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Aug 282010

Alex Lambert and his recently formed band will be playing LA’s Sunset Strip Music Festival tonight, Saturday August 28th, at 6:35 pm, along with headliners The Smashing Pumpkins. Saturday is the SSMF’s street festival day, with Sunset closed between San Vicente Boulevard and Doheny Drive to accommodate outdoor stages, live performances in the venues, beer gardens, food vendors and interactive experiences throughout the day.

Alex will be rockin’ the Roxy Theater stage along with a dozen other great acts, including Cisco, who has written with Alex and arranged for his spot at the venue (he was originally slated to play the Key Club).

Alex’s band, newly dubbed Alex Lambert and the Light, boasts a group of diverse, youthful and talented members:
On guitar: Samuel Larsen, who was Alex’s roommate during Hollywood Week of American Idol (but didn’t make the cut). Samuel is celebrating his birthday today, so expect a very special rendition of “Happy Birthday” during the show.
On bass and drums: Freddy & George Hill, a set of cute-as-pie British identical twins (and younger brothers of Tom Hill, frontman of the British rock sensation The Purple Melons, who have recently taken LA by storm).
Also on guitar: Alex Treharne, step brother of Freddy & George Hill. Alex T. will unfortunately be returning across the pond this coming Monday, so tonight’s your last chance to see him perform in the band.
On keyboards: Oliver Lee, rumored to be a Stevie Wonder lookalike.

Tickets for the show are still available and can be purchased online here.

The set list is said to include a cover of Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”, along with Alex’s original songs “Butterflies”, “I Didn’t Know” and “Imperfectly Perfect” [UPDATE: “On My Tongue” was also performed].

For an idea of what to expect tonight, videos from an acoustic set recently performed at the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach with Freddy and George Hill and Alex Treharne can be viewed here. The band had only a couple of days to practice for that one, whereas tonight they are well-rehearsed and will be performing a full, plugged set — so expect to be even more blown away!


Sunday Morning (Maroon 5):

Video by Vowelstar.Video by Felicia. Video by Snuffles.


Video by Vowelstar. Includes Happy Birthday to Sam! Video by Felicia.

On My Tongue:
Video by Felicia.

I Didn’t Know:

Video by Vowelstar.


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  1. Have you seen Gig’s vlog from Saturday afternoon. I thought that the Fiestas were taken in for camera maintenance, but not so. I couldn’t watch her whole vlog because it was about to put me back to sleep, so I’ll quote the info on the Fords. “We don’t really have the Fiestas right now and ‘someone’ ummm is not the brightest and something happened and blah, blah, blah which is kinda annoying, because I think that they’re (Ford) great sponsors..(inserted other info about sponsors).. I have to go do my laundry over because ‘someone’ instead of taking my washed clothes and putting them in the dryer put it on the floor…brillant, brillant.”
    Who has the skinny on the Fiestas? She did say that she was going to see Alex perform, but couldn’t find anyone that would pay the $50 to go with her, but that she thought it was worth it.
    @LindaW I’ve often wondered what is open at that time in the morning, but I don’t ive in LA.

  2. Ok ok. Instead of ‘adorable’, can I say ‘aDOrable’ (emphasis on the ‘do’?

    Erm, scrap that. My love for Baby Lambert is pure. Honest! :angel:

  3. @Kass I think that it is the interview portion that bothered people, the comparisons made there.

  4. LOLLLL Just realised my previous statement is waaaaaay out of context. I think I didn’t click all the way to the newest entries, but got stuck at the convo about the adjectives we use on Alex. *fail*

  5. Lauren, I dont know if Gig in her vlog was referring to the hot head that Alex got into it with who punched the mirror, or Alex himself, but if that is the case, didn’t “someone” recently put a dent in the side of the fiesta, because they let it roll back while they were punching the security code in…..hmm who could that have been?? (snark) :getlost: I heard Kara talking to Gig the other day about the fiestas because Kara had cleaned them out and Gig left a phone charger in there that she couldnt find (Kara said she never saw it) But Kara said that she thought they were taking the automatics in to install cameras, and wasn’t sure why they took the manual, she said “maybe to take the camera out???”

    Also, as tired as Alex was yesterday when he left, I cant imagine that he would be out partying, but there are alot of places that are open till 5am as far as clubs go, but Alex isnt old enough soooo. Maybe he is just sleeping over at a friends, and Gig? …who knows.

