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Sep 242012

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT (January 2013): The ASCAP listing for “Beautiful”, work ID #884495336, has finally been updated and Alex has been officially credited as a co-writer! 

MAJOR UPDATE: Alex has FINALLY been credited as a co-writer! BMI “Beautiful” – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Kiss'One week ago, with the September 18th release of Canadian pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen’s album ‘Kiss’, we were poised to break some exciting news regarding former American Idol contestant Alex Lambert. But, due to what appears to have been an oversight or misprint, we thought it better to sit on that knowledge… until now.

For those who haven’t heard the news, the song “Beautiful”, performed as a duet by Carly Rae Jepsen and teen superstar Justin Bieber, was co-written by none other than Alex Lambert, along with hitmaker Toby Gad. And while this credit does not appear in the digital booklet (there, the song is credited to Bieber and Gad), Gad has confirmed it to us directly, saying “Alex and I wrote the song and Justin and Carly got a little piece of the writing for little changes.” Moreover, Gad stated that “Alex’s credit was on the label copy we gave out”. Scooter Braun, Bieber and Jepsen’s manager, has not been available for comment.

This latest notch on Lambert’s songwriting belt comes just three months after he received his first pro songwriting credit for “Trouble”, which was performed by X-Factor finalist Chris Rene. However, “Beautiful” was first penned by Lambert and Gad back in November, 2010 — almost two years ago. At the time, Gad even tweeted about their collaboration:
Toby Gad and Alex Lambert

The track was originally titled “What Makes You So Beautiful”, as seen in this entry (work ID #882770858) on ASCAP, a performing rights organization which licenses songs.
'Beautiful' on ASCAP


[suffusion-column width=’066′]After its registration on ASCAP, the title was changed from “What Makes You So Beautiful” to “Beautiful”, most likely because the British-Irish boyband One Direction later released their own hit song, similarly titled “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Our sources indicate that “Beautiful” was first earmarked for Bieber’s 2012 album, ‘Believe’, with Bieber singing it solo (it was probably recorded by him in August, 2011). Then, as Jepsen explains in this MTV interview, Bieber came up with the idea of releasing it as a duet: “It was a song that him [Bieber] and Toby Gad brought to the table and asked [me to record] … actually, on my first introduction of Bieber, he was like, ‘Do you wanna sing this song?’ I said, ‘Yes!’ I love that track as well, so it was exciting.”

Since recording “Beautiful”, Jepsen has continued to express her enthusiasm for the track. In an interview with M Magazine she said, “The song was just gorgeous, so I felt very beautiful to be able to sing on it”, while in this video interview with Clevver TV, she says that ‘Beautiful’ is one of her favorite songs on the album.[/suffusion-column]

[suffusion-column width=’025′]

The 1D Controversy

As might be expected, ever since a preview of Jepsen and Bieber’s “Beautiful” was leaked earlier this month, the media and One Direction fans have been discussing the supposed similarities between the lyrics of the two songs. However, since One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” was released on September 11th, 2011, and Lambert wrote “Beautiful” almost a year earlier, there are no grounds for controversy: this is just a case of common pop/love song sentiments being expressed at about the same time — entirely by coincidence. More proof of this is that in July, 2011 — again, before One Direction’s song was released — Bieber tweeted a line of lyrics from “Beautiful”.



We can certainly see why Jepsen would feel that way. The song is sweet, catchy, and most of all sincere — just what we would expect of a song written by Lambert — and we couldn’t be more proud. So, though Lambert himself has been closemouthed about his involvement, we at would love to see him get the recognition he deserves.

Be that as it may, even if the credit is never publicly acknowledged, it is still a major accomplishment for Lambert: unsurprisingly, the song has been performing well on the charts, and he does get a percentage of every download. So, what are you waiting for? Go order your copy of ‘Kiss’ (or at least purchase the track “Beautiful”) today!

Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Kiss’ can be purchased online from iTunes or Amazon.


UPDATE: A listing for “Beautiful” has today been added to ASCAP under work ID #884495336, crediting only Gad, Bieber and Jepsen. The listing for “What Makes You So Beautiful” crediting Lambert remains under work ID #882770858.

