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Jun 242010

Tonight is Justin Gaston’s last dinner at the house – apparently he got a gig opening for Kris Allen. Maybe someday he can open for Alex too (ooohhh dig. Just teasing, calm down). Anyway, Alex is lighting up the house’s life again. It was good to tune back in and see him in musician mode – sitting in the Blue Room with Veronica playing songs.

I saw some Tweeters dying because he sang Your Body Is a Wonderland. LOL. Today I don’t see anything on the calendar for Alex specifically.

Will check in later to see if there’s any new vlog or news. Have a good one!

Shelby – sent in this vid of Alex signing One Kiss – about the 1:08 min mark:

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  1. It shows that Alex is at the house, but I saw Alex leave out the patio door. I think he has gone to his writing session with David Kopatz. He worked with Jordin Sparks on Battlefield. Alex was on his laptop this morning listening to “One Kiss”, the song that he worked on yesterday. Some of the words go like this: “I would say a million ‘I’m sorrys’ for that one kiss”. I didn’t get anymore words because I actually was enjoying listening to it. That song, like all the others, sounds great. Hopefully he can get the demos done for the two Tommy Lee James’ songs soon.

  2. It was just posted on IICD site, Veronica would be visiting the house for a few weeks. I wonder if it’s a mutual trial run. I hope there not just using her for a body, so there will be at least 5 people in the house, because Justin is leaving. Making it easier for there to always be two people there all the time. So far from what I have seen and heard of Veronica, I like her. She appears to be very laid back and has a good sense of humor and is talented

  3. I heard Alex singing One Kiss… it goes something like “It didn’t mean anything, but it changed kiss.”
    heres a vid of him singing it.

  4. Thanks for that clip Shelby! Why is Alex still using his deodorant from out of his suitcase (or whatever he was getting it out of on the floor at the end of his bed)?? Has he ever really fully unpacked? In this clip he uses it and puts it right back. I seem to remember he used to keep it on the nightstand to the viewers’ right. Maybe he IS switching rooms??

  5. @areyouin, Let’s hope he just hasn’t completely unpacked or is moving to Justin’s room. I don’t think I could take it if there was any speculation about him leaving again. LOL

  6. @Shelby – you have another video of Alex singing at the PBR to veronica, what is he singing? is that a new song is it someone else’s song?

  7. Those stupid icons drive me crazy. They’re never right! Well, maybe I’ll catch Alex later. I haven’t heard “One Kiss” yet. Wen Alex sings ANYTHING, our ears perk up, we want to see him perform, he engages us into the music. I have nothing else to say ’cause that sneaky bum Alex keeps skipping out every time I get a chance to watch! LOL!

  8. @Char, mm, I’m not sure.. I think it’s his new song. this video?

  9. @Char and @Shelby that song is the song that he wrote with Jason Reeves. There are at least 5 songs that we haven’t heard the finished products for. Imperfectly Perfect, I’m Never Waking Up, the 1/Jason Reeves, and 2/Tommy Lee James.
    Thanks Shelby for doing the vids. Sorry I don’t know how to do it. I wish that I could have captured the full audio of One Kiss.

  10. @Lauren you have to have a video recorder on your computer. you can probably download one somewhere, I got mine with my mp3 player.

  11. @joy – I know, right? I couldn’t take it either. :dizzy:

  12. @Shelby thanks I tried to use a program that I downloaded last month. I must be technically retarded (if I may use one of Alex’s favorite words when describing himself). I know it’s not PC.

  13. Thanks for the clip. I, especially enjoyed watching Alex put on his deodorant :lol:

    It would be nice if Alex isn’t fully unpacked because he’s moving into Justin’s room. On the other hand, it could just be that he’s too busy/lazy to unpack. He claims to like his room and I believe him. Most guys I know would and could sleep on a mattress on the floor with no sheets and be just fine with it, so…

    And, yes, I kinda think they brought Veronica back in, particularly at this time, just to have another person in the house. That doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I do like her a lot and I like her music. But, with this show…I think we’ve learned to question every decision they make.

    Lauren, don’t worry about being PC. I think techno retard is a totally acceptable term. :dizzy: Why should anyone be offended?

    Bottom line, Alex is pumping out songs faster than we can keep up with! Musical genius — how in the world does anyone say the bad things they say about him? All I see is a sweet, loving, slightly wacky (in a good way), really good looking young guy with an incredible voice who loves to sing, and is working his butt off to make something of himself. What’s not to love?