  6. @Thanks LindaW for that. I thought it was to install a camera in the automatic, but to listen to Gig it seemed that Ford took the Fiestas away. I really do hate when she points the blame at others. She’s had her fair share of mishaps with the car. I wish that she was more discreet and just keep her mouth shut instead of bitching all the time. I swear she comes off like she is so entitled; it bothers me. Really how dirty is the floor that your precious clothes touched? Just put them in the dryer and shut up.
    Yeah I felt sorry for Alex last night when he had to get up and go to the bingo event. He was so content sleeping. He’s crashed for sure right now.

  7. Neither Alex or Gig came home last night! Were they kidnapped by drag queens last night? He’s probably handcuffed somewhere in a drag queen named Bertha’s apartment dressed as a plushie. :silly:

  8. You got that right, Kass. Let the guy get some sleep already! I expect he’ll just sleep straight through ’til tomorrow.

  9. Hi Everyone,
    Okay, I guess I’m outted and I have to come forward and de-lurk. My name is Felicia and I have been coming to this fan site since its inception. I have to say that its evolution has been awesome thanks to all of the hard work you guys do. It’s much appreciated!!! I come to this site because I know all of you have a soft spot for Alex and want to be a part of his incredible journey. We all saw that “it” factor in Alex and can’t wait for what’s ahead. I, like all of you, am enthralled with Alex’s voice. We just can’t get enough!!!Until Alex puts out a CD, I will continue to get my fix at his concerts. I’m glad you liked the videos(thanks hubby). I thought Alex and the Lights put on a great show and any nerves that he had really didn’t show. Thanks again for this website…you guys rock!!!
    BTW I got to meet “Snuffles”, and yes I was excited to meet her…she’s great!!! Mahalo (love all the “alex-isms”)
    P.S. I’ve officially delurked–LOL

  10. Welcome Felicia!! Thanks so much to you and your hubby for the videos! They are so great for those of us who couldn’t be there. I’m so happy the show went well. It’s also really great to meet another fan of Alex’s who shares the same passion and enthusiasm for his incredible talent! So glad you’ve officially de-lurked! And yes the gals that run this very awesome site definitely do rock! :wink:

  11. Felicia – You are so lucky that your hubby supports your Alex addiction. I am so jealous. Anyway, thanks so much for your videos. It’s great to know that we have another in-field reporter. You and Snuffles can tag team for us. I used to lurk for the 1st month or so, but I could resist being part of this crazy, passionate bunch of fans. Hope to hear from you some more and I definitely hope we get to see more of you videos.

  12. wow wow wow wow i LOVE On My Tongue with the bg vocals and drums!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: DEMO?!?!?!

  13. Welcome Felicia and thanks for the videos! I love this site also and everyone in it!

  14. Yes Felicia, glad you “outted” yourself lol. WELCOME! I too, would lurk for the first couple of weeks, but everyone here is just too wonderful to resist interaction. We all want the same thing for Alex, success and happiness!! :heart: :cheerful: :heart:

  15. Alex and Gig didnt come home yet last I checked. They were judging the drag bingo last night. I thought Alex was gonna perform there, but probably not. Tommorow’s schedule has him doing piano lesson, twitter and another – maybe he’ll be home for that. I haven’t seen video of “imperfectly perfect” yet – guess it hasnt been uploaded by anyone.

    I read what Lauren said Gig said in her vlog about why no fiesta like insinuating its Alex fault its taken away. How can she be such a hypocrite who likes to say crap behind others back. She’s done more damage to that car with her drunkeness. The other guy broke mirror and Alex didnt do it himself. I hope they give them the ford back this week.

    Ok Sam’s part of Alex’s band and did good doing back up. And I did like his vibe when he jammed with Andy Allo at IICD party and liked his funky vibe. I came across Sam’s myspace and checked out his songs. He’s pretty good for his age (he just turned 19) and knows what his style is. His music style is funk/rock/soul/alternative vibe. The beats are funky for sure. (I like funk. Terence Trent Darby who is one of my favorite singers and I have all his Cds. I think his 3rd and 4th CD have a lot of funk/soul/rock like that) Sam’s dressing style fits his music vibe. He knows who he is and will even get better. He has a few songs to buy/download. I dont know if he has it on CD though. Anyway, his songs are pretty good with a cool vibe. I remember I really like “I love you”. The rest are good too. Check them all out – Rock/funk and Rock/funk songs.

