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Aug 262010

How exciting!! Thanks guys for the shout outs! Here’s a sample from last night (there’s about 30 minutes before the first video that aren’t included, oh well). Just as a reminder the band is:
Alex Lambert, Alex Treharne, Oliver Lee, Samuel Larsen, Freddy Hill, and George Hill.
Thanks again to the wonderful admins at Dream Updates!

08-26-2010 Alex and band 1
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08-26-2010 Alex and band 1
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08-26-2010 Alex and band 2
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08-26-2010 Alex and band 3
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  1. That is so cool you did this, Cathy!! You are my newbie hockey-mom, right!?? H O C K E Y M O M S R U L E ! ! !

  2. Awww, Snuffles:
    1st – Way to go meeting Owen and Tom. (Tom= my fav). :biggrin:
    2nd – That is so fantastic you get to go see Alex :w00t: I am so jealous. But at least we have an “insider”. If you can see if you talk to Alex for us all, haha. You could tell him to talk to us more, :lol: (wish, wish). :lol:
    OH, tell him, VLOGS!! haha :whistle:
    @ Cathy, you are the kindest, sweetest person to do that. If everyone is going in on the ticket, let me know. I would have to do it secretly, but I would give my share. :ninja: haha
    You guys are the greatest.

  3. Thanks for reminding me, areyouin, I need to go sign up for the new session of hockey.

  4. @Cathy – Better get it goin’!! My Alex playing at our closest rink this season- Yay! Driving himself – so not as stressful since it’s under 20 minutes. Fall/winter season is much more exciting than spring. You’re gonna have fun watching and hopefully a fun group of parents (jello-shots at away tournaments – just sayin’)!!

  5. Areyouin — We are not at that level yet. I’m looking forward to it though.

  6. Have fun Snuffles. We are all so happy for you. You are one of the best at reporting.
    @Cathy that was so generous of you, but there are many of us who would love to pitch in. Please let me know what I can contribute, okay.

  7. ^ditto :cheerful:

  8. Cathy – is he only in developmental hockey? No games?? They gotta let them play games! Practice is essential but they gotta play games for FUN!! Tournaments will come later, then.

    So nice of you to do this for snuffles! I can’t wait to hear about it/see video.

    I hope Alex remembers what Simon Cowell told him: “You should only be nervous if you’re useless, and you’re not – you have a really good voice!” He needs to take his own advice that he gave Gig when they were going to present for Young Hollywood Awards – he told her to look at all the people and said they don’t care! Don’t worry about it. I think the No Tell Motel/Surf U.S Open gig was almost too intimate and some of the people looked bored before he even got there – screw them. But he needs to go NO SUNGLASSES ! !

  9. I would welcome donations from anyone who is interested (LOL) although it really isn’t necessary. I know that many of you are just as generous as I am. I did it because I wanted to and it makes me feel good. I can afford it. I only wish I could go myself. This is the next best thing.

  10. Areyouin – Yes, developmental hockey. Although they do scrimmage. He tends to discouraged easily in sports so we felt like he should have the lessons before games. However, he has good friends on teams so I hope to do that soon.

    Simon Cowells advice was good. Also the two Elvis backup singers. I kinda understand Alex’s nervousness. I used to make presentations for work a few years back. The only thing that kept me from being too nervous was preparation, preparation, preparation. If you feel unprepared, you obsess over the things you forgot. I hope they get all the kinks worked out today.

  11. FYI – I’m reading the FAQs and it says no videotaping allowed. But I can take still photos. I’ll try and get Alex to give you guys a shout out though.

  12. That is so nice of you Cathy!!

    Is he your first-born? If so – they are sometimes so hard on themselves – perfectionists. My Alex is baby of 3 boys – so easy-going! Doesn’t get too upset about anything – kinda wish he would get a little more fire in his belly sometimes! Kids – they’re so funny!!