  14. I agree Janet and I’m so glad when I see that Alex is out doing a writing session because the more songs he makes, the closer we get to his album! :biggrin: And I like Veronica because she seems really laid back and easy going and seems to get along well with Alex, in a friendly kind of way, I think. As for Justin, can’t really say that I’ll miss him, but I do like him as a person and I’m happy for him. I really can’t get into his music at all, but I wish him luck.

  15. Congrats to Justin for being an opening act on Kris Allen tour. Congrats to Kris Allen for having his own tour. I am looking forward to hear One Kiss.

  16. Yeah congrats to Justin! Will miss seeing him in the dream house though. I liked the song “Ashley”

  17. And I love the new picture on the banner too! His eyes are such a pretty color, like blueish, greenish turquoisey-ish, yea I just made up the last word, lol. So pretty :wub:

  18. Why didn’t Kris Allen ask Alex Lambert to join him. Probably Alex need to focus on this album.

    Do not tell me Adam Lambert will request Alex to join him on his tour; that will be Lambert & Lambert tour :P

  19. Ohh how I hate that Icron C over at hulu, I swear if I could get my hands on “it”………..and I keep telling myself I will stop commenting on “its” posts but I find myself doing it, gotta stop!!! What a piece of crap they are….sorry I had to vent, I swear I am never going over there again!!! My blood pressure cant take it! :sick: Love you Alex!!

  20. I noticed that Gig is so jealous when Alex comes in to say he had a great writing session,she just looked so agitated when he said it and was resentful,,I know that they go out alot for fun nights,and are obviously friends but -come on Gig!!!!Be a bit more gracious.

  21. Okay – Gig is really ticking me off now. Talk about Narcissus!! She was putting so much attention on herself being p-o’d at Alex. What the heck is wrong with her? So he was messin’ around with her when he sat down at the dinner table. It wasn’t really that big of a deal. Geesh! It was supposed to be all about Justin leaving and she couldn’t even frickin’ put it on the back burner til later?!

  22. Oh lindaw why did you make me go to hulu and read that despicable, fcking idiot! Omg I’m having a heart attack I’m soooooo annoyed!!!!! Sad sad creatures who thinks they know how the industy works. Oh man I had to laugh hysterically to counter my rising blood temperature. Oh hs an idiot and nothing that Alex will do can chnage that. A lot of them are idiots actually. Anyhow I miss Alex since he hasn’t been home!

  23. It’s official in my book. Gig is a b***h, what was her problem tonight. Not only was she being really hard on Alex, but when everyone else was laughing and joking, she sat there with a stone face. She couldn’t wait to leave the dinner table and go back to her cave. On a positive note, it appears Alex and Kara have developed a much better relationship.

  24. I love Alex and Kara together these days! I used to cringe every time they were in a room together because Kara didn’t seem to get his humor, but they’ve developed a nice little camaraderie lately.

    Wow, Gig. Just wow… She can dish it out but just can NOT take it, can she? There have been times in the past when I thought Alex went too far messing with her, but tonight she blew up over nothing. Putting porn in Justin’s room and acting like it’s his while filming a vlog is HIL-AR-I-OUS, but Alex telling her he didn’t realize she was there and then saying he was just joking is just way beyond the pail. Ummm…ok.

    I’ll admit I got teary-eyed watching Justin’s goodbye dinner, especially when Alex was telling him so earnestly why he admires and will miss him.

  25. Yes Jill – agree with all about Gig, and also thought Alex was so sweet and genuine to Justin, complementing him on his songwriting and thanking him for being helpful to him. Justin really is a nice young man.

  26. Gig is totally dissing Alex on Twitter right now. She’s officially a bitch and dead to me. I knew she was evil and just proved it by stabbing him in the back. What a dirty play you stupid bitch. Ugh. :angry:

  27. Molly – do you really think Alex would say that Gig is “a joke”?? It just doesn’t sound like Alex. Gig has been known to twist words. I know Alex has said that she can’t take a joke – so maybe she twisted that. I hope he would never say that. She just made Justin’s leaving into a scene about her little snit.