    Sam also has a techno/club song he did under the name Peter Acosta. He’s very good on that too. I can appreciate some of that music sometimes, cause Enigma one of my favorite musician have that vibe sometimes too. Here is the techno song. look at previous link for most of Sam’s songs though.

  16. Thank you so much Felicia for your videos. Welcome aboard! I felt like I was there watching the show with you. Thanks to hubby too. I was so proud of Alex and his band. I thought he looked completely at ease on the stage. They really did great! How was “Imperfectly Perfect”? Did you enjoy it? I was dying to see it.
    @Shelby- I love that version of “On My Tongue” also. I don’t even know if the demo has been made yet, but I would agree that would be a good way to go.
    @Kass there is no Skype session scheduled for Alex this week. Could it be that IICD didn’t want him talking anymore? Ha ha. Gig doesn’t have one either, but Ben and Kara do.

  17. “on my tongue” is really great. Is there an mp3 yet?

    I did notice after re-watching the videos that the audience
    was really noisy. I can’t stand that. I wish they’d SHUT UP
    and LISTEN to Alex…they can talk somewhere else!!! Jeez. :angry:

  18. Felicia thanks for the videos. I cant believe you waited so long to delurk after reading the site from the beginning.

  19. Hi Felicia! Thank you so much for the videos! Being on the east coast, I have to live vicariously through all of you who live in CA. These little tidbits of Alex’s performances mean so much to all of us who can’t go to his concerts. :heart:
    And yes, this is more than just a fan site. We all enjoy talking to each other, as well as about Alex. :lol: We have a lot of fun here.

  20. Welcome delurked Felicia! It took me months before I did. I give props to the gals that run this site, they are awesome! Everyone here is so nice.
    Thank you and your hubby so much for those great videos. You, Olga and snuffles can be our official videographer or photographer for future Alex performances.

  21. Who is Kirsten? Is that his girlfriend? I am surprised that the Dream House powers that be would let Alex go out to a Drag Queen bingo night at all? I am not laughing about that at all. They should have staff there to drive the Dreamers back and forth where they need to go, etc. Some professional drivers who are experts at driving with a flawless record who will drive for them all there. Who ever is in charge there is not effective at all with the operation in general. Good judgement? Safety? is not there. They seem to back Alex and then let him do stuff that is just not in his best interest. Alex also needs to learn to sleep enough and at the right times. He needs to sleep for his health and voice and career. I know its hard to sleep on a dime, but this is what he must do and tune out the friends and parties, and girls. Career must come first now for Alex, or he could wake up and find that he has stayed to long at the fair. That people are saying Alex who? I want him to make it to the top. That will take a clear mind and tons of common sense.

    • Carol Ann,
      A few things, cause you seem fairly new to the project.
      Kristen is the IICD producer, not his girfriend.
      The Dream House Powers are the ones that arranged for Alex to go to Drag Queen Bingo night (it was not his idea or his choice) – where he will no doubt be stalked by cameras all night.
      If I Can Dream/19 are not babysitters, they are a production/management company. Meaning they have a responsibility to get him jobs and gigs and writers and eventually an album… and that’s about it. Alex is 19 years old with a mind of his own and like most 19-year-olds should be able to do things without answering to someone in charge all the time. And he has to use his own judgment when it comes to some things – like driving drunk (which he doesn’t do – last time it happened at the Playboy Mansion he took a cab home). Also like most 19-year-olds (and musicians for that matter) it’s normal for him to have an erratic sleep schedule.

      Sorry but we’ve (as a group) been over this overprotective mothering thing too many times… and if Alex stops by and reads this it’s going to piss him off… it’s what he doesn’t like about the live stream: people being able to pick apart and comment on his every action. And seriously, would you like it if someone were doing it to you? Yes he has his career to think of, but he also needs to be a normal young person and have some fun and even be a bit wild sometimes (not that we’ve seen this) or he will go crazy in no time flat. He is however very dedicated, and when he needs to be rested or in shape for something he is always on top of it, so no worries there.

      PS pretty much everyone here has at some point or other fallen victim to the protective instinct, and we’ve gone a bit crazy with it a few times – that’s why I’m being so abrupt – so don’t worry, it’s a perfectly normal trait of the Alex Addict, that we have to restrain ourselves from indulging in :P

      • Oh and ladies (and gentlemen), I have a nice treat for you… hopefully it’ll be ready tonight :)

  22. @Carol Ann Kristin is the production manager for the show. IICD powers that be set the whole Drag Queen Bingo up. It wasn’t Alex’s idea. IICD needs some tintillating footage for an episode. It’s all about the episodes from this point on. Remember not to believe everything that you see in them. Ratings are key!! Gig just got home and stayed at a friend’s house last night. She did not mention Alex, but no doubt that one of Alex’s friends picked him up from the event location and he slept over at their place. He’ll be home after he wakes up. Not to worry.