UPDATE #2: Toby Gad is officially our hero, as he has not only reconfirmed his previous statements, but has contacted various industry people in an attempt to have the credit corrected. Stay tuned for further developments!

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  1. VERY well written! Altho some of us have known this for sometime, its so nice to finally see it in print! I have continued to be very proud of Alex, this is just the tip of the iceberg! So much talent and many more accomplishments to come for him! If it is to be, I will be thrilled when Alex comes out with an album of his own :tongue: . Until then, it is nice to share in his many talents, whether it be writing, singing or playing his music! Keep doing your thing Alex! :heart: For me, you remain the epitome of the true artist!

  2. This is a very bizarre situation actually. If/when the media gets hold of this, their team may be dealt a fairly harsh blow PR wise. I realize that this type of thing goes on a great deal in the industry, and I can ASSURE you guys of that, from my very wise people. But, it may have been a very unwise move in this instance, The reason is obvious; the “public credit” must be to show Justin as a legitimate writer for a high quality track – he is already credited with exec. producer, so the more official credits the better – Jepsen is his discovery, his “baby,” and if they showed Alex, then it would have detracted from that purpose – as people then see it as an Alex Lambert demo, that was later picked up (which is IN FACT the case) – the public perception MUST BE that it originated from their team. Now having said that, Alex will get his fair share of the royalties, and this IS in fact one of the greatest achievemants of any Idol or IICD alum, without question :cool: Awesome job – to any and all site admins.!!!!

    • Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe it… we’ve been scratching our heads over it all week, and were wondering if this is something that happens regularly in the industry, so thanks for answering that question.

    • I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re saying here. Is this or is this NOT going to come back and hurt the Bieber machine. I’m happy if Alex gets some royalties and I’m thrilled with this accomplishment. Am I just being greedy to wish that Alex’s name was also in the credits, both as a songwriter and potentially as a back up singer? I suppose if Alex is cool with it then I am too. :sad: (I never thought I’d ever have the opportunity to use the sad face on this site.)

      • OMG Cathy that would hurt the machine SEVERELY as they are trying to protect a squeaky clean image There’s a lot of money at stake there – greeting cards, perfume, posters, pj’s, etc.. So this is, Wow, super dangerous for them….

        • That just pisses me off. JB’s “squeeky clean image” is more a “sneaky clean image” if he lied. What a shit industry. God bless Alex. He’ll always rises to the top — not through deception or guile, but through honesty and integrity. MAD RESPECT and LOVE for Alex. He continues to roll with the punches. I never doubt his rise to the top. It’s a’coming, y’all.

        • Hmmm… that just means they’ll fight this with everything they’ve got. #verydangerous #indeed… :sad:

    • That makes perfect sense to me now Alleycatfan. I had a stinking feelin a few weeks ago when I watched some video interviews from Carly Rae Jepsen’s European Kiss promo tour. In one she specifically said that she asked Justin who wrote Beautiful and he replied that he and Toby Gad had. hmmmm

  3. Moreover, because this was an Alex Lambert demo, one of the two male backing vocals that you will hear on the Bieber/Jepsen track is very likely Alex’s :cool:

  4. eta Can someone *cough* areyouin please forward all this to :biggrin:

  5. Well, I think I am happy for Alex, although I am not sure after reading everything. What I do know is that Alex needs to make his own album. He is so talented and I love his voice. I think it would have been beautiful to hear him sing Beautiful. :heart:

  6. Wow! Yay Toby! It’s great to know that the music industry still has a few honorable people left. Toby, you are alright in my book. Thank you so much for helping out :biggrin:

  7. WE CAN FINALLY SAY IT OUT LOUD!!! Thank God because it was KILLING me. :devil:

    Thank you Alleycatfan for your info and insights. Always appreciated. The Bieber Machine is a monster, but it’s okay. Don’t get me wrong, I want Alex to get that songwriting credit, but as long as he’s getting royalties, I’m okay with it. And a big hug to Toby Gad for being the real deal in an industry of posers. Awesome. Love him.

    Before the announcement, I was bursting to comment when all the chatter was about “Beautiful” being a ripoff of One Direction’s song when we, the snaf, knew all along that Alex and Toby wrote their song long before.

