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Sep 082010

Just had to post this — it’s the latest offering from YouTube of an Alex Lambert cover song. This one’s by a really nice looking family doing an absolutely hilarious 80’s style cover of Alex’s “Butterflies”. I think Alex would get a real kick out of it!

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  1. @alleycatfan Those days are long gone when there was a glimmer of hope in hearing anything.
    In addition to “laying down” his vocals, let’s hope Alex had some artistic control on this track. Please, please, please let it turn out like what we heard at The Roxy. I can’t help it. I just loved it.
    I’m glad to read that they sped up “B flies” because it was slower on the demo. Great news on that front.
    Hey you two above I didn’t see your posts and we’re all thinking the same thing.

  2. Ben needs to get over himself. He knows damn well that all the Dreamers are coached to say certain things during the interviews. I think he’s upset because Alex said something that hit close to home – that Ben has no acting range. Ben is only good at playing Ben.

  3. GD-I mean EVERY Reality Show is scripted-Yes even Pawn Stars!!!!! Get over it Benjie….

  4. Did y’all here Kara say that Ben will be going home for a week? It should be soon. I just read about Deekay putting strings in “Bflies”. What’s your opinion on that sound in the track? The demo had drums in certain areas. I wonder if they’ve disappeared. Actually, it appears that Alex doesn’t have much control in the production of his music.

  5. What really ticks me off is Ben is hammering Alex about “not having his back”. Oh REALLY, Ben? If you believe friends should have each others back, then WHERE the EFF where you for Alex’s performances at the Roxy!? I distinctly remember you sitting on your ass at home on the live feed while Alex was performing.

  6. I love the way Alex and the band played Butterflies at the Roxy. I hope that Deekay heard it or Alex played it for them, because I think that is the way the song should be. I also think that version would sound good on the radio. Am I right?
    @GollyMolly, I loved the way Alex T. sang the “Butterflies” in the song too, and I hope they use it. The song sounded so much better with that part in it. :heart:

    I agree Snuffles, I think Ben is only concerned about Ben and how he looks.

  7. Unfortunately Tracy I don’t think it’s gonna happen unless Alex L. does it himself. Maybe he mentioned it to DeeKay though? Guess we’ll have to wait and see! :happy:

  8. @GollyMolly, do you think that Alex having his album out by Christmas is a possible reality? That would be the first thing on my Christmas list. :wink: :whistle: Maybe a second copy, just incase something happens to the first one. :tongue:

  9. @tracy it’s definitely a possibility. Alex is working his ass off! I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up with false information, but it’s definitely doable considering he has a writing/recording session a few times a week. Whenever it comes out I’m still going to buy multiple copies and give it to everyone I know. :cool:

  10. But did you guys see the way Alex looked at Kara every time she mentioned that “second song”, every time she said something, he just stopped and looked up at her like shhhhh!. It was funny.

  11. I don’t think there is any chance that Alex will have a full ALBUM out by Christmas. MAYBE an EP but more likely an official single sent to radio by November.

  12. Agree with @snuffles about the album. Not only does all the post-production take time, but they’ve got to develop a singles strategy to make sure the damn album *sells*. As Alex himself said a few days back, it’s all about the timing. An EP might be a good compromise to get him some exposure sooner rather than later.

    My September 3rd issue of Entertainment Weekly has a Fall Music Preview highlighting all the new stuff due out in the next 4 months. This is stuff all ready to go and starting to get buzz and press, like Kings of Leon, Bruno Mars, Sugarland, Kid Rock, Akon, Nelly, Josh Groban, to name a few. Most of these artists either have singles already at radio, or with radio adds dates in the next few weeks. Not to mention big marketing and publicity campaigns that really get the momentum going for the artist/band.

    And that first single might just be Butterflies, who knows…that is if Deekay didn’t f#@k it up! :unsure: :cheerful:

    ETA: Can’t believe I’m wasting time on this stupid post and missed Alex singing at the DH. Akkkkkkkk.

