMG watching that clip from HW week was hard to watch but he sounded so good. Thanks, Y, for putting that up.

  2. Hi Cathy Its just Yves, I’ve been posting here forever… just shortened the name. I know I was going Youtube happy earlier hence all the posts. Just needed my dose of Alex for the day :biggrin:

  3. @Y – Oh hey, sorry, with a name like “Y”, I thought you were a mysterious stranger. Thanks for clearing it up for me. (I’m kinda slow sometimes. hehe.)

    ETA: your dose made me happy so don’t apologize.

  4. @Y-I LOVE that Hollywood few-second clip. I think its THE most stunning tone I have ever heard on Idol in that one brief clip..Its actually as good as ANY pro-vocal in the biz since Fleetwood Mac came out with that record :w00t:

  5. Y Thanks for the clips, nice to see those again!!! I love listening to anythng and everything Alex.. :biggrin:

  6. Hmmm, Alex started following Clare Maguire, a Universal artist with techno beats and a good voice…more fuel to the speculation…I like her new single a lot actually. :smile:

  7. @alleycatfan

    Hmmm…she’s British. Up and coming. She’s with Universal Republic along with Alex’s new fave Jessie J.

  8. @snuffles(Miss Granger)- he started following Sunday Girl today, as well- techno music with a pretty good vocalist- she’s pretty good, but I like Clare better. :biggrin:

  9. Another British Universal artist. This one is with Geffen.

  10. Is there a pattern here?…but we shall keep our lips zipped :whistle:

  11. YVES!!!! So glad you surfaced. You are my Northern California connection and concert buddy! I’m sorry I used the word electronica…I should have said techno or something along those lines. David Guetta, the French techno premier producer works with all the R&B artists these days, so I guess there’s hope for Alex in this area. It’s fun to analyze Alex’s “follows”, isn’t it? I’m not sure how he arrives at it, maybe he uses the twitter suggestions. Universal is such a huge umbrella of a label, that it’s pretty good odds that an artist will be on one of its imprints, but it’s still nice to think that there’s some sort of pattern going on with the follows.

    Thanks for the clip, too. I love seeing Alex in that little snippet. He even fumbled the lyrics a bit–but glad the judges were smart enough to see real talent.

    I wonder why Alex sent out the tweet to Rafael Saadiq tonight. Has he ever tweeted anyone his interest in working with them? I feel bad for Alex that he wasn’t informed what a major talent Saadiq was when they had the writing session last Fall along with, uhhh??–(can’t remember the other writer/producers in that session) Maybe he saw the Youtube of RayRay performing on the Grammy’s last Sunday, which was insanely cool. I hope Saadiq sees his tweet, even though he’s not following Alex.

    ETA: Wow, that Clare Macguire has a throwback sound, like Annie Lennox. Real deep and complex–not like most chipmunk-voiced squeeky things like Miley Cyrus. Good to know that they are signing artists that can, you know, *sing*.

  12. @Diane ‘ETA: Wow, that Clare Macguire has a throwback sound, like Annie Lennox. Real deep and complex–not like most chipmunk-voiced squeeky things like Miley Cyrus. Good to know that they are signing artists that can, you know, *sing*.’
    Looks like the UK appreciates true talent. Sometimes I wonder if Disney stars get too much attention here. We all know the US is mostly driven by corporate greed. It seems there is more focus on the profit instead of the art.

    Yesterday Alex was listening to songs from the 90’s. Maybe he listened to Tony! Toni! Toné! (Raphael Saadiq in his early days)

    Alex was working with Deekay and Saadiq. I searched through the ASCAP listing for Saadiq and couldn’t find any song that he wrote with Lars and Alex. Too bad. :unsure:

    Do you think that Alex was never completely informed about his writing sessions and just told to show up? Can’t you see the e-mail…You’ve got a writing session with Deekay on Thursday. If he was, then it is always beneficial to google. I do hope he gets another opportunity in the future. I think Raphael is promoting his new album now and headed to Europe.