    But, it all seems to be working out. And, as I mentioned to our lovely Kass one day, Alex is most definitely on the background vocals on “Beautiful.” I listen to voices for a living. Put your headphones on and listen. You’ll hear him in bits of the background vocals with Bieber — the good parts — the parts with the richer, fuller harmonies.

    So, I’m off now to buy as many copies as I can. :biggrin:

  8. Are there any videos or audio recordings of Alex singing this song? Did they write it while on IICD?
    At least he is getting paid for the song. I don’t care if Justin gets credit too, but why leave Alex out? People need to know what a good songwriter he is, so he can sell more songs.
    I wish someone would hear his demos and decide to sign him instead of buying his songs for someone else! :biggrin:

    • Yes, Alex definitely did a demo recording of the song and that’s what Gad would have shopped to Justin’s label. Shari, don’t even get me started on Alex’s voice. :wub: HA

      The evidence supporting Alex’s writing contributions is available. My main concern is why a new listing for “Beautiful” appeared yesterday at ASCAP and who is responsible for it. Interesting that it occurred after we published our story. Why did they do that? Why didn’t they include Alex’s name? No doubt that there was a definite purpose behind it.

  9. Might I remind all that Toby Gad was with Milli Vanilli back in the 80’s :whistle:

    • Yeah I remember the association, but I thought he and Jens just wrote some songs for Milli Vanilli.
      I also remember Toby was BC Jean’s producer and co-writer on “If I Were A Boy”. Her record deal fell through and he marketed her songs to other artists. Then Beyonce’s father tried to steal the publishing rights to the song because he thought it could be a potential hit. BC Jean actually benefitted from the controversy.
      By the way, I noticed that the listing for Beautiful at ASCAP includes Bieber Time Publishing which is of course is different from the publisher of What Makes You So Beautiful. What does that mean? Is there any concern there? Sorry, I don’t know much about this industry.

      • Good questions Lauren. Here’s my wish: All this controversy will actually be a good thing for Alex. Let’s keep shouting out loud. He did the work. He deserves the credit — and the cha-ching, cha-ching. I’ve got a feeling this one is going to be the turning tide for Alex. Just watch. And thank you, Toby Gad, for being an honest guy in a den of thieves.

      • All I can say is hmmmmmm :getlost: …all Im gonna say is hmmmmmm :whistle: …and scratch my head :blink:

  10. Love this! Yes, thank you Fran! Give credit where credit is due! :biggrin:

  11. Well, I don’t know what to believe at this point! It’s no wonder that copyright lawsuits spring up constantly–especially high profile ones–pretty easy to screw over the powerless. :angry:

    I know absolutely nothing about copyright law, but I did find a very informative website by a law firm, written for laymen, entitled “Copyright Basics for Musicians”. I learned several things just in the few minutes I scanned the article; like this tidbit:

    “”The copyright in the composition is distinct from the copyright in the sound recording. Generally speaking, the sound recording can be thought of as the master — the recorded performance of the composition. When registering a newly published song, the musician should be sure to protect the copyright in the composition separately from the copyright in the sound recording.””

    And also this fact about what constitutes “publishing”:

    “”There is little or no value to registering a composition until it has been published. This typically means selling or distributing copies of the song to the public. Posting a new recording or video to YouTube will constitute publication. Live performance of a song does not publish the song.””

    I hope all this gets sorted out soon, and without legal intervention. I’m sure entertainment lawyers are kept very busy and well-compensated with copyright law violations. :dizzy:

  12. Oops! Forgot to link the article! I wish the editing button was back:(

    Here ya go!

    • Good to see Diane back. Now, if we can only get snuffles(Miss Grainger) and an even harder get – old Shadow_ia :biggrin:

    • Diane thank you for the information and for answering my question. I feel a little better now. Next step… add Alex to Beautiful’s ASCAP listing. :smile:

  13. Those of you who don’t know, Justin’s ‘Believe’ North American tour starts tomorrow night with Carly Rae Jepsen opening the show. As expected but confirmed in this article today,, they will perform their duet “Beautiful”. I can’t wait for videos that will fly up on Youtube and hooray for the many months of massive exposure ahead.