  13. @Diane – EXACTLY. The fall slate for all the labels are pretty much firmed up. Promotion is well underway for them.

    Whoever Alex signs with, they’re going to look at their roster of artists and what they have scheduled and figure out the best time for Alex to release his album.

  14. I was re-watching Star Wars Ep. 1 AND 2 and Alex would have been WAAAAAY better than Hayden Christensen in the role of Anakin Skywalker-he has just the right focused, intense double -edged sword energy.George Lucas would have DIED IF ALEX HAD COME ALONG A FEW YEARS EARLIER!!!! He could have used trick-boots to make up the few inches difference in height. Trust me peeps-I know the film industry better than the recording one…

  15. Alex -I bet you DreamUpdates has a screen-shot of your ass… :lol:

  16. Where’s Shadow? She should be posting here calling Alex a “punk ass”, cuz he’s really in rare form tonight! :lol: :wink:

    ETA: Kristen told Alex that he couldn’t take Jordyn to the beach, because it wasn’t on the approved (??) list…so how many here think he’s going to the beach anyway?? ::biggrin::

  17. lol @diane Alex introduced Jordyn to Dream Updates and she’s never going to be comfortable in that house again. :lol:

  18. Damn it, I looked away for a couple minutes to look at my email, and I missed all the singing. :angry:
    Could someone tell me please, what I missed??
    Would DU have it? Thanks.
    Edit: I bet they are going to the beach. lol

  19. @tracy not worth it Alex didn’t sing. They were filming a fake scene of Jordyn and Alex talking in the PBR. Then Jordyn sang a song for him.

  20. Oh, ok, thanks GollyMolly.

  21. Diane: So Alex was being a punk ass boy last night. I missed all that. I saw he came home briefly and seemed in high spirit, but there was these echo sound when they talked, so I tried reload page, but it didnt show, and by the time I restarted my computer, I saw that Alex went to do hulu interview, so I waited while Ben was mocking Jordyn’s country accent – it’s amusing how he does it. Then I fell asleep right after watching her talk. I woke again and he had gone out with her, so I just went back to sleep. Two days in a row now I fell asleep watching Jordyn.(tuesday I slept while she sang to Alex in the kitchen) I usually dont feel sleepy watching Alex by himself, or with others. Jordyn bores me and the country accent is too much.

    I read Jordyn thought they saw her butt in the shower and Alex said dreamupdates will have screen shots of it, and he was showing her the site but didn’t have it. They probably have screen-cap of her butt in the white shorts she wore when she moved in. Those white shorts made her butt look wide and her figure stocky. White pants are so unforgiving you gotta have a perfect butt for it. Veronica wore white shorts first time she came and it looked great on her.

    I read updates and Caitlin said she wanted to spank Alex too yesterday. She should have. He’s such a punk. I feel like spanking his punk ass butt real hard too sometimes.

  22. I do not care for this new two week there only girl. She does have a good voice sort of. She seems boring, feel bad even saying that since the poor girl is only 18. Toss up who is more boring Ben or her. Think its a tie. Still want Alex to follow rules, because there is a whole “world” of people standing right behind Alex just waiting for a chance at what he has now at his feet. They talked to him once about being cocky, and it helped. Another talk is needed to get him to fully understand the need to do the Vlog weekly and to really connect to his fans when he does them, ie not just short short Vlogs with little eye contact a lot of the time. Also a talk with him over, ie for him to be at the house and not pride himself on staying away as much as he can. Also if something were to happen when he was out some where not approved by IICD it could be over for him. There are a handful of fans here, but not enough to sell music and make it in the industry. So he really needs to cross all his t’s and dot all his i’s. This is so big now to Alex, but the bottom line is he is far from where he would need to be to be a singing star. I do not think Alex understands the whole thing of doing the Vlog and how important it really is. Have now started to like Gig. Gig is real, but she needs to also be talked to about some of her issues. Ben has like a kids dream of being a actor, I doubt this will happen in his life time. Just the cold hard facts of life and talent needed. Kara with her Marilyn shoot might get some extra time to make it in the actors world. She might also blow up doing what Gig loves. Who knows. I care enough about Alex not to say o how cute he is. To easy to do that. I have his back and want him to make it, and to make it he needs to shape up in some areas asap. On ward and up ward we all go in life. I hate yes people who tell you you are doing grand and then you fall hard in life. I am not a yes person to anyone. Elvis, Anna Nicole, and Michael needed me. They all had to many yes people around them all getting paid to just say yes its grand, yes yes yes. People need someone true and who tells them the truth when most will not.