    Nice to see your comments again Y :smile:

  13. I’m fascinated with this new “techno” turn. I guess he could put something out like this:

    David Guett/Fergie/LMFAO/Chris Willis

    Now I like a lot of this type of music’ but I just NEVER would have pictured ALEX doing something like it.

  14. Snuffles – I can’t really see Alex doing anything like that…..but we’ve always said we would listen to anything Alex sings. I’m still in for anything. I’m sure they’ll work out something great!

  15. @Snuffles & Cathy – I have kind of learned to like this type of music cuz our Alex likes techno (and rap). See . . I COULD see Alex singing the Chris Willis part – strong vocals that STAND OUT in the song!! Thanks for posting. It’s not his “true” style, but he may have to bend for what’s popular (for now!).

    P.S. the backbeat on that song reminds me of I’ve Got A Feeling (that’s Fergie, right?)

  16. @Lauren wrote: “Do you think that Alex was never completely informed about his writing sessions and just told to show up? Can’t you see the e-mail…You’ve got a writing session with Deekay on Thursday. If he was, then it is always beneficial to google. I do hope he gets another opportunity in the future. I think Raphael is promoting his new album now and headed to Europe.”

    Yes, Lauren, I can totally see the e-mail or text telling Alex he has a writing session with various names, but failing to give Alex any indication of who these people are or their discography. I remember at the time thinking that I hoped Alex knew who Saadiq was–not just another run-of-the-mill hack writer like the Untouchable guy–but somebody with years of work as a singer (in the Tony’s) and a producer (Joss Stone, etc.) and a great Grammy-nominated solo artist. Plus, he’s a kid from the projects of Oakland, California, so he overcame a lot of adversity to get to where he is today. Very talented.

    @areyouin, I think Guetta collaborated with the BEPs on “I’ve Got A Feelin”, that’s why it sounds similar. The Ryan Tedder effect, i.e., everything starts to sound the same. :lol:

    ETA: I see we lost the reply feature, mods. :(

  17. @Snuffles ~Just wondering if you will be anywhere near 118 West on Saturday? haha I have to work, but I’m trying to get out of it!! I’m starting to feel a little achey…lol

  18. Alex likes techno? I didn’t know that. I knew he was very into rap. Maybe after months of living with GIG and her blasting techno at maximum volume non-stop, he developed a taste for it.

  19. @Felicia – That’s all the way in Simi Valley, right? TOO FAR for me!

  20. A lot of hip-hop artists are experimenting with the techno sound these days. Akon is doing it. So is T-Pain. Here is an up and coming guy – Tinie Tempeh.

  21. @Snuffles~ Yes.. and it is quite a distance from you!! I hope Alex will start playing some venues in Hollywood soon. We need some new footage!!!

  22. @Snuffles wrote: “A lot of hip-hop artists are experimenting with the techno sound these days. Akon is doing it.”

    Funny you should post that, snuffles. I was just thinking about Akon and the mystery meeting with Alex (per Sebastian). I wonder if the change in direction is a result of Akon’s involvement. Wouldn’t be surprised. You can’t get arrested these days singing straight R&B. I love the new R Kelly CD; the vocals remind me so much of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, but you’d never hear any of the tracks on the radio outside of maybe the Urban format. Too old-school for Pop/Rhythmic radio.

    • @Diane, sorry an update of the ‘reply’ caused commenting to go buggy, and I don’t have the time now to fiddle with it and see why … but it will be back eventually!

  23. @Diane – I’ve been thinking about Alex’s mystery meeting with Akon too lately. :tongue:

  24. Hey, Kass how’s the illustrating going? We’re holding it down over here. Take ur time.

  25. @snuffles LOL!!! I thought most everybody knew by now that I have a 17-year-old son named Alex! That’s who I meant likes techno and rap!! Sorry about that! I realized after typing “our Alex” that it could still mean our Alex Lambert!! :dizzy:

  26. “I’m gonna work my hardest to make my record magical for everyone out there that loves real music!;)” – one of Alex’s tweets last night.