  28. Well considering she completely fabricated that story remember during her tweet session about this big argument they had. Then I media requested the video at DU and it turned out she was lying. So no I don’t believe anything she says anymore. She’s been publicly bashing Ben for weeks now because he said she was a bad kisser. Just watch the Hulu episode this week…she tore Ben apart because he was concerned about doing PETA calling him a Mama’s boy and calling him unprofessional. She can dish it, but can’t take it. She’s a bitch to me and that’s probably why she said all her old high school classmates used to call her a skinny bitch all the time. Now I see what they mean.

  29. wow, nasty tweets from Gig about Alex. Insinuating Alex is so full of himself and always makes himself look cool to his friends. Who says that? on twitter!!!! when she knows people will hate on Alex!!! What a BITCH! WHAT A BITCH! I kinda told her off on twitter… she’s stupid, sorry but she’s acting like she 12, eeewww

  30. @Soapbox – awesome! I wonder if you might divulge what it is if we all promise not to tweet or tell?? That way when, and if, any of us see it we will know and can post so you will know. Just sayin’! My lips (fingers) will be “sealed” :wink:

  31. Hey I was checking in our boy and I wish someone could take a picture of him sleeping. We could use this image to campaign for him to be in Justin’s room. It was funny last night after Justin left, Kara, Alex, and Veronica walked in the room and Alex immendiately said, “I got Justin’s room, just kidding.” Can anyone capture this image? Hilarious!!

  32. I didn’t get to watch until Justin was leaving last night, but Alex mentioned the fight with Gig a couple of times, so I was wondering what was going on. As much as I can’t stand her, you all know that, I was pretty surprised to see her trash-talking Alex on Twitter. I’ve spent this entire week trying to be normal and not get too emotionally invested. Last week wore me out! LOL! However, that bitch has definitely crossed the line. I didn’t see the actual incident, but I have a pretty good picture in my mind now of exactly what happened thanks to you all. Poor Alex. He may try to act like he doesn’t care, but I know he does. It was just a stupid joke! She IS like a piece of furniture! She’s only nice to people when they’re fawning over her. I told you guys. Narcisstic, cruel, mean, bitch…I could go on and on.

    As I said, I only caught the end when Justin was leaving and Alex yelled out the door, “I love you!” and Justin returned the love. It was so sweet. Why did that bitch have to ruin a good thing? Well, hopefully, she didn’t. She just did her usual act. Just like the night Veronica arrived. They sat down to dinner. Gig did not utter a word to anyone. Ate her food, got up, and left. No, thank you, good-bye, I’ve got to go do something…nope, just rudely left. I really and truly dislike her. I’m not going to get myself crazy over this and I’m DEFINITELY NOT going over to Hulu. Those crazies just get my blood pressure up way too high.

    But, I really think we’ve got to reply to her viscious tweets. Just “say what you need to say” so she knows that she’s getting nowhwere with her tactics. Has anyone done that already? Why should she get away with this shit? I think we need to call her on it and not fume in silence over here.

    Does anyone ever have the feeling that this is exactly what the show wants and we’re being manipulated into getting all worked up over stuff like this? I don’t know. It’s crossed my mind — semi-scripted, made-up drama??? Any possibility?

    And, oh yeah, I’m really starting to LOVE Kara. She is a truly caring, sensitive, and kind person with a quirky sense of humor. At least she has true emotions! I know she’s doing all this heavy drama work right now. But, last night, I was watching “There’s something about Mary.” Remember that movie with Cameron Diaz? And, I couldn’t help but think, Kara would be so good in that role. She’s an intellectual with a funny side. You’ve actually got to be really smart to be funny. I think it’s something she should consider — just my opinion. But, yeah, I could definitely see her in a role like that — even a sitcom.