  23. CarolAnn, as much as I want to be mad at you for laying down the rules for Alex, I can’t be because you are right. I tend to give Alex a pass on everything because he’s so damned talented and working so hard on his album. However, I do think he truly doesn’t realize just how important social media is to his career. It’s kind of like he’s just doing his thing and leaving it up to us to keep everyone informed. That’s fine as far as it goes. But, is a real vlog really too much effort? C’mon. Of course, he did more when he wasn’t so busy and I understand that. But, the best thing he could do right now would be to give us some real vlogs and show his humble side a little too. THAT is a huge reason people were so attracted to him. He had that awesome talent, but was so genuinely appreciative of his fans. I think he still is, but he’s not really showing it. I hate to see him become jaded so young, but that’s showbiz! :devil:

  24. P.S. I just wanted to add, in fairness to Alex, I think a lot of the reason why he doesn’t do as many vlogs or talk openly anymore is because he’s afraid of letting too much “out.” He’s stated that he doesn’t want what happened to Lil Wayne to happen to him — all of Lil Wayne’s music was already available for free, so his album didn’t sell very well. So, there may be a real reason why he’s avoiding too much “talk time.” However, he can still use his charm to keep reeling more fans in. :wub:

  25. Carol Anne: You did make some good points regarding some things he should do differently. I like when people give constructive criticism because I think its when people actually care about a person that they take time to do that. Those who say yes do what you wish every time can let you self destruct. I prefer to tell people what they do right, and what they don’t. But if someone wants to do what they want regardless, then I’m like whatever then. I don’t care about the vlogs as much and I only watch Alex’s and not the others – but if its something they are required to do I think he should do it once a week atleast. Its all part of showing you care about what’s expected of you by the show and the fans. He doesnt need to give important infos if he doesnt want to. Also, he’s hardly home during the day cause he’s writing, and at night his new girlfriend calls and drags him away every night to sleep over night.(and some times he’s with melons) So some fans hardly see him, and the thing is he has fans in Asian countries with big time difference, and their time to see him may be around night time, so it means they will hardly see him around. (I saw some Asian fan tweeting how much she miss seeing Alex.) If people hardly see you some will move on, and when your CD is out they may not know about it or care anymore. Hope his new girl is rich so she can buy lots of his CDs that they didnt. I’m not saying don’t go hang out sometimes but know when you are loosing track on some other things that’s important to your career too.

    Also, I think the shows producers and 19E do consider every aspect of what this artists do, and how responsibly they act along with their talent, and it can affect how strongly they back them. The idol people could tell Lee would be reliable and dedicated as well as being marketable for his rock vibe, and that’s why they wanted him to win. I look at Lee’s tweets sometimes and I’m just impressed with how even though he’s busy with the tour and the big burden of being the winner he still tweet many fans daily and constantly saying thank you and I love you guys. I know that can make fans wanna support him even harder so he does well. I don’t have a tweeter account and I don’t wanna tweet, but I think tweeting a few fans back a week is a good idea for Alex to do – especially the teen ones, they get so excited when they get a reply. Its all part of things that’s necessary when starting a career in music/showbiz even though you are working hard on recoding, you can find time for that too. But hey one can only make suggestions.

