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Jul 092010

Video courtesy of Dream Updates.

  26 Responses to “Alex Lambert Gives a Mini-Concert at the If I Can Dream House”

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  1. I really like that “New World” song — and I think it’s the only song he’s written that isn’t a love song? I hope he gets to demo it, since he wrote it himself… that’s one question I really want to know the answer to: Are the people he writes songs with the only ones (legally) who can then produce that song? Will he ever have the opportunity to record songs he’s written on his own, or written with people who’re too busy to produce them? For the album, wouldn’t it be better for all the songs to be produced by the same team (though written by various people) so there’s some cohesion to the sound? I always thought that’s the way things are done – not this piecemeal effort. Maybe it’s just cause he’s not signed yet? OK that was a lot of questions, not just one LOL!

  2. I agree that “New world” song is great. im quite impressed actually since he did write and somewhat produce it too. So far its just ‘Dream’ and potentially “New World” that is not a love song and it’d be great if his album is more diverse in subjects.

    I find it very bizarre too that they only get to do the activities that are dictated to them and not pursue things on their own. I dunno, I guess it’s not like Alex can just go up to a producer and have him work on his song… lol

    Im not sure what else they are waiting for. I think Alex have proven he has star quality and has the voice to back it up. Why cant they sign him already and really focus on his sound and his songs. As you mentioned, his demos are not cohesive and Im not sure they’ve really decided on the direction of his album. I guess it kills the suspense if he is signed already. I dunno, i like the “untouchable” song too. Hopefully the demo does his voice justice.

  3. I agree, what the heck are they waiting for to sign him already?? Maybe it’s because they don’t want him to leave the house yet. I think he’s done more than enough to prove that he should be signed. Besides don’t artists usually get signed, then work on their album and do music videos and stuff? I agree Char, they really do need to focus oh his songs and the direction of his album. All the songs are fantastic and he’s so versatile, but it kinda seems all over the place right now. And 19 needs to step up the production because his voice is amazing and the lyrics are actually really good, they need to do it justice. Get it together 19! lol

  4. @Kass- Interesting points that you have made. I do think that when he had his meeting with Ian initially in the PBR, Ian told him to send any material his way that Alex was interested in pursuing. Maybe he will do this with “New World”? I like that song and agree with you and @Char about having more diversity on the album. Once he is signed I feel that a producer would have to step to give the album cohesion, as you have indicated. Isn’t that the way it is done with all other artists or has the industry changed? I have often wondered about the connection between Olympia and Howard Benson, two-time Grammy nominated producer. He was the one who contacted her to instruct Alex on the piano. Why would he even know about the project unless Simon Fuller or Ian Pirie had contacted him personally, right? At the end of her first lesson with Alex she was kinda hinting to him about Benson..wanting him to go google the name. Maybe when he gets signed it will be Benson. Benson’s main focus is on lyrics and vocals. He commented that what draws him to a project is working with someone who is a complete unknown who he sees with star potential.(Someone who you look for but only find 3 or 4 times in your career) There Alex how does that make you feel! Obviously just speculation on my part. I know that I am repeating myself with this information; it’s just got me thinking of things that could be.

  5. I’m confused. I thought that 19 signed Alex. In the last episode, before Alex went into Ian’s office, he was talking about all the “big” stars 19 signed, like Annie Lenex (spelling?), Carrie Underwood and all the American Idols. Then he said, and now they represent me. Doesn’t that mean they signed him?
    I’m so confused. lol

  6. @Janet – about the “Typical Male” housekeeping. . .I read a dream update or comment here yesterday about Ben, when the kids were tidying up the LR for the guest-he whisked some crumbs from the coffee table into his hand and then proceeded to toss said debris onto the floor over by the curtains! LOL So it’s not just our boy! :wink:

  7. @tracy – I think he is retained but not necessarily signed by 19 until they decide to let go of him. Til then he cant sign with other companies. Thats what I understand is his situation. I do think he will be signed otherwise they wont pour resources on him if hes just gonna be let go.

