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Fan Mail


Want to send Alex Lambert fan mail? Use the address below.

19 Entertainment
8560 West Sunset Blvd
9th Floor
West Hollywood, CA 90069

For those that want to send clothing, Alex’s shirt size is Medium and his hat size is 7 1/8.

Disregard the above  information. Address is unavailable.

  43 Responses to “Fan Mail”

Comments (43)
  1. This guy is the real deal!

  2. Will he get the mail directly to him??

  3. Yes it goes to the 19 offices and then they deliver it directly to him at the Dream House.

  4. Thanks for the address. I will need to send him a package.

  5. oh cool thanks! I best be sending him stuff :)

  6. you are an inspiration Alex! keep up the wonderful work!!!!!

  7. I sent alex some stuff :) cant wait to see if i can catch him opening it! :)

  8. im sending Alex some stuff today! :D

  9. How do I do to get a REPLY from him? Need anything special apart than a letter saying “I really want you to reply me” and a few pics of him to autograph? PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! :biggrin:

  10. This guy is awesome!! Where can I buy his music?

    • Oooh Kathy I love when someone new discovers Alex! Haha welcome! Some people have made unofficial mp3 downloads of some of his songs… I can’t remember the link for I Didn’t Know at the moment and don’t have time to find it. But tell you what, tomorrow I’ll make a rip of the acoustic version and upload it along with the full demo (yes, there’s a version with drums and guitars which is great too!)… so check back around this time!

  11. Cecilia if you ask him for an autograph or a reply in the letter you send he’ll give you one!! :biggrin:

  12. Kathy, hopefully they’ll release something we can all buy soon!!! Unfortunately nothing is available for purchase at this time. :sad:

  13. GRR! I am trying to find a place where i can download i didn’t know (it’s the bomb alex!!) But, I can’t find a site… :cwy: I am totally gonna send the some of the peeps in the dream house a letter…………………………………*still sobbing cause I can’t find a download*

  14. Alex
    We’re looking forward to buying your music. Love to see you progressing in your music.
    You have broad generational appeal. We’re over 60 and we love your music. I guess you remind us of that raw talent of the 60s Liverpool sound. Keep it up kid!

  15. I lOve u So much !!!!!
    you are so Hot !!!
    and Your voice… WOw its amazing!! :heart:

  16. Alex, your voice is incredible! i’ve never heard anything like it before, its so relaxing and soothing, yet with a bit of edge. “I didn’t know” has been on repeat for days now, the song doesn’t get old, and it fits the current situation i’m in right now. You’re going far in life! Hope you have a tour! You’re an amazing artist! :)

  17. I got an autograph from Alex and once you get it it feels great.

  18. Should have won American Idol.. Alex your amazing!! Definitely my favorite.. Ill buy your cd in a Heartbeat.

  19. Son, everytime I hear good things about you my heart just wants to burst. Keep making your dreams come true…… we are all so very proud of you and love you.

  20. Love Alex’s Music, I can’t wait for an album or even a single to come out. But i think the real reason nothing has been released yet is because of the concept of the show (If I Can Dream). The aim is to bring the newbies into the world of Hollywood! Once Alex enters this world then his purpose on the show will be void. So I’m thinking this is why there is nothing released yet (although we’d all love for him to). There giving Alex as much preparation for the big world as they possibly can. I’m pretty sure his singing, song writing and musical talent are almost set, it’s just the stage presence and live performances that they are working on right now. So expect to see a ton of live gigs from Alex. Also, I think there is a LOT of tuning to be done with his band. (and to me this is a big set back for Alex, as he now has other talents that need to grow their own talents to help make Alex even more of a success) So i think his journey on If I Can Dream will be a little while longer with this side of his introduction to “Hollywood”.
    Please post your thoughts on my discussion.

    I :heart: Alex :blink:

  21. Dave – I agree with your theory. I’m looking forward to those live gigs. I hope some of them are on the East Coast. Fingers crossed.

  22. I have been watching, “If I Can Dream”. I am really blown away by this wonderful rising star. Alex has shown maturity and really seems like a wonderful young man and whats more is that he really is talented. I love that he is breaking past his shyness (which would be incredibly hard to do) and playing his beautiful songs for all types of people. Alex has brought me to tears when I saw his performance of the national anthem. I was crossing my fingers for him! It was amazing! Then I cried again when he played for the children at the hospital and again for when he sang, Blue Suede Shoes to honor Elvis. You are an inspiration!

