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Jun 212010

Now doesn’t this just warm the cockles of your heart? The boy is back in his bed in the If I Can Dream House. His little icon says In Alex’s Room.

It must’ve been about 1 AM La La land time when he got back according to Dream Updates.

His dresser sure looks bare though. Hope he unpacks and puts the fans at ease that this is a more permanent transition and not something fleeting.

I’ll be out most of the day but I hope you guys keep your eyes and ears peeled and tell us if he talks to the camera or makes a vlog about what happened.

It’ll just be weird if IICD tells him to go on about business as if nothing happened, don’tcha think?

Awww thanks so much to Dream Updates for the quick fill so we can all see Alex opening his gifts. Here ya go – show DU some love!

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  1. Has he spoken with any of the housemates yet? I’m curious as to what kind of reception he’ll get. I hope it’s all good in the hood. Jessica Bongiorno tweeted that 19E wants us all to know that they’re giving away a free Alex demo music video at iTunes under the free TV section. I’m going to go check it out now and will post the link back here to make it easier for everyone. I simply HAVE to get motivated to work today, but I don’t wannnaaaa (whine).

  2. We need to get the word out to the world – we probably already have it :sideways:

  3. Kara peeked into his room this morning at 9:45 and then proceeded to jump on his bed telling him that she was so happy that the was back. She genuinely meant it. Alex said that he was glad to be back. He did say that he was sick, probably the reason that he is sleeping especially late. He must have worn himself out in Texas. Anyhow, he asked about Justin and if he was still there. Kara told him that he wasn’t leaving until the 28th. He told Kara that he had to give Justin props for his upcoming tour. After she left the room he fell back to sleep.

  4. Oh dear, I thought I heard him cough earlier, and I was like, “uh oh, I hope he’s not sick!”.

    Yikes, it’s pretty scary when you know so much about a total stranger’s every move, gesture, noise, etc., to know right away that they are sick! *Need to get my life back* :blink:

    So glad he’s back, though. Missed that little shit. :heart:

  5. I’ve got to think that he will be moving into Justin’s room when he moves out in one week, so maybe Alex shouldn’t unpack too much. He deserves the larger, less generic room. I don’t think that much will be revealed about the peculiar series of events though. That’s my take. Happy he’s back, but wish he was well.

  6. LMBO Diane! I don’t know why I found it so funny, but I laughed for a good minute at that last sentence. I agree btw!

    It was sweet to see Kara so excited to see him.

  7. Yep – Diane – I agree wholeheartedly with your last 4-word statement. :biggrin: :heart:

  8. @ Diane since others laughed too about your last sentence you can include me in the bunch. Poor Alex, feeling like sick, is about to be ambushed if and when he makes it to the kitchen, Troy is filming Kara washing dishes. Very entertaining! Do you thnk he is really there to film Alex?

  9. I feel like I am doing a play by play… Troy keeps looking toward the laundry room from the kitchen, waiting for Alex to come out…any minute now :ninja:



    Alex has a meeting today with CAA and he doesn’t know what it is about. He told Kara and Gig maybe there will be a contract with them. I think that Justin just signed with them. In the music division they are responsible for booking tours. The Idol tour is booked with them. We will see….He said that he was excited about being back in the house and looked forward to writing some more music. I love the interaction between Kara and him. You can tell that they have best intentions at heart for each other. He is on his laptop right now listening to some tracks of his. There was one unfamiliar one with some rap on it. Can anyone confirm if it was him or not?

  12. WooooW Janet, Alex has just received your package and he is repeating your name again and again. He loved your last name. How sweet is that? :wub: :wub:

  13. Janet, Alex just got your present, just now!! :w00t: He said he loved you for sending him steak. lol He the house doesn’t ever have real food. lol. That was so thoughtful of you. He was really happy.

  14. CAA,YES -James Cameron ,Jennifer Aniston,and many more A-LISTERS…and ALEX IS AN A-PLUS LISTER!

  15. aww he opened up all his fan mail/gifts!! whoever got him that ukulele, i love u!!! <3

  16. Alex has left the house for his meeting with the CAA. Pretty excited to see what comes out of this!! Good Luck Alexxx :biggrin:

  17. I am glad he is back. He was really surprised and excited about the gifts. He said he had the most “legit” fans. lol :heart: :heart: :cheerful: I really missed him. :wub:

  18. LOL @ Kara just now. She said, to the camera (or maybe just herself) “You know you’re famous when you get a box of meat and a small instrument in the mail.” Hee!

  19. Thanks for the updates everyone!! I’m so excited! I’m so happy to see him back in the house and getting down to business, really missed him! Everyday is a little bit closer to his album, hopefully! :biggrin:

  20. Alex is just so freakin adorable! Why Alex why? You’re killin me… I just wanna pinch ur cheeks! Oh it defies logic but I jut love this kid! Lol

    Woot woot on Janet, that was a great idea!

  21. Btw, I haven’t seen anyone mention this, but Saturday night Tim Urban said to Ben and Gig that he was a little jealous of Alex’s voice. I realize that it’s not new information that most of us enjoy Alex’s voice much more than his, but for some reason that little “confession” still made me smile. Not to bash Tim though because I like his singing at the dream house much better than on Idol, but then that has been the case with every contestant so far IMO.