    Anyhow, why was Gig saying that Alex will blow up this summer? does that mean something big will happen to him this summer? MAybe his first single will be released? just speculating… he does need a great producer though, hopefully theyll invest that much on him. If produced right and with great exposure he can really be a success. He sounds phenomenal and really majority of the public will just barely remember him as the shy kid with a great voice last season and will feel warm and fuzzy at his success. yeah theyll eat it all up plus, he’s incredibly adorable so theres the heart warming back story, the looks and the voice, cant go wrong with that

  8. What happened to Never Waking Up??? I love that song! I’m glad he finally played Tired of Waiting the other night, it was great! I think the song he played after Landslide was called Change the World maybe? I have never heard it before but it was amazing, and Veronica loved it.

  9. @ Mullet Man – I agree on that “change the world” song, it was soo good. I know Im a broken record about this already, just thought he sounded sweet and sexy, hope he works on it.

  10. @char Hmmm maybe Gig knows something we don’t know? I get the feeling something big will happen this summer, just don’t know what exactly. They do love to keep everyone in suspense :angry:

  11. Thanks Char for explaining things for me.
    I, too love everything Alex sings. I never heard him sing anything I didn’t like. He never ceases to amaze me. :heart:

  12. Agreed Katherine. He should be signed already. That is usually the way it’s done. Who the heck knows? They certainly like to keep us in suspense. That’s for sure!

    One request: Is there anyway we can make this a permanent link somehow and be able to return to it whenever we want before it gets buried under new topics?

    Thank you Molly and Dream Updates. I was so bummed that I missed this yesterday.

    Now, how did you like the housekeeping part? haha. He’s a pisser. Just throw everything off the bed and onto the floor. Ta-da! Done. Loved it! Typical male.

  13. He only played a little bit of the song “a new world” in that video, but it sounded like he’s going for Reggae vibe in his delivery, and I like the way he threw a little rap in there – it works. I like how he Raps without being too hardcore. I think Alex has the voice to do Pop-reggae type songs too since his voice is similar to the lead singer of Simply Red that does Pop/Reggae. I dont know if “New World” is one of the new songs that’s going on his CD — but one song like that will give his CD some diversity. John Mraz song “I’m yours” that Alex did on idol Hollywood rounds is actually classify as Pop-reggae.

  14. I :heart: the way Alex’s room looks right now because he has what I gave him on his spare bed. It’s in a sweet spot right next to Alex. :devil:

    I don’t know about it being a guy thing because I am a female and I am just as messy except I am careful about food. Some of us are just meant to be messier than others, I honestly can’t even stand neatness.

    I also love oversized sunglasses and they look right on Alex. I think that trying to follow trends too closely makes someone a wannabe. I prefer people that are comfortable enough to be themselves. Stars do their own thing.

  15. I love oversized sunnies too and think they look cute on Alex. Smaller sunnies would make him look too Hugo Boss. Lol. :) And I’m a messy female too! Lol. My bed is usually like Alex’s ‘spare’ bed… except I sleep with all my things on my bed (sometime ON them hahaha)…

  16. @Soapbox – I loved the reference materials that you gave Alex. You put so much thought into your choices and it shows. I am sure that he will enjoy the John Legend hoodie and totebag also. I hope that your stuff stays next to him for at least another week or until the maid comes in again, lol. Just think when he becomes a star we will have been there from the beginning, supporting him and “having his back” and I am sure that it means so much to him to have had that kind of support.

  17. awww, soapbox, I would be really happy too if my things were sitting on Alex’s bed. I bet you’re really smiling. Your gifts were so thoughtful and useful. Great job! The messiness…what can I say? I’m a neat freak. Can’t live in clutter. But, I don’t care what anyone else does. I just thought it was funny how he cleaned it up — same with Ben. LOL!