  33. @Janet, amen sister. Well last night Justin, Ben, Veronica, Kara, and Gig were having dinner together for Justin’s last supper. Alex arrived home late for the dinner. You could tell he had a bit of an adrenaline rush when he sat down and wasn’t quite settled in. It was maybe a few minutes before he saw Gig and said, “Spidy, I didn’t know you were here.”(Spidy because I think Justin has said she is like a spider in a web.)She never says a darn thing at the table anyway, so she is easy to overlook. Also, each one had to go around the table and toast Justin. She gave a lame toast and Alex said something like ‘Is that all you got’. He might had said it was lame also, idk. After dinner Gig went to her room. They had to call her down to say goodbye to Justin and she laid into Alex in front of everyone. Awkward moment..cameras present and all. Alex told her he wasn’t getting into it and said nothing but ‘you got to have drama in this house’. After Justin left Alex and Veronica were in the PBR talking about the Gig incident. He told Veronica that the altercation between Gig and him would probably be on the episode and again he mentioned the statement about them having to have drama in the house. He said that he really didn’t know that she was even there at the table. He told her that he and Gig have a brother/sister relationship and he was not about to get into it at that time. It was Justin’s moment. For this, he did not deserve the bashing that he received from Gig on Twitter. She must be a completely insecure person. It’s like everyone else has said that she can dish it out, but not take it. I hate when she insults the others on the episode. Ben said yesterday that he was going to give her s–t for saying that he was a mama’s boy. I gave up on her a long time ago and don’t give her the time of day. Although, lately I am wondering about her relationship with this whole organization. Does anyone remember the pictures of her on Dream Updates with Michael, Simon F., Tom Cruise and his son at some soccer game? Maybe 2 years ago.. Who knows maybe she is a really good actress/model who has been placed in the house for a reason, stir up the drama? On second thought nah, she’s just a pathetic soul.

  34. I did catch something from last night that Ben said to Gig, but I can’t remember exactly when it was. Maybe after they were all at the door to say their goodbyes to Devin W., and on their way to the dining area for dinner. Ben said something about his Dream Studio (or Hulu episode?) interview. He told her – kinda by-the-way – that he went in there with a bitc*y attitude like her! I thought it was pretty funny. That may have started setting Gig off right there. Then Alex comes in, still geeked from his writing session, and, unknowingly, makes matters worse by teasing on her.

    @Janet – I did send some critical tweets her way. I’m usually pretty supportive, as she (& Kara) are the only ones that actually reply or tweet me. (I think Ben did once).
    I specifically replied to one of Gig’s rants from last night – the one that says “can you blame me?” I replied that I can blame her when she can call Ben a mama’s boy when he simply respects his mom’s opinion.

  35. Over on DU there are some updates from last night about Alex skyping with Raylee and talking on the phone. I won’t repeat it all, but it sounds hopeful that they are doing better :)

  36. @areyouin, I am horrible at keeping secrets. :lol: Alright, but if Alex reads this he won’t be surprised by his fan gift.

    I mentioned a while back that I have a stack of extra musical reference books in brand new condition that I was already planning to donate somewhere. They were not bought with Alex in mind, but I feel like I should send them to Alex. This also gives me a chance to make sure Alex looks at a rhyming dictionary at least once, or maybe twice because there is a paper version and a cd version.
    I have noticed that Alex is more into reading on his laptop than picking up a hard copy book (I am the same way), but most of what I have is paper. Some of it is cd/dvd that he can download.

    I am totally cool if Alex passes it along to someone else because that is what I am doing, passing it along to someone else. I am also totally cool if Alex wants to throw the stuff in a corner and forget about it for a while because I do that with a lot books myself.

    As for the John Legend part, I wanted something that was specifically bought with Alex in mind. The books need to be carried in something, so I thought Alex needed a John Legend Evolver black tote bag

    This is where I start to get myself in trouble because when I got the tote, I also noticed on clearance a matching John Legend hoodie in red that just seemed like Alex to me. Problem was there was only one size available that I could get for Alex and that is a size small. I had a really strong gut feeling to go ahead and buy the hoodie, so I am praying that the small is big enough. It went sold out after I bought the hoodie. I am going completely with my gut on this gift.

    I could have rushed the shipping and made the original fan gift deadline, but I noticed if I chose the cheapest, but slow as a snail shipping, that I could make up for the price of the hoodie. Since Alex was on break, I figure taking my time would be ok. Alex is busy and he will get his fan gift eventually from me.

  37. Yeah, I caved too. I just had to reply to some of her tweets. Couldn’t stop myself. LOL! Oh, good news about Alex and Raylee! I’m so happy. Frankly, I think couples who don’t fight aren’t normal. And, you know what? Good for Raylee. You know how I adore Alex, but I think Raylee, as pretty and adorable as she is, is one strong young woman. She’s not gonna take any shit from Alex. I know the type — she’s like us!! So, she deleted him off her FB. Good. I’ve gone much, much worse than that when I was mad at my husband — the book will come out some day! hehe. It’s hard being in a relationship. Multiple that by 100 when it’s with a musician — especially one who’s star is rising so rapidly. God bless them!