    Can someone answer this question? What does Alex consider “real music”? If we can determine exactly what that is, then I think we can better understand the direction of his album.

    I so appreciate this Pink song. Her vocals are strong (undeniably Pink).. no need for auto-tune. I love the production and the use of strings in it. I’m getting stoked about Jay, the violinist, being in Alex’s band. Why wouldn’t this sound be more appropriate for Alex? Obviously it’s more pop rock than soulful pop, but I think you know what I mean. I do think that Alex will stay true to who he is as a artist and I just don’t see him going techno. Beats yes! In my opinion a record label will embrace his uniqueness as an artist/vocalist and his music will reflect that.


  27. Lauren – I agree. I don’t think Alex will go full on techno. Beats, absolutely. Hopefully they will figure out a way to make his sound uniquely his while incorporating some of the best parts of the techno influences. If in fact that’s the direction they are going. I’ve said this before…I trust Alex to do what’s best for Alex. He has such a special voice it would be criminal to not showcase it.

    “Magic” is what we’re after. I can’t wait to hear it.

  28. What ever happened to the If I Can Dream House? They owe the fans some kind of truth on it all.

  29. @Cathy @Lauren ew. When I think of techno, I think of that brain numbing crap Gig would listen to in the IICD house. Alex is way better than that…I really feel he would be someone who would be able to stay true to who he is and still be widely successful. his voice just has this soothing affect on my soul… cant remember anyone else that could so that but…(dont laugh, because I am not a huge Country fan) Garth Brooks, he had a unique voice, such a range, as does Alex. I do understand this is the music biz and he is gonna have to go with what sells, but I will hold out for that “gravelly, soulful voice” that I have come to love, love, love. I have to admit that the anticipation of his upcoming record and what suprises we may encounter is very exciting, its always a good thing to look forward to something, and I am looking forward to that for sure. :heart: :wub:

  30. LindaW, Gig, what a mess. Cant believe she can get along with anybody. She is the only IICD person, I really don’t miss. I miss Alex, Ben, Kara, Caitlin, Sam, The Lights, the once in a while visitors, but defintely not Gig. She/it is one big annoying zero.

    Regarding music, I think Alex wrote some great songs, Dream With My Eyes Open, I Didn’t Know, Butterflies, Imperfectly Perfect, Untouchable, On My Tongue, etc. All of these songs would be considered Classics if they were written by a more popular Songwriter, such as Barry Manilow, The Beattles, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, etc. Alexs’ songs all have nice melodies and meaningful words.

    I realize I am speaking from an older persons perspective, but there are 70 million of us in the USA right now. If Alex wants to do some covers, I suggest he consider some Doo Wop. The 70 Million Baby Boomers in America surely remember these songs and the way Alex can update songs, would be great. Only my opinion, I am one person, not 70 Million

  31. It does not matter when a person was born, great music is great music. Dream with your eyes wide open is great music. Why is Alex’s management team dragging their feet?

  32. I’m gonna quote an overused expression, but here goes: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” In terms of marketing Alex, this saying rings true. I’m fine with them waiting to get all their ducks in a row, find the best possible music for him to record, and make a big splash with a great CD. If he has a disastrous debut, like Lee did, it will be hard to recover; the critics will be merciless, the radio DJs won’t be interested in playing his songs, and only the hardcore fans will buy his music. So, as much as I want to hear something NOW, I’m gonna wait and hope for the best.

    I’ve been thinking about one of his tweets from a day or so ago. Something like, “I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t wait for summer!” Could that be a hint that his CD will be released then? If Alex misses the window to perform on Idol, the other option could be So You Think You Could Dance. They could use one of his songs for choreography, then have him perform it on the show after it becomes a big hit. That worked for Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts)–that song has been on the iTunes chart Top 20 or so for weeks and weeks now, and is charting on both the Pop and Hot AC radio charts right now. And that song was performed *last Summer*. These things take time to develop.