    How do y’all think Alex would “take” a tweet about no sunglasses?? He didn’t wear them at The Mint, right? Hopefully he did for the surf thing cuz it was outside (after all). And I will cross my fingers he doesn’t settle on the dingy white v-neck!! ;)

  13. Areyouin – Hope I don’t disappoint you but Alex was showing his outfit to Sam earlier. He mentioned black jeans and a white v-neck. Don’t know if it’s the dingy one though. He also mentioned a hat. Maybe a tweet to Sam about the sunglasses would work. Does Sam follow anyone here? Could you send a quit DM? I certainly don’t want to upset Alex over something like that before a show.

  14. I think a baseball cap is more tragic than sunglasses…

    I dont mind his nice black jeans with a fresh vneck Tee but not some dingy one. I however do not think he’ll wear glasses since its indoors but his cap makes him look like he’s going to the mall. Lose the cap since he has nice hair already. His band needs to dress him up seriously… Alex T, the twins and Sam are super stylish hope that rubs off to Alex… Im sure Oliver will wear something cool too. His longsleeve shirts are actually cute on him with the newsboy cap which he wears on non-special occasions. I read somewhere that his papaw gave that to him and that’s his lucky hat so hopefully he’ll wear that coz he’s super cute when he does.

    @Cathy – you really are Alex’s fairy Godmother and looks like snuffles’ too! Thats nice of you and it makes me happy that we’ll have a field reporter tomrrow!

    @snuffles – have fun and just sneak in the video cam! hahaha

  15. Areyouin — I have a completely off topic question for you. I have a good friend whose sons are the same age as yours. They also play tournament hockey. Did you attend a tournament last year in Lake Placid? Just thought you might know my friends.

  16. Cathy – not Lake Placid. There are so many. Is your friend where you are or in Michigan?

    It will be cool if he wears the newsboy cap – it’s very cute on him. I don’t mind a fresh white v-neck, but not sure he has one. I still have not sent a gift but was thinking of 3 higher-end v-neck t-shirts, 1 white, 1 black, maybe 1 charcoal gray. Saw some nice ones on-line today (Men’s Express) but $39.50 for 3. I think he would appreciate it!

  17. @areyouin – yeah, we send him all sorts of clothes and he keeps wearing those damn tees. PLs send him some new shirts! and throw in some boxers and he’ll think it’s from his mother… LOL

  18. Yves- Boxers. . . boys/men are so particular about what they like. My husband + 3 sons – – and they all like different styles/types. :blink:

  19. Areyouin — My friends boys play for a team sponsored by the University of Delaware. They go to tournaments all over so I didn’t know. Anyway, they do very well.

    I like the t-shirt idea. Boxers…I don’t know.

  20. Ahhhhh! I’m so excited that you’re going snuffles! Cathy, you are a special Alex Angel to do this, but we all offered to help. Any one who is able, please send Cathy $$$$. Any amount you like. Cathy, I have your email address and I’m paypal-ing some $$$ to you. If we somehow get over-funded, Cathy can buy Alex another set of tees! LOL!

    I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound bossy or anything. I’m just super-excited that one of “us” is going to see Alex live and in-person. Have a super fun time, snuffles, and we’ll be waiting for the report and, hopefully, some photos or video.

    I still want to send Alex an avalanche of boxers with notes attached. I don’t know why that idea is so funny to me, but it just is. But, we still don’t know what exact kind he wears, do we? Underwear is a very personal choice. The joke is only funny if he gets a bunch of them from “Alex’s Angels” just randomly, ya know what I mean? We don’t even have to write in them and mess them up. We can just use a peel off label or something.

    Love you guys!

  21. P.S. Don’t be afraid of PayPal everyone. I’ve been using it for years in my business. It’s safe, fast, and convenient. I’ve never had a problem with it.

  22. Janet — Thanks for the $$$. I do think the boxer idea is hysterical…in theory. It is a personal choice, though. If they are sent as a sort of joke, they don’t really need to be his favorite style. It would actually be funnier if they were all different styles. I think he would get the joke. Or maybe he would feel violated, IDK. He did go on and on about on the live stream.