  14. Hey I just found an AWESOME recognition that Alex has received today by NBC News in Dallas, and pleeeese tweet this to Alex; He needs to know that he is held in VERY high regard as an artist (please adjust link:))
    YES Alex Lambert is on the list of the 61 most notable singers from Texas EVER and we’re talking great company – Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Barry White, Tom Jones(he was born in Texas), Usher, Kenny Rogers, Trini Lopez and you get the idea Its a SUPER awesome pic of Alex – he’s the number 18 image out of the 61 listed. Anyway, Alex you are believed in by people as a great recording artist Go FOR it!!! :w00t:

  15. oooh — so cool to see Alex on the list of most notable male singers born in Texas. Of course, we’ve always felt that way, but it’s good to see it in print.

    Just thought I’d check in to see if there were any new developments with the songwriting credits, but it seems that the issue is still unsettled (at least as far as we know). Hmm…

    BTW: Anyone see the Bieb’s blowing chunks onstage? They only showed a short clip on the news. He puked right onstage! Poor kid. I was just wondering if they stopped the show to clean it up or if he had to dance around it. LOL. Not laughing at his getting sick, but it is kinda funny in a strange way. Not hating, just not loving him right now.

    Has anyone chatted with Alex lately? I’m dying to see or hear from him again. No music from him in quite some time. I think I’m having withdrawals. :(

    • You see it in major films at times where an actor( many times a major one) is not listed in the official credits, Has this been resolved? I’m sure it has, and let’s just leave it at that :wink: Also, songwriters never get bumped up in Twitter followers Most even prolific songwriiers have only 1 or 2 thousand followers. So Chris Rene’s album will be lucky to net a couple dozen. Carly’s might have 100 at best. So, Most People really don’t follow, or pay any attention at all to writers. Sad comment but true….

      • But it’s the unfairness of it. They took Alex’s name off and took the credit for it. I think Alex shouldn’t collaborate with anyone anymore if they are like that– he is talented enough to write his own music. Or he should have some type of written contract before working with someone. He needs some kind of big break to get an album out. I wish I could make it happen for him :biggrin:

        • Too bad all of Alex’s fans can’t go in together and help him get his album out. Wouldn’t that be something?

        • Guess what, BJ…. life isn’t fair and neither is the music biz. Many of Alex’s fans HAVE offered to help Alex with his album, but he just doesn’t want to do it that way. Like it or not, it’s his choice and we gotta respect that. It’ll happen if and when the time is right….

  16. I think his fans could help him get his album out using I’ve seen it work for other artists.

    • OMG Ray!!!! Great idea!! How much can we count on you for? :w00t: Haha… just teasing. Honestly, Ray, it is a great idea. We thought of that about a year ago. Unfortunately we can’t really do anything without Alex. We’ve suggested it to him many times. We’ve offered all sorts of help. You would not believe the level of help some of us have offered. We are devoted to him. He just doesn’t want to do it that way. What can I say, he has his own plans and he’s not sharing. All we can do is wait… well, and hope… and support whenever there is anything to support. When the time is right it’ll happen… or it won’t. There’s nothing else we can do.

      Alex, if you’re reading this, we are still here…. praying for you everyday…. ready to help in any way we can. #snafcrew :wub:

      • I don’t think he reads here or his Facebook page. I think most younger people use mostly Twitter now. Does he respond to tweets?

        • Sometimes… although he’s visiting Texas right now so he’s been kinda quiet. It wouldn’t hurt for you to give it a try. Good luck! :biggrin:

  17. I was just thinking about how much Ellen liked Alex and how she loves the biebs. Someone should ask her to settle this writing issue and have them both on her show….might work. One would think she might care?

    • Bahahahahaha….. your funny:) Alex doesn’t even care about this writing credit what makes you think Ellen will.