    After reading the rest of the posts, I’m now totally confused as to what Alex’s real situation is concerning getting signed, how he’s contractually obligated to 19E, etc. Oh, well — I guess it’ll all straighten itself out. His album isn’t going to take that long to put together. It seems to me everything he writes is good enough to be on it, so he’s about 2/3 of the way into a great album already. I have no idea what Skigglioney meant when she said Alex was going to blow up this summer, but I tend to think it was just a general statement/compliment. But, as I said before, we never really know what’s going on, so we’ll see.

    And Shadow, I agree with you again. I LOVE when Alex sounds pop/reggae — even with a little of his style of rap thrown in. It’s just a really unique sound — completely his own and immediately recognizable as him. I hope he leans more in that direction for his album. Of course, he could sing the phone book, and I’d be mesmerized, so… :wub:

  18. There’s an iheartradio tweet that alex’s video will be ready on 7/12, is this confirmed? What’s this about, anyone?

  19. Janet – I also took what Gig said as a general compliment. And, we’ll have to take what we (he) get from Gig!

    Do you have a website for your jewelry?? How was the show/sale?

  20. Char – I saw that Katherine re-tweeted that and I wondered too. I tweeted Katherine to see if she knew any more. I went to the iheartradio website. It’s pretty cool, but if that’s how they’re releasing it. . . hmmm!

  21. Iain pirie kept referring to it as a film piece instead of a video so I wondered if it’s just a video showng off a new artist as in Alex. and why is clear channel shooting it? I didn’t think that was their shtick. I was curious too why they stripped down the song because that version could not have been a radio version since it’s not a radio sound. I dunno I keep thinking that whole thing was to showcase Alex and Not necessarily a music video meant for MTV or something. Then again what do I know….

  22. The iheartradio people were at Gaga’s live performance in nyc Fri. morning,too-they shoot their own video footage at times,like of Gaga yesterday,so its probably their own little video of Alex while he made part of the actual music video.

  23. It may be a fairly polished short film -a making of the video short film-so lets hope it creates some buzz,if thats what they’re doing,and I think it likely is. :cool:

  24. Interesting re: the video to be released 7/12. It must be as alleycatfan said. That makes sense. Can’t wait to see it!!!

    areyouin: I do have a website for my jewelry, but it needs to be updated. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve sold just about everything that’s currently on it. So, I’ll give you guys the website address as soon as I get some new stuff on there. That’s what I was trying to do the other day when I was shooting photos outside, but I just can’t handle this heat wave. It’ll have to wait. The show went really well! I sold $1500 worth of jewelry which, for me, is absolutely a good day!!! Of course, that’s not all profit. I have to deduct the cost of my supplies. But, I’m happy about it.

    I also have a bunch of handmade, although not by me, jewelry that I purchased wholesale. I went a little overboard and bought more than I should have. I’m letting my friends and family have it at cost (roughly $5/piece including shipping). I AM NOT USING THIS SITE TO HAWK MY WARES, but a few people have asked. And, most girls I know love jewelry. This stuff is really nice and you can’t beat the price. It’s pure alpaca silver and genuine peruvian stones. If anyone’s interested, let me know, and I’ll put an album together for you. I only sell my own stuff at the shows, so I won’t be putting these on the website. It’s for friends and family only. And, I’m keeping a lot for myself. LOL!!!

  25. I’ve officially watched the mini-concert to death. I love how he ‘introduces’ his songs, as if it were a real gig. It’s as if he’s practising his audience banter… the funny thing is, we can hardly see him in the video. Lol.

  26. @Janet – I would love to see some silver and stone jewelry at $5 or so per piece! If you can & want to email photos I’ll give you my email on twitter dm, miss empress! I don’t want to create extra work for you, though! :)

    @Reyne – I’ve watched it a few times – I was lucky to catch it live-stream, and I get antsy watching it cuz it’s pretty long. I think it’s funny when he starts IDK and then says he doesn’t want to play that one – yeah, after singing it “150 times” in NYC – I don’t blame him. But. . .he better get used to it when the song blows up and he has to perform it on Ellen, Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, etc. ! :lol:

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