    Yes, Janet, if by chance the ticket gets overfunded, I’ll take a poll to see what you all want to send. I’m sure we can come up with some great ideas.

  23. Wow, I went out to dinner and I missed all this! You guys are so great! Cathy, you are so awesome for doing that, we do owe you one! And SNUFFLES! I’m so excited that one of us is going to be there to support Alex, although just a wee, tiny bit jealous! Just kidding, I hope you have a great time and cheer really, really, really LOUD for Alex, for all of us who can’t be there. It’s great that there will be at least one person there who knows who he is and is a fan! Oh and I really hope he doesn’t wear a baseball hat! :pinch:

  24. I love when Alex wears his “newsboy” hat. :wub: He looks so good in it. Someone should tweet him or Sam, that Alex should wear that gray shirt with the thin black stripes on it with his black pants. He would really look great, I think. :blush: :wub:
    @ Carol, I want to give you something towards the ticket, but I don’t have paypal. My dad does but if I have him send it he will tell my hubby. (trouble). :pinch: So, if it is ok, you could give me your address and I will mail it to you. Let me know.
    P.S. Do you think Alex would get mad at us for always telling him how to dress??

  25. Tracy, thats so funny…hubby=trouble..but sooo true. :blink: I dont think Alex would get mad about our fashion advice, but I dont think he will listen either, if you know what I mean, hes pretty strong willed…..but its always good on his part to take it in to consideration. Cathy I have a pay pal but dont have your email, if you have a twitter you can DM me, I am MOM2JB over there.

  26. LindaW, so true. (rolls eyes). :lol:
    Linda, what is DM?? I don’t twitter, but I am beginning to think I should learn, sounds like fun. :biggrin:

  27. Sorry to jump in – DM = Direct Message. It’s a way to communicate with other twitterers more privately. When you just tweet – basically the twitter world sees it. You can tweet to certain individuals but it will also be seen by your followers. It is fun Tracy. It’s easy to set up an account, and I have no doubt you will quickly get the hang of it. Direct messages will be noted at the right side of the screen. You should do it! :)

  28. Areyouin, I always thought you –
    1) could only twitter on your phone. and
    2) had to be able to text with your phone.
    Is this not true?? :wassat: Can you use a computer to tweet??
    (I am so lacking in knowledge of technology) :lol:

  29. @Tracy- just read ur convo with Alex T. He’s adorable that kid… Thought he was lambertfaan too since I’ve never seen that handle before and offered info bout the twins! Anyhow he’s cute and seem confident abt Saturday so I think they’ll kill it!

  30. Diane & Alleycatfan: So Alex was trying on tops that he can wear for the Roxy show last night? I thought he bought some clothes — I guess he didnt really buy special ones for performing from what you mentioned. Alex needs to get like 4 cool shirts and dressy V-neck T-shirts that’s tight fitting and has some cool designs but not too much to wear when he performs (can’t go wrong with black even if its plain color.) Out of what he has now that you guys mentioned I think he can wear the black t-shirt with “Enjoi” on it, or the gray one Diane said he wore at Elvis Sun studio even though it’s a bit casual. And there is the new t-shirt that’s half black & half gray with short sleeves he wore couple days ago which looked nice. He can wear one of those 3 if he doesnt have something special for the occasion. But he needs to wear one or 2 necklaces to jazz it up, cause he’s on stage and he’s the front man of his band — try sound good and look good. Btw, I thought I heard him say he and his band have been wearing gray or black to practice so they can coordinate? Well those are same colors if that’s the case.

