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Sep 182010

The other day (September 16th), Alex and Jordyn got their first tattoos from Mark Mahoney, a legendary LA tattoo artist who’s inked the skin of numerous celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp and Cher… and now Alex Lambert! Alex got an outline of his home state, Texas, on the inside of his left forearm. Ouch!

Thanks to areyouin and alleycatfan for the info about Mark Mahoney, and to LindaW for finding the picture on Jordyn’s facebook!

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  1. Cathy: Oh “that girl is trouble” is the song he was playing when the camera had them in game room, but they weren’t really there. I could hear the song from afar and was trying to see where he was so I could hear it properly. I didnt know it was an original song. It sounded good listening from game room thats why I wanted to hear it, but I couldn’t really hear well enough to judge it. Now I’m thinking maybe the control room didn’t switch on purpose. But then again they do mess up quite often now.

    Connie D: When Alex releases his CD there wont be that much confusion with Adam anymore. They are so different, and he will be known for his songs. And Alex will have more name recognition as a solo artist by then, cause there will be some promotion when they release CD. Also, its good to hear Adam is doing well on tour, but I’m not surprised though – he was my favorite his season, cause he’s a performer on stage and I expected him to be great to watch on tour – whether its singing on tour or Broadway the stage is where Adam’s career is really gonna be.

  2. @Lauren.I was thinking along those lines,too.Alex is soo careful that its not likely he would play it in the open on camera himself,and he knows J would also play it on her laptop sans filter.Its a hard call,just don’t know-maybe if it does go out the non-youtube route that guy uses is wayyy less seen.I really prefer the song when Alex played it in his bedroom,cuz the sound is so much better than the PBR.When I heard it in Alex’s room,his voice was perfection,and his voice was brilliant in all the sweet spots.Later in the PBR,not as crystal clear,so his voice was not presented to full effect.Really catchy, fun song though…

  3. Lauren – I have to agree with you. How secret could it be if its on Jordyn’s laptop and he’s playing it out loud in his room. Lately, he has been very careful with his secret songs. It seems to me that he intentionally gave us this one. I can’t begin to image why, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

  4. Aw, I want to hear That Girl Is Trouble! It would really make a crappy evening a whole lot better…

  5. Well he’s getting his beauty rest,but if you’re lucky he might give an encore presentation of That Girl Is Trouble in his bedroom.It sounds sooo much better in that room ,and played live rather than recorded from a DU video…It was just rapturous yesterday when I heard his crystal clear vocals played in his bedroom.Def. one of his best vocals I have ever heard from Alex on that track
    Alex’s voice= a drug so potent… :biggrin:

  6. How did they deduce Alex is on tomorrows ep. of Don’t Forget The Lyrics?,acc. to twitter. The guest is not posted on VH1’s website.Did they check the digital TV guide info button?Cuz on mine it does not post a specific guest…

  7. @alley – I think people are just saying to watch it IN CASE for exactly that reason – it does not post a specific guest. You would think that IICD would announce, but, then the brain-trust there has been pretty suspect lately. I sure wouldn’t trust it. I figure I’ll check it out anyway just to get an idea of the show, and then be able to compare how Alex does in relation to others.

  8. Marianne – I have it programmed in my DVR. Just in case. Wouldn’t want to miss it.

  9. Mountain Dewish. lol Love Alex’s new vlog. Showing off his tattoo.

  10. Oh good you all are talking about Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Is it on VH1? Or Fox? The website I was looking at had both channels listed, but I don’t know if the Fox one is for this year because they have Wayne Brady on it. But another site had a schedule and the show on VH1 is Mon, Tues and Wed. 7-8 (2 shows). Is that correct?

  11. Tracy – I believe that is correct. My DVR has it listed at 7:00 and 7:30. For anyone who might miss it, I think they show the rerun at 11:00 and 11:30 the next day.

    Yes, AyeM – Loved the vlog and loved the tattoo!

  12. I hope I don’t forget to watch it!!

    By the way – how’s the “weather” everybody?! :wink:

  13. That was a really, sorry have to say it, “cute” vlog. I am glad he likes his tattoo. :smile: :heart:

  14. The weather was great today here, Areyouin. Too bad I had to battle the stink bugs all day. They are driving me nuts. Yuk. :blink: :pinch: I kill 10 and 30 more get in. :sick:
    It is a good thing they are harmless or I would be freaking out right now.
    How is the weather there, Areyouin??

  15. Weather is great Marianne, lol! Yes I hope I don’t forget to watch it either. I forget everything! Excited to see it though, whenever it does come on. It will be so great to see him on tv again. I wonder how Alex will be introduced on the show and if there will be any new info about his album?? Usually the host makes small talk with guests and asks them about stuff they are working on, right? I also loved his VLog as usual, funny and (sorry) cute and I really like his tattoo. At least it’s something that’s very meaningful to him and I like the area it’s in, not too in your face.

    And I really want to hear “That Girl is Trouble” too, so jealous of alleycatfan! lol

  16. @Tracy – it was nice here in Michigan today!

    The “weather” question was a little joke about some ridiculousness going on over at DU! :wink:

  17. Holy S!!!-Alex is a KILLER pool player- that boy is a GENIUS! :cool:
    His Royal Awesomeness Strikes Again!!!!!!!

  18. @Areyouin, I kind of thought you had a hidden meaning there but I wasn’t sure. lol :lol: I haven’t read DU in a couple days.

  19. Hahaha! “Ridiculousness”, great word Marianne! I say that too! And perfectly describes the nonsense that goes on over there!! :getlost:

  20. I like what he is singing right now, new?? anyway, out of curiosity, does any one know Alex’s hat size??

  21. Hey guys. The weather is much more pleasant over here. I’m enjoying the music and the pool. Yes, Alex is an awesome pool player. There is absolutely nothing Alex can’t do.

  22. Don’t forget the lyrics is on this week? I forgot about that. Got to remember its on VH1 and check it out.

    You guys must have seen him doing a vlog about tattoo – cause its not on hulu yet.

    He seems to be writing some new song now on the piano in pbr. I like the melody and the vibe. The lyrics has ‘all the magic” in it and I like how he switched and sang the chorus part “baby I’m not gonna let you” — not sure if that’s exact lyric for that part but its something like that. It has a nice melodic vibe like his old song he wrote “Tired of waiting” which I also like.

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