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Sep 092010

Watch as Alex Lambert and Idolator’s Becky Bain drive the Ford Fiesta (that’s the Ford “Party” to the Dreammates) to his second show at the Roxy with The Lights. Alex talks to Becky about how much easier it is performing live since American Idol, and then we get to hear a little bit of the band playing “Imperfectly Perfect”!

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  1. Alex is so cute in this video. I don’t know if he’d want to but he really is a good actor. Seems so comfortable on camera.

    The band sounds awesome in the bits from The Roxy! I love Alex together with his band. I miss Alex T. His voice really sounded good with Alex and Sam.

  2. @AyeM-Alex can do both at a high level.Frank Sinatra,and Barbara Steisand were kick-ass Recording Stars ,and Terrific film actors!!! :cool:

  3. Yeah, they’re both great actors.

    I’d love to see Alex perform a monologue or something like the rest of the dreamers do with John Kirby.

  4. That was a cute video. I agree Alex could be a good actor as well as a singer. :wub:
    I miss Alex T. too, his voice really sounded good with Alex L.’s voice, and the band. Alex T. is one hell of a guitar player too.
    Can’t wait for him to come back, (I hope he does). :tongue:

  5. aawww…. Alex is too cute as always. Glad we heard a bit of Imperfectly Perfect coz we dont have a vid of it :biggrin:

  6. For those of you who love Alex’s ‘flutter,’ don’t you think Imperfectly Perfect perfectly captures his ability to do that? In fact, I think he fluttered even more than we have ever heard him flutter on that song. I LIKE IT! :wub:

  7. Tracy – I agree that Alex is a good actor. I’ve always said how ironic it is that he is a better actor than Ben and Kara. I think, like singing, it comes naturally to him. He is just a STAR in every sense of the word. I think we are witnessing the beginning of something really big.

    Reyne – Love the flutter, love the song. Can’t wait for the full production version of all of Alex’s songs!!

  8. @Cathy totally agree. I’ve always thought that Alex and Gig (did you see her monologue and “Superman” music vid??) are the only natural actors in the house! I personally believe, like with most “talents,” that you can’t learn to be an actor (sorry Ben :sad: ), but you can learn the craft and refine your skills.

  9. Gig did her monologue? Is there video of this? I agree Alex is more of a natural when it comes to acting. Probably because he’s not nearly as self-conscious as Kara and doesn’t take himself as seriously as Ben does. So those walls don’t get in his way. And as a singer, he’s probably more in touch with his emotions.

    I think Alex should take CAA up on their offer and have them find him a little acting work. Nothing major, but maybe a commercial or a guest spot on a TV show. I don’t see Alex doing anything major with acting; but in the future he could supplement his career by acting once in a while – like Chris Brown or Justin Timberlake.

  10. @snuffles they showed a chunk of her crying monologue for Kirby in the episode 15 “Idol Hands & Emotional Walls.”
    it’s the second to last segment starting @ 18:26

  11. @Lola – thanks. I’ve seen that one already. I thought I heard Gig was working on a new one.

    Ahhh….corporate synergy at work:

  12. Snuffles, now, that what I like to see..but has that blogger woman (Becky?) blogged about it yet anywhere?

  13. There’s something unseemly about so-called “journalists” inserting advertising in their text. :blink:

    I’m really glad to see Alex at home and in bed. He needed to recharge the batteries–he’s been going at it pretty hard. I thought he had another early writing session today, though. At least that’s what he told his friend on the phone last night.

  14. @Diane – are sure his “friend” isn’t his girlfriend trying to get Alex out of the house and away from Jordyn. :tongue:

  15. I was trying to be discreet by calling her his “friend”. :tongue: :lol: I think she hung up on him last night because he wouldn’t come over–come on girl, cut Alex some slack–he won’t have much of a career if he can’t sing and write worth shit.

  16. By watching this video you realize that you never quite see people’s faces on live stream from the house cameras. I enjoyed it, but I felt like I was watching a Ford fiesta commercial with Alex mixed in. He is such a natural actor, and I agree so much better than Ben. I don’t care how many classes he takes, ben will never have “IT”. Not that I have ever watched Glee, but I can imagine Alex on that show playing a punk ass kid @shadow_ai) toying with the emotions of the female leads and stealing all their hearts. They would turn to mush when he would sing to them. :wub:

  17. @lauren – You nailed it! I could totally imagine Alex on Glee too, just the way you described it :tongue:

  18. @lola can you post the link to Gig’s “Superman” video here or let me know where I an find it? I’m interested in seeing it as Alex was watching it last night in the GR and liked it.