  31. @lambertfaan-Alex T -Please consider a British/English/whatever the Queen calls it GED-YOU CAN GET WITH ALEX AND BE HUGEEEEEE.!!!!!!! :w00t:

  32. Hey! DU added another video from this night… THink it’s the 30 minutes prior to the ones that are currently up.

  33. @alleycatfan – ur baaadddd!!!! Lol
    ur making Alex T drop out of school! His mother will be horrified… Hahaha

  34. Yea Katrina. I saw that a while ago. At the beginning where Alex told Alex T. to read someone’s comment, then Alex said something like “they said I’m getting antsy right now? in the livingroom?, Damn. Do you see what I go through?” That was my comment. :cwy: I think that is what he said, the piano was so loud, it was hard to hear him talk. I feel so damn bad because, I didn’t mean it as an insult or anything. I just meant that he was antsy because he seemed like he wanted to get busy with the rehearsing and the others were goofing off some, especially Sam.
    Does anyone else hear what I THINK I heard?? I think I will keep my mouth shut from now on. I know nothing about music anyway, so I have no business making comments like that I guess. :sad:
    Man, I feel so bad now, I can’t sleep. Of all my comments I’ve posted, he had to read that one.
    Alex, if by chance you are reading THIS comment, I am sorry. I take back that whole comment.

  35. Awww, don’t feel bad Tracy! Go tweet him and say sorry for the misunderstanding! :wub: At the very least, *we* understand that you didn’t mean it in an ill-spirited way! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

  36. Tracy – I would give you my address, but I don’t want it on the site. If you don’t have twitter, are you registered on DU? I could send you a PM (personal message) on DU. Otherwise, we could get Molly or Kass involved. They can DM an email to one of us. Oh, and thanks.

    I won’t worry too much about what Alex said. He has a very short memory and will have forgotten it by the next day.

  37. Tracy, don’t you dare feel bad about what you said. Alex is a kid and didn’t “get” it. We all know what you meant. And, besides, like Cathy said, he’s already forgotten about it. LOL! I’m sure he’s antsy as hell today!

    I hope to God Alex doesn’t wear the baseball cap. The other cap (I don’t know what you call those — newsboy?) looks really good on him if he feels the need for a hat. No hat would be better. He definitely should not wear sunglasses. Clothes — I actually like him in the tight-fitting v-neck tees as long as they’re new and clean. Black or a dark blue to compliment his eyes would be cool. Tight black or dark blue jeans and sneaks are fine. He should get a nice pair of boots soon. And, you know, I’m all about the jewelry — he definitely needs to wear his TCB necklace because it will give him inspiration and confidence, but I kinda wish he’d wear the cross too — not because I gave it to him, but it’s a fashion piece and is more noticeable. I gave him a bracelet too, but haven’t seen him wear it. You need some bling onstage. God – I wish I could dress him! Okay, too much about the fashion. I know they’ve been working hard and are going to sound awesome, so I’m not worried about that. This is actually a really exciting moment, isn’t it? And, we’re going to have our snuffles there to take it all in for us.

    Man, I wish I said to hell with it all and just went to the show!

  38. Thanks guys. :blush: I know this has probably affected ME more than him. (But still wished it didn’t happen.)
    @Cathy – yes I am registered at DU, I’m “Sanderbug” over there. You could send me a PM.

  39. @ Reyne, I never tweeted, don’t really know how. :dizzy:
    But I am thinking about trying to learn. :lol:
    Otherwise, I would tweet him and say sorry.

    • Seriously Tracy, don’t sweat it. There was nothing bad about your comment. It sounds like Alex is generally getting tired of living his life under a microscope (see recent comments re. live stream, etc.) – and who could blame him – so I think he referred to your comment as an example of the situation he’s in, of people being able to observe him constantly, rather than finding the comment itself insulting. And there’s nothing we can do about that.

  40. Awww, Tracy dont feel bad….Like others said, he probably wouldn’t remember that if you explained it back to him, or certainly wouldn’t remember WHO said it…..take it from someone who puts their foot in their mouth on a regular basis hee hee…..he has got soo much on his mind right now….Dont give it another thought. :smile:

  41. Thanks LindaW and Kass.
    @Kass – you are probably right.

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