  26. Yeah, guys. I will be the last one to ever say a negative word about Alex. But, shadow, you are so right in this. Alex DOES need to show some love towards his fans. At the end of the day, if not for his fans, he’d be back in Texas working at Sonic. I’m not saying he wouldn’t have eventually made it in music anyway. He is mega-talented. But, it was his fans, spurred on by Jessica B., who got the ball rolling. He knows that. It’s really not too much to ask for a vlog once in awhile. I do notice that he’s been tweeting a little more, so that’s good. But, it doesn’t take too much effort to give shoutouts to the fans every once in awhile. I hardly watch the live stream myself anymore since he’s rarely there. Out of sight, out of mind — I definitely don’t want that to happen to Alex. I’m still totally in love with everything about him! :heart:

  27. Well said, Janet. Agreed.

  28. I had a friend say to me once, ie Carol people in the world do not care and you care. Its true I care about people in general. At work I came up with the Birthday singers ,ie six of us that went and sang to people on their Birthdays. I did not want anyone forgotten on their birthday. I hate to see anyone left out. Alex is a person I care about. I do not want to see him fall down for any reason. I really do not think he understands how important it is to do the Vlogs and connect to his fans. Its most likely hard talking to a camera. But talk he does need to do. Bring it on Alex we are waiting for some “Alex time”. Alex needs to be a total business person now 100%. We all must always do the right thing in life. Nothing half way will do. I want to see Alex helping in the kitchen, and in general around the house. I want to see him in his home away from home much more often. I never want anyone to say Alex who?

  29. Thanks Janet and Shadow. Glad my concern came through for Alex. Yes, Alex give us all some heart to heart. You are camera ready in general, the camera loves you. You are very charming in person with people. You can do it, its camera time. We are waiting.

  30. Okay I’ve been thinking about this alot and I’m willing to accept Alex for who he is. He is a 19 year-old guy who was just a normal kid last year at this time. I have one in my house who is 3 years younger and he could care less about social networking, whether it be Twitter or Facebook. My fella spent the whole day watching NFL games and I hope that Alex did some of that too. Alex doesn’t intend not to do his vlogs; it just slips his mind. I bet if he wrote down on his hand to do a vlog he would! It won’t hamper his career. As far as Lee is concerned, he is almost 5 years older than Alex and has already released two albums before Idol, so he knows the business and importance of networking. Alex is doing great. He’ll be fine.

    Everyone who works with Alex professionally knows how much he puts into his music. I want him to live as normal and happy a life as possible while he is on IICD, even if that means not seeing much of him. What I would like Alex to do is to concentrate on his music and to try and produce some phenomenal tracks. If he can do that and we know that he can, he will have a better chance at some HITS. We want people in Asia, Europe, and the Americas listening to his songs on the radio and loving them, which means more record sales and more albums released. Fewer vlogs or tweets aren’t going to matter in the scheme of things. I know that everyone here only wants the best for him. Really I do.
    I am often intriqued by lyrics of a song. Where does a writer get his inspiration? Only he knows the true meaning. Take these lyrics for example: “Gonna set course on a pirate ship. Gonna leave this place and I’m gonna leave it quick. I’m gone, gone, gone……
    You can’t tell me what to do, can’t tell me what to be like, see like, be me…. Oh I can breathe no more, I can see no more of this pain. Oh I can love no more, I can live no more. I’m gone, gone, gone.”

    Okay I admit it. I’m officially in a strange mood tonight. Later guys.

  31. Alright, here’s my take on the vlog, twitter, and social networking discussion. I have really gone back and forth on this. At times, I have agreed with each of you. I really have put a lot of thought into this recently. I want Alex to do better with self promotion. I want him to do more vlogs. I want him to respond to my tweets. I want him to return the photo I sent for him to autograph and I want to watch him around the IICD house. I want to be entertained. Whoa, I want, I want, I want. I vaguely remember saying all I really want from Alex is good music. That was months ago. Suddenly I see that I’m being incredibly selfish, again. (Damn!) Alex really has spoiled us.