    I’m trying to be zen about all this stuff. :cool:

    ETA: I know, I know, it could just be that it was raining that day in LA, so he can’t wait for better weather–but LA had an absolutely beautiful Jan/early Feb, so it’s not like he was in Minnesota or somethin’. Also, summers in LA can be overcast and cool, which he should remember from last year.

  33. @Diane I so agree with you- “you do get one chance to make the first impression”. I can wait as long as it takes to get it right the first time.

    I recall his tweet included the signature :wink: at the end. It’s a sure sign that something special is happening this summer. And if his album is to be released this summer, then he would be touring to promote it, right?

    Alex and his new band’s first practice was yesterday. They will be playing shows in LA this spring. I hope that this is in preparation for this summer. Getting plenty of time and experience performing on stage, and perfecting their set list would be ideal. :w00t:

  34. @Lauren I like the way you think gurrrl! I hope this is the case! :biggrin:

  35. richiej: And Alex sings those oldies soooooo well!! I love listening to him sing those songs along with his newer stuff, he can pretty much sing anything and it sounds awesome!!

    Diane: I agree with the summer thing, The pure fact that he lives in LA and the weather is pretty much the same all year long, I cant imagine he would be talking about that, like say, Marianne ( :wub: ) who lives in Michigan would….In LA its all the same Fall Summer, ect. So what could summer mean to our Alex…we shall see i suppose. :wink:

  36. I’m beginning to think you all might be right. Sounds like something BIG is possibly happening this summer. So, if we want to see our boy in a small venue, we need to get out there BEFORE summer. The sooner the better. hehe.

  37. @ Linda ( :wub: ) That’s just what I would say as I look out at the new 7 or 8 inches and it’s still snowing!! But, in Michigan, February can be the cruelest month!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER! :wink: . . . .to see what Alex has going!!


    Looks like David is getting it. I look forward to hearing the lyrics of the song. It can include the words home, over, bad day, but I certainly don’t want to hear the word dream.

  39. Well, if it’s not going to be Alex, then David would be my second choice for the “boot song”. :cool:

    The only thing left would be the Top 24 montage, which will air this week. DWMEO would work for that, I ‘spose. I can’t believe Fuller is going to leave that song on the table, without it ever seeing the light of day (not enough people saw IICD to matter). Guess we’ll have to wait and see !

    I’m glad some of you agreed about that “summer” comment. But summer is kind of a wasteland, as far as release dates go. If it’s past June 15th, they really should just wait until Sept/Oct to release his record

    Oh, maybe the X-Factor will use DWMEO. :wink:

  40. This page was last modified on 20 February 2011 at 14:56

    Interesting, hmmmm?

    Thoughts… controversy?? Who’s been updating his page?? Anyone here??
    I actually haven’t looked at Alex’s page in ages. I was looking at David Cook’s bio to see which label he was with. Then I went to 19 Records. From there I went to If I Can Dream wiki page which was updated on February 1, 2011. That made me curious. I finally ended up on Alex’s page.

    • Of course no one from here Lauren… within a few days of the media blitz starting, someone had added a couple of lines about it. Within the week someone else had added the whole new section. And since it’s referenced properly, it can’t be deleted (someone already tried in fact, and the deletion was reversed).
      Such is the nature of Wikipedia. I swear there are people who watch the news every day just to update Wikipedia articles with it…!
      But never fear, once the full and true story is revealed – hopefully in a proper (referencable) interview – we’re gonna be ALL OVER that section, setting the record straight.

  41. Thanks Kass. I knew it wasn’t anyone here. I appreciate that you were able to clear everything up so easily. I get it now. :ermm:

  42. Wow so anyone can update Wiki??? That doesn’t seem fair?? Well like you said, Kass, soon enough, there will be bigger and better things to add to Wiki and all that nonsense will be swept under the rug!

    • @Linda: yes, that’s the whole concept, it’s user created – the idea being that since there are so many users they act as watchdogs to keep things “factual” and “fair” – and if you break any of the rules the hardcore users jump down your throat. They also jump down your throat for calling it “Wiki” haha!!! Molly learned that the hard way – tho I forget what their problem with “Wiki” was!! :D

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