  23. kaii well first off I LOVED u on American Idol and I’m so happy that u did not win and got kicked off! I know thats sonds harsh but god had another path for you to go on and this path was so much better and u deserve everything good. Im so proud of how far you have come. I LOVE your music, your voice and you present yourself. I fel so much closer seeing you grow as a person and a musian. But I think you sound way better now than you did on American Idol. I heard that you would be on “If I coould dream” so I HAD to watch it cause of you. you present yourself so well and are humble and blessed to be were you are in life and are just so grateful for what you do have. I love this about you. Your song writting skills are off the hook!! haha I cry when I hear “I didn’t know”. I love driving listening to your music! plus and also I love your band and the twins!! ahahha well I hope you the best and can not wait to see you reach all your dreams! Plus you should come to Enderby, British Columbia!!

  24. I don’t like American Idol. I watch it with my wife, though. And, I’ll tell you what, people at first were skeptical of Alex. Damn, after the John Legend cover, damn, better than John Legend! Absoulutely talented way beyond what these Idol-ites would ever know. Truly the best singer in that competition by a LONG shot. Unique sound, style. Can’t wait to hear Alex on the radio, but with his own style. Because Alex, you truly have a voice that is so stellar and unique, sky is the limit bro.

  25. Alex,
    I just found out about you today, and I fell inlove with your voice. I know someone close to you, who shared your voice with me. Its amazing, dream big. Your amazing!

  26. Alex,
    you really need to come to new jersey and have a concert or something. Cali is way to far away.

  27. I have been following you since idol! Can’t get you out of my head! I still get goosebumps everytime I hear your voice! But I need more music! i love butterflies and I didn’t know!….. more originals or even covers for now would do!!

  28. imm gonna sentt him stuff!!!

  29. Hello Alex,
    I’ve just joined twitter and posted a message to you. I am a rookie, so bear with me. I wanted you to know that I’ll be praying for you daily. I have purposed this in my heart, and the reason I am telling you this is so that you will know that where ever you are, what ever you are going through, there is someone out there making petition to God for you. You are loved.

    P.S. I will post to you every now and then to let you know that I haven’t forgotten.

  30. DUDE!!! Put your music on Itunes! I wanna buy it

  31. Alex can you release a record already???!!! I love your voice!

  32. Does Alex still receive maill at this address?

  33. when is your music going to be on itunes??

  34. I LOVE YOU, ALEX(: you are sooo talented!!

  35. Hi Alex,

    I just love that cool voice of yours. hope to see more of you :biggrin:

  36. I’ve been an Alex Lambert fan since I heard him open his mouth on “Idol.” Like all his fans I’m still waiting for album years later. I see he has now changed directions and is focusing on writing rather than vocal achievements. My question is, where does that leave all us fans? Hungry fans tend to seek out that which satisfies their appetite. Alex, throw them a bone before they look elsewhere!

    • Nancy…. I totally hear you and totally agree with you. :sad: Here’s the thing… Alex keeps telling us on Twitter.. soon, he’s taking baby-steps, he’s being true to himself. The fact of the matter is that it is taking a lot longer than any of us thought for Alex to be an overnight success. Building a music career these days is hard. Alex needs a solid base if he wants long-term success. I assume he’s working on that and songwriting helps. I know it seems like it’s taking forever. It’s OK to distract yourself with other artists while you wait. I still believe that Alex will give us what we need eventually… and it will be worth the wait :biggrin:

      • Okay, I’ll be patient, but I’m so anxious. I’m old enough to be his mother, but I just love his voice and his enthusiasm. He has such real, geniune talent. People… open your ears and really listen to him. Maybe if some of his videos were uploaded to YouTube it would help. Meanwhile, I hope he has a steady job to keep him fluid. :whistle:

  37. Just thinking…this fan mail address isn’t current anymore, is it?

    And ditto to everything Cathy just said. :whistle: Just hang on to your pant(ies) boys and girls.

  38. I :heart: Alex. His voice is so wonderful. So when is he releasing a CD? He’s done all these music videos, but what about a CD? And I don’t hear his songs being played on the radio. What’s up with that? Is he serious or what?