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Jul 112010

Bromance at its finest! :wink:

Video via Dream Updates

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  1. Who’s Allesandra? This was funny. Loved the blues guitar, but especially loved Alejandro and Benito! LOL! It’s so crazy that Alex has his own language and it sounds like Spanish, but really isn’t.

  2. My fave part was his “foreign” language song! Wiki-Wiki! :heart:

  3. @Janet Alessandra is Gig’s friend…she has a little crush on our boys I think. I like her a lot more than Gig actually she’s pretty cool.

  4. Was that Alex’s own “special language”? It was really neat. I actually thought it was Spanish or something of the like. haha

  5. That music that Alex and Ben were playing was really pretty. I liked it.

  6. So I’m watching the live stream and I love it when Alex tries on all his new shirts and once he likes them he just immediately throws them in a pile on the floor. He’s such a boy…but I’m not complaining.

    Abs and pecs and arms and dimples and teeth and hair and face and butt oh my. It’s becoming harder and harder not to creep on him hahaha :wub:

  7. I like this jam session. Alex can do the blues very well. I like the guitar playing too – some of it is almost similar to Spanish guitar (and I love Spanish guitar and music.) I remember he said he likes making up his own language to create melodies. He thought the language sounded Hawaian. I’m not familiar with Hawaiian and South pacific music, but the parts where he’s making up his language actually sounds to me like a bit Jamaican melody at the beginning, and a style of West African music in other parts. When he made up words, it reminded me of a song “Dibi Dibi Rek” by a singer from Senegal west Africa – his name is Ismael Lo. His most known song “Jammu Africa” has been used in some Hollywood movie, and its good. (that’s how I first heard of him) here is “Dibi Dibi Rek” that sound like what Alex is making up. Alex wont know him but he has a good voice and he’s melodic.

    One of the most well known singer of this type of ‘world music’ style is Salif Keita an albino from Mali West Africa. These two are good melodic singers, and their guitar style is similar to what Alex is playing, but they actually use their own ethnic instrument too that sounds like a banjo and spanish guitar. Anyway, Alex already likes Bob Marley, but Ismael Lo and Salif Keita are two from the “world music” genre that he can listen to too. He seems to appreciate different types of music like I do. May be he can be inspired by their music too. And he likes making up his own language so he wont mind listening to songs in foreign language. If Alex ever checks this site here are a couple good songs by these two singers on youtube.(CD at amazon)

    Ismael Lo’s song “Jammu Africa” from CD of same title featuring both songs.

    Salif Keita’s song “Folon” . Its from CD titled ‘Folon.’ Its more organic and their ethnic style

    Salif Keita’s song “Papa” – it was featured in Hollywood movie “Ali” with Wil Smith”. The CD is titled “Papa” and some of it is actually produced by American singer/producer Vernon Reid from 70’s group ‘Chic’ so it has some funky influence. Its a good CD. I have it. And this song “Bolon” is one of my favorite from the CD. Here is it is performed in concert with a European band.

  8. LOL at Alex has his own langauge. I can relate. When I be around my family and we talk, numerous people think we have our own langauge because we talk so fast around each other even though we are speaking in English. Howeve, when we talk to friends and others, everyone knows we are talking English because we do not talk that fast.

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