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Jul 262010

Nothing to post yet, but just watched the video!!!!! It’s featured on the front page of the application and it’s FREAKIN’ AMAZING!!!!!! :w00t: Hopefully they put it on Hulu or YouTube soon so we can post it up!

Update: Word is it’ll be released Tuesday on Hulu, but keep your eyes out since they’ve lied before!

If you tweet about it be sure to include @truealexlambert @ificandream and #IDIDNTKNOW

Plus, in the comments below, let us know what time is good for you to try to get #IDIDNTKNOW trending on Twitter tomorrow (Tuesday).


NEW: Lyndsey Parker’s Reality Rocks article: Alex Lambert Beats DeWyze & Bowersox To The Punch With First Season 9 ‘Idol’ Music Video.

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  1. Simon Fuller is shows creator. It’s his baby. His pet project. I’m sure Fuller watches the episodes and is kept in the loop by Ian Pririe. And they NEED for the Dreamers to start having some successes in order to prove the show’s worth. Right now Alex is their best bet. I don’t think they’re holding him back in the LEAST. In fact, I think he’s moving forward at lightening speed. At least musically. They’re clearly stepping things up in that regard with his song writing sessions and getting him some kick ass writers and producers.

    And while Alex is moving along quite nicely, he’s still a long way from blowing up. I’m sure they’ve eventually get to things like stylists and media training when they’re ready to promote a full album.

    But as far as publicists go – 19 has their own in house publicity department working for him. And I’d imagine that 19 has first right of refusal when it comes to management (and I’ll be surprised if they don’t call in that marker).

    The only thing I think Alex needs to look into on his own is getting a lawyer that’s not a part of the 19 machine.

  2. Alleycatfan:

    Oh, OK then. Then the Melons were referring to a day-to-day manager. They’ll give him someone from 19 for that as well when things start to really ramp up for him. He’s not there yet. Patience grasshoppers!

  3. Hahaha snuffles, you’re right. :blush: you win.

    *Molly imitates little girl with hands in pockets kicking dirt and hanging head*

    If you couldn’t tell before I’m not a patient person. :wink:

  4. Oh so depressing news they did it for mobile app first. We gonna wait again.

  5. Played the song t my mom and had her watch the video and she loves him! Said Alex is handsome and has a very unique tone!!! SCORE!! I think everyone would fall in love once they hear him sing :)
    made my dad watch Alex sing SSB a while back and e said he’s really good too ;)

  6. Yes, Alex needs to tweet where his video will debut-Gaga always tweets when/where her vids debut -usually they debut on…

  7. I do like the video, because I like Alex, but I wish they had chosen, “Imperfectly Perfect” to debut. This song and his performance is much more commanding and shows that he can reach very high expectations. I can’t believe his writing abilities! And, I love his voice. I could listen to him on the radio and still want more.

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