  22. Wow someone got him a uke? That’s cool!!! And Janet good call on the steaks!!

  23. Drat! I’ve been out running around and missed all the Alex action. He was still sleeping when I left. How could he not know what the CAA meeting is about? Doesn’t anyone fill him in ahead of time? I’d hate to think that he won’t have anyone in his corner when he attends this meeting today.

    Well, I’m going to go back to my original theory and say he might be getting hooked up with the Idol tour, or some other performer that is managed by 19. Maybe one of those British boy bands, like JLS. (Not saying that 19 manages them, just an example.)

    So glad you guys enjoyed my earlier comment about the object of our affection. :wub:

  24. Just googled all about the CCA… apparently its clients include: Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Will Smith and David Letterman! ahhh, Wikipedia works wonders. Just though you all would like to know! :w00t:

  25. Oh, man…I missed the steak delivery! :sad: I had to take Ed for an MRI. I’m just happy if he was happy. But, I would have liked to see it just because I love to see him smile! The uke was an absolutely great gift too — fabulous. Kara’s line was really funny too! Damn sick husband, he makes me miss all the good stuff! Ya’ll know I’m kidding. Please…don’t take me literally. I know I sound like a lunatic at times, but I’m just kidding!!! I have work to do, but first, I must tune in and see if I can catch a glimpse of Alex. Of course, he’ll probably be out of the house…

  26. Janet I believe there’s a video up now. I haven’t watched it but I’m sure it’s in there!!!

  27. Well Janet, when’s the last time you gave Ed some steaks? :wink:

  28. to janet.
    i sent the uke:)
    i’m glad he likes it!
    very excited when he opened it, haha! <3

  29. GollyMolly: Thanks for posting the video. Awwww…I just LOVE that kid! :wub: So, I didn’t have to miss it after all. You gals really rock! And, if you can get a word through to Alex…the necklace that he held up and said, “I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this” is for Raylee! I wrote that in the note, but he apparently didn’t read it. I don’t blame him, he was having Christmas in June opening his presents. But, it is a girly-girl necklace, so he’s probably thinking wtf? LOL!

    Who sent the uke? He’s really stoked about that!

    It’s pretty exciting that he’s at this meeting with CCA, huh? It’s got to be a good thing whatever it is.

    Ed just walked in and said, “Oh, yeah…you’re really working…” when he caught me watching Alex opening his gifts. God, do you believe this? :silly: I really and truly believe he’s jealous of Alex. This time I’m not kidding. Not jealous in a crazy way, but a little jealous. Too cute. I just said kind of excited like, but not overly excited, “Look, he just got back to the house and he’s opening gifts from his fans.” Ed just rolled his eyes, shook his head, and walked out of the room. He doesn’t get our adoration. hehe.

    I really do have to get some work done now. Talk to ya’ll later.

  30. maryisdatFIYAH — waaaay cool. He looked like he was absolutely thrilled to death when he got it. Doesn’t it make you smile to see him smile? And, will someone please tell this old gal what the heck <3 means? Everyone keeps sending me it in emails and stuff and I don't know what it means!

  31. Janet <3 = :heart:

  32. Can we just ignore that dumb bith on DU and bury that stupid thread with positive threads??? I have a feeling she’s very young though so I don’t wanna get too nasty

  33. lol that pr719 person is just there to get attention. I told her I wanted to meet her to give her a big hug and kiss on the mouth. I’m done though, Alex is doing improv. This should be good! :cool:

  34. pr719 sounds like a scorned ex-gf who’s still secretly in love with Alex. It’s annoying and hilarious at the same time. She probably reads her too. Oh well, I’m digging Alex’s new song or experiment I guess…

  35. i’m glad he loved it.
    haha. this is a heart: <3

  36. <3 ohhhhhh! duh. Thank you angels.

  37. I almost started crying when I saw him caressing the ukelele.

    I haven’t sent anything yet, and I’m thinking that ongoing food items from Texas (or anywhere) would be a good choice. I’m a “Veg-Head” (vegan) so I won’t send anything as wonderful as the steaks. LOL

  38. Aww man, they deleted most of my DU comments. I didn’t know it was illegal to say I like horses and I wanted to run through the daisies with someone. Oh well! :angel:

  39. LMAO!!!! GollyMolly: I gave Ed MacDonald’s after his MRI! No steak for him!!!!

  40. Gave you the time if you want to request the vid from du. I just happened to catch it cuz I was doing “just watch” and bored watching Kara eat and read her Kindle :getlost: so I just happened to switch to Alex’s room!

  41. Ugh! I’m finally done working and, after a long day, sat down to watch some Alex and…he’s out of the house. That figures. Molly, you always make me laugh. I don’t know what you were up to exactly, but it had to be fun.

  42. lol @janet that pr719 person was rambling on and I told her I wanted to be her friend and run through the daisies with her and kiss her on the mouth. So she told me to get off my high horse and I responded simply. I like horses. DU mods deleted it all for some reason? I don’t get them sometimes. :tongue:

  43. In that DU vid at 12:55 is alex’s new song, “new world”, he mentions it in his latest vlog! wow its sounds “legit”!!

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