    If I stop and think about how Alex is feeling, what Alex wants, and the pressure that Alex is under, I start to rethink what I want. I think I’m quoting Molly when I say, Alex is writing and recording for an album, pulling a band together, developing a stage show, and practically carrying a entire Internet show by himself. He is also trying to have a relationship. He’s trying to figure out how to be humble and yet confident (but not too confident) at the same time. He’s trying to please TPTB and a bunch of music biz people. He’s trying to please a bunch of adoring fans. And he’s trying to maintain his sanity. That’s an awful lot for anyone to have to think about.

    I think that Alex has to prioritize the things that are on his plate. Isn’t that what we all have to do when we are pulled in too many directions? Here’s how I see the priorities lining up.

    Priority #1 – Maintain sanity !!!
    Priority #2 – Write and record EPIC songs.
    Priority #3 – Get a fabulous band together for KICKASS stage shows.
    Priority #4 – Develop stage presence by playing shows with said fabulous band.
    Priority #5 – Keep bosses and music biz folks happy.
    Priority #6 – Provide drama week after week on internet show.
    Priority #7 – Entertain adoring fans 24/7 (or at least a couple of times a week).

    Some might argue that priority #7 should actually by priority #1, but is that even possible in a 24/7 bubble? Has there ever been an artist who was able to maintain his sanity and develop his art in a fishbowl? I think Alex is breaking new ground here. We all want the best for Alex. No doubt about that, but Alex has to figure this all out in his own way.

    Yes, all the things listed above are incredibly important, I’m not trying to say that interacting with his fans is not important. I’m just saying that maybe some other things are MORE important right now. There is only so much time in the day and so much a person can expect to accomplish in 24 hours. If some of his fans lose interest, well maybe that is the price that has to be paid for his sanity and his art. Most of his loyal fans will be patient. His album will be worth the wait. Not to worry, lots of people will be lining up to buy it. And even more people will be lining up to buy the next album and next, and the next and the next.

  32. If anyone wants to read a very good book by Elvis’s wife, ie a true story. Anyway its very good and a quick read. I read it years ago. Its called “Elvis And Me” and I will never forget that book. I felt like I was there with them both. His fans hated her for a long time, now they respect her for her love still for Elvis and what she did for his home town and the place Alex just went to see. It was her who got it all together for Elvis and his memory.

  33. It’s very true: “outta sight, outta mind”

    Alex is in a unique position to be constantly marketing himself since he’s on camera 24/7 and I wish he’d take advantage of it. He’s not famous yet and he needs as much exposure as he can get. A little effort on the promotion part and fan interaction is not a tall order. honestly, it really isnt.

    • OK, everyone on both “sides” of this social/fan interaction subject is presenting some very good, valid points… I guess it’s one of those issues where there is no right or wrong… so I guess what I think is, at the end of the day, the only person who can decide is Alex, because only Alex knows what is going on in Alex’s head, only Alex knows how easy or difficult fan interaction may be… For example, for reasons we may not be able to understand, it may in fact be a tall order for him to put a little effort into promotion – for example, it may interfere with the maintenance of sanity – which I would think, as Cathy said, is the #1 priority.

      Anyway, I’m not worried. The fact of the matter is that Alex has, what, roughly 20,000 fans at the moment? Maybe he’s gotten a bit more since joining IICD? Even so, that’s not nearly enough for a hit album. So when the time comes for his album to be launched, his eventual label is going to start promoting the heck out of him to reach a wider audience. And if done well, this means that thousands and thousands of people will be hearing about Alex for the first time. And they’re going to base their opinion of him on his album, on the promotional appearances that he does starting then. Yes, the 20,000 fans Alex has now, and especially the real “hardcore” fans, are going to play a part in promoting him. But it’s going to be a small part. And those fans that forget about him now will remember him when radio stations start conducting interviews and playing his songs. The thousands of new fans won’t know or care that, while Alex was writing his first album, he only tweeted his fans and did vlogs occasionally. In the big scheme of things, I think Cathy is right putting it at priority level #7.