      • You know what “Mary”, unless you know for an absolute fact that Alex doesn’t care, your comment really doesn’t mean much. We all have known for quite awhile that Alex doesn’t share a whole lot, am I happy about that??Naw…but who am I? We have done quite a lot of speculating on this site over the years, which is fun, but we cant get upset when our speculations dont come to pass. Its all up to Alex now, his music, his career, his life. I, for one, will continue to support him musically in anything he has to offer…waiting patiently. I have no misconceptions regarding his “relationship” with his fans, because to be honest there really isnt one at this point, but again, that’s fine, maybe its because he feels uncomfortable having fans in the first place. Maybe he needs breathing room, to work on his music without any pressure from the peanut gallery. His voice and music has gotten under my skin and its not going anywhere, but for now, I think I will just give him his space. :smile:

        • But loyal fans are the ones who will buy and listen to his music and this site has the most loyal fans I have ever seen! So Alex should support everyone here, even if with a little “hello” every once in a while. You say you never hear from him anymore. I am sure he is busy but you, his loyal fans, have supported him from the beginning and that should matter.

        • BJ ~ It does matter, trust me it does. As one of Alex most loyal fans, here’s how I feel about it and what I know. I have been lucky enough to meet Alex at his 2 east coast shows. On both occasions, Alex spent significant amounts of time with the SNAF. He didn’t need to do that. He did it because he wanted to. Also, I’ve email with Alex many times while planning those shows and working on this fansite. He has always been very respectful and appreciative. Here’s my point. I’m an not a 20 year old hottie, I’m an overweight, 50 year old woman and, despite all that, Alex has hugged me, thanked me, and spent time with me more times than I can count on my two hands. Does he appreciate me? Yes he does! I have absolutely no doubt. I can also tell you that the person you see on social media…. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…. Is not really the same as the person I’ve met. I don’t really understand why that is except to agree with Linda and say that he’s uncomfortable with his celebrity. Maybe he feels like he doesn’t deserve all this attention. From what I know, he is a very private, caring, down-to-earth person.

          Life is about choices and Alex is making choices that will affect his whole life. Along the way, he’s made mistakes and he’s had to deal with the consequences of those mistakes, just like any of us, but he’s learning. He’s adapting. He’s growing. I can also give you my opinion about where his priorities lie….. music, family, career, sanity…….. and then maybe fans. As much as he needs us, as much as he appreciates us, it’s just the honest truth that we are farther down the list right now. I also know that Alex is very intelligent. He’s a very smart cookie and I guarantee to you that he is doing what he needs to do… for his music and his sanity. When Alex is ready, when the music is ready, the fans will get their reward. Just keep your ear to the ground and live your life. Alex is living his and he’ll let us know when he’s ready. I’ll be here and I hope you will be too.

      • Mary, I don’t think I know you. Do I? At any rate, “bahahahahahaha…Alex doesn’t care”…..(shortened for convenience) was an assumption you made based on what? I’ll tell you this: You couldn’t be more wrong. Of course Alex cares. He cares probably more than you can imagine. Just because he plays his cards close to the vest and doesn’t share his every feeling with his fans doesn’t mean a damn thing. He’s taking care of his own business and, apparently, he’s happy and doing well. :whistle:

    • Fran, that would be great, but I don’t really see Bieber agreeing to do it. He has no interest in setting this record straight. If he did, all he’d have to do is say something. I think we just gotta let this one go. We did what we could and it wasn’t enuf.

    • Sorry, but I’d can’t imagine Ellen would ever get involved, even though she’s fond of them both. It’s been over a month since the credits error was revealed, so I imagine whatever was going to happen did already. If it didn’t, then it seems that Alex will need to pursue it further.
      Unfortunately the ASCAP listing for Beautiful has never been amended to include his name.

  18. Very sad to report that I checked Carly Rae Jepsen’s Kiss album wiki page to find that Alex’s name has completely disappeared from the credits for Beautiful. I know that Molly and Cathy worked diligently on getting him some credit on wikipedia and was successful by citing Robert Philpot’s article from Looks like that’s not enough anymore. :sad:

  19. Let me just say this; we know Alex is the only one with enough pull to take any real action. With all his miilions of fans, Justin has at least 4 times the haters as he does fans; he is DESPISED coz people that like real music know that he’s just corrupting that ideal. Informal polling proves that, also look at his biggest youtube video to date Baby on Vevo – has 3 or 4 times as many dislikes as likes :whistle: If someone ever makes a stand against this type of hated entity, they will be lauded as a hero #realtalk

    • I agree alleycatfan…and no big surprise….you were right and Alex did it! He got his credits for songwriting AND publishing. Waa-hoo! :biggrin:

  20. Try again on the wiki page, it often takes a few tries to get info to stick. I don’t why exactly but somebody else adding something else using an older version, can accidentally delete stuff. I witnessed it too many times for other pages. It may have got lost instead of rejected.