  19. Gig’s video

    Joe Brooks – Superman

  20. Thanks Snuffles. I just watched it. I’ve never heard of the song before and darn if the video has had almost 2 million views. What can I say, but I live in one of the most musically deprived areas in the country. I never even heard of James Morrison before Alex performed “A Wonderful World” on Idol and now I have 6 of his songs on my ipod. @Kass I too am interested in who introduced Alex to some of his favorite artists like Legend and Morrison when they aren’t played on the radio.

  21. @Snuffles and Diane, :lol: I thought the same thing :lol: .

  22. I like this short video. Its interesting to see him as he’s being interviewed while they drive around. We get to hear ‘imperfectly perfect’ too. He sounds nice performing it. I like the song too. Alex is comfortable on camera and becoming a good tour host and actor while on this show.

    I’ve said before its easier for Alex to grasp this acting thing that’s required on the show cause it helps being a punk ass boy. A lot of male actors that I’ve read their interviews say they were either punks, rebellious or comedic type when they were teens in school, and it made it natural for them to get into acting by joining drama class and they could act out in there, and enjoyed it. Alex and his twin brothers have that kind of punkish personality too. You see in the ford commercial Alex is doing a hand stand, and when they went to do the recycling he wanted to do it hopping on a car. Its just natural for him to have fun in front of the camera and the person making the videos likes that he gives them something to work with – that’s why its more interesting when the episode focuses on him.

  23. You’re right Shadow — Alex likes to act out for the camera. He’s a ham and the camera loves him. His music is definitely my first love, but I sure do love his on camera antics. Maybe he’ll be home more with someone new in the house. I think he feels compelled to make friends with everyone he meets, and he won’t rest until he and Jordyn are fast friends. I’ll bet he was a very popular kid in school. I see very similar behavior in my own boy. Mine is also an ‘entertainer’ of sorts. Mine is a comedian.

  24. @Cathy, My youngest son is the same way, he is such a comedian. He is so funny, everyone tells him he should make a living with it. It is so natural for him. There is never a dull moment.
    I can’t even get mad at him, he just starts making me laugh.

  25. My son Ben, is the exact same way, he is so funny and witty….he was such a class clown and got in trouble alot at school when we lived in San Diego, so when he went on the east coast trip, alot of the teachers didnt really want him to go (I could tell)..when they got back one of the teachers said that was the funnest east coast trip I have ever been on because of Ben….I dont know what my life would have been like without his humor… :tongue:

  26. I didn’t watch or post yesterday, but I can’t believe you all already posted what I’ve been thinking — that Alex is the best actor in the house. Sorry, Ben & Kara, you can study all you want, but you either have that natural ability to shine on camera or you don’t. Alex is a natural. This is not a diss to Ben or Kara. I wish them well. It’s just that Alex is so damn good at everything. He just makes you want to watch him.

    And, btw, I just loved that he opened the car door for the blogger lady. I don’t know how it is where you live, but around here, I’d be standing in a blizzard and my husband still wouldn’t do that, nor would most of the men around here. It’s weird to me, and I know it’s old-fashioned, but my father always did it. He taught my brothers to do it. So, I was raised to be treated that way. My husband would be more inclined to beep the horn for me to hurry up than get out and open the door for me. What ever happened to chivalry? It’s really just good manners. I hold doors for other women. That Alex — a real panty dropper! :lol:

  27. Corr. I miss this.

  28. @justabit we miss you too. Hope all is well.

  29. @Justabit – Anytime you want to come back for a visit, we’d love to see you.

  30. @Justabit! we miss you too! We’d love to see you back with the band one day soon…hope everything’s good :wink:

  31. Justabit: we miss you too! Don’t worry. You’ll be back soon and welcomed with open arms! Keep in touch and don’t be afraid to direct us to any music you’d like us to hear! Big hugs from across the pond.

  32. Aww, Justabit, we miss you. You need to stop by sometime and chat, we all could have so much fun. :wink:
    You should video tape a song for us. :biggrin:

  33. Aw, miss you too, Justabit. Hope you can come back soon! You’re super talented.

  34. looks like someone dropped by to visit….
    justabit, get your a** back in LA already!

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