      At the end of the day, we have to remember this situation he’s in isn’t normal. What breakout artist had to conduct fan interaction while dealing with the stress of putting together their first album and learning the industry? None. Promotion starts once the album is ready, when they can put their whole focus on it. So I guess I’m agreeing with Lauren and Cathy – though Shadow and Carol Ann and Janet, like I said you do have very good persuasive points…

      Lauren, those lyrics are spooky/sad… and they really do seem to be addressing the reality, don’t they?

  34. I’m joing in this thread cuz its THE place to be…That was the best post I have ever read from you Kass-RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Now,tonight I watched a tear-stained Lady Gaga accept the night’s biggest award from an Icon-Cher.In time one of my greatest hopes is for Alex to be standing in front of another Icon(Madonna-anyone?)-Doing The Same!!! :cool:

  35. Kass – Very good job putting things into perspective.

  36. I’m not saying he should spend all his time with fan interactions – priority number one should be writing and recording his songs. But 1 vlog a week and tweeting maybe 8 fans a week wont take more than 30 minutes of his time in one week – surely there is time for that. It shows a sense of what’s appropriate and character too. I dont tweet anyone but I do see those who tweet sometimes say he doesnt tweet back, and I dont want him to give that perception especially when you are someone those fans got you to where you are. Aaron, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban are about the same age and they tweet fans back while busy during the tour. Its just a matter of decorum and common courtesy – and not come across like you don’t care. I’m not saying reply 50 a week like some do. Personally I don’t know why people tweet them so much, but I think he should at least try and reply a few back a week, and not just some tweet that makes no sense.

    We know there will be promotions of his album by 19E and his label, and he will pick up new fans. But fans – especially Idol fans usually carry a lot of the burden of requesting at radio stations to play songs, and help promoting the CD too, cause 19E and label mostly put most efforts on winners. And those fans buy the multiple copies and bug friends to get to know the artist. The time they release first CD is actually when hardcore fans matters most in help promoting – by the second CD they will have new fans. Also this is the time where twitter is a big avenue to connect with fans and promote oneself, and even the big stars take time to do it now. If Alex has a PR agent he will advice him its good to do and keep the fans interested. Yeah, I think Alex is cute with adorable dimples and all, but 30 mins out of his week to do 1 vlog and reply few tweets a week isn’t gonna be stressful, and will only add to his image positively. And not saying he shouldn’t go hang out sometimes – but not to the point that you don’t care if you come home anymore or just there for an hour and then bail for the night. In about 5 months he will be off the show and wont have to worry about vlogs or staying in IICD house to entertain fans sometimes – he will have plenty of time to do as he wish in his own place later. But its up to him to do what he wants now. And its ok that we have different views on this – I’m only offering suggestions.

  37. Well I for one, dont care if he does those silly vlogs or not….I just want him to make music. I know he signed up for this, but like Kass said, I would rather see him go through as “normal” an experience as he can possibly go through during this process. I take what I can get, and thats good enough for me. Now remember, this is just my personal opinion :wink: I dont pretend to know the first thing about the music industry. But, if you really think of it, he is giving his fans more than most up and coming artists have ever given, he has invited us into his day to day life on this journey he is on….and if thats not giving the fans what they want or need from him, then I dont know what is.

  38. Amen, Linda!

  39. I understand both sides, but I gotta say I agree with Cathy, Kassandra, Linda, and Lauren. Well said ladies!! I don’t think I even have to add anything! :wink:

  40. All of Alex’s tomorrows are in the “seeds” he is planting today. The melons get back to fans. Alex likes to blow things off. He likes to bend rules. You have to be a cut above. IICD is watching Alex and how he interacts and what he does and does not do. All the big artists never slacked off. To get to the big time you have to do it all. Right on Shadow loved what you wrote, you rule. I do understand that Alex said a messy room makes him feel like he is home. I understand that and so messy is fine with me. Alex is honest, and I respect honest and like honest. “Clean” it up, and keep it messy.

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