    • Soapbox, Molly and I have tried… over and over and over again. Even after we added the DFW article as a citation, Alex’s name was removed. The person who removed him commented that he was “not the final writer” …. whatever that means. :angry: If you’d like to give it a try, you have my blessing. My edits are under the username ‘AlexL fan” in case you’d like to copy what I’ve done in the past. Without further citation, it just seems like a losing battle. :sick:

      • Sorry, did not know all that. I am not surprised. I have had a few battles with them on other subjects. I will give it a try too. I like to think I have learned something from previous struggles.

  21. GR8 JOB Molly and any and all others!!!! Now we have to hope they will release this track as an official single coz so far its only achieved #87 on the Billboard Hot 100 and that was when the album dropped. For Alex to make real good $$, it has got to be released as a single and get on or near the Top 10 on Billboard regular and/or airplay charts.The money is mostly in the royalties for HIGH charting radio airplay, far moreso than itunes and amazon singles sales :wink:

  22. I would like to officially apologize for being a negative nelly…. :sick: I’ve never been happier to be wrong! Congratulations to Alex and my sincere thanks to the Bieber team for doing the right thing…. (even tho you had to be pushed a little first :angry: )

    Alleycatfan, since the clouds have parted and the sun is finally shining on this song (in my mind), I feel confident that it will be released as a single and that it will go to number 1. I’m thinking Valentines day might be the perfect time. :wub:

    • I hope you’re right, but even if it doesn’t happen, it’s still okay. Alex is taking care of business and getting the respect he so richly deserves. More and more of the ‘”people who matter” will be more receptive to him…if not banging down his doors! haha

      Now, if we could just get that young man to sing for us. I don’t expect he’ll be hitting the East Coast anytime soon that’s for sure.

      Cathy, (and the rest of the crew) I gave up Twitter and am cutting back on FB. Gotta spend more time in the real world. :silly: So, PLEASE, don’t forget about me when you’ve got news to share.

      Love y’all!

  23. This IS amazing news!! I never thought it would happen either, Cathy, so don’t feel too bad:) Now I’m just curious as hell about Lambert Bros Publishing. I thought it was Sparkle Plenty Music? So confused about that one :blink:

    Carly’s current radio single has stalled (This Kiss), and her album sales are not great–so I hope there’s some strategy in place to release this song as a future single.

  24. :cheerful: FINALLY! A bit of good news! Thank you Molly for giving us the link. And, Diane, yeah…Lambert Bros Publishing, hmmm. Oh, well, that’s our Alex, the original mystery man. I swear to God he’s like a groundhog. I wish he’d poke his head out long enough to sing us a song or two.

    I don’t want to sound negative, but if I want to share my true feelilngs, it’s not going to sound nice. But, you know me, so here goes: I’m not surprised that Carley’s single and album sales are poor. I am not hating on her, but honestly, she ain’t much of a singer. That’s all I’m going to say. At least Alex is being properly credited now:

    BEAUTIFUL (Legal Title)
    BMI Work #14882678
    Alternate Titles:
    Songwriter/Composer Current Affiliation CAE/IPI #
    ALEX LAMBERT BMI 679493283 :wub:
    GAD TOBY ASCAP 463804058

    LAMBERT BROS MUSIC BMI 686415611 :wub:

    And that’s all I really care about.

    So, snafkrew…we have reason to celebrate. Lambertini’s all around!

  25. Check one off for the SNAF crew!! Thanks everyone who helped us out getting this properly credited. Now if we can secure a single spot that would be amazing!