  23. Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to the site. The reason I haven’t posted before is because between DU,IICD, and ALOFA…. my husband said I was always MIA and therefore was considering having me committed. But like Kass said -there’s no turning back now.

  24. @Kass I can’t wait for your surprise and sorry I responded before I saw your comment above.

  25. Oh Kass…..sounds intriguing :ninja: cant wait. Oh and I agree with you on your post above, I know I have been guilty a number if times with the over protective mother thing, and have realized myself, what 19 year old would want one (real) mother telling him what he should do let alone hundreds LOL. Can you imagine??? ha ha, poor guy. So I do my best, and try torment my own kids with that. I dont know if you guys ever watched MAD TV with the skit about the little boy Stuart….well my kids call me “Stewarts Mom” (how rude lol) :tongue:

    • No prob Lauren :) Great minds…?
      And thanks for agreeing Linda – I’m throwing myself in the same boat, by the way… glad you do your best… it’s hard to resist ;) Haha Stewarts Mom – I HOPE not!!
      And thanks for the heads up! He’s in the PBR now…

      • Oh and Lauren – sorry I forgot to answer – yeah I noticed that the Skype session was missing… looks like it’s been cancelled :( I guess he’s got somewhere else to be (I hope that’s it) and that it’ll be back on the schedule next week!!

        • Hmmm Alex needs his capo – guess he’ll be performing at whatever Pepsi Refresh thing they’re doing.

          Ben asked him if he killed the Sunset Strip show, and he said “Well, I wouldn’t say we killed it, but it was fun”.

  26. Oh and Alex is home now, even tho his avatar says hes not, I heard him singing.

  27. Oh lord, Alex is gonna get it from everyone, I guess he thought they were all leaving for a place called home at 1.30 and now (it sounded like) they have to drive all the way back get him??? He apologized to Kristin, but it was just a misunderstanding, Kristin didn’t even sound really mad. They left way earlier then they were supposed to, i guess, hmmmm this should be interesting. :dizzy:

  28. God, I love that kid and it’s a good thing that his head is attached to his shoulders. He’s playing at the school where the dreamers are planting the garden, a part of the Pepsi Fresh Project. He was running around looking for a capo like a mad man. I just sent him one last week for exactly this reason. I guess he already used it. I think that he located one in his other guitar case. He cracks me up. Something tells me he will marry a beautiful woman with phenomenal organizational skills. I’m glad that he’s in a good mood today. :wink:

  29. @Lauren, he does seem in a really good mood, doesn’t he??? :smile:

    • Alright guys, treat is ready! If you’ll please direct your gaze to the links under the banner, you should see a new one, called MP3 Downloads. This includes a total of 50 Alex MP3s! Some are old, some are new, all have been adjusted and leveled so you (hopefully) won’t have to keep reaching for that volume dial while listening.

      If you can’t be bothered to download them all, I will say this: the live performances with a band (Pre-Idol, Texas Meet’n’Greet, First Mint Show, and Roxy) are, shall we say, of lesser quality… I might rate them with stars or something at some point to give a better idea.

      HOWEVER – I do need your help. Please, read it over, see if the dates strike you as OK (I may be a day or two off on some?), see if there are any other mistakes, if when you download songs you find they are NOT in fact leveled well, please let me know (if the volume is too high or low in relation to the others)… I guess that’s it! Hope you like them!!

  30. Aww Kass thats great!!! Thanks, that must have been alot of work!! :smile: :smile:

  31. Kass — Great job with that. You will make a lot of people happy. I looked it over and, scary as this sounds, I already have just about everything there.

    In response to the “mothering” post. You were so right. We are almost all guilty of that at one time or another. I try very hard to just talk about the music and career stuff, but I do slip up now and then. We all want the best for Alex, but we have to remember how annoying just one mother can be when you’re 19. I image 20 or 30 mothers could feel really “smothering”. (Get it, mothering/smothering? just a little joke)

    • Haha yeah truth is it might be more interesting to new fans that stop by rather than us “hardcore” fans… though the sound quality on all of them has been improved (noticeably? I don’t know).

