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Jul 272010

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I Didn’t Know

Alex Lambert | MySpace Video

“I Didn’t Know” music video (stripped down) version – mp3 download.
“I Didn’t Know” demo (full) version – mp3 download.

Also on the ificandream YouTube channel:

UPDATE: Media Blitz!
ET ONLINE video: behind the scenes at the filming of I Didn’t Know
Digital Spy Interview post on I Didn’t Know video
MJs Big Blog post on I Didn’t Know Video
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  1. @kass – why are they even being compared? That dude was awful, I didnt even get to finish the song I was over it already…lol and yeah, he’s not much to look at… haha

    If you give that hit song to Alex it’d be phenomenal!

  2. The music video was simple and good. I really like the song. I am having this song on repeat. It is great to see Alex Lambert first video. I am just so happy for him. It is great to see how far he is coming from American Idol to this current moment. A lot more great things are yet to come for him. GO ALEX!

    Will this song be released on radio?

  3. a spinoff???? how about the Sage and Alex show? How about watching those two guys, working at their separate crafts and then coming home to do their own housekeeping and cooking, trying to figure out how to use a can opener, cutting the lawn
    and so on.

    those are two great personalities

  4. @toshio (T,F) I’m not sure if you’re the same person, but Alex received a letter from a Toshio yesterday. If that’s you he got it!

  5. Char: Yeah, the original people they cast for the show were mostly based on attractiveness and they didn’t think much of if they have personality that’s interesting enough to watch. Alex is more real and interesting, even Veronica doesnt have boring personality. If the show was mostly based on contestants that are more real and talented singers like some of those from Idol, it will work better for a show like this to watch them put their CD together or get training. Alex came in and brought some life into the show, plus he can sing and play, whereas Justin’s voice is inaudible when he talks, and his singing voice is mediocre too. I saw at dreamupdates there’s a guy Josh Halverson that Justin actually replaced on IICD, because he had tour obligation – I listened to his music on his site and he has a good strong voice and singer songwriter Pop/Soul vibe, they probably would have been able to sign the guy. Alex in a way gets to benefit from that whole thing.

    The ratings arent what they hope right now, but they need to find a way to keep their show going atleast till end of year before they give up or revamp it. They are still asking more to people to audition and decision will made in August, so they obviously still want to keep on. They seem to be doing more promotion lately too — and through Alex’s video. I like Micheal, he wants his show to do well, but they can’t just have 3 people as it is right now for too long. I think they should do more live interviews with big musicians at dream studio like they did with Diddy while it was on radio at the same time – that’s good cross promotion. Well, I hope the show last long enough till he can put his CD together. Micheal did say in his latest interview he’d like to feature Alex actually doing the real recording, and putting together his CD when its set for release. Also, I think they are making Alex do a lot of song writing sessions because they wanna have him release a CD along with other idol contestants in the fall, and by December the hype of Idol will start again and top 2 will release CD. Hopefully we’ll see withing a couple months about news of a record contract.

    I was reading dreamupdates and Alex recieved letters and was reading them. MichelLVsAlex has been tweeting if he got it, she couldnt wait for him to see it. She got him sunglasses and bracelets and he said he liked it. I think he got stuff from Lauren too, and she sure cares about Alex (if its the same Lauren who post here.)

    I read the whole conversation of Brandt and Kara at updates. It was kind of sad for Brandt with all the crying and professing his love. He loves Kara and she likes him too – they kissed twice – but then again there is the virginity issue. Looks like Brandt wont be coming to the IICD house again, cause when he went out the door he said fans at dreamupdates got what they wanted. I know some have been asking for him not come to around. Kara will probably go night jogging and see Brandt. I think she likes having him around – maybe that’s not the last we see him.

  6. @Shadow – Kara is already going to see Brandt – right now as I type.

  7. I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to post about Kara again. But, she’s going to see Brandt again? Okay. I’m thoroughly confused. If she doesn’t love him and really wants to do the right thing, LEAVE HIM ALONE. He’ll get over it. This says to me that she’s confused on the issue and doesn’t know how she feels. They can’t be “just friends.” He’s told her that. If she thinks she’s doing him any favors by continuing to see him, she’s wrong. She’s a lovely person, but she’s very naive and has led such a sheltered life that she doesn’t have the maturity to handle this situation correctly. Sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind. She’s probably gonna be sorry, but I guess life lessons are best learned the hard way.

  8. I’m almost hoping there’s some iicd personnel that decided to trail her. Morbid thoughts, but one never knows. Kara has already been shown to not be too careful with her late night jogs and convos with complete strangers.

  9. “I Didn’t Know” mp3 downloads… (posting here too)
    Remember, these are just demos! Meaning when the final version is released, you’d better go buy it, or I will hunt you down and kick your butt!!

    “I Didn’t Know” music video version (stripped down): Lambert – I Didn’t Know (Stripped Down).mp3

    “I Didn’t Know” demo version (with drums): Lambert – I Didn’t Know.mp3

  10. I just caught up on all episodes of “If I Can Dream”. I have to say, Kara is talented but she looks depressed all the time. I don’t see any passion in her performances. Ben is a good looking, funny guy, but he’s pretty flat when performing too. I’m not sure why they wanted to go into acting, I mean you have to be able to throw emotions out there when asked and I just don’t see it with him and Kara. Amanda was a “Marilyn Monroe wannabe” and I’m sure she really thought she wanted it, but again I didn’t see the passion. Gig is gorgeous but she too falls flat in the emotions department. How hard is it to get mad and scream? Justin never showed emotions either, but he’s talented and seems to be making his way. Then there’s Alex, the only person that seems to be working his ass off to get somewhere and he’s got personality, which gives the show at least a little oomph!

    Here’s what I think and this is just my opinion. I don’t see anyone really doing anything. The house seems to be messy, clothes piled up in the laundry room, beds unmade, dishes in the kitchen. You’re given this awesome house, with a workout room and a pool and equipment, guitars, a piano…and I don’t really see anyone DOING anything? Instead of sitting on your bed on a laptop, clean up the place! I’d be working out, staying in shape, practing whatever craft I was trying to achieve. It seems like some of the cast think being on this Hulu show is their claim to fame, and maybe that’s what it feels like to them but if you want to succeed in the business you have to work your tail off, take what your given and work with it. Not trying to be critical although it sounds like it. What they’re doing, being on camera 24/7/365, is something I don’t know that I’d be able to handle but I just wish someone would infuse some color, passion, determination, SOMEthing other than the blahdom… :(

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