    In regards to “Sparkle Plenty” the only thing I can think of is either Alex or his management had a change of heart or the name was already taken. Either way, really cool to see his name popping up more and more! :)

    • For whatever reason he did it, it was a smart move to change the name from Sparkle Plenty to Lambert Bros (imo anyway). Alex always said he aspired to be a one-man act and, although we know it takes more than one person, I like that he’s staying true to himself. I don’t ever underestimate him. He’s much wiser than some people give him credit for. The first piece of advice I ever gave him was “never give away your publishing rights.” I don’t expect that he remembers that, but I’m happy to see that he’s progressing. He’s going to be a huge, huge star for a long, long time. I just hope I’m still around to enjoy it all. :sick: LOL.

  26. Whoo Hoo! Finally something to make me feel better. I have been crazy sick all this past week and was actually annoyed I could not do more to help. Snaf are awesome and I am so proud of you all for having his back. So glad to know you. Snaf keep it real. :heart:

    • I feel ya. I’ve been sick with vertigo for almost a month. I can’t really stay on the computer for long periods of time which sucks for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I haven’t even been able to work since I work from home on the computer. But, this too shall pass. And, yes, thanks to everyone who did a helluva lot more than me in pushing for Alex. And, not to take anything away from them because they worked their asses off, but Alex did plenty himself…and Toby Gad. God bless them and y’alls.

      • Janet… so sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better soon and you know I always have your back. Unfortunately or fortunately (I’m not sure which) I’ve been very, very busy myself lately. I try to keep up the best I can. :biggrin:

      • A whole month. You have my :heart: . You post said it all. Kudos to Alex and Toby and the Snaf and whoever helped.

  27. :wub: Very happy to see this. I hope it is a sign of good things to come for Alex. :smile:

  28. Great news! I only wish “THE” bloggers, Lyndsey, Rickey, MJ, etc., would say SOMETHING! -_-

    p.s. I like Lambert Bros Music :))

  29. Alex is an original, he can take Lambert Bros Music anywhere he wants. I’ve been re-reading HUNDREDS of comments lately on media sites and Alex, it is astonishing how many hundreds of people feel you are a person who can CHANGE music ; he is truly that great. I also remember that Billboard music critic that gave his unsolicited opinion at that Roxy show that Alex ‘s voice is Hall Of Fame level, it is a rare memorable experence in life – its that stunning. And so many ,many other instances. When Alex is ready to step out into the light on his own, take his best single to every dj and pd he can travel to by car or however, Break that single to radio, coz when he really goes for it – he can change the course of history, HE IS THAT IMPORTANT.

  30. You really summed it all up best alleycatfan. I remember a musician friend of mine, a very successful one, telling me that he considered Alex a true original, a musical prodigy type. So, hell yeah…Alex is THAT IMPORTANT. :cool:

  31. So glad that Alex and/or his team took care of business and registered Beautiful at BMI under his Lambert Bros. Music. I guess this is adieu to Sparkle Plenty Music. :shocked:
    In any case it was the best way for him to protect himself and receive the residual payments he is entitled to. Obviously included are the sales associated with the single Beautiful and the album Kiss, but also the performance royalties from Bieber’s Believe 2012-2013 North American tour and 2013 European tour.

    In reviewing Beautiful’s ASCAP listing, Carly Rae’s publishing company (Jepsen Music Publishing of SOCAN) and Toby’s (Gad’s Songs, of EMI and BMG) were not listed. It comes as no surprise that it was generated by the Bieber camp. I still don’t understand their reluctance to adding Alex’s name to the writers’ list, but whatever… :getlost:

    I couldn’t help but think since Alex has officially registered Beautiful that he could take this opportunity to register the other songs that he wrote/co-wrote over the last few years. At least they would be assigned to the correct Alex Lambert. (Some are in the track list section of this site.) Alex would have a really impressive collection in the end. :smile:

  32. Obviously the Bieber group knew it was going to pay out all the royalties due or face media disaster, but glad Alex got the offiical listing. Much of the reason for the vanity of the album credits is due to NOT wanting to shine a light on an artist who is superior in the talent department, and can even challenge him in the looks dept.(he’s not used to that :lol: ). You’d think that with well over a 100 million in net worth that would be enough, but some are just so insecure.