  32. Ya know, Kass, I didn’t actually listen to them. I think I will now. Some of the downloads I have could use some improved sound quality. Thanks again, for all of your hard work.

  33. Kass, You are amazing! I can tell it was so much work on your part. I have several of these songs, but there are a few that will be added. Crazy as it sounds Alex hasn’t released an album, yet I have more of his music on my ipod than anyone else. I am desperate to get my hands on that album. I played “Never Waking Up” and thought what if it isn’t selected for release. I hope so, I really like it; one minute just isn’t enough. Thank you again Kass.
    @Carol Ann It’s alright. We’ve all been where you’re at.

  34. Kassandra, thanks soooo much! You’re just fabulous! We really appreciate you taking the time do that and sharing with us! :heart:

  35. @kass thanks that’s awesome!

    @felicia welcome to the discussion!! Happy you de-lurked and thanks for the wonderful videos!

  36. Thank you Kass!!! The music compilation is fantastic! Appreciate all the effort you put into it.

  37. You’ve done an incredible job of compiling all this music and info. This list just confirms how far Alex has come and how much he has accomplished in such a short period of time. Thanks for all your efforts!!!

  38. @Kass….You Rock! I think I may have most of them too thanks to your mediafire links that you’ve shared numerous times w/ me, but to take this much time to compile them all on here for all of our pleaseure is legit…Thanks again and mahalo…lol

  39. Welcome Felicia and thank you! We’re like the mafia, once you get in, you’ll never get out. haha! My husband just asked if he should get a job as a roadie for Alex so he would see more of me. hehehe. So, I thank your hubby for being nice enough to accompany you to the festival and shoot some video for us. Sweet!

    Kass, you are too good to us! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  40. Thank you, Kass for the MP3s. That was a lot of hard work. You and Molly really do spoil us. :lol: :heart: And thanks to everyone else who gets any information/pics/music of Alex, keeping us all on top of everything. :kissing:

  41. reminiscing

  42. Alex Treharne: reminiscing  

    Ahhh I love going back and listening to that footage myself, you guys sounded awesome! Hope you all get a chance to re-unite and play some more shows!! :wub:

  43. Alex Treharne: reminiscing  

    Aw, Alex. How ya doin?? I love to reminisce about the old days too. You guys were soooo good. I have a vague recollection about you coming to LA over the Christmas holiday. Should we assume that is not happening? I sure would love to see you re-united with Alex Lambert and the Lights. Maybe New Years eve?!? Haha. Wishful thinking. Hope you had a nice holiday.

  44. Cathy, the twins are in London at the moment, so i’m gonna go see them and stay with them for a few days, but i plan on coming out for a month or two in the summer.

  45. Alex Treharne: reminiscing  (Reply)

    Aww Alex T., we miss hearing your beautiful voice too. I love to watch these videos. That concert was really good. I miss hearing Alex and all the ORIGINAL Lights. Stay safe and hope to hear you playing again with Alex Lambert and the Lights, soon.

  46. Alex Treharne: Cathy, the twins are in London at the moment, so i’m gonna go see them and stay with them for a few days, but i plan on coming out for a month or two in the summer.  

    Hey Alex. I was thinking about you yesterday- Boxing Day. I hope school is going well. So glad that you stopped by to say hello. Who knows… maybe you’ll be on that stage again kicking it with the boys at the 2011 Sunset Strip Musical Festival. I hope so. Happy New Year!!!

  47. Alex Treharne: Cathy, the twins are in London at the moment, so i’m gonna go see them and stay with them for a few days, but i plan on coming out for a month or two in the summer.  

    Thanks for the answer. It great to hear that you’re spending time with family. Have loads of fun with the Twins. I look forward to seeing you perform with the Lights again soon.

  48. I was wondering why everyone was commenting on such an old post. What a lovely surprise to hear from you again Alex!!! Wish you could come back to the US ASAP to play with the boys again!!

    Miss you! :cwy:

  49. I’m planning on it, i miss playing with Al.
    good fun. x

  50. Hi Alex. It’s so nice of you to update us & visit the site to reminisce. We are so lucky to have all this footage to come back to. I think it would be awesome for you to return in the summer and play at the 2011 SSMF. I still have that concert on my flip camera. I wouldn’t miss recording another concert with Alex & the Lights…you guys rock!!! Next time, I promise not to turn the camera sideways. haha. Take care & please keep us updated!!!

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