    And, Lauren, thank you so much for the play-by-play. Actually, it’s better I missed it. I’d have that overwhelming feeling again to reach into my computer and choke the bitch if I’d seen it.

    areyouin–I saw your tweets too. That’s when I decided to join in. Now, everybody else take one minute to join in. You won’t be hurting her. But, maybe, somehow…something will seep into that dark soul and enlighten her. She’s not just shy. She’s a mean bitch. Period. I’m done.

  38. I feel like I gotta fess up now.:cheerful: I was going to keep it a secret. Part of my gift is John Legend related. I am still waiting on something for Alex, but I plan to send Alex a fan gift early next week.

  39. Soapbox – what a great idea and gift!! Alex is really not very big – of course, Ben calls him “the little guy”. My sons are 6-footers+, skinny and they like to wear size Small (maybe a Medium in a hoodie) so I think the Small should be okay! He’ll love it!

    I’m still torn and deciding on a gift. I’m in the Detroit area and there’s a Motown Museum – on-line gift shop. There’s really only one “Motown” T-shirt I like. It’s a Mens’ but I don’t know if it seems a little girly?? I know he loves ball-caps too, and I’ve seen other non-Detroiters (musicians/actors) sport the Olde English “D” of the Detroit Tigers – it’s pretty classic. I was thinking of getting both – to represent for Alex some of the roots of soul/r&b. Any thoughts? Link to t-shirt (if it works!)

  40. @areyouin–Personally I prefer the hat idea, but I would say follow your gut. :wub:

  41. I’m glad he’s out of the house and away from the cameras. Gig is the only one who seem to cause problems for him. He just needs to stop teasing her

  42. I know as soon as I post here, there will be a Friday topic…

    Here goes anyway. I’m glad Alex is recording today, but I’m concerned that he’s still sick and his voice won’t be up to snuff. I was listening to him talk to Veronica last night and he said that in Texas his voice sounds great, but then he comes back to Cali and his allergies and stuff fire up. (Poor Alex, he needs some weather schooling–Dallas has super high humidity with lots of moisture in the air, but California, by contrast, is quite dry and arid.) He misses the warm Dallas nights. He’s never going to find that in Coastal California, I’m afraid. Always cools down to the mid-50’s at night.

    I’m also worried that he might have a touch of bronchitis–that’s what his cough sounds like to my unscientific ear. :unsure:

    So, did his tweet from last night mean that he’s got 14 songs demo’d? Great start…but most artists have about 40-50 before they get started on an album. *Don’t want to wait that long*

  43. @Diane His tweet meant that he had almost 14,ooo followers, not 14 demos…sorry. I agree that Alex probably has bronchitis. He demonstrated to Veronica the wheeze in his chest last night. I think he just picked up a virus in Texas and it will get better. Where is that humidifer? He should be using now. Don’t you love how we wnat to mother him, in this case he actually needs it.

  44. @Diane I think that tweet was about him reaching 14 000 followers soon :)

  45. Char, sorry about the Hulu thing, I am just gonna stay away for good over there, Icron C is probably a basement dwelling mommas boy who sits around and fabricates how important he wants people to think he is and then sits around some more and gets excited watching Gig prance half naked all the time, he is clearly a Gig Fan….so sad, I am not gonna give him anything else to say to me, that an arsehole!!! I wish I could kick his ass tho!!!! :angel:

  46. *Slaps heel of hand to forehead* Of course, he’s talking followers! Somehow, I was reading “thou” as short for “though”. Duh, sure “thou” for “thousand”.

    Kind of ironic, because I scrutinize his followers number every day; in fact, I always check the application “Twitter Counter” to see how many new followers he gets every day. I’m gonna blame the muscle relaxers I’m taking–messes with my cognitive functioning. :tongue:

  47. LMAO Diane!!! Funny post.

    Ya know, when I lived in San Diego, my allergies were worse than ever, so I don’t know. I really thought it would be better out there as compared to NY. So…not sure about that theory and Alex’s symptoms. It’s weird, I know, but I believe him because it happened to me. Must be the smog or something. I do agree, though, that he has bronchitis and it’s probably chronic. Would you listen to us? I wonder how it feels to have at 14,000 people worried about you. Maybe we better start sending some chicken soup.

    On, and areyouin, I bet Alex would love anything Motown. I know I would and he’s definitely into R&B, so…go for it!

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