    • Sorry I wasn’t clear. BMI cuts his check, not Bieber’s group. Of course after Toby’s communication with the appropriate people, no one would assume that Alex would be left out.
      I’d have to disagree with you though; I doubt Alex was ever on Bieber’s radar.
      Even though Alex has been blessed with more God given talent, I still believe that the Bieber camp didn’t want to ruin the fairy tale behind Carly and Justin’s first introduction. Remember how she was so taken with the song, asking Justin about Beautiful, and how he told her that Toby and him wrote it. Remember her getting into the booth that same night, recording vocals for it. It’s is all on video. Was best to keep Beautiful as Justin’s song that he shared with his newly/first signed artist. If Alex was added, Justin would look like a _____ and to be honest I doubt he ever knew that Alex was a co-writer until this site published the post. All that Justin probably knew was that Toby wrote it and he received writing credits by changing just a couple of words in the song, but hey that’s just my opinion. Really doesn’t matter because now it’s just water under the bridge. :ermm:

  33. Can you guys do a little “Update” post? Like where he’s at, what he’s doing and stuff? I feel like I’m so far behind on it all. :sad:

  34. YESSSS. Great to see Beautiful’s ASCAP listing picture at the top of the post! FINALLY Alex has been properly credited by “the powers that be”. It’s about time!! Now.. would it be too much to ask for Beautiful to be Carly Rae’s next released single. :wink:

  35. Hey all!

    Haven’t posted for a while, but thought I would share some good news about Beautiful. I don’t know about any of you, but I was disappointed with Carly Rae’s CD sales here in the States. She’s sold about 250K so far, which is nothing to sneeze at, but when you think of the phenomenal success of CMM, I just assumed her record would sell really well. Now, I mention this, because I *assume* that Alex gets some sort of royalty for every CD sold, since Beautiful is one of the tracks. It may not amount to much $$, but I figure every little bit helps, and the more sold the better!

    So, I was pleasantly surprised to read recently that Kiss has sold almost a million copies worldwide!! :smile: The record is a huge hit in Japan, having obtained Platinum status over there (500K)–in fact, just this week in that country, they are re-releasing the record as “The Japan Tour” edition complete w/a bonus DVD. Kiss has charted all over Europe, Mexico, Canada (obviously!), South America and Asia–contributing to this “close to a million” records sold. Just think, all those people listening to Beautiful! Really pretty amazing :biggrin:

    More good news: Her label is releasing another single (no, sorry, not Beautiful!) later this month on the 19th. I hope this tune, Tonight I’m Getting Over You”, will help spur additional album sales. It’s a much better song then the previous single, the dud “This Kiss”, which absolutely flopped at radio, and did nothing to help album sales. I’m thinking they have timed this release to coincide with the Grammy’s, where Call Me Maybe is up for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. She’ll get lots of press, regardless if the song wins or not. The Grammy’s are February 10th on CBS. Her promotion machine is ramping up also, as I noticed she’s on the cover of Seventeen this month (uh, she’s 27 folks! lol) So hopefully, there’s more opportunities down the line to keep selling the record.

    I believe Kiss just dropped off the Billboard Top 200 album sales chart last week, which in many cases, signals that a record is “done”. I hope this new single helps revive album sales, which helps with Beautiful’s exposure to new “ears”. It’s all good!

  36. Thanks Diane for this information. You always provide us with so much to sink our teeth into. Yes, Carly Rae is a huge success over in Japan. She’s doing a few shows there now and is opening for Justin during the European leg of his Believe tour which starts mid February after the Grammy’s. Hopefully that will revive some record sales on that continent as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will choose to perform Beautiful on tour. She just won the International Newcomer of the Year award for the 2013 NRJ Music Awards in France a few weeks ago, so she’s liked there. In addition, Carly Rae is the new 2013 Candie’s girl and that means she’s getting exposure in stores as well.

    Thought I’d add this article since Alex is a member of BMI. Now with the ever changing landscape of the digital music age, the major music publishing firms are pulling out of ASCAP and BMI. It may not have much impact